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Bradfield Manor Hertfordshire

In 1538 Edward Broket Gent purchased 3 properties and had them enrolled in a Chancery Close Roll.1 William Brokett also purchased a large property in Hitchin and had it enrolled in the Chancery Close Roll next to Edward’s purchases. Edward’s main one was the manor of Bradfield, coming first in order in the Roll:

  1. On 20 October from Dorothea SNOWE for £20 the manor of Bradfield with appurtenances; and 120 acres of arable land, 40 acres of meadow, 80 acres of pasture, 200 acres of wood and 10s rent, with appurtenances, in Bradfield, Cottered and Rushden in county Hertford; as well as of and in the advowson of the church of Bradfield.++Read More
  2. On 6 June from Alice ROLFF Widow 4 crofts of arable land and pasture with their appurtenances in Broomfield Essex.2++Read More
  3. On 3 November from Peter RANDALL of Buntingford in Hertfordshire Labourer for 8 marks a messuage with garden adjoining and 2 crofts of land adjoining, with appurtenances, at Patmore Heath in Albury Hertfordshire.3++Read More
Note: “Memoranda of acknowledgment as a way of enrolling deeds become a greater and greater part of the Close Rolls as time progresses. They are certainly not grouped by county, and the dates bounce about, so the deeds must have been enrolled in batches some weeks afterwards.
These Brockett items being together can hardly be coincidence, although it is just conceivable that an enrolling clerk put them together because of all being Brockett. Doubtless having deeds enrolled like this was very expensive.”4

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[1] TNA C 54/416, 30 Henry VIII

[2] c 2 m N of Chelmsford, 30 miles or more E of Hatfield, and 35 or more SE of Hitchin

[3] c 10 m SE of Bradfield

[4] Communication from David Bethell 8 Aug 2017