Brokets of London - The Broket Archive

The Brokets of London

Brokets were always incomers into London—excepting of course incomers’ descendants. The first traceable London Broket clan emerged at the very end of the 16th C in Southwark. From the 18th C numbers increased in accord with the population and during the century 1855-1954 there were more Brocketts in London than in the 2 next highest concentrations put together:

Births: Glasgow 160; Bedfordshire 184; London 391
Marriages: Glasgow 75; Bedfordshire 97; London 266
Deaths: Glasgow 79; Bedfordshire 114; London 211

Regarding sources, the reconstruction of families becomes much easier in the 19th C with the official registration of births, marriages and deaths from 1837 and the censuses from 1841. Prior to that information has been gathered from many sources, including parish records, litigation, Wills, apprenticeship records, company records, and records and recollections from living descendants.

London pages:

++++++++++++London 15-16th C
+++++++++++++++Danvers v Broket
+++++++++++++++Testament of Richard Broket 1454
+++++++++++++++Inns of Court
++++++++++++London 17th C
+++++++++++++++William Brokett’s imprisonment 1628
++++++++++++London 18th C
+++++++++++++++Old Bailey cases 17-18th C
++++++++++++London 19th C
+++++++++++++++1st half
+++++++++++++++2nd half
+++++++++++++++North London clan
+++++++++++++++South London clan
++++++++++++++++++Descendants of Thomas Brockett of Lambeth
+++++++++++++++West London clan
++++++++++++London 20th C

Note: ‘London’ is used loosely here to include Westminster from the 15th C, Southwark and Croydon from the 17th, and areas of the home counties from the 19th on.

Page Last Updated: April 5, 2020

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