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The Cambridgeshire Mordens Broket clan

While most of the sons born 1800-25 stayed either in the Mordens or nearby, only 5 of the 12 born 1826-49 stayed in Cambridgeshire. 7 became Londoners. The larger number of surviving children of fathers born 1800-25 meant that sons often had to look further afield for a livelihood. Following are outlines:1

Individuals and 1st wives Main residence Dates m age d age
1 Archer and Sarah HARPER Bassingbourn 1826-1906 c 27 81
2 Solomon and Jane MAY Stotfold, London 1828-1904 26 76
3 Alfred and Eliza HAYWARD Cambridge c 1830-1863 25 34
4 David and Lucy SAWING Wandsworth 1834-87 19 55
5 William and Elizabeth ORBELL London 1841-c 1924 25 ?83
6 Thomas and Mary Ann MUNSEY Guilden Morden, Hitchin 1845-1930 23 85
7 William and Emily SYMONDS Willesden 1843-c 1925 25 ?82
8 Charles and Emma SWAIN Stotfold, Islington 1844-1910 24 ?66
9 Thomas and Sarah ROWLAND Guilden Morden 1845-1920 27 75
10 William and Edith MAISE Guilden Morden 1847-?1917 22 69
11 Alfred and Mary ROBINSON West Ham 1847-87 32 40
12 Charles and Emily O’DANIELS Pimlico, London 1849-?93 29 43

1. Archer 1826-1906, married Sarah HARPER

4th son of William and Mary BUTCHER Archer, often called Archibald, was born Potton, Beds,2 bap 9 Jul 1826 Guilden Morden. He and Sarah HARPER had their banns read in both Guilden and Abington on 12 Dec 1852,3 yet married later 11 April 1853 at Lambeth.4 In the late 1850s they lived in Battersea, where brothers William, Alfred, Solomon and David and families were at the time. Sawyer 1853, 58, 62.5 Sarah probably couldn’t write—she signed with her mark 1858, 62.6 She died 1881 Royston District, aged 56.7 Archer d 1906 Royston Workhouse.8

Census records for Archer and family:    Read more


  1. Samuel Harper Brockett, b 20 Apr 1853, Abington Pigotts.10 He was born 9 days after his parents’ marriage and was christened in Sarah’s home village of Abington Pigotts. For the 1871 census, aged 17, Stone Digger, b Cambs Abington, Samuel was at his aunt Elizabeth HARPER’s at High St, Bassingbourn. Elizabeth was aged 40, unmarried with an 18 year old son, Arthur, Shoe Maker, b Beds Sutton. For the 1881 census he was working away from home with his father Archer……… In 1891 Samuel, aged 44 [actually 48], Sawyer, b Cambs Royston was with wife Sarah, 43, Laundress, b Middx Finchley, in 7 Dunger Place, Finchley, Middlesex.11 No marriage record for the couple has been found in the GRO. In the 1901 census he was a Boarder at 11 Coleridge St, Finchley, listed immediately below Ellen BULLIMORE, the head of the household and before her two children.12 Samuel died in 1902 Barnet London, aged 49.13 No record of any issue found.
  2. William, b 27 Jan 1857, Abington Pigotts, unnamed at that stage;14 d 1937 Steeple Morden. Married Charlotte REYNOLDS 1881 in New Southgate, Middlesex. Carpenter. Returned to Steeple Morden by 1885. 3 sons, 2 daus.
  3. David, b 13 Nov 1858 Guilden Morden;15 d 1859 Royston District.16
  4. Sarah Elizabeth, b 11 Sep 1862 Bassingbourn,17 bap 12 Oct 1862 Bassingbourn.18 In 1881 aged 18, she was a Housemaid in the house of Vicar Isaac POWELL in Whaddon, Cambridgeshire. Child:
    1. Francis Frederick, b 19 Jan 1890 6 New St, Mile End Old Town, London, no father mentioned.19

    +Census records for Francis Frederick:    Read more

      1. William Harper CHRISTMAS married 1900 Alice Mary KESTON in Hackney. William was son of Benjamin CHRISTMAS and Emma HARPER, presumably sister of Archer’s Sarah. Francis died 1921 Luton Beds, aged 31.20 No marriage recorded.

    Sarah wasn’t apparently recorded in the 1891 and 1901 censuses, either as Sarah or Elizabeth. As a Spinster, aged 40, Sarah Elizabeth married 6 Aug 1903 in the Parish Church of St Michael, Edmonton, James Edward ARNOLD, aged 49, Widower, Carpenter, both residing 35 Chiswick Rd, Edmonton.21

  5. Archer, b and d 1865, Royston District22—assuming he was the son of Archer.

2. Solomon 1828-1904, married Jane MAY

5th son of William and Mary BUTCHER, Solomon was bap 31 Aug 1828 Guilden Morden. He married Jane MAY 18 Mar 1855 in St John’s Parish Church, Waterloo, Lambeth, Surrey, he a Bachelor, Carpenter, she a Spinster, both of full age residing Belvidere Rd.23 Interesting that for daughter Elizabeth’s BC 14 Jun 1853 Jane’s name was given as Brockett formerly MAY—they were clearly living together for about 2 years at least before marriage. The family bible shifted the marriage date to 18 Mar 1852.24

Solomon’s occupation: Carpenter 1853,25 Carpenter Journeyman 1865,26 Master Carpenter by 1871, Builder 1877.27 Solomon, Builder, purchased 2 lots land for £79 near Astwick Road in Stotfold 1872-4 and sold them or part of them in 1877 for £80.28 Solomon d 1904 Hendon aged 76. Jane died of heart disease 9 Sep 1904 at the Lunatic Asylum, Fisherton Anger Without, Alderbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire, aged 73, ie b c 1831, Widow of — Brockett of the Workhouse, Willesden.29 The family bible has her birth 9 Mar 1831 and the IGI has a christening record for 22 May 1831.

Census records for Solomon and family:    Read more

Jane bore Solomon 13 children over 26 years, while aged 20-46. Their first 3 children had been born in Battersea, all the rest in Stotfold. Some children’s births they registered, some they registered unnamed, and some they didn’t register.

It looks as though Solomon moved from Guilden Morden to London in his early twenties, some time before Julia’s birth in 1855, probably met his wife and married there. Until between 1858-61 they lived in Battersea St Mary, formerly called Battersea Rise, where brothers William, Alfred, Archer and David and families were around the time. Then by son Arthur’s birth they had returned to village life in Stotfold, c 5 m SW of Guilden Morden. Several of Solomon’s older brothers were Carpenters in Guilden Morden, which is perhaps why he settled in Stotfold. By 1891 there were no Brocketts left in Stotfold. They had probably all returned to London.


  1. Elizabeth Jane, b 14 Jun 1853, 5 Millbank St, Westminster.31 Not at home for the 1871 census, aged 17. Married 16 Apr 1877 Brooks WRIGHT, St Andrews Islington, she aged 24, Spinster, he 25, Bachelor, Attendant, both residing 22 Delhi St, witnesses [brother] Charles Frederick and Elizabeth WRIGHT.32 In 1881 at 7 Station Rd, New Southgate, Edmonton, Middx, aged 26, married, Laundress, b Battersea; with son Brooks Edgar WRIGHT, 3, b New Southgate; brother Alfred, 24, unm, Carpenter, b Abingdon, Cambridgeshire; and cousin William [son of Archer], 22, unm, Carpenter, b Battersea [the transcript mistakenly called William brother and Alfred cousin].33
  2. Julia Alice, b 19 Jun 1855, Wandsworth, Surrey,34 bap 12 Aug 1855, Battersea St Mary, formerly called Battersea Rise.35 In 1881 Julia was an under nurse servant, aged 25 and unm, at the house of Andrew DUNCAN in Chislehurst, Kent.36 In 1885 she was recorded in Boston, USA, and then in 1886 marrying Henry ROLLER in ?Brooklyn New York, a German. She died in childbirth 7 Apr 1890, probably in New York.37 I dau. Henry married 2nd Julia’s sister Florence. Henry was a Waiter; naturalised as an American citizen in 1896; died 1899.
  3. Charles Frederick, b 5 Feb 1857, Wandsworth, Surrey; married Maria LEVITT 1881. Migrated to New Zealand Mar 1885. Died 1913 New Zealand. 4 sons, 2 daus.
  4. Alfred, b 21 Nov 1858,38 bap 12 Dec 1858, Battersea St Mary.39 To be distinguished from 1st cousin namesake, b 1854, son of Alfred and Ann CHARTER. In 1881 aged 24, unm, Carpenter, he was living with sister Elizabeth in New Southgate, Edmonton, birthplace Abingdon, Cambs.40 Married 11 Feb 1894 Charlotte Hannah POWELL St Pauls Clapham, Surrey, he aged 33 [actually 35], Bachelor, Carpenter, she 33, Spinster, both of 12 Newby St.41 He is said to have emigrated to Canada or Adelaide, Australia as a young man and not heard of again. There is no apparent further record of him in the GRO. By 12 Aug 1897 Charlotte had had a son Herbert as wife of Alfred’s 1st cousin Herbert Thomas, b c 1864, last son of William and Fanny BONNET. Charlotte probably died 11 Mar 1939 at St James’ Hospital, Battersea.42
  5. Arthur, b 29 Nov 1861, Stotfold.43 Married 17 Oct 1883 Catherine Emily McCORD Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Hoxton, Shoreditch, he a Bachelor, Carpenter, she a Spinster, both of full age residing 140 Shepherdess Walk.44 Signature.45 Built the small pub The Eight Bells in Abbotsley, Hunts [3 miles SE of St Neots], and was its Landlord. Gave land next door to daughter Amy and husband Reg and they had a fine thatched house built.+Census records for Arthur and family:    Read more
    Arthur was living in Abbotsley in 1918-9, when eldest brother’s son Percy Cecil from New Zealand visited him and wrote back to his brother Frederick Charles. His letter said:

    “Uncle Arthur is a burly kind of individual and like Dad in many ways but yet of a different stamp. He has many jobs being local clerk, Food Controller, Insurance Agent etc etc. He has a car to get about in and is quite a busy man. C. Amy is his daughter.”

    Arthur died 30 Sep 1941, aged 78, estate valued at £118 8s 2d to daughter Amy VILE. Catherine died 1948 St Neots District, aged 87.46 Child:

    1. Amy, b 1886, St Neots.47 She was in the Volunteer Aid Detachment in WW1. Percy’s diary gives an address of “Miss A Brockett No. 55 General Hospital A.PO. S.38 B.E.F.” There is a medal card for her service in the National Archives. Married 1920, Montague Reginald VILE, St Neots.48 Amy died 1959 Abbotsley. No issue.
  6. Beatrice ‘Beat‘ May, b 19 Nov 1863 Biggleswade,49 bap 24 Jan 1864 Stotfold.50 The only one of the family to remain in Stotfold. In 1891, aged 27, single, she was a ‘Lunatic Asylum Attendant’ in Stotfold, Biggleswade district.51 The Three Counties Asylum was an imposing building on a hill overlooking Stotfold. In 1901 when she was Head Attendant there were about 570 inmates, compared to only 1000 or so residents in the village of Stotfold.52 She died unm 1908 St Neots of a brain tumour.53 Nursed by sister Florrie.
  7. Solomon, b 2 Oct 1865 Stotfold;54 bap 3 Dec 1865 Stotfold;55 d 1879 Biggleswade.56
  8. Minnie Ellen, b 24 Dec 1867 Biggleswade;57 bap 23 Feb 1868 Stotfold.58 Married 1898 Frederick George PULLEN in Barnet.59 Minnie was living in London in 1918-9, when eldest brother’s son Percy Cecil from New Zealand visited her.
  9. Herbert ‘Bert‘ William, b 1870 Biggleswade.60 Master Decorator, resided Barclay Rd, Walthamstow, E17. Sister Florrie lost contact with him. He married Mary Ann Ada CLARK/PHILLIPS in Hackney. ?1 dau, 3 sons. He died 1934, Whipscross Hospital, Walthamstow. She died 1955.
  10. Florence Helena ‘Florrie‘, b 9 Apr 1872 Biggleswade.61 Sailed from Southampton in 1897. Married Henry ROLLER, in the Protestant Episcopal Church, 244 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, New York on 23 Apr 1898,62 but he died 1899, and in 1901 when Florence was 28, Widow, Head, running a sweet shop at 292 Kilburn Lane, Willesden with her father and mother living with her and her sister in law Mary ROLLER, and sister Julia’s daughter Millicent ROLLER.63 Married 2nd 3 Jul 1907 Alfred Walker DAVIES in St Neots Parish Church, she aged 35, Widow, residing St Neots, he 37, Bachelor, Farmer, residing Haile Weston, one witness [her brother] Arthur.64 Lived at the chicken farm in Hailweston until 1915 when they sold it and moved to Rugby for Alfred to work in munitions for the war effort. Florence was living in Rugby in 1918-9, when Percy Cecil from New Zealand visited her. After the war Alfred started a coal business, but died suddenly early 1930s. Florrie died 22 Jan 1958 at 31 Braemore Rd, Hove, Sussex, aged 85.65 1 dau.
  11. Cecilia Louise, b 12 Jan 1874 Biggleswade;66 bap 19 Apr 1874 Stotfold.67 Mistakenly transcribed as Cecilia S in 1881 census. Sometimes called Celia. Married 1 Mar 1899 Richard BROCKLEHURST, Wortley? Parish Church, Yorkshire, she aged 25, Spinster, of Stotfold, he 24, Bachelor, Electrican, of 89 Oakland Rd, Wortley?68 1 dau, 1 son. At 69 Crossbank St, Oldham, Lancashire in 1901, she aged 26, born Stotfold, he aged 25, Policeman, born Manchester.69 At 5 Frederick Street, Werneth, Oldham, Lancashire in 1911, she aged 35, born Stotfold, he aged 34, Police Constable, born Manchester, married 11 years, 2 children born, one living: Marjory, aged 3, born Oldham, 5 rooms in the house.70
  12. William Brooks, b 29 Jan 1877 Stotfold.71 Not apparently in the 1901 census. He married Ellen Ada PRUDDEN 1906 in Hampstead.72 William was living in Neasden in 1918-9, when Percy Cecil from New Zealand visited him. Occupation 1907, 09, Railway Clerk.73 Resided 1907, 09, 11, 7 Verney St, Willesden.74 William Brooks of 7 Verney St, Neasden, Mddx, died 4 Jan 1924 at the Laurels, Howitts Lane, Eynesbury, St Neots, Cambs, aged 47, Administration London 23 Jun to Ellen Ada Brockett, Widow, effects valued at £272 10s.75 Ellen Brockett of Farnham died 29 Nov 1953 Richmond, N Surrey, aged 69, ie b c 1884, estate valued at £600 19s 9d to Charles Fred Brockett Local Government Officer.76+Census records for William Brooks and family:    Read more

    1. Florence May, b 1 Dec 1907, 7 Verney St, Willesden, Hendon.77 Married 1933 George Sidney MILLARD, Hendon.78 Bought the Crown and Cushion, Haslemere, for their retirement. 1 dau, 2 sons.
    2. Charles Frederick, b 3 Nov 1909, Willesden.79 Married 5 Oct 1935 Eleanor “Ella” Gertrude HALL, St Mary Aldermary Parish Church, City of London, he aged 25, Bachelor, Sanitary Inspector, of 7 Verney St, London NW10, she 22, Spinster, Secretary, of 21 College Hill, London EC4, witnesses [brother-in-law] George Sidney MILLARD, [mother] Ellen Ada Brockett.80 Civil Servant. Eleanor Gertrude Brockett of 39 Sylvan Way, West Wickham, Kent, died 21 Jun 1967 Bromley Hospital, Kent, aged 54, ie b c 1913, Will proved London 23 Aug, estate valued at £1,323 to Charles Frederick Brockett, Public Health Inspector.81 In Jan 1954 he occupied a residence at 77 Gloucester Court, Kew Rd, Richmond, Surrey—probably inherited from his mother in 1953. Charles Frederick of 39 Sylvan Way, West Wickham, Kent, died 22 Apr 1977 in Obersdorf, Germany, administration (with Will) Winchester 16 Jun £23,920.82 1 adopted dau.
  13. Edward Solly, b 30 Sep 1879 Stotfold.83 No further GRO records of him up to 1937, unless he was recorded just as Edward. Solly was presumably a shortened form of Solomon—his elder brother Solomon had died earlier the year Edward was born.+Census records for Edward Solly:    Read more
    Said to have left for Australia 1903, but the 1911 census belies this unless he returned. Percy’s letters show that he met him in England when he was visiting from New Zealand in 1918-9 and suggest that Edward was in Christchurch, NZ in 1913 at the time of Frederick Charles Brockett’s death (Percy was present):

    “Ted is over here on leave just at present. He called in to see me on Saturday and is looking fine. He has four blues up and the 1915 Ribbon and Meritorious Service on his tunic. I met him again last night at Aunt Minnies. Her husband Fred is in a very precarious condition indeed with pneumonia and influenza and the whole family was there last night. I am expecting a ring from Ted this morning and am hoping U. Fred will have taken a turn for the better by this time. Ted and I appear to meet in strange circumstances always. Last night things were very much as they were in Ch’ch, 1913 though I hope the result will be different.”

    He was awarded a Meritorious Medal during WW1 and was promoted to a Pioneer Sgt. Percy’s diary gives address of “No. 424, 20th Battalion, AIF’. An address in another place gives ‘Ted, ‘Tecoma’ 39 Smith St, Manly N.S.W.’ or also ‘Sgt. E. Brockett 20th Battalion, 5th Brigade, A.E.F.”, so it appears that he was living in Australia. No marriage or death records in NSW.

3. Alfred c 1830-1863, married Eliza HAYWARD

5th son of John and Martha JERMIN, Alfred was b c 1830 Guilden Morden 84.”] or 1833;85 no baptism in Guilden Morden. Coachman,86 resided Cambridge. Married Eliza HAYWARD 1855 in Cambridge St Paul’s. He died 17 Mar 1863 at Blue Lion Court, Cambridge St Andrew, aged 34, Fly Driver, of consumption, Eliza HAYWARD [mother in law or wife?] present, of Union Terrace, Mill Rd, Cambridge.87 Eliza signed with her mark 1865.88 Despite 5 children there were no surviving grandchildren.

Census records for Alfred and family:    Read more


  1. Alfred, b 14 Aug 1856 Cambridge.89 Head of the family household in 1881, aged 23. Married 7 Aug 1895 Isabella Mynott SWAN in Great St Marys, Cambridge, he aged 38, Bachelor, Verger, residing 22 Kings Parade, she 30, Spinster, residing 5 Honey Hill, 2 witnesses brother Daniel and sister Clara.90 Alfred was a member of Unanimity Lodge of Oddfellows, and Chair 1886 and 1896. At the time of his death he was President of the Cambridge and District Fish Preservation and Angling Society. Alfred became Cambridge University Marshal 30 Apr 1902, aged 46, and remained so until his death at the age of 59. See newspaper cutting of honorary degree given to Theodore Roosevelt 1910. He was widely respected and his funeral at Great St Mary’s was attended by many people other than his widow and siblings. He had been Verger at Great St Mary’s for 27 years 1888-1915 and was appointed Churchwarden in Easter 1915.+Census records for Alfred and family:    Read more
    Before becoming University Marshal he had been a Shop Assistant and then a Clerk.91 Alfred died 3 Sep 1915, Cambridge, bur Mill Rd Cemetery, Cambridge.92 Isabella was buried 1953, Cambridge.93 No children.
  2. Harry, b 1858, Cambridge;94 d 1859, Cambridge.95 It has been assumed that Harry was son of Alfred and Eliza.
  3. Daniel, b 1860, Cambridge.96 Domestic Servant in Hampshire in 1881 aged 21.97 Married Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ … 1891 Cambridge.98 Witness to brother Alfred’s marriage 1895.+Census records for Daniel and family:    Read more
    Daniel was also an Assistant Church Verger. Betsy was buried 1927, Cambridge, Daniel 1943, Hunstanton.
  4. Walter, b 1862, Cambridge.99 Married 30 Jun 1897 Gertrude Mary MARTIN, St Michael’s Church, Framlingham, Suffolk, he aged 35, Bachelor, University Servant, residing St Mary the Great Cambridge, she 22, Spinster, residing Framlingham.100 His occupations: Framemaker, Cambridge University Lab Assistant.101 Died and bur 1928 Cambridge, aged 64.102 The Coroner recorded a verdict of ‘suicide during temporary insanity’ in accordance with medical evidence at an inquest where after headaches and depression following concussion from a fall from a train he died at Addenbrookes Hospital after a self-inflicted wound in his throat. His wife Gertrude is said to have found him just before he bled to death. Gertrude Mary died 16 Feb 1940, Shirley, Solihull, Warwickshire, aged 65, ie b c 1875,103 estate valued at £2458 19s 6d.104+Census records for Walter and Gertrude:    Read more

    1. John Brooks, b 27 Jul 1904, 78 Mawson Rd, St Andrew the Less, Cambridge;106 d 1904 Cambridge.107
  5. Clara, b 7 Feb 1865 Vicars Buildings, Tibbs Row, Cambridge, mother Eliza BROCKETT formerly HAYWARD of same address, signing with her mark, no father mentioned.108 Witness to brother Alfred’s marriage 1895. Died unm 1937 Cambridge, aged 72,109 bur Cambridge.+Census records for Clara:    Read more

4. David 1834-87, married Lucy SAWING

6th son of William and Mary BUTCHER David was bap 1834 Guilden Morden. He married Lucy SAWING1853 St Mary Newington, Surrey. Occupation: 1853 Carpenter. Lived mainly in Wandsworth. 4 daus, 1 son. Lucy died 1870. David and 2nd partner Emma … had 3 daus. David died 1887 Wandsworth, aged 55.110

5. William 1841-1934, married Elizabeth ORBELL

1st son of William and Fanny BONNETT of Ashwell, Herts, William was born there 1841. His parents moved the family to Battersea in the early 1850s. On 25 Dec 1866 William married Elizabeth Mary ORBELL in Stepney, Middlesex. By 1871 his parents left for Stotfold, Beds, and William and Elizabeth and their 2 infant sons went with them. Later that year, they—or at least Elizabeth—were living or staying in Graveley, about 2 m E of Hitchin, but two years after that, by 1873 they were back in London, living in Edmonton, where they probably stayed for the rest of their lives. Elizabeth died in Edmonton District in 1922 aged 81, and William in 1934 aged 92. 5 sons, 2 daus.

6. Thomas 1845-1930, married Mary Ann MUNSEY

Only surviving son of John and Marianne COOPER, b 12 Jan 1845, Guilden Morden.111 He married Mary Ann MUNSEY 15 Sep 1866 in neighbouring Wrestlingworth’s Parish Church, Mary Ann’s parish, he aged 22, Bachelor, Groom, she, 19, Spinster, one witness was Mary, who signed with her mark and could have been his mother or sister.112 Mary Ann bore Thomas 12 children over 25 years, while aged 19-44. Thomas and Mary Ann were forbears of a line that mostly stayed in Hitchin, but also went to London and the USA. It’s guessable from the fine photograph c 1900 that Thomas felt that he was a descendant of the 16th C landowning Brokets of Hitchin.113
Thomas and Mary Ann Brockett and family c 1901

The photo is undated, but if the youngest was aged 7 or 8, it would have been 1900—an auspicious year to photograph the whole family perhaps. Left to right, standing: Wilf, Edwin; sitting: Rose, Lilly, Thomas, Mary Ann, Jack, Sally, Frank, Lizzy; cross-legged: Alf, France, Stan. It’s possible that Lilly and Lizzy have been confused and Alf and France.

They couple died 1930 Hitchin, he on 17 Feb aged 85,114 she on 14 Jun 82, ie b c 1848.115

Thomas’ occupations, some of which would have taken him away from home:

  1. 1851 Agricultural Labourer aged 7116
  2. 1866 Groom 117
  3. 1880-2 Coachman 118
  4. 1881 Groom and Gardener (Domestic)
  5. 1885 Groom and Gardener 119
  6. 1893, 1902-3 Coachman.120

Census records for Thomas and family:    Read more

Their first six children—from John to Wilfred—were baptised in Guilden Morden Church. By 1879 the family was living in Therfield, Herts, just south west of Royston, where at least four of their children were born—Alfred, Edwin, Rose and Francis. The last 2 children—Francis and Stanley—were baptised in Guilden Morden Church in 1887 and 1891. So the family may have moved from Therfield back to Guilden Morden in 1886/7, between Francis’ birth and baptism, when Thomas was about 43. Thomas and Mary Ann lived their later years in Hitchin, at 36 Bedford Street. Children:

  1. John ‘Jack‘, b 22 Dec 1866 Guilden Morden.121 Married Ada Elizabeth HOLLOWAY 1894 in St Martins in the Fields, Middlesex. Resided Upton Park, East Ham, London. Ada Elizabeth died 1946, John died 1947. 3 sons, 1 dau.
  2. Frank, b 1868 Guilden Morden,122 bap 6 Dec 1868, Guilden Morden Church. He married 5 Aug 1903 Alice WEBB in the Wesleyan Chapel, Brand St, Hitchin, he aged 34, Bachelor, Groom, of 26 Bedford St, Hitchin, she 25, Spinster, of 1 Whinbush Grove, Hitchin, [brother] W[ilfred] Brockett a witness.123 Occupation later: Warehouse Worker. Worked in Moss’s Grocers, Hitchin and was a member of Brand Street Methodist Church, residing Ickleford Rd, Hitchin, c 1952.+Census records for Frank and Alice:    Read more
    Frank died 1954 Hitchin, aged 85.124 Alice died 1970 Hitchin, aged 92, ie b c 1878.125 Child:

    1. Vera Doris, b 1906, Hitchin;126 m 1930, Arthur FISHER, Biggleswade District;127 resided Walsworth, Hitchin. She died 1998.
  3. Sarah ‘Sally‘ Jane, b 1871 Royston District,128 bap 9 Apr 1871 Guilden Morden Church. Aged 20 in 1891, she was in London, probably in service like most young women at the time. Married 1898 Hitchin District Jack MOORCRAFT or Morecraft.129 1 dau b 1899.
  4. Lilla ‘Lilly’ Ann, b 31 Oct 1872,130 bap 14 Sep 1873 Guilden Morden Church. She had a 2nd cousin Lilla living in Guilden Morden, one year younger and also the daughter of a Thomas, but this Lilla Ann was probably away from Guilden Morden between the ages of about 7 and 14 or more. Aged 18 in 1891, she was up in Durham, probably in service.131 Married 2 Sep 1893 Francis DELLAR, Guilden Morden Church, siblings Sarah Jane, Frank and Lizzie were witnesses. 1 son b Guilden Morden 1894, 1 dau b Guilden Morden 1896. In 1901 Francis was Foreman at a Lime Kiln in Walsworth, Hertfordshire.132 Resided Lancaster Rd, Hitchin?133
  5. Lizzy, b 1875 Royston District.134 She does not appear in the Guilden Morden Church—or Chapel—baptism records. Not apparently in the 1891 census. Witness to sister Lilly’s marriage 1893. Lizzie married 19 May 1902 Hector McLEOD in St Mary’s Parish Church, Hitchin, she aged 27, Spinster, of 26 Bedford St, Hitchin, he 25, Bachelor, Gardener, of the Parish of St John’s, Chipping Barnett, Herts, witnesses [brother] J[ack] and [sister] Rose Brockett.135
  6. Wilfred, b 22 Oct 1876,136 bap 10 Jun 1877 Guilden Morden Church. Married Emma WALKER, 30 Aug 1905 Luton, Beds. No children known. Furniture Salesman.137+Census records for Wilfred and Emma:    Read more
    He became a Floorwalker at Spencer, Turner and Bolero, London. Died 10 Nov 1932138 at 56 Half Acre Rd, Hanwell, Mddx; Will proved London 20 Dec to Emma Brockett, Widow, effects valued at £193 4s 5d. No apparent further record of Emma in GRO. Emma died 2 Jul 1961 at 38 Walsworth Rd, Hitchin, Widow, Will proved Peterborough 26 Sep to Wilfred Norman BANKS, Company Director and Cecil Thomas WHEELER, Leather Wheelman [?husband of sister Rose], effects valued at £2862 8s.139
  7. Alfred, born 1878 Royston District;140 died 1882 Royston District, aged 3.141
  8. Edwin, b 4 Sep 1880 Therfield.142 In his youth a gymnast with the Hitchin Blue Cross Temperance Brigade.143 The Brigade was started Jan 19 1874 by some members of the Bible class of Arthur Latchmore, a Hitchin Quaker. It was led by Latchmore till his death in 1908 and continued till 1929.144 By the end of the first year there were 25 members and in 1888 there were 100, and about 150 each year thereafter. Some 2000 young men in all passed through over 50 years. It was undenominational and unpolitical, and they endeavoured to set an example of “temperance and purity to the young men of the town and the manly virtues and duties of citizenship”, engaging in activities like “cricket, football, cycling, running, swimming, gymnastics, indoor games, and entertainments, and efforts of a spiritual nature.” They were the winners of the Hertfordshire County Football League in 1899.145 It was a kind of secret society, the members were not expected to divulge anything that was done inside the ranks. They had a sign of recognition: to put the right hand or left hand to the breast, and a password “Take care”. “Another object of the society was the cultivation of a spirit of comradeship and the development of friendly relations that would make them feel members of one family – one brotherhood.” The images below date from around 1900.

    Edwin is standing to the right of the parallel bars in one image and seated in the centre in the other:

    Edwin married Olive Fanny IZZARD 1905 in Hitchin.146 They emigrated to the USA in 1910. He died 1972 in Lincoln Park, Michigan. 3 sons, 3 daus.
  9. Rose, b 8 Oct 1882 Fox Lane, Therfield,147 baptised the same day 8 Oct 1882, Therfield.148 She was alive in 1952, residing 36 Bedford St, Hitchin.149 Married 1916 … WHEELER, Hitchin District.150
  10. Arthur Alfred, b 28 Jan 1885 Fox Lane, Therfield;151 bap 22 Mar 1885 Therfield.152 The Therfield baptism record gave his birth date as 28 Jan 1879 Guilden Morden—but this was more like that of his namesake brother, who died in 1882—and his father’s occupation as Coachman, residing Fox Lane. In W Ham, Essex in 1911—as Alfred Arthur, 26, single, Baker—living with eldest brother John and famil.153 Married Ethel RICE 1916—as Alfred A—Hitchin District.154 Alfred was a Baker and Confectioner in Nott’s Bakery, Nightingale Rd, Hitchin, then a Greengrocer in Hoddesden, Herts, where he resided in c 1952.155 Alfred Arthur died 17 Dec 1966 of bronchopneumonia and senilty at the County Hospital, Hertford Herts, aged 81, a retired Shopkeeper—general stores—of 25 Whitley Rd, Hoddesdon, informant E Brockett, Widow of deceased.156. Ethel died 1972 Ware Herts, aged 89, ie b c 1883.157 No children.
  11. Francis ‘France’, b 9 Jul 1887 Therfield. He married Lottie FOSTER 31 Oct 1907 in Hitchin. She died 1969, aged 81. Resided Hitchin. He died 1969, aged 81.158 4 sons, 2 daus.
  12. Stanley Lawrence, b 23 Aug 1891 Royston District.159 He married Agnes Maud PEACHER 1913 Aylsham District, Norfolk.160 Resided Hitchin. Agnes died 1926 Hitchin, aged 37, ie b c 1889.161 Stanley died 5 Sep 1971, Hitchin, aged 80.162 1 dau, 1 son.

7. William 1843-1932, married Emily SYMONDS

1st son of Alfred and Ann CHARTER, William was born 1843 Steeple Morden.163 He married Emily SYMONDS 1868 in Pimlico. Carpenter in Willesden. William and Emily both died 1932 Willesden, he aged 88 and she 85. 10 sons, 2 daus.

8. Charles 1844-1910, married Emma SWAIN

2nd son of William and Fanny BONNETT, Charles was born 1844 in Ashwell,164 bap 25 Feb 1844, Ashwell.165 He married Emma SWAIN 17 Dec 1865 St Luke Chelsea.166 Charles was a witness to brother William’s marriage in St Thomas, Stepney in 1866. Occupation 1868, 74, 95 Carpenter,167 Carpenter Journeyman 1895.168 Emma signed with her mark 1874.169 By 1891 there were no Brocketts in Stotfold. Emma died 24 Aug 1899 at 8 Pooles Park, aged 56, Widow of Charles Brockett a Carpenter Journeyman, of heart disease, cerebral apoplexy, coma, informant Louisa Brockett, daughter of same address.170 Charles had already bigamously married 2nd 15 Sep 1895 Elizabeth SMITH St Philip Battersea, he aged 51, Widower (sic), Carpenter, residing 29 St Philip St, she 54, Widow, residing 68 St Philip St.171 Did Elizabeth die 1908 Rochford Essex,aged 70, ie bc 1838.172 Charles married again 20 Dec 1908 Eliza Harriott BRIDGMAN Camden Church, Camberwell, London, he aged 64, Widower, Bee[r] House Keeper, she 54, Spinster, House Keeper, both of The Old Barge House, Canal Bank, Peckham.173 Charles died by suicide when insane by taking oxalic acid 14 Feb 1910 at 107 Holmesdale Rd, South Norwood, N Croydon, aged 66, Carpenter, Coroner’s inquest 15 Feb.174 Eliza Harriott married 28 Jan 1914 John Peter TURNER at the Register Office, Islington, London, she aged 59, Widow, nee BRIDGMAN, he 69, Widower, Shoemaker, both of 45 Rhodes St.175

Census records for Charles and family:    Read more


  1. Charles, b 1868, birth not registered; died aged 1 of diarrrhoea, 22 Aug 1869 at Bygrave Lane, Bygrave [2 m NE of Baldock].176
  2. Louisa, b 1870, Stotfold,177 bap 17 Apr 1870 Stotfold.178 In 1899 at 6 Pooles Park, Islington.179 In 1901 in Islington with Rupert, ‘Brother’, 11.180 In 1911 running a Grocers and Confectioners with brother Charles and Rupert in Leigh on Sea.181 Louisa, of Hilltop Kiln Rd, Thundersley, Essex, Spinster, d 7 Jun 1936 at Southend Municipal Hospital, Rochford, Essex, Will proved London 21 Aug 1936, executors Charles Brockett, of no occupation, and William BYGOTT, Solicitor, effects valued at £2775 7s.182 Child:
    1. Rupert Swain, b 28 Dec 1889 at 170 Highbury Hill, Islington, Highbury, London, father’s name not mentioned.183
      War Papers:184    Read more

      Married 1954 Florence A SCOTT Rochford Essex.185 Rupert Swain d 29 Dec 1963 Westcliff Hospital, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, Will proved Ipswich 24 Sep 1964 by David ELMAN, Solicitor, estate valued at £10,322.186 Letter from Florence A Brockett 1967: +    Read more

      Florence Ada/Adelaid/Adaline Brockett of 287 Hart Rd, Thundersley, Essex, d 19 Oct 1973, Will proved London 9 Apr 1974, estate valued at £31,828.187
  3. Henrietta, b 1872 Stotfold;188 died 20 Mar 1895 of epilepsy, aged 23, unm, at Norton St, Baldock, Hitchin, sister Louisa present.189
  4. Charles, b 26 Oct 1874, Stotfold.190 No issue. Charles of Rayleigh, Essex, d 19 Oct 1953, estate to Rupert Swain Brockett, retired builder, valued at £8421 5s.191

9. Thomas 1845-1920, married Sarah ROWLAND

Eldest surviving son of William and Sarah BONFIELD, Thomas was born 1845 in Guilden or Steeple Morden,192 bap 16 Nov 1845 Steeple Morden. He married Sarah ROWLAND 15 Oct 1872 in Guilden Morden, he a Bachelor, Labourer, aged 27, she 25, both of the parish. Sarah died 27 Aug 1900 at Potton Rd, Guilden Morden, aged 53 [ie b c 1847] of carcinoma of breast 2 years, secondary growths left femur and skull 10 months, exhaustion 1 month, [eldest] daughter Mary E Brockett present193 and was buried 27 Aug 1900, Guilden Morden. Thomas died 8 Dec 1920 and was buried there 1920.194

There were 3 surviving Thomas Brocketts in Guilden Morden in the 1840s to 70s: a Butcher, an Ostler and a Shepherd. The Ostler, married to Mary Ann MUNSEY, moved to Therfield by 1879, leaving the Butcher and Shepherd—both husbands of Sarahs, but obviously of different generations. Around 1887 Thomas the Ostler returned, and for 3 years till Thomas the Butcher died in 1890, there were three in Guilden Morden. By 1901 Thomas the Ostler had moved to Hitchin, leaving only this Thomas, the Shepherd.

Census records for Thomas 1818-90 and family:    Read more

All the daughters went into service to Mr and Mrs Treasure of Kensington Gardens, London.


  1. Mary Elizabeth ‘Bess‘, bap 29 Nov 1868, Guilden Morden “illegitimate daughter of Thomas Brockett, Labourer, and Sarah Rowland”.195 Illegitimate baptisms comprised 3-6% of all baptisms in England and Wales between 1750 and 1810.196 Present at mother’s death 1900. Married 4 Mar 1901, Jonas BONFIELD, Farm Labourer, aged 29. Sister Sarah Ann was the witness. In her marriage record, she is called ‘Mary Elizabeth ROWLAND, aged 32, Spinster.’ Perhaps Thomas was not her father? Occupation Housekeeper. She died 1956, St Albans district, aged 87.197+Census records for Mary Elizabeth:    Read more
  2. Lilla, b 10 Nov 1873,198 bap 14 Dec 1873 Guilden Morden. Lillia.199 In 1891, like her younger sister Emily, she was in service, aged 17 as a General Servant on the farm of Benjamin CANNON in Rushden, Hertfordshire.200 For about the first 6 years of her life she had a 2nd cousin Lilla also living in Guilden Morden, one year older and also the daughter of a Thomas Brockett, but that Lilla moved to Therfield for most of the rest of this Lilla’s childhood and youth. Occupation Housemaid. Married 8 Apr 1901, Benjamin COVINGTON, Guilden Morden. Aged 37 in 1911 with 2 daughters aged 9 and 6 and a son aged 6 months.201 She died 1946, Biggleswade district, aged 72.202
  3. Emily, b 24 Jan 1876, bap 28 Mar 1876 Guilden Morden; d 20 Nov 1926, bur Guilden Morden. In John Parrish’s house on Potton Road, Guilden Morden, for the 1891 census, General Servant Domestic, unmarried, aged 15. With sister Mary E in Harpenden for the 1901 census. Occupation later Children’s Nurse. In 1911 a Nurse Domestic in the home of Thomas Strong Inglis HALL and wife and two infant childen at Mere Side, Bowness on Windermere, Westmorland, aged 35, Single, b Guilden Morden,203 along with Mildred NEWELL, 16, Single, also a Nurse Domestic, b Guilden Morden, and 2 other single female servants.
  4. Alfred, b 1878 Royston District,204 baptism not recorded in Guilden Morden. Witness to sister Sally’s marriage in 1902. Began work as a Shepherd, then moved to London and worked as a Tram Driver, and later resided Haymarket, London. He married 18 Jun 1904 Lois Emily PATTMAN at Christ Church, Albany St, St Pancras, he aged 26, Bachelor, Carman, she 23, Spinster, Domestic Servant, both residing 38 Cumberland Market, sister Alice Jane a witness.205 His occupation: Builder’s Carman 1907.206 Alfred died aged 83207 on 15 May 1961 at 16 Datchet House, Augustus St, London NW1, residing 52 Friern Barnet Rd, Friern Barnet, Middx, Will proved London 7 Jun, effects of £415 1s to daughter Lois Evelyn HINCKLEY.208 GRO recorded a death of a Lois 1962 Wokingham, aged 81, ie b c 1881.209+Census records for Alfred and Lois:    Read more

    1. Lois Evelyn, b 1 Jul 1907 at 37 Cumberland Market, St Pancras.210 Married 1942 Herbert HINKLEY Pancras.211
  5. Sarah Ann ‘Sally‘, b 2 Nov 1880; bap 12 Dec 1880 Guilden Morden. Her older 2nd cousin Sarah, b 1871, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann MUNSEY was also called Sally. Occupation Housemaid / Cook. In 1901 at 32 St Luke’s Rd, Kensington All Saints, London, home of Accountant Herbert TREASURE, aged 30, and wife Grace, 38, and their 3 children aged 4, 2 and 2, unmarried, aged 20, with sister Alice, 17, and Alice IZZARD, 15, all Domestic Servants, b Cambridge.212 Married Guilden Morden 9 Jun 1902 to Walter Sidney COOK, Bachelor, Dairyman, of St Peters Paddington, brother Alfred and sister Alice Jane witnesses.213 She died 1957, St Albans district, aged 75.214 3 daus, 3 sons.
  6. John William ‘Bill‘, b 1883, bap 13 May 1884 Guilden Morden. He married Millicent HOBBS 31 Dec 1904 in Hemel Hempstead. He began work as a Railway Employee, then joined his father-in-law’s hardware and ironmongery shop in Hemel Hempstead, later called ‘J W Brockett and Son’. Bill died 20 Mar 1964, aged 81, at W Herts Hospital, Hemel Hempstead, resided 69 Adeyfield Rd, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, estate proved London 8 Jun to William George Brockett, Hardware Merchant and Marjorie Alice KINGHAM, valued at £22,977.215 Millie d 17 Jun 1965, aged 85, Administration London 23 Jul to William George Brockett, Hardware Merchant and Marjorie Alice KINGHAM, valued at £528.216+Census records for Bill and Millicent:    Read more

    1. Marjorie Alice, b 1 Oct 1913, Hemel Hempstead; m 14 Jun 1941 Harry KINGHAM, Hemel Hempstead; d 22 Jul 1995, Hemel Hempstead. No issue.
    2. William George ‘Bill‘, b 30 Mar 1917 Hemel Hempstead. Ran the family hardware and ironmongery shop in Hemel Hempstead ‘J W Brockett and Son’ until retirement in 1980. Married 29 April 1945 Betty Elaine SCOTT, St Albans. Bill died 14 Mar 2002 at 2 Thistlecroft, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Betty died there 20 May 2004.217
  7. Alice Jane, b 1885, bap 13 Sep 1885 Guilden Morden. Occupation Kitchen Maid. In 1901 in Kensington, aged 17, Domestic Servant, with sister Sarah.218 In 1911 Housemaid, aged 25, Single, youngest of 4 female servants at the home of two elderly spinster COBB sisters, 58 Hamilton Terrace, St Marylebone, London, 17 rooms.219 Married 1912, William FRANKLIN, Railway Dray Driver, St Albans.220 She died Mar 1944, St Albans district, aged 58.221
  8. Fanny, b 25 Feb 1889 Guilden Morden. In 1911 Kitchenmaid at the Peahen Hotel, London Rd, St Albans, aged 22, Single, b Guilden Morden.222 Married William Alfred ELLIS 24 May 1920 in St Peters, St Albans. Occupation Housemaid. Died 8 Jan 1960 St Albans City Hospital.223 Here is Fanny as a bridesmaid c 1898 and later in life c 1950:224

10. William 1847-?1917, married Edith MAISE

2nd surviving son of William and Sarah BONFIELD, William was born 1847 Guilden Morden,225 bap 11 Jul 1847 Guilden Morden. He married Edith MAISE 2 Feb 1869 in Guilden Morden, witnessed by brother Alfred, not quite 18 at the time.226 Edith’s surname was also spelt Mase, Maise, Mayes, Maze, Mears and Meeres. She signed with her mark 1870.227 His occupation: Fossil digger;228 Shepherd;229 Labourer;230 Stockman.231 Edith died 29 Jan 1915 of influenza and acute bronchitis at Gatleyway Farm, Kelshall, Ashwell, aged 65, informant daughter Ruth BULLARD.232 William died 21 Apr 1917 of acute bronchitis 9 days at Talbot House, Cambridge Rd, St Albans Herts, aged 69, Gardener’s Labourer, informant daughter in law Ada.233

Census records for William and Edith:    Read more

Edith bore William 10 children over 26 years, while aged 19-45. Children:

  1. William James, b 26 Feb 1869 Gt Green, Guilden Morden;234 d 1869 Royston District, aged 0.235
  2. Sarah Jane, b 24 Mar 1870 Great Green, Guilden Morden;236 d 1870 Royston District, aged 0.237
  3. Alfred Thomas, b 8 Jul 1871; bap 15 Oct 1871 Guilden Morden Chapel. Died 1872 Royston District.238
  4. Minnie Albertha, b 2 Jan 1874 Guilden Morden;239 bap 20 Sep 1874 Guilden Morden Chapel. Died 19 Jan 1895 Ashwell.240
  5. Eliza Ann, b 2 Oct 1876 Guilden Morden, bap 20 May 1877 Guilden Morden Chapel. Married 8 Oct 1900 St Giles Parish Church, Cambridge, David PITT, she aged 24, Spinster, of … Cottage, Madingley Rd, Cambridge, he 25, Bachelor, Labourer, of Hardwicke, Eliza making her mark, sister Ruth a witness.241 1 son, 2 daus.
  6. Martha Kate, b 17 May 1879; bap 27 Jul 1879 Guilden Morden Chapel. Died 1880 Royston District, aged 1.242
  7. Samuel Charles, b 4 Nov 1881; bap 11 Jun 1882 Guilden Morden Chapel. Married 1908 Ada …(PARR?243), Royston District.244 2 daus. Ada was informant of father-in-law’s death 1917. Samuel died 10 Jan 1956 St Albans Herts, aged 74,245 at 144 Folly Lane, St Albans, Estate £247 16s 6d to Ada Brockett Widow.246 Ada died 1982 St Albans Herts, aged 97.247 Children:
    1. Dorothy Evelyn, b 1909 St Albans Herts.248 Married 1933 St Albans Herts … PRUNELL.249
    2. ? Olive R, b 1913 St Albans Herts.250 Married 1934 St Albans Herts … DEAMER.251

    +Census records for Samuel and Ada:    Read more

  8. Ruth, b 3 Feb 1885, bap 8 Nov 1885 Guilden Morden Chapel. Witness to sister Eliza’s marriage 1900. Child:
    1. Wesley Donald, b 25 Nov 1903 in Hovel Barn, Kelshall, father’s name not supplied.252 Died 1903 Royston District.253

    Married 24 Sep 1904 Christopher BULLARD in Kelshall Parish Church, Herts, she aged 20, Spinster, residing Kelshall, he 24, Bachelor, Labourer, residing Therfield, witnesses [sister and husband] Eliza and David PITT, Eliza making her mark.254 1 son, 1 dau. Informant of mother’s death 1915.

  9. Ernest William, b 6 Feb 1889 Weston Colville.255 Occupation 1958 Farm Worker;256 Farm Worker, retired Farm Stockman 1963.257 He married Alice Elizabeth LAWMON 29 Apr 1916 in Ashwell.258 The family lived at the Cinques, Station Rd, Ashwell. Elizabeth’s name was sometimes spelt Lawman or Lowmon. She died 7 Apr 1963 at Grove Lodge, Bull Lane, Tiptree, Colchester Essex, of carcinoma of large bowel and uterus, aged 68, ie b c 1895.259 He died 1 Nov 1963 in Ashwell, Herts, aged 74.260Children:
    1. Ernest Christopher, b 25 Dec 1916 Royston District.261 Farm Worker in Ashwell. Lived in Epping for many years. Died 1 Nov 2002.
    2. Cyril, b 11 Nov 1921 Royston District.262 Died unmarried 21 Dec 1994, residing Grove Lodge, Bull Lane, Tiptree, Essex, Will proved Ipswich 10 Feb 1995, not exceeding £125,000.263
    3. others living.
  10. Daisy b 24 May 1895 ‘The Cinques’ Ashwell.264. Died 1918 Hackney, London, aged 23265 in association with the birth of child:
    1. Lily Edith Irene, b 12 Oct 1918 at Mothers Hospital, Clapton, Central Hackney, “Adopted” by Jan 1919, mother: Daisy Brockett, Domestic Servant, deceased, of 17 Creighton Avenue, Muswell Hill.266

11. Alfred 1847-87, married Mary ROBINSON

1st son of Samuel and Mary Ann GAYLOR, Alfred was born 1847 in Therfield, and died 1887 in West Ham. Tailor. He appears to have married twice: 1st to Mary ROBINSON, 2nd—probably 1879—to Elizabeth WESTON. 3 daus, 1 son.

12. Charles 1849-?93, married Emily O’DANIELS

2nd son of Alfred and Ann CHARTER, Charles was born 1849 in Guilden Morden. He married Emily O’DANIELS 1879 in St Barnabas, Pimlico. They had 3 sons, 1 dau, all born London. Charles was a soldier in the Grenadier Guard Pioneer Corps. He probably died 1893 Chesterton, Cambridge.

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