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The 18-19th C Souldrop Broket clan

Brokets first came to Souldrop from Carlton to marry.

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1. Background
2. William c 1763-1837 and Hannah HOLLADAY
3. John c 1806/8-87 and Sarah BIRD
4. Daniel c 1814-93 and Mary GREEN


The Parish Register dates from 1670 and 1792 was the first Broket entry. William and Hannah’s was the only Broket family in Souldrop in the 1st half of the 18th C and those of their 2 surviving sons John and Daniel the only ones in the 2nd half. None of the 3 males of the next generation had sons and the Souldrop Broket clan came to an end. They had been there 101 years. In 1891 the population of Souldrop was 221.

4 infants died in an outbreak of scarlatina in the 3 months Feb-Apr 1848: Mary aged 5 and Hannah, 23 months, daughters of John and Sarah BIRD, and William aged 4 and Hannah, 20 months, children of Daniel and Mary GREEN.

William c 1763-1837

Son of Daniel and Mary CARINGTON, William was bap 15 Dec 1767 Carlton; m Hannah HOLLADAY 6 May 1792 in Souldrop.1 Hannah was bap Souldrop 15 Oct 1769 daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth HALLADEY.2 She was still living 1841. William’s occupation was Labourer in 1837.3 He died of fever 17 Dec 1837 in Souldrop, aged 74, ie b c 1763, daughter Sarah in attendance, making her mark—probably wife of son John.4 Hannah died of influenza there 9 May 1844, aged 76, ie b c 1768, informant John DAY.5

Carlton being only c 5 m S of Souldrop, it has been assumed that the marriage of William in Souldrop in 1792—the first Broket entry in the Parish Register there which dates from 1670—24½ years after the baptism of William in Carlton—the penultimate entry in the Parish Register there6—were of the same person. Giving the names Daniel and Mary to his first two children supports the assumption.


  1. Daniel, bap 30 Jun 1793 Souldrop;7 bur 31 Jan 1793/4, Souldrop.8 The register added “died of the croup2.
  2. Mary, bap 22 May 1796 Souldrop;9 m 12 Oct 1813, Joseph SMITH Souldrop.10
  3. Elizabeth, bap 20 May 1798 Souldrop;11 m 23 Mar 1818, John PARROT Souldrop.12
  4. John, bap 11 Oct 1801 Souldrop;13 bur 19 Oct 1801 Souldrop.14
  5. Hannah, bap 18 Nov 1804, Souldrop;15 m 25 Oct 1829 Souldrop, Christopher RICHARDSON.16
  6. John, b c 1808 Souldrop; married Sarah BIRD 23 Oct 1837 Souldrop.17
  7. Thomas, bap 16 Feb 1812 Souldrop.18 Not in Souldrop for the 1851 census. He may have died before before 1837. Neither of the 2 Thomas deaths recorded in GRO in Bedford District 1837-51 were him, and the next in Bedford District was in 1910 aged 80, ie b c 1830.
  8. Daniel, b c 1814 Souldrop; married Mary GREEN.

John c 1806/8-87

3rd son of William and Hannah HOLLADAY, b c 1808 in Souldrop,19 bap 10 Apr 1808, Souldrop.20 Labourer 1842,21 1848.22 Possibly only a couple of years younger than John of Blunham, unless they were the same person. He married Sarah BIRD 23 Oct 1837 in the Parish Church, Souldrop by banns, he a Bachelor, Labourer, she a Spinster, Lacemaker, both of full age, signing with their mark and residing Souldrop.23 Sarah was bap 1 Jun 1817 Souldrop, daughter of William and Esther.

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  1. William, b 12 Oct 1838 Souldrop;24 bap 17 Mar 1839 Souldrop.25 Recorded in Souldrop for the 1851 census, aged 12, and for the 1861 census, aged 22 in father John’s house, unmarried, Agricultural Labourer. Married 4 Aug 1870 Northampton St Giles Ann WATKIN, both of full age, he a Bachelor, Brewer, residing Grenville Terrace, she a Spinster, Servant, residing Spencer Parade,26 Brewer’s Laborer 1874, General Laborer 1879.27 Died 1879 Northampton District, aged 42.28 Ann, Widow, aged 36 married Thomas RICHINGS, 25, both residing Cow Lane, 15 Apr 1881 Northampton St Giles.29 Census records for the family:    Read more

    1. Annie, b 9 Jul 1874 at 67 Cow Lane, Northampton St Giles.30 To be distinguished from Annie also b 1874 Northampton District, but who stayed in Northamptonshire. Not apparently in the 1901 census. Died unm 1937 Shardlow, Derbyshire, aged 63.31
    2. Caroline, b 20 Feb 1879 at 67 Cow Lane, Northampton St Giles.32 Died unm 1927 Shardlow, Derbyshire, aged 49.33
  2. Isabella, b 19 Mar 1842 Souldrop.34 She was baptised as Mary 22 May 1842 Souldrop.35 A namesake 1st cousin Isabella—daughter of Daniel and Mary GREEN—had been born in Souldrop 22 Dec 1841, and no later record of Isabella is found in the GRO nor earlier one of Mary. The IGI recorded her baptism as daughter of John and Sarah BERWICK, and the original Parish Register confirms this, however on being asked for the mother’s maiden name for the register they gave Sarah’s mother’s maiden name rather than Sarah’s. William BIRD and Esther BERWICK were married in Souldrop 10 Jun 1816.36 Mary died 17 Mar 1848 Souldrop of scarlatina, aged 5, daughter of John Labourer, informant Mary BIRD.37 Mary BIRD was probably her aunt, bap Souldrop 1 Jun 1828 daughter of William and Esther.38
  3. Hannah, b 1846 Bedford District;39 bap 7 Jun 1846 Souldrop;40 d 22 Feb 1848 Souldrop of scarlatina maligna, aged 23 months, informant Charlotte MURDEN.41 A 1st cousin Hannah was born in Bedford District in 1846 too.42 She also died of scarlatina that year.
  4. Hannah, b 1849 Bedford District;43 bap 22 Apr 1849 Souldrop.44 Lace Maker aged 12.45 A Boarder in Luton, Bedfordshire, aged 21, unm, Hat Sewer.46 Married Frederick TOMLIN 6 Oct 1873 in the Baptist Chapel, Luton, she aged 24, Spinster, residing Newtown St, Luton, he 20, Bachelor, Litho Printer, residing Castle St, Luton.47
  5. George, b 1851 Bedford District;48 bap 1 Jul 1851 Souldrop.49 Agricultural Labourer aged 10.50 In Hampshire, a Private in the Army, aged 18.51 Died of phthisis and exhaustion 20 Jun 1877 at 21 Castle St, Luton, aged 26, Printer, informant brother in law Frederick TOMLIN.52
  6. Jane Elizabeth, b 1855 Bedford District,53 bap 18 May 1856 Souldrop.54 Not at home for the 1861 census and not found in the 1871 one. Possibly the Jane, Spinster, aged 22, who married John PAYNE , Bachelor, 22, Labourer, in Kingsthorpe, Northants 25 Dec 1877—although father’s name given as John Brocket, Labourer; one witness was Eliza Brockett, as yet unidentified.55 A John PAYNE was witness to a Sarah Ann’s marriage on 5 Dec 1881 in Kingsthorpe, Northampton, aged 20, to John BUCKLER, Bachelor, 21, French Polisher, both residing Kingsthorpe.56 Oddly, the father’s name here was mistakenly given as hers, ie Sarah Ann Brockett, and the same applies to the actual Parish Register. Who this Sarah Ann was isn’t clear; a namesake Sarah Ann married 14 May 1881, daughter of Thomas and Mary TEBBUTT of Bromham, and another had married in 1872, daughter of William and Eliza EMERY of Blunham.

Like his father did, John’s first two children received his parents’ names William and Hannah. Or at least his son did, for there is an entry in the IGI for Souldrop for a Mary, bap 22 May 1842, daughter of John and Sarah BERWICK.57 Labourer in 1837,58 183859 and 1848.60 Couldn’t write.61 Sarah possibly died 1856 Bedford District.62 John died 2 Sep 1887 of decay and diarrhaea 2 days, aged 79, Farm Labourer of Souldrop, at the Union Workhouse, Bedford.63

Daniel c 1814-93

5th son of William and Hannah HOLLADAY, bap 25 Dec 1814, Souldrop64 and lived all his life there. Daniel married Mary GREEN in 1835 in Hail Weston c 12 m E of Souldrop, just outside St Neots and c 6 m SE of Kimbolton, where contemporary namesake and ?1st cousin Daniel c 1815-93 married in 1835. Daniel’s occupation 1841, 46 and 48 Labourer, he and Mary both signing with an ‘X’.65 Children:

  1. Eliza, bap 28 Aug 1836 Souldrop;66 m 5 Apr 1858 Souldrop Mainham LAWSON.67
  2. Elizabeth, b 1838 Bedford District,68 bap 23 Sep 1838, Souldrop.69 A Servant at Bedford Infirmary, unm, aged 22.70 No obvious further GRO record. Not in 1871 census as a Brocket.
  3. Isabella, b 22 Dec 1841 Souldrop;71 bap 21 Aug 1861 Souldrop, aged 19, with second name Green.72 As Isabella married James STURGES 21 Nov 1862 Souldrop.73 A namesake 1st cousin Isabella—daughter of John and Sarah BIRD—was born in Souldrop 19 Mar 1842, but was probably called Mary and died 1848.
  4. William Green, b 16 Mar 1844 Souldrop;74 d 24 Apr 1848 Souldrop of scarlatina anginosa, aged 4, informant Alice BURGESS.75
  5. Hannah, b 12 Aug 1846, Souldrop;76 d 11 Apr 1848 of scarlatina anginosa, aged 20 months, informant Alice BURGESS.77 A 1st cousin Hannah was born in Bedford District in 1846 too.78 She also died of scarlatina that year.

Mary d 26 May 1864 Souldrop of paralysis, 17 years, informant Sarah RICH, Daniel’s occupation Farm Labourer.79 On 26 Jan 1868 Daniel, Widower, aged 50, Labourer residing Souldrop, married Mary CLARKE, Widow, nee FELLS, aged 35, residing St Loyes, Bedford in Bedford Register Office.80 Daniel, Farm Labourer aged 79, died 19 Feb 1893 Souldrop of senile decay and cystitis, wife Mary present at death.81 Mary d 19 Jul 1896 of abdominal cancer in Souldrop, aged 63.82

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