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Robert Brockett of Bramfield Suffolk Gent
buried 1582

Robert, 4th son of John of Swaffham Bulbeck, held lands in Suffolk in Westleton, Bramfield, Walpole and Cookley, paying £5 subsidy in goods 1568. He was buried in Bramfield 18 May 1582. Sources for details of his family are three:

  • the Bramfield Parish Register and the IGI
  • the Visitation of Suffolk in 15611
  • his Will written 24 Nov 1580, proved 7 Aug 1582 Hallesworth.

The order of Robert and Margaret’s older surviving children has been assumed from his Will. At that time they were all under 24 and therefore born after 1556. Most if not all would have been children of his 2nd wife Margaret, d/o Henry FARRAR Yeoman of Bramfield, whom he married in Bramfield 3 May 1557. He married his 1st wife Margaret d/o William GILBERT, Clothier of Clare, after 1547/8. Children:

  1. Elizabeth Brokett bap 19 Jun 1554 Bramfeld, d bef 1561
  2. Dorythie Brokett bap 19 Jun 1554 Bramfeld, d bef 1561
  3. Raynold Brockett b aft 1556, alive 1580, perhaps s/o first wife.
  4. William Brockett, b aft 1556; Citizen of London, d intestate 1607, administration to Reginald Brockett, brother, 25 Nov, value £10 6s 6d.2 Possibly carried letters from the Privy Council to Sussex in 1601. Previously it was mistakenly thought that William held Bulwardes in Suffolk, for which an IPM was held in 1620 and consequently the probable father of Thomas of Chidingstone Esq, who owned Bulwardes in 1661. The reasons were:
    1. Bulwardes is only a few miles north of Bramfield, where William’s father had farmed.
    2. It was thought that the Suffolk IPM of 1620 was of a different man to the Hertfordshire one of 1610.
  5. Alys b aft 1556, alive 1580
  6. Margaret b aft 1556, alive 1580
  7. Dorophe b aft 1556, alive 1580
  8. Thomas Broccket bap 8 May 1569 Bramfeld, alive 1580. Probably Thomas of Southwark.
  9. John Broccket bap 14 Oct 1571 Bramfeld, alive 1580
  10. Elynor Broccket bap 14 Oct 1571 Bramfeld, alive 1580
  11. Rose Brokket bap 12 Feb 1575 Bramfeld, bur 6 May 1577 (Brockket)
  12. Ann Brockkett bap 21 Dec 1578 Bramfeld, alive 1580
  13. Roberd Brockket bap 13 Jan 1582/3 Bramfeld, b after his father had died.

Beginning of the Will of Robert Brockett of Bramfeld, Suffolk, dated 1580, proved 1582 Hallesworth:

1. In the Name of god amen. The xxiiij Daie of November. in the yeare of ower lorde gode one thowsande
2. Five houndred & Eightie, And in the Thre and twentie yeare of the Reign of ower souereign ladie
3. Elizabeth by the grace of god of englond Fraunce and Irelond Quene defendor of the Feith &c I Robert brockett
4. of bramfeld in the Cowntie of Suff’ gentillman. beinge hole of mynde and in good perfight memori / thanckes
5. Thanckes be geven therfore vnto Allmyghti god do ordeyne and make this my present Last will and
6. Testament in Maner and forme followinge viz’ First I bequeth my Sowle vnto ower savior and Redemer Jhesu    Read more

The Will then set up sureties of £2003 to safeguard the children’s inheritance in case Margaret remarried—which in fact she did when 5 months pregnant with Robert’s last child. If she fulfilled the Will’s conditions Robert made her sole executrix, with overseers Raynold Rabett and Robert Farror.4Son Raynold was one of the witnesses.5

Attached to the Will is an inventory of equipment and utensils such as a mid-to-late 16th C Gentleman Farmer had, including 15 acres of crops, 11 cows and a bull, 8 young cattle, 13 ewes, 6 lambs, 5 horses, 8 pigs, 20 geese, 10 hens and a cockerel:

vicesimo Quart’ die Iulij Anno domini 1582./
This Inventori Indentid and made/ the off all the goodes &
Cattelles the were Robert Brockettes of Bramfeld in the cownty
of Suff’ gent / att the Daie of his Death. as they were
Sene vewed and prised the Daie and yeare abouesaid    Read more

The sum total was £72 14s 10d. Compare the inventory total of £4 9s worth of goods left to Lady Elizabeth Brockett by her first husband in 1583, and the £683 17s total of the one taken on the death of Rev John Brokett of Grimston in 1663.

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