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Brokets of Central England

A few families and individual Brokets have been recorded in the central areas of England, immediately north of London, in:



A single individual was recorded in 1495—Geoffrey Brokket—suing along with 6 others at the court of Common Pleas in Westminster concerning an alleged theft they suffered. According to the plea, John Grey stole 12 cows and 11 calves of theirs to the value of £10. John Grey defended his actions and requested licence of interlocution, so the court ordered another sitting on 3 May 1495:1

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Geoffrey was probably unconnected to the Brokets of Kirkby Mallore of two centuries earler. Burton Lazars is c 12 m NE of Leicester centre, Kirkby Mallory is c 8 m due W of Leicester centre.


Assuming they were the same person, a Broket was recorded in 2 Norfolk deeds from the late 13th C, the second, at least, pre-1290:

1. “Quitclaim in her widowhood by Leviva who was wife of John the miller of Lynn to Sir Henry de Lakenham, prior, and the convent of the church of Holy Trinity of Norwich and Brother John de Broket, keeper of the church of St Margaret of Lynn, of right by reason of dower in a messuage near the capital messuage of Sir John de Beluaco and the highway.”2
2. “Grant by Hugh, son of Benedict of Dychwrth to Robert of Gutm’ndel for 40 silver shillings, of 2r of land in the ‘teritorio’ of Dytheworth [Diseworth, Leicestershire] lying together on Cocke Furulang, namely La forere.” Witnesses included Richard, son of S[er]lon’, Jame of Curlun, Thomas of Aula, John Broket, Adam La thaceur, William of Mene, Robert, son of Mary of Kegwrth, William de Freford of Donigton, Walter Henery of Stocton, and William Henery of Donigton, clerk.3

Perhaps he was connected to the Lincolnshire Brokets, or maybe like other Brokets of these times, entirely unconnected.

Wreningham, Ashwellthorpe and Hethill 15-16th C

Wreningham is a small village c 3 m (4.8 km) SE of the historic market town of Wymondham and c 9 m (14 km) SW of the city of Norwich. In 2011 only 356 individuals lived there,4 and in the 15-16th C there would have been far fewer. Ashwellthorpe and Hethel are small villages a few miles SE of Wreningham.

1452: Charter 1 Jun 1452: Feoffment. William Morle of Aslakton nephew and heir of William Morle late of Brakenash, yeoman to John Andrew of Aslakton, cheseman, Thomas Colman of Tybenham and John Broun of Multon. Four acres and one rood of land in two pieces in Hethyll. Witnesses: Thomas Shyrlyng Robert Byschop John Chaunterell Oliver Broket and William Moor.5

1453: Charter Indented 10 Aug 1453: Feoffment. John Andrew of Aslakton, cheseman, Thomas Colman of Tybenham and John Broun of Multon to John Meke of Shotesham, senior, yeoman, Nicholas Hullok late of Shotesham, yeoman and John Hoft of Brakenassh, yeoman. Lands and tenements in Hethill Braken and Wrenyngham which they had from Thomas Horn late of Multon, bocher. Witnesses: Robert Bysshop Thomas Shirlyng Oliver Broket John Chaunterell William Moor.6

1469: Charter 14 Mar 1469: Grant. John Meke of Hethhyl and Nicholas Hullok of Saxlygham to Robert Meke of Hethhyl son of the said John, Richard Myngy of Aschwelle Thorp and William Man of Kyrkeby and Henry Manewell of Brakyn. Lands and tenements in Hethill Braken Wrenygham and Carleton formerly of John Host of Brakenasch. Witnesses: John Moor Robert Buschop Nicholas Geghbald John Flory Olyver Broket.7

1493: Admission of John Chaunterell junior and John Chaunterell senior on the surrender of Alicia widow of John Broket, at the Court with leet for the manor of Asshewellethorppe 25 July 1493.8

1511: 1 Oct. Conveyance by John Knyght to Walter Ponyant, William Colman both of Wymondham, Thomas Brockett of Wreningham and John Barett of Ashwellthorpe of land in Silfield (Silfeld) in Wymondham.9

1539: 28 Sep. Katerina Brackett of Wrenningham married John son of Edmund WOOD.10

1545: Grant of 28 Jul 1545 of 6d annual rent by Thomas Myller of Lynn, merchant, to the Mayor and burgesses of King’s Lynn. Eight messuages with gardens in Dowshill Street between a tenement of St Nicholas’s chapel on the south part and the tenement of [blank] Broome on the north part, the east [recte west] head abutting on the churchyard of St Nicholas’s chapel and the messuage late of Oliver Braket now of William Preestes and the east head on the street.11

1553: The Will of Thomas Brockett (Brokett), husbandman, of Wreningham was proved 1553.12

Interestingly, some of the Brokets of Wreningham, near Norwich, also used the name Braket. Thomas Broket’s two sons, for instance, were surnamed Braket in existing records, and his more well-known grandson Richard, Rector of Norwich St Augustine.

1589: The Will of John Brackett, husbandman, of Wreningham,13 (see Thomas Brockett of Wreningham above)

Great Yarmouth 18-19th C ?

Brockett and Brackett families are recorded in Great Yarmouth … Great Yarmouth c 18 E of Norwich.
The Will of John Brockett, Innholder, of Great Yarmouth was proved 1644.14


Four records found so far, one of a William Broket and three of individuals called Thomas, the first two probably of the same man from 1536-7 and 1546—but who he was is not yet known—and the other from 1557.

1. 1416

In Easter term 1416 William Broket of Retford, Woolman, was sued in the court of Common Pleas for an alleged debt of £9, along with 5 others for other debts, by John Coton of Coventry, Wiredrawer:15+Read More

William being a Woolman residing in the market town of Retford, not far from Lincolnshire where Robert Broket was engaged in the wool trade in the 1430s and 40s, suggests he may have been connected to the Brokets of York, as Robert probably was.

2. 1536-7

A lease—probably for 21 years—was granted in 1536-7 to Thomas Brokkette of Kyrkeby, Nottinghamshire of lands in Kyrkeby and Ashefeld, Nottinghamshire, previously held by FELLEY.16 Another possible reference to him is in TNA E315/209 f 46b. Kirkby in Ashfield is c 11m N of Nottingham centre and 11m W of Southwell.

3. 1546

1546 Hilary term.17 A plea was made at the court of Common Pleas held at Westminster that Thomas Brockett formerly of Annesley, Yeoman, forcibly broke into a meadow of Sir John Chaworth at Annesley and took grazing animals to the value of 100s, and had not come to defend himself. Annesley is c 9m N of Nottingham centre and a couple of miles S of Kirkby in Ashfield. The court ordered the Nottinghamshire sheriff to take Thomas and bring him to court on 9 May 1546:18+Read More

4. 1557

In his Will written 14 Aug 1557, Sir John Brockett I bequeathed all his property in Nottinghamshire to his third surviving son, Thomas Brokett the elder, who was b c 1540 so could not have been the Thomas of the two earlier Nottinghamshire records. He was styled Esquire in a royal licence of 17 May 1558 and died soon after.


The Brokets of Suffolk comprise 2 families who lived in or near:

1. Bramfield

This was the 16th and 17th C family of Robert of Bramfield, 4th son of John of Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridgeshire.

2. Sudbury

A family of three generations in the second half of the 17th C who probably sprang from the Dunton clan of Bedfordshire.

2.1. William of Little Cornard, c 2m SE of Sudbury, was the first to be here. Probably bap 1624 s/o Edward of Dunton; matriculated from Trinity College Cambridge 1638; Scholar 1641; Rector of Little Cornard, Suffolk 1662;19 subscribed 16 Oct 1662—possibly for the first time—to royal and episcopal supremacy when the Restoration of the Monarchy occurred;20 married Joane GATTAWARD of Royston. Children:

  1. William [of Sudbury]
  2. Gatward lived in Colchester before 1686. Married Sarah NICHOLS 1685 St James Colchester,21 child: Edward Brockit bap 25 Nov 1688 St Botolph Colchester.22
  3. Lydia married William MANN.
  4. Sivan married Jeffery POTTER, child: Brocket POTTER bap 11 Jan 1677 Assington. Brooket in the IGI. Sivan and Jeffery had died before 1683.

A case was brought in the High Court of Chancery 19 May 1650?23 by William Brocket of Sudbury, Clarke, and Joane his wife, and Robert Gattaward, Joane’s brother—both grandchildren of Joan Gattaward, late of Royston, Herts, widow, and children of her son Robert Gattaward. Joan Gattaward’s estate in her will of 16 Oct 1640 was worth £1500. Her executor Thomas Archer had kept the estate in his own hands for 5 or 6 years, then died and it had gone to his wife Mary.

William’s Will was nuncupative, written 10 May 1683, proved Bury St Edmunds 21 Jun 1683 on the oath of Executors Edward Pretty Clerke and son William:

Be it Remembered that William Brokett late Rector of little Cornerd haveing been long sicke and nowe fearing a deliquium we being present at the same time perceiving his memory to continue good though his Expressions were very broken tooke notice of these words from his mouth…
he gave all his money Goods & personall Estate whatsoever unto his 2 sonnes Willam and Gatward Brockett and [daughter] Lydia wife of William Mann

2.2. Edward Brockett senior of Bures St Mary, Yeoman. Bures is c 3 m S of Little Cornard, 7 m NW of Colchester and 40 m E of Dunton. In his Will of 1696, executor son Edward,24 Edward left bequests of:

£20 to Edward of Colchester [probably s/o Gatward]
£20 to Ann Barnard [aunt of William of Sudbury]
£10 to Isaac son of Isaac
£5 to brother Robert

strongly suggesting he was a son of Robert of Millow and therefore baptised 1634. Edward probably arranged for his will to be proved at the PCC for status, like Robert, unless he feared it might be challenged—he also left 5s to William Brockett of Colchester on demand—perhaps his elder brother.

2.3. William of Sudbury Gent, son of William of Little Cornard, above. Married Sissilia PARSLEY 29 Oct 1678 in Long Melford, c 2 m N of Sudbury25—no issue? Will written 12 May 1686, pr Bury St Edmunds 19 Jun 1686 on the oath of Executors Anna Barnard widow and Joseph Wyatt junior. The will included bequests to:

—my Aunt Ann Barnard with whom I now dwell
Gatward Brockett late of Colchester in Essex the summe of one Shilling of lawfull money of England to be paid him within one Moneth after my decease by my Executors herein after named if the same be lawfully demanded
—Brockett Potter an Orphan Sone of Sivan Potter my sister shall have paid to some trusty and sure friend of his to his use the summe of fforty Shillings.

2.4. In addition the following IGI entries from the area will be connected:

1657: John baptised? s/o Samuel Brockit, Assington
1667: Anne Brocket married Moses BARNARD, Bures St Mary

Suffolk archives contain no Will of Ann Barnard 1670-1770s.


5 records have been found, some from neighbouring Staffordshire:

  1. A number of letters written by Isaac, Estate Manager for Lady Emma Child at Middleton Hall, Warwickshire, c 4 m S of Tamworth, 10 m NE of Birmingham.26 Evidence that Isaac was from the Dunton clan:
    • Apart from the 2 first cousins bap Dunton 1631 and 1632, and the son of one of them bap there 1661, the name Isaac is only otherwise recorded a few times from 1834 in the north of England.
    • The baptism in Dunton 12 Dec 1661 of Isaac s/o Isaac and Ellen
    • An Isaac son of Isaac was mentioned in Edward of Bures St Mary’s will 1696. He would have been a kinsman and it is likely that Edward was s/o Robert of Millow.
    • Tamworth is c 70 m NW of Dunton.
  2. Two marriages in Polesworth Parish Register:
    1. 27 Jan 1703 ‘Mr Brooket and Mrs Dabs married per licence’
    2. 11 Apr 1737 ‘The Revd Mr Lawry and Mrs Anne Brocket of Tamworth married by licence’
  3. 16 Aug 1734 Isaac, Bachelor of Tamworth, Co Stafford, m St Paul’s Cathedral Bridgett RYE of St Peter, Spinster, Northants, by Licence.27
  4. 7 Feb 1737 Isaac Brockett of Tamworth, Staffs, Gent and Bridget his wife brought a Complaint to Chancery.28 Bridget’s father, Lewis RYE the elder, late of Blakesley, Northants, Gent, through his wife Mary, his executrix in his Will of 27 Aug 1714, had left all lands etc. to his wife and heirs, and in 1721 Mary made a lease for her youngest son Edward RYE, Gent and Bridget. Bridget claimed she hadn’t received her inheritance.
  5. The 22 Sep 1824 baptism in Bordesley of Ann Swetkin, d/o Joseph and Ann BROWKETT.29 Bordesley comes under the parish of Aston, whose PR are held at Birmingham City Archives. This may have been an IGI transcription error, like the earlier 1809 record of George Browkett marrying Mary FARMER 31 Oct 1809 Holt, Worcester,30 where the name was actually BOWKETT, as checked in the original Parish Register. Holt is a small village c 4 m N of Worcester and 8 m S of Kidderminster, which is c 15m SW of the centre of Birmingham.


Pre 1937 records:

  1. A Brocot family in Lindridge in the 1720s.
  2. A Brocket family in Kidderminster in the 1910s.
  3. A Brockett family in Kidderminster in the 1930s.

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