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Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire


“…the ancient Seat of the Brockets, situated upon a dry Hill in a fair Park, well wooded and greatly timber’d, enclosed with a brick Wall on the West Side of the Road, for the Length of a Mile, and plentifully water’d with the River Lea.”

So wrote the historian of Hertfordshire Chauncy in the 1690s.1 And Clutterbuck, his early 19th C successor, wrote:2

“This seat stands in a beautiful park on the North-East bank of the river Lea. It derives its name from its antient proprietors, the family of Brocket.”

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[1] 1826 vol 2 p 16

[2] Clutterbuck 1815-27 vol 2 p 359. See also Gover et al 1938 p 127.