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Sir John II’s Tabard

Copied and painted by Henry Gray of Hatfield 2004
from Sir John II’s funeral certificate of 1598.1.
See also the crest and gryphon.

The 6 coats of arms are—from top left of the body of the tabard to top right, then bottom left to right:

  1. Broket—or a cross flory sable
  2. Neville—gules on a saltire argent a fleur de lys for difference azure
  3. Fauconberg—argent a lion rampant azure
  4. Broket—or on a pile azure a griffin passant of the field
  5. FitzSimon—gules three escutcheons argent
  6. Bensted—gules three bars gemel argent—his mother’s family.

He was not actually entitled to the arms of FitzSimon, nor of Neville, nor in an undifferenced form of Fauconberg.

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[1] College of Arms ms I.16/26.