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19th Century London Brokets, born after 1850

Here are the currently known London Broket families from the 2nd half of the 19th C, other than members of the north, south and west London clans,  outlined on separate pages. They are presented here in date of birth order, and are followed by a list of singletons, for whom only a single record has currently been found. An 1850 split is artificial and some people born before 1850 lived and worked mainly in this 2nd half of the century.

  1. David Brockett 1854-1912 and Selina CLARK
  2. Frederick James Brockett 1858-1942 and Emma CURCHIN
  3. Samuel Brockett of Islington 1858-1927 and Harriet LAVENDER
  4. George David Brockett ?1860-?1908 and Mary STAGG
  5. John Brockett 1866-1947 and Elizabeth HOLLOWAY
  6. William James Brockett of Kilburn 1868-1959 and Florence INNS
  7. Herbert ‘Bert’ Brockett of Walthamstow 1870-1934 and Ada CLARK
  8. Singletons

1. David Brockett 1854-1912 and Selina CLARK

4th and youngest surviving son of William and Sarah BONFIELD, born 14 Dec 1854 in Guilden Morden,1 bap 14 Jan 1855, Guilden Morden. David’s mother died when he was only 3, and his father remarried when he was 11. He married Selina CLARK 15 Jul 1878 in Kilburn St Mary Parish Church, London, he a Carpenter, Bachelor, she a Spinster, daughter of James CLARKE, Dealer, both aged 22 residing 132 Alexandra Rd, near Swiss Cottage, London, witnesses Charles WORBOYS and Sarah Ann CLARKE.2 Had they lived in London a while, to be married there rather than back home in the the village Chapel? Selina was born Guilden Morden 5 Jul 1856, daughter of James CLARK Farm Labourer and Jane BROWN.3 Such was the nature of village life in those times that in 1851 her grandparents had lived two doors down from David’s.4

Census records for David and Selina:    Read more

Occupation: 1878 Carpenter,5 1888 Carpenter Journeyman,6 1912 Builder’s Foreman.7 David being in the building trade, the family moved fairly frequently, presumably to rent accommodation near new work:

1878: 132 Alexandra Rd, near Swiss Cottage, London 8
1881: Albion Rd, Twickenham 9
1888 Jul: 23A Montpelier Row, Twickenham 10
1891 Apr: 21 Montpelier Row, Twickenham 11
1901 Apr: 23 Montpilier Rd, Twickenham 12
1911 Apr: 21 Broadway Avenue, St Margaret’s, Twickenham 13
1912 Nov: 21 Broadway Avenue, St Margaret’s, Twickenham 14

Although born in Twickenham their first son was baptised in the home parish according to custom, but not their other children. David died 22 Nov 1912 at 21 Broadway Avenue, St Margaret’s, Twickenham, Brentford, of carcinoma of oesophagus, acute toxaemia syncope, informant F CLARKE, brother in Law, of 5 May Villas, Prospect Crescent, Whitton, Twickenham.15 Selina died 30 Mar 1930 of acute suppurative cholecystitis, at 30 Twickenham Rd, Isleworth, Brentford, London, aged 73, of Mina Cottage, Prospect Crescent, Whitton, Twickenham, informant F CLARKE, brother.16 Her Will was proved 5 Jun 1930, leaving modest sums and family pictures to her two daughters, grandson Neil and children of son James. Children:

  1. James William, born 1879, Twickenham, bap Guilden Morden Chapel, d 1942, Sunbury. Married 1st 1902 Arborfield, Berkshire Sarah Jane NEAT, d 1905, 1 son died at birth; 2nd 1908 RichmondAnnie Edith WHING, d 1975, 2 sons, 2 daughters; 3rd Elsie Gladys TYRRELL, d 1970, 2 sons, 2 daughters.
  2. Maud Alice May, born 12 Jan 1881, 8 Albion Cottages, Twickenham.17 Called ‘Daisy’. Not with parents for the 1901 census, aged 20. Married 24 Jul 1909 at St Leonards Congregational Church, Hastings, William Leonard PALMER, aged 22, Bachelor, Commercial Traveller, of ‘Ferndale’, St Margaret’s Road, Twickenham, she 28, Spinster, Hospital Nurse of ‘Woodmancote’, Woodland Vale Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, witnesses sister Grace and her husband Arthur CROSS.18 In 1911 William Leonard and Maude May PALMER were at 130 Francis Avenue, Southsea, Portsmouth, he aged 22, Head, Commercial Traveller in the dried and green fruit and tea trade, born Devon Plymouth, she 29, Wife, born Middlesex Twickenham, married 2 years, no children born, with one boarder Henrietta EVANS, aged 38; 7 rooms in the house, including the kitchen.19 Leonard was later a Wholesale Grocer. They resided in Portsmouth and Havant, attended Petersfield Church of England. They had no children of their own, but adopted two. Wanted to adopt nephew Neil. Daisy died 1943.
  3. Grace, born 6 Aug 1883 26 Talbot Rd, Twickenham.20 Married 6 Dec 1903 at the Baptist Chapel, St Margaret’s, Twickenham, Arthur CROSS, aged 21, Bachelor, Railway Clerk, of St Margaret’s Grove, Twickenham, she 20, Spinster of 21 Broadway Avenue, Twickenham, witnesses sister Maud and Charles WORBOYS.21 In 1911 Arthur and Grace CROSS were at 47 St Margarets Rd, Twickenham, he aged 28, Head, Railway Clerk, born St Margarets, Middlesex, she 27, Wife, born Twickenham, Middlesex, married 7 years, 1 child born, 1 died, with one visitor Elsie WARBOYS, aged 21, born St Albans, Herts; 7 rooms in the house, including the kitchen.22 They later resided in Woking and had an only child, Ronald A CROSS, b Brentford, Middlesex, 1913.23 He became a Journalist, who had children, and was last known living in Twickenham in the early 1960s.
  4. Frank, born 1888, Twickenham. Married 1914 Ellen SMITH, Southsea, Hampshire. Frank died 20 July 1916 in Southsea, aged 27. Ellen died 1956, Southsea aged 74. 1 son.

2. Frederick James Brockett 1858-1942 and Emma CURCHIN

7th son of William and Fanny BONNETT, Frederick James was born 1858 in Battersea.24 He married Emma Jane CURCHIN 25 May 1885 in Parish Church, Battersea, he aged 26, Bachelor, Carpenter, she 25, Spinster, both residing the Cottage, Althorpe Rd, witnesses [Frederick’s sister] F GETLIFFE, FW MANSELL.25 Occupation 1892 Carpenter (Journeyman);26 1915 and 39 Carpenter and Joiner;27 1932 Carpenter and Joiner retired.28 Wrote an anxious letter 1917 about son Arthur.29 Emma d 1940 Q3 Battersea aged 81, ie b c 1859. Frederick died 1942 Wandsworth, aged 84.30

Census records for Frederick and Emma:    Read more


  1. Florence Evaline or Eveline, b 1886 Battersea.31 Married 15 Sep 1915 Charles Harry WAIN in Battersea Parish Church, Wandsworth, London, she aged 29, Spinster, he 30, Bachelor, Shipwright, both of 18 Ursula St.32
  2. Minnie Augusta, b 1889 Battersea.33 Married 1915 Wandsworth … BRYCE.34
  3. Frederick William, b 7 July 1892 West Battersea,35 and died 1942 in Battersea.36 He married 3 Sep 1932 Dorothy Florence Alice Mary MILFORD at St Alban Parish Church, Streatham Park, Wandsworth, London, he aged 40, Bachelor, Traveller, she 34, Spinster, both of 60c Nimrod Rd, [brother?] A Brockett a witness.37 One daughter. Dorothy Florence Alice Mary died 23 Sep 1970, aged 72, at 58 Solent Rd, Hampstead, London NW6, Administration Ipswich 8 Dec £5,381.38
  4. Arthur James, b 2 Jan 1896 Wandsworth District.39
    War papers:40 Arthur James Brockett (no. 532771) 21 Althorp Rd, Wandsworth Common, Battersea. 19 yrs 342 days on 1 ?Feb 1916. Clerk unm. Father alive Frederick James of same address. Height 5ft 8½in. 121 lbs. Scar middle of forehead. Anxious letter from father 15 Feb 1917. Cook in the army. Given 9 days furlough Apr 1918. Discharged 13 Sep 1919, gas poisoning.

    Probably witness to brother’s marriage in 1932. Married 8 Jul 1939 Grace Phyllis GRAHN at the Register Office, Croydon, he aged 43, Bachelor, Accountant British Legion, of 21 Althorp Rd, SW17, she 37, Spinster, of 13 Ena Rd, Norbury.41 He died 6 Jan 1972 Croydon London, aged 76,42 residing 13 Ena Rd, London SW16, will pr London 2 Mar £15,474.43 Grace Phyllis died 30 Jun 1997 at 179 Wickham Rd, Shirley, Croydon, Surrey, will pr Brighton 16 Oct not exceeding £180,000.44 1 daughter.

3. Samuel Brockett 1858-1927 and Harriet LAVENDER; Lucy CONSTABLE

2nd son of Samuel and Mary Ann GAYLOR, Samuel Henry was born 1858, Royston District;45 d 1927, Lambeth.46 1st marriage 13 Oct 1884 in Warbleton Parish Church, Hailsham Sussex to Harriet LAVENDER, he aged 26, Bachelor, Railway Clerk, residing 52 Havelock St, St Marylebone, London, she 30, Spinster, Servant, residing Warbleton [c 10 m N of Eastbourne].47 They adopted niece Annie. She married in Jan 1916, Harriet died 1916 St Martin London, aged 62, ie b c 1854,48 and Samuel Henry married again 29 Sep 1917 Lucy Florence CONSTABLE at the Brixton Independent Church, Brixton Rd, Lambeth, he aged 59, Widower, Railway Inspector accidents, residing 65 Hemingford Rd, Barnsbury, she 49, Widow, residing 49 Ballater Rd, Brixton, Samuel Henry’s father given as Henry deceased, Chemist’s Assistant.49 Samuel H died 1927 Lambeth London, aged 69.50 Lucy F died 1947 Surrey Mid E, aged 79.51 No surviving issue. ChildSamuel Henry, b 1888, St George’s Hanover Sq, London;52 d there 1888.53

Census records for Samuel and Harriet:    Read more

4. George David Brockett b 1860 d ?1908 and Mary STAGG

Only son of David and Lucy SAWING, George David was born 7 Nov 1860 Wandsworth Common.54 George, Cartage Contractor’s Carman of 75 Falcon Rd, Battersea, d 14 Jan 1908 of chronic bronchitis and cardiac failure at the Union Infirmary, SW Battersea, aged 53, ie b c 1855.55

Census records for George and family:    Read more

Records of George David are difficult:

  • Sometimes he was only called George.
  • His age at the 1891 census was incorrect—probably 21 for 31. The cell above was 24, so it could have been a dittography. If not, with a 2½ year-old child, he would have married [if he did] by the age of 19. There are no records of such a David.
  • His given age at death was about 5 years out, but no other suitable death was recorded before 1915, when his daughter’s Florence’s marriage certificate recorded him as deceased.
  • He changed occupations: in 1890 and 91 he was a Coal Porter and in 1894, 97 and 1908 he was a Carman, but he probably simply changed jobs.
  • He possibly changed partners—although it was more likely that Mary was known by different surnames. There is no suitable GRO record of a Mary dying 1891-4, so Mary PHILLIPS and Mary STAGG were probably the same person—consider John STAGG, visitor in their household 1891.56
  • No relevant marriage/s are recorded in the GRO under George or David.
  • None of the family has been traced in the 1901 census.

However, no other George David is known, and following are the only other Georges recorded born in London 1845-71 by the GRO:

  1. b 20 December 1863 Kingston, son of Francis Henry and Agnes.57 Married 1883 Caroline Hilda HART.
  2. b 19 Jun 1867 Lambeth, son of Thomas and Catherine MILLS.58 He was a Coalworker, but married 1890 Margaret LEGG.
  3. b 1869 Kingston, London.59 Married 1896 Ada Rosina TERRY.
  4. b 1869 Hackney.60 Married 1896 Mary Elizabeth COLE as a Bachelor.
  5. b 27 Dec 1871 Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire.61 Married 1893 Louisa DAY.


  1. Rose Elizabeth was born 1888 Wandsworth.62 In 1911 at 103 High St, Battersea, aged 22, b Battersea, sole servant in the house of Jeremiah DWYER Government Clerk, and family.63 Married 21 Aug 1915 in St Marys Church, Summerstown, Wandsworth, Charles BAKER, 34, Widower, Gas Fitter of 44 Mawbey St, South Lambeth, she a Spinster aged 27 of 686 Garrett Lane, daughter of George, deceased, no occupation given.64
  2. Florence, b 24 Sep 1890 at 92 Abercrombie St, West Battersea, daughter of George David, Coal Porter, and Mary, formerly PHILLIPS, Mary making her mark.65 Probably in London Greenwich aged 20 for the 1911 census, as Florence Mary, Single, General Servant at the home of Caroline Martha COLE, 62, Single, 7 Gellatly Rd, New Cross, S E. Married—as Florence Mary—31 July 1915 Henry CHAMBERLAIN at Lambeth Register Office, she aged 24, Spinster, Domestic Servant, of 44 Mawbey St, South Lambeth, daughter of George, Builder’s Labourer, deceased, he 36, Bachelor, Gas Company’s Labourer, of 183 South Lambeth Rd, witnesses sister Rose E and her future husband Charles BAKER.66
  3. George Thomas, born 14 Oct 1894, 15 Oulton St, E Battersea, son of George, Carman, and Mary, formerly STAGG, Mary making her mark.67 Died 1895 Wandsworth.68.
  4. Louisa, b 10 Jan 1897, 3 Haywood St, E Battersea, daughter of George David, Carman, and Mary, formerly STAGG, Mary making her mark.69 Not apparently in the 1911 census.

5. John Brockett b 1866-1947 and Elizabeth HOLLOWAY

1st son of Thomas and Mary Ann MUNSEY of the Mordens clan, John ‘Jack’ was born 22 Dec 1866, Guilden Morden, bap 3 Feb 1867, Guilden Morden Church.70 Married Ada Elizabeth HOLLOWAY 9 Dec 1894 in St Martins in the Fields, Middlesex, he aged 28, Bachelor, Draper, residing 4 St Martin’s St, she 24, Spinster, residing 6 Monmouth Court.71 Occupation: 1891 Draper’s Clerk,72 1895 Draper’s Assistant,73 1896, 98 and 99, Draper’s Packer,74 1924 Packer,75 1946 Warehouse Packer retired.76 Ada Elizabeth died 2 Apr 1946 of cerebral thrombosis and arteriosclerosis, aged 75, at ‘Compton’ Lepminster Rd, Rainham, Romford, residing ‘Brockwell’, Fairview Ave, Rainham, informant EW Brockett, son.77 John died 1947 Romford Essex, aged 80.78

Census records for John and Elizabeth:    Read more


  1. Frederick Charles, born 31 Mar 1895 in Upton Park, East Ham,79 and died 1977. He married Grace CLOW 12 Aug 1914 in Mile End.80 Had a near-namesake distant cousin, Charles Frederick Brockett, who emigrated to New Zealand, b 1882. Had a hereditary eye condition, like daughters and sister Lily. Worked on the Railways and resided Rainham, Deptford, Ipswich. Grace Ellen died 20 Aug 1972 Ipswich Suffolk, aged 7681 at 62 Hutland Rd, Ipswich, Administration Ipswich 16 Oct £616.82 Frederick died 31 Mar 1977 Ipswich Suffolk, aged 8283 at 62 Hutland Rd, Ipswich, will pr Ipswich 24 May £10,911.84Children:
    1. Olive E, b 1914, Mile End;85 d c 1997. Had a hereditary eye condition, like father Fred and aunt Lily. Married Sid PHILLIPS. No further record in GRO up to 1937.
  2. Stanley Thomas, born 11 Aug 1896 in Upton Park, East Ham.86 Married Dorothy ‘Dolly‘ Ethel DRAPER 1921 West Ham.87 The family moved to Herne Bay and did not keep in contact with Stanley’s brothers and sisters. Occupation Draper. Stanley died 24 Dec 1981 aged 8588 at 65 The Broadway, Herne Bay, Kent, will pr Brighton 16 Mar, not exceeding £25,000.89 Ethel was probably Ethel Kathleen, who died 7 Mar 1975 Ashford, Kent, aged 88, ie b c 1887,90 at 130 Dover Rd, Folkestone, will pr Brighton 2 May £7,018.91 Children:
    1. Norman Vincent, b 26 Aug 1922, West Ham District.92 Occupation Draper. Died unm 16 Jul 1998 at Miramar Nursing Home, Beltinge, Herne Bay, Kent,l will pr Brighton 7 Aug, estate not exceeding £180,000.93
    2. Peggy, b and d 1926, Hackney District94
    3. others living
  3. Edwin Walter, b 19 Jan 1898, Upton Park, East Ham;95 m 1926 Ethel LANGFORD, W Ham District.96 Occupation Shopkeeper. Resided 85 Blackbush Ave, Chadwell Heath,97 then Ealing. No issue.98 Died 11 Sep 1978 Ipswich Suffolk aged 8099 at 28 Matson Rd, Ipswich, will pr Ipswich £1,758.100 Ethel Annie died 2 Jul 1977 Ipswich Suffolk, aged 78.101
  4. Lilian ‘Lily’, b 18 Jun 1899, 7 St Stephen’s Road, Upton Park, East Ham.102 Had a hereditary eye condition, like brother Fred. Married 26 Jul 1924 Sidney CROWLEY, in the Parish Church of St Albans, East Ham, Essex, she aged 25, Spinster, Machinist, residing 47 Evesleigh Rd, he 24, Bachelor, residing 43 Evesleigh Rd, one witness [her father] John.103 2 daughters.
    Lilian Brockett's wedding to Sidney CROWLEY 1924 East Ham 1924

6. William James Brockett 1868-1959 and Florence INNS

1st son of William and Emily SYMONDS of Willesden, William James was born 26 Sep 1868 in Pimlico.104 He married Florence INNS c 1896.105 She died 1943 Hampstead London, aged 65.106

Eldest son Frederick William said both his parents were ‘Kilburn people’ and that he and all his brothers and sisters were born there. The mother’s name INNS was found from GRO entries for some of the children. William James’ occupations: Plumber 1891,107 Builders’ Decorator 1901,108 House Painter 1902, 05, 08, 11,109 1939, 45.110 The family moved at least three times 1902-8. William J died 1959 Hampstead London, aged 90.111

Census records for William and Florence:    Read more


  1. Frederick William, b 9 Mar 1898 Kilburn, Hendon.112 Married … KEMP 1920 in Ticehurst.113 Died 1980 Lambeth, London, aged 82 [ie b c 1898].114 Child: Phyllis J, b 1931 Willesden London;115 d unm 1967 London City, aged 36 [ie b c 1931].116
  2. Winifred Daisy, b 1900 Hendon.117 Married 28 Jul 1945 Joseph CHRISTMAS at the Sacred Heart of Jesus RC Church, Hampstead, she aged 44, Spinster, Domestic Servant, of 161 Messina Ave, London NW6, he 29, Bachelor, Baker Journeyman, of 38 Sheriff Rd, NW6.118 No issue.
  3. Ruby Elizabeth, b 18 Jun 1902, 26 Maygrove Rd, Kilburn, Hampstead.119 Photo. Resided Winchester 1967; m … WRIGHT Willesden 1930.120 Died after 1998. No issue.
  4. Florence May, b 21 Mar 1905, 48 Loveridge Rd, Kilburn, Hampstead.121 Photo. Married—as May F C—1928 Willesden … WOOD.122 d Harrow? 1 daughter.
  5. Gladys Emmeline, b 11 Jun 1908, 6 Netherwood St, Kilburn;123 d 1917 Hampstead, aged 8.124
  6. Marie K, b 1911 Hampstead.125 A witness to brother Eric’s marriage 1939 as Marie Dorothy. Photo. Married 1940 Paddington … BALL.126 Resided 49 Kathleen Ave, Wembley 1967. 1 daughter.
  7. Edith, b 1913 Hampstead.127 Died unm 1943 Hampstead, aged 30,128 the same week as her mother. No issue.
  8. John ‘Jack’ A, b 1914 Hampstead.129 Married 1947 Birmingham.130 Resided Birmingham 1967. Photo. Died Birmingham? 1 son.
  9. George Wilfred, b 1915 Hampstead;131 d 29 Jan 1998, Harrow? Photo. Called George according to Emily, although Maurice’s wife called him Wilfred. Worked in the Motor Industry, Driver in 1966 as ‘William George’.132 As Robert W G married Emily MOSS Newbury 1944.133 She died 2 Nov 2007. 3 sons.
  10. Eric Arthur ‘Bubbles’, b 13 Jun 1918 Hampstead. In the Electric trade. Married 6 Sep 1939 Ada CROMWELL in Colchester Parish Church, Essex, he aged 21, Bachelor, Sapper, of 7th Field Company R E, Reed Hall Camp, she 21, Spinster, Secretarial Typist, of 17 Albert St, Queens Park, London, [sister] Marie Dorothy Brockett a witness.134 No further record of Ada in GRO—did they divorce and Eric married 2nd 1958.135 Did he die in Scotland? No BMDS record before 1999. 1 daughter.
  11. Maurice Harry ‘Tink’, b 24 May 1920 Hampstead.136 Married 1944 Paddington.137 Died Bognor 19 Nov 2007. 2 sons.

8. Herbert ‘Bert’ William Brockett 1870-1934 and Ada CLARK

5th son of Solomon and Jane MAY, Herbert ‘Bert‘ William was born 19 Jan 1870.138 Another Herbert William, son of Samuel, from the unrelated Lincolnshire clan, was born 3 years later in 1873, St Neots District, and died 1919 Eastbourne as a result of the war. This Bert son of Solomon was a Master Decorator, residing 121 Barclay Rd, Walthamstow, E17. Builder’s Painter 1911, 14.139 Sister Florrie said she lost contact with him, and some information came from son Leslie and son Ernest’s wife and son. This is most probably a photo of him with his two sons c 1919:
It was among the papers of Bert’s daughter-in-law Trudy, the wife of son Ernest when she died. The curly hair of the boy on the left has been definitely identified as Ernest by his daughter-in-law and son. Why else would Trudy have kept the photo? It is not known if Bert was married to140 or was the long-term partner of, Mary Ann Ada CLARK/PHILLIPS. Mary Ann Ada’s maiden name was probably PHILLIPS; the 1911 census shows her surname as CLARK, Widow, and in her house was a single female relative surnamed PHILLIPS, who was still living with her in the early 50s when Ada’s grandson used to visit. On the birth certificates of two of her three sons with Bert—Herbert and Ernest—her maiden name was CLARK, but on son Leslie’s it was PHILLIPS. He died of myocarditis (senile degenaration) and acute bronchitis 8 Oct 1934, Whipscross Hospital, N Leyton, W Ham, Occupation: House Painter Journeyman, informant A Brockett, widow, residing 121 Barclay Rd.141 This was during the Depression and he had been out of work. Son Ernest recalled how as children he and his brother Leslie did not have shoes. Mary Ann Ada Brockett died of carcinomatosis of the breast, 18 Feb 1955 at Langthorne Hospital, Leytonstone, Essex SW, residing 27 Priory Court, Walthamstow, aged 83, ie b c 1872, informant son R [sic for E] W Brockett of 40 Brighton Ave, Walthamstow.142

Census records for Herbert:    Read more


  1. Ada. Although Leslie referred to her as a much older sister the 1911 census shows that she was the daughter of mother Ada and a previous husband. This Ada’s surname may never been Brockett. The only suitable GRO birth record of an Ada Brockett was Lily Ada, b 1899, St Saviour, but she was daughter of Henry James Brockett and Emma BELL. Leslie said that this Ada [daughter of Ada CLARK] was killed when a bomb hit her air-raid shelter in Walthamstow in World War II along with her 18 year old daughter Joyce. If this was in 1942, Ada would have given birth to Joyce by early 1924 and therefore herself probably born by 1904 at least (in fact by 1899). This would tally with her being “much older” than Leslie. Leslie said she married a man called … WHITE and had 2 daughters and 1 son, but the only GRO marriage record of an Ada Brockett up to 1930 was of another Ada Brockett to a Richard HAYTER in Islington in 1921.143
  2. Herbert Stanley, b 4 Jun 1911, 36 Chelmsford Rd, Walthamstow, W Ham, mother Mary Ann formerly CLARK;144 d 1914 W Ham.145
  3. Leslie William, b 3 Mar 1914, 8 Netley Rd, Walthamstow, W Ham, mother Mary Ann Ada PHILLIPS.146 In the War Leslie joined up with the London Scottish regiment, and later moved to the RAs and went in to Germany. When he was demobbed he joined the Electricity Board. He died 2 May 2002, Canvey Island, Essex. Married twice, first to Clara Elsie FARREN 1940 Essex SW.147 Clara Elsie died 3 Apr 1969 Rochford Essex, aged 53, ie b c 1916.148 I son I daughter.
  4. Ernest “Ernie” Charles, b 23 Jun 1915, 20 Willow Walk, Walthamstow, W Ham, mother Mary Ann Ada CLARK,149 bap Walthamstow. 6 ft 2in tall. Married Gertrude “Trudy” BIDDLES 1940 Essex SW.150 Brother Leslie was best man, standing next to Ernest in this wedding photo:
    In the War Ernest joined up with the Irish Fusiliers and then served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and afterwards remained in the heavy vehicle mechanics trade. During the War he was a friend of Charlie Chester, as seen in this photo singing Charlie; Ernest back row 2nd from right:
    and in this letter to Trudy:
    Ernie joined his wife and son in Yorkshire after the war where they had been evacuated to from London E17 and stayed there. This is a picture from the 1970s, showing his curly hair till the end of his life:
    Ernest died 1 Nov 1980 at 51 Enfield Rd, Baildon, W Yorkshire, aged 65,151 just after getting his first pension; Administration Leeds 6 Feb 1981 £6,844.152

8. Singletons

Individual London Brokets from the 2nd half of the 19th C:153

Daniel BROCKETT, died 29 Jan 1870 at the Infirmary, Richmond, Surrey, aged 57, Coal Porter, of extensive congestion of both lungs, operation for strangulated hernia, informant Harriet E HORTON,154 Therefore b c 1813, but no IGI bap or mar, nor GRO. Other contemporary Daniels recorded elsewhere. Perhaps Brackett, but no relevant record in 1861 census.

Hephzibah BROCKITT, died 11 Oct 1869 at the Union House, Richmond, Surrey, aged 24, Spinster, of phthysis pulmonalis exhaustion, informant Ellen LEARY, making her mark.155 Therefore b c 1845, but no IGI or GRO. Perhaps Brackett, but no Hephzibah Brackett, Brickett or Brockell in 1861 census.

Houghton , 8 Feb 1892. Advertising agent, of 492, Strand, in partnership with a man indicted for deception in a case at the Old Bailey, but acquitted.

Mary Ann BROCKETT, married 24 Apr 1865 John SPICER in Old Church, St Pancras156

Richard, died 3 Jan 1854 at the City of London Union Workhouse, Bromley, of natural decay, Groom.157 In 1851 he was an inmate in the Union Workhouse, Bromley St Leonard, City of London, aged 72, Widower, Jockey and Gentleman’s Servant, b City of London.158 Was it he who married Ann RIVETT in Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney in 14 Oct 1821?159

Thomas BROCKETT, died 2 Mar 1878 at the Workhouse Infirmary, Princes Rd, Lambeth, Surrey, aged 52, Laborer, phthysis, informant Workhouse Steward.160 Therefore b c 1826, but no IGI or GRO bap or mar. Not of the clan of Thomas, Bricklayer. The 1871 census showed him to be Thomas of Chalton.

William BROCKET, died 4 Dec 1853, Royal Hospital Chelsea, aged 82, Soldier, inflammation of the gall bladder, congestion of the brain 7 days, informant Isaac COOK, 3rd Ward, Royal Hospital Chelsea.161 Therefore b c 1771. ?son of Robert, St Andrews Newcastle, bap 1772162 or son of William and Ann, Sedgefield, bap 1769.163 No other 1771 IGI record.

Census singletons
1851 [to come]
1861 [to come]
1871 [to come]
1881 [to come]
1891 [to come]

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[124] GRO qtr 2

[125] GRO qtr 3

[126] GRO qtr 4

[127] GRO qtr 3

[128] GRO qtr 4

[129] GRO qtr 3

[130] GRO qtr 4

[131] GRO qtr 4

[132] Marriage certificate of son

[133] GRO qtr 4

[134] Marriage certificate

[135] Marriage certificate

[136] GRO qtr 2

[137] GRO qtr 3

[138] AS; no apparent GRO record

[139] Birth certificates of sons

[140] Son Leslie said they were married in Hackney, but no GRO record has been found.

[141] Death certificate

[142] Death certificate

[143] Marriage certificate

[144] Birth certificate

[145] GRO qtr 2 as Stanley H, aged 2

[146] Birth certificate

[147] GRO qtr 4

[148] GRO qtr 2

[149] Birth certificate

[150] GRO qtr 1

[151] GRO qtr 4

[152] LPR

[153] Checked all GRO ones post 1837.

[154] Death certificate

[155] Death certificate

[156] GRO qtr 2

[157] Death certificate

[158] Census

[159] IGI

[160] Death certificate

[161] Death certificate

[162] IGI

[163] IGI