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Huntingdonshire Brokets

  1. The St Neots line
  2. Marriage Bonds
  3. St Neots Parish Registers
  4. Hunts Marriage Index
  5. St Neots probate records
  6. Sawtry
  7. Kimbolton

Huntingdonshire lies NE of Bedfordshire, W of Cambridgeshire and SE of Northamptonshire. Apart from a 16th C Gentleman son of Edward of Letchworth, who held land in Stow Longa, Huntingdonshire, Brokets settled in the town of St Neots in the 17-18th C and in the village of Kimbolton from c 1816-1913. There were also a couple of isolated records further north in Sawtry in the 19th C. Those in St Neots were most likely a branch of the Bedfordshire Dunton clan and after 4 generations died out or moved on, and those in Kimbolton were part of the separate Bedfordshire Grouping, and after 3 generations moved to Lincolnshire where they evolved into a large clan with members still living there and elsewhere.

1. The St Neots line

The St Neots line survived through 4 generations from the 1670s to the 1740s, beginning with Samuel and Mary, or perhaps just Mary. Mary was in St Neots at least by 1684—when she was excommunicated—and she died there, a Widow, in 1701. It isn’t known if Samuel had lived in St Neots. The couple had had their two daughters baptised c 2 m S in Little Barford 1653-5, so they were in the vicinity from the middle of the century. Their son married in St Neots in 1673 as a Butcher and presumably therefore had been there some time by then. Mary’s modest—but signed—will and the signed application for a marriage licence by her son indicate that this Broket line occupied a middling rank in local society. The eldest sons were Butchers—neither wealthy Yeomen nor Labourers. This, and the correlation of names and dates, make it virtually certain that they were a Dunton cadet line, descending from Samuel, 5th son of Edward II and Ann NEGUS:

No further records have been found of Robert son of Edward and Sarah, still alive in 1701, or of John son of Edward and Eliza and his brother Samuel, probably alive 1755.

2. Marriage allegations and Bonds 1663-1883

On 7 Jul 1673 Edward Brockett and Joseph ABBOTT, both Butchers of St Neots, each pledged £200 to secure a licence from the Archdeacon for Edward to marry Sarah CONINGTON, also of St Neots. The Bond is the only Broket entry in the Marriage Allegations and Bonds Index 1663-1883. The Latin bond—a printed proforma with spaces to write in names and dates—is almost identical to John son of John of Caswell’s from 1635. The wording of the English condition—also a printed proforma—is slightly different. Edward signed—his parents had sent him to school. Marriage licences, especially for marriage in one’s own church, were a socially up-market alternative to Banns, which some perceived as a little vulgar.

3. St Neots St Mary Parish Registers 1604-1920

Following are the entries in the Indexed Transcripts to St Neots St Mary Parish Register1—not in the IGI. The 1678 and 82 entries only appear in the Bishop’s Transcripts; the first St Neots Parish Register is in poor condition.

Year Day Name Event
1674 26 Mar Susana Brockitt married Oliver BIGG
1674 21 Apr Edward s/o Edward Brockitt baptised
1675 31 Dec John s/o Edward Brockitt baptised
1677/8 8 Mar Robert s/o Edward Brockitt baptised
1678 2 Dec Robertus s/o Edwardus Brockitt buried2
1679 21 Nov Mary d/o Edward Brockitt baptised
1682 2 Sep Mary d/o Edward Brockitt buried3
1683 11 May Robert s/o Edward Brockitt baptised
1686 29 Sep Edward Brockitt senr. buried
1692 30 May William s/o Sarah Brockitt Widow buried
1693 29 Aug John Brockitt buried
1701 1 Oct Mary Brockett Widow, buried, [will]
1713 1 Dec Edw. Brocket married Eliza BETTS
1714/5 20 Jan John s/o Edwd and Eliza Brocket, Butcher baptised
1716/7 15 Feb Butler s/o Edwd and Eliza Brocket, Butcher baptised
1718 3 Aug Butler s/o Edw Brocket buried
1719 30 Aug Mary d/o Edwd and Eliza Brocket, Butcher baptised
1722 7 Oct Saml. s/o Edwd and Eliza Brocket, lab. baptised
1726 24 Apr Ann d/o Edwd and Eliza Brocket, Butcher baptised
1728 14 May Ann d/o Edw Brocket buried
1731 31 Oct Robert s/o Edwd and Eliza Brocket, Butcher baptised
1732/3 27 Feb Robert s/o Edw Brocket buried
1739 5 Sep Mary Brockett sp[inster] buried 4
1740 1 Dec Elizabeth wife of Edwd Brockett buried
1741 9 Dec Edward Butcher buried

4. Hunts Marriage Index 1601-1837

The 3 volumes of the Hunts Marriage Index span 1601-1837 and have the following 8 Broket entries.5 The first 4 all belong to the St Neots line and the second 4 to the later Kimbolton and Souldrop clans:

Year Name Event
1674 Susana Brockitt to Oliver BIGG in St Neots
1678 Mariam Brockett to Robert WHITCHURCH in Southoe—c 2 m N of St Neots
1713 Edw. Brocket to Eliza BETTS in St Neots
1755 Samuel Brocket to Eleanor BULL in Godmanchester—c 7 m NE of St Neots
1826 Susan Brocket to Samuel ROBISON in Kimbolton
1833 Thomas Brocket to Hannah ABRAHAMS in Kimbolton
1835 Daniel Brocket to Sarah ABRAHAMS in Kimbolton
1837 Daniel Brocket of Souldrop to Mary GREEN in Hail Weston—c 5 m SE of Kimbolton

5. St Neots probate records

Only one St Neots Broket Will or administration is recorded proved in the Archdeaconry of Huntingdon Wills and Administrations Indexes, that of Mary Brocket of St Neots, Widow, 30 Oct 1701.6 She would have been the same Mary Brocket of St Neots parish, who—along with John Nutter, William Lake, Thomas Laundey, Thomas Payne and Daniel Eaton—was excommunicated 1684.7

She was most probably the wife of a Dunton Broket, and ancestress of the St Neots line which survived through to the mid 18th C. She died there 1701, leaving a Will.

1. In the Name of God Amen: the two and twentieth day of
2. August in the yeare of our lord 1700: I Mary Brocket of St Neotts
3. Widow being of a sound and perfect Memory praised be god   Read more

Signed by Mary in a very shaky hand.

6. Sawtry Parish Registers 1604-1886

Sawtry is c 16 m N of St Neots on the main north road.

6.1. St Andrew

The Indexed Transcript of Parish Registers 1604-1886 has no Broket baptisms or marriages, only 1 burial: 7 Nov 1826 Ann9 Brockett, aged 58, ie b c 1768. She may have been a Broket by marriage, but it isn’t clear who she was. Ann didn’t leave a Will or administration among the Huntingdon Archdeaconry probate records.

6.2. Sawtry All Saints

The Burial Register 1813-184810 also has only 1 burial: 18 Apr 1831 William Brocket of this parish, aged 73, ie b c 1758—mistranscribed as Brochet in the draft transcript. William didn’t leave a Will or administration among the Huntingdon Archdeaconry probate records. His parentage isn’t obvious.

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