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19th Century London Brokets, born before 1850

Here are the currently known London Broket families from the 1st half of the 19th C, other than members of the north, south and west London clans,  outlined on separate pages. They are presented here in date of birth order, and are followed by a list of singletons, for whom only a single record has currently been found. An 1850 split is artificial and some people born before 1850 lived and worked mainly in the 2nd half of the century.

  1. John Perkins Brockett of Woolwich c 1771-1842, Stonemason
  2. James Brockett c 1790-1838, Printer
  3. David Brockett 1834-87 and Lucy SAWING
  4. William Brockett 1841-1934 and Elizabeth ORBELL
  5. William Brockett of Willesden 1843-1932 and Emily SYMONDS
  6. Henry Larkins Brockett 1844-1919 and Mary PERKS
  7. Alfred Brockett 1847-87 and Mary ROBINSON
  8. Charles Brockett 1849-93 and Emily O’DANIELS
  9. Singletons

1. John Perkins Brockett of Woolwich, Stonemason, c 1771-1842

Eldest son of Stonemason William and Mary PERKINS, and perhaps brother of Charles, Stonemason. Baptised 4 Aug 1772 Lambeth, Surrey, son of William and Mary.1 John married Ann …. John, Mason, died 21 Aug 1842 of dysentery, aged 71, Warwick St, Woolwich Dock Yard, informant James BAKER, also of Warwick St,2 buried 7 Sep 1842 St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, abode Warwick St.3 Ann died 8 May 1844, Warwick St, Greenwich, Woolwich Dock Yard, Kent, aged 70 [ie b c 1774], ‘Wife of John Perkins Brocket Gentleman’, of decay of nature, informant W Chas Brocket, also of Warwick St.4 Children:

  1. William Charles Brocket, b 19 Jul 1795, bap 20 Sep, St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich.5 Assumed son as informant of Ann’s death 1844, for which he was recorded as signing as W Chas Brocket of Warwick St, present at the death, so Charles may have been his preferred name. No known record of marriage or children. He was recorded residing 36 Warwick St, Woolwich in 1851 as Charles William Brocket, Head, unmarried, aged 55, Mariner, born Kent Woolwich with sister Mary Ann.6 Charles William Brocket was again recorded residing 36 Warwick St, Woolwich in 1856 and 1858.7 The Charles in his name suggests a possible link with the elusive father of Thomas of Lambeth. It would mean that Thomas was born at the later end of the estimated period, and that William Charles would have been at the most 20 years old. Unlikely, but a birth as early as 1809 for Thomas would have meant that he lived a very long time given the harshness of his environment. Thomas’ death certificate in 1897 gave his age as 83, ie b c 1814, which seems more realistic, and could just fit with William Charles being about 19 or 20 years old. Perhaps he wasn’t married. It must have been him that the 1881 census recorded as William Brockett, a blind inmate at Woolwich Union Workhouse Plumstead Road, Plumstead, aged 85 [ie b c 1796], Seaman, b Woolwich, Kent. Similarly, the William Brockett who died of bronchitis exhaustion 11 Dec 1884 in the Infirmary, E Plumstead, Woolwich, aged 88 [ie b c 1796], Messenger of West Woolwich would also have been him.8
  2. Mary Ann, b c 1799.9 She was recorded residing 36 Warwick St, Woolwich in 1851, unmarried, aged 50, School Mistress, born Kent Woolwich with brother Charles William Brocket.10 She died 23 July 1873 of cardiac disease and dropsy, 36 Warwick St, Woolwich Dockyard, Schoolmistress, ‘Daughter of John Perkins Brocket a Stonemason’, aged 74, informant [brother] W C Brocket of same address.11
  3. Harriott, b by 1809; as Spinster, daughter of John Perkins, Stonemason, married James BAKER, Widower and Rope Maker, 20 Oct 1839 at St Alphage in the Parish of Greenwich, both ‘of full age’.12 Witnesses were John Perkins and Mary Ann, no doubt Harriott’s sister. The IGI recorded no Harriett births before 1827.

No apparent record of this family in the 1841, 51, 61 or 71 censuses.

2. James Brockett, Printer, b c 1790, d 1838

James, Printer and Corn Porter. He died 21 Apr 1838 of Spotted Fever at 3 Cowper St, St Luke Chelsea, aged 48, Printer, informant Sarah, Wife, residing 5 Peckham Rye, making her mark.13 Otherwise James is only recorded in his children’s marriage certificates, where his occupation was given as Printer on daughter Elizabeth’s MC in 1849 and son Edward’s 2nd and 3rd MCs in 1861 and 71. On son Edward’s 1st MC in 1848—soon after James’ death—it was given as Corn Porter. They all made their mark on the certificates—unexpected perhaps for children of a Printer.

His Widow Sarah was not apparently recorded in the 1841 census, but she probably remarried 11 Jun 1844 to John Smith LAWRENCE, at St Saviour, Upper Chelsea, both of full age, he a Widower, Horse Dealer, residing 20 New Rd, she a Widow, residing St George’s Hospital.14 If so, her maiden name was DAVIES, her father being Thomas DAVIES, Waterman. Her name is spelt Brochett in the GRO, but probably with k on the MC. 17 months later on 24 Nov 1845 an indictment for bigamy was brought against John LAWRENCE, on account of a previous marriage in 1823, but John’s defence was that he thought she was no longer living when he married Sarah Brockett. He was acquitted. Sarah may also have been a witness in a housebreaking trial in 1840.

James’ origins are unknown. Was he any relation of Edward, Compositor? The only contemporary Jameses known married and lived Bedfordshire:

  1. James son of James and Mary GEARY, bap 12 Apr 1789 Stagsden, married Frances CURTIS 1809 in Odell and raised their children in Cardington.
  2. James son of John and Mary KENDAL bap 22 May 1791 Biddenham, married Lucy BATES 1811 in Bromham and raised their children there.

James’ line died out in the male line. Children:

  1. Sarah Ann, b by 1817. Married 21 Nov 1838 Thomas MARSH in St Peters Church, Walworth, in the Parish of St Mary Newington, Surrey, both of full age, she a Spinster, residing Peter St, Walworth Common, he a Bachelor, Carpenter, residing 61 Drury Lane, St Mary Le Strand, witnesses John Laurence and Sarah MARSH—they and Thomas and Sarah Ann all signing with their mark.15
  2. Edward, b c 1826.16 He married 23 Jul 1848 St Mary’s, Paddington, Middx, Isabella MILLS, both residing Hall Park of full age, Bachelor and Spinster, he a Wine Porter, son of James, Corn Porter, making his mark, witnesses Thomas MARSH and Mary HUNT.17 Wine Porter 1849,18 Porter 1851.19 Isabella probably died 1860 Holborn London.20
    Census records for Edward and family:    Read more
    Children—both bap 30 Nov 1858 St Andrew, Holborn:

    1. Mary Elizabeth, b 6 Jul 1849, 27 Eagle St, Red Lion St, St George and St Andrew, Holborn.21 Baptised, aged 7, with sister Isabella Mary 30 Nov 1858 St Andrew Holborn.22 Not apparently in the 1861 census. She died 11 Feb 1866 at the Union Workhouse, Grays Inn Rd, St Andrew Eastern, Holborn, aged 19, Servant, of intestinal obstruction and peritonitis, informant Wm Francis.23
    2. Isabella Mary, b 18 Jul 1851, 42 Eagle St, Red Lion Sq, St George and St Andrew, Holborn.24 Baptised with sister Mary Elizabeth 30 Nov 1858 St Andrew Holborn.25. 1871 census, aged 19. Married 1873 St George’s Hanover Sq.26

    Edward married 2nd on 5 May 1861 Sarah MILLS at the Parish Church of St Mary Newington, Surrey, both of full age, he a Widower, Wine-Porter, residing Nursery Row, she a Spinster, residing Infirmary Close;27 Isabella’s sister? Sarah Ann, aged 44, wife of Edward Wine Porter, d 21 Jan 1870 at 61 Wardour St of feeble heart dropsey syncope.28 No known issue. Edward married 3rd 12 Feb 1871 Eliza Sarah BOYER at the Parish Church of St Philip Lambeth, Surrey, he aged 45, Widower, Wineporter, she 37, Spinster, both residing Lambeth.29 Edward probably died 1879 Pancras, aged 58, ie b c 1821.30

  3. Elizabeth, b by 1828. Married 6 Aug 1849 Basty GEORGE, Bachelor, Paper-Stainer, in the Parish Church of St Giles Cripplegate, London, both residing 2 Golden Lane, witnesses [brother in law and possibly sister] Thomas and Sarah MARSH, Elizabeth and Sarah both signing with their mark.31

Was he James William, son of Richard and Ann?

3. David Brockett 1834-87 and Lucy SAWING

6th son of William and Mary BUTCHER, David was bap 5 Jul 1834 Guilden Morden. He married Lucy SAWING 16 Jan 1853 St Mary Newington, Surrey, he a Minor (c 19), Servant, son of William, Carpenter, she of full age (c 21), both residing Thomas St.32 Occupation: 1853 Carpenter, and signed with his mark;33 1857 and 60 Carpenter Journeyman.34 In the 1850s they lived in Battersea, where brothers William, Alfred, Archer and Solomon and families were around the time. Unlike them, David stayed.

Census records for David and family:    Read more


  1. Sarah Ann, b 21 Jun 1853 Wandsworth Common.35 Died 13 Nov 1857 Wandsworth Common of pneumonia, aged 4, informant Robert SAWING, recorded as Brockell.36.
  2. Lucy, b 1855 Battersea,37 bap 14 Oct St Mary Battersea.38 In service aged 15 as a Nurse in Battersea in 1871.39 She was probably the Lucy who died 1880 in Lambeth, London, aged 20, i.e. b c 1860.40 No other Lucy is known. Prior to that she would have been the mother of:
    1. Emily Sarah, b 4 Mar 1874 Union Infirmary, Battersea, Surrey, no father mentioned.41 The baptism in the Parish of Battersea on “24 May 1874 of Emily, daughter of David and Emily Brockett of Battersea Rise, he a Carpenter”,42 appears to be mis- or dis-information. No other Emily Brocketts were recorded in the 1850s in the whole of England, let alone Battersea, so she must have been the Emily Sarah whose birth certificate 2 months before gave her mother as Lucy. In the 1881 census David and Emma reported Emily as their grand-daughter. Emily [Sarah] was probably mother of:
      1. Albert Arthur, b “1 Apr 1887 in the Union Workhouse, son of Emily BROCKETT a Domestic Servant of 23 Bennerley Rd, Battersea”.43 Albert died of pertussis [whooping cough] diarrhoea, 29 May 1889 aged 2, Union Infirmary, Wandsworth, W Battersea, son of Emily BROCKETT from the Union Workhouse, Wandsworth, informant the Superintendent of the Union Infirmary”.44 Although only aged 13 in 1887, Emily Sarah was the only possible mother out of the 5 Emily Brocketts recorded born 1838-76.

      No apparent further record of her has been found in the GRO under Emily or Sarah, or elsewhere, e.g. the 1939 Register for England and Wales, however she may well have been the Emily recorded in Ireland 1901-4, see the separate page.

  3. Elizabeth, b 1858 Wandsworth.45 No trace in censuses after 1871. Probable son:
    1. William Henry, b 27 Feb 1886 in the Union Workhouse, son of Elizabeth Brockett of Battersea, a General Servant, residing the Union Workhouse Battersea.46 The only other known possible Elizabeth was only aged about 14 at the time. William Henry died Greenwich, London 1889, aged 3.47

    An Elizabeth Maud, daughter of David, Carpenter, married 24 Feb 1894 Edwin Charles HAYWARD in St Anne’s Church, Wandsworth, Surrey, she aged 24, Spinster, of 2 Westover Rd, he 25, Bachelor, Labourer, of 33 Malva Rd.48 The only other David, Carpenter, was b 1854, so couldn’t have been her father. If therefore, as is probable, this was this Elizabeth, then she said she was about 11 years younger than she was.

  4. George David, b 7 Nov 1860 Wandsworth Common. Married Mary STAGG /? PHILLIPS. ?Died 1908 SW Battersea, aged 53. 1 son, 3 daus. See the separate page.
  5. Emily Sarah b 15 May 1863 Wandsworth Common.49 No apparent further record in the GRO, had she died before the 1871 census, and before her namesake niece was born 1874?

Lucy senior died after 3 years of phthysis [TB] on 8 Apr 1870 Arlsey, Biggleswade District, aged 38, informant Elizabeth Brockett,50 probably her own 12 year-old daughter, or perhaps Solomon’s 16 year-old. Arlesey is c 2m W of Stotfold where David’s elder brother Solomon and family were; had she gone there to escape the polluted air of London? By 1871 David’s partner was Emma; a marriage isn’t recorded in the GRO. In 1874 she was recorded as Emily, and then in 1881 as Emma again. Their Children—all dying young:

  1. Daisy, twin, b 1872 Wandsworth51 and died there 19 Apr, aged 13 weeks, unknown cause, parents residing 10 Hatfield Crescent, Battersea.52
  2. Rose, twin, b 1872 Wandsworth53 and died there.54
  3. Flora J, b 1875 Wandsworth,55 d Wandsworth 1882, aged 7.56

David died 1887 Wandsworth, aged 55.57

4. William Brockett 1841-1934 and Elizabeth ORBELL

1st son of William and Fanny BONNETT of Ashwell, Herts, William was born there 184158 and baptised there 22 Aug 1841.59 His parents moved the family to Battersea, London, in the early 1850s. On 25 Dec 1866 William married Elizabeth Mary ORBELL in St Thomas, Stepney, Middlesex, he a Candlemaker, Bachelor, she a Spinster, daughter of Walter ORBELL, Valet, both of full age residing Stepney.60 By 1871 his parents left for Stotfold, Beds, and William and Elizabeth and their 2 infant sons went with them. Later that year, they—or at least Elizabeth—were living or staying in Graveley, about 2 m E of Hitchin, which is where son Henry was born in September. Two years after that, by 1873 they were back in London, living in Edmonton District for the birth of their next child, where they probably stayed for the rest of their lives. Elizabeth made her mark for the registration of son’s birth 1875. William filled in and signed the 1911 census return. William’s occupation in most records was Bricklayer’s or General Labourer, except when he married in 1866 as a Candlemaker. Grandson Jim (b 1914, son of Philip) visited him and Elizabeth once; William had “a long flowing beard”.61 Elizabeth died of senile decay 1 Dec 1922 at 173 Moselle Ave, Wood Green, Edmonton, aged 81, ie b c 1841, informant daughter E E BULL of 10 Pymmes Rd, Palmers Green.62. William died of myocarditis (senile degeneration) and acute bronchitis 28 Jan 1934 at 185 Moselle Ave, Wood Green, Edmonton, aged 92, informant son W W Brockett of 185 Moselle Ave.63

In the 1911 census William recorded that they had been married 44 years and had had 9 children, 2 of whom had died. One of those who died is unknown. Three of their sons and a daughter all unmarried later lived together at 10 Moselle Ave, Wood Green.

Census records for William and family:    Read more


  1. Walter William, b 1868, Woodgreen, Middlesex.64 1891 Potter.65 At parents’ home unm in 1901.66 In 1911 a Boarder at 176 Morley Ave, Wood Green, the house of Edward Hoare, Bricklayer’s Labourer, 46 and family, Walter Brocket, 42, b Wood Green, Middlesex, Single, Flower Pot Maker.67 Informant of fathers’ death 1934. Died of senile dementia 6 Dec 1946 at North Middlesex County Hospital Edmonton London, aged 78, residing 10 Moselle Ave, Retired Flower Pot Maker, informant sister Anna of same address.68 No record in the GRO of a marriage or children.
  2. Edward Samuel, b 1869, Woodgreen, Middlesex.69 1891 Potter.70 At parents’ home 1901, aged 31, unm.71 Died of carcinoma of the colon 18 Aug 1939 at North Middlesex County Hospital Edmonton London, aged 69, residing 10 Moselle Ave, Retired Pot Maker Flower Pot Works, informant sister Anna of same address.72 No record in the GRO of a marriage or children. ?Died 1939 Edmonton, aged 69.73
  3. Henry George, b 9 Sep 1871, Graveley, Hitchin District.74 1891 Potter Labourer.75 Living two doors away from parents’ home 1901, aged 27.76 Not yet traced in the 1911 census. No record in the GRO of a marriage or children. Died of myocardial degeneration 3 Feb 1948 at North Middlesex County Hospital Edmonton London, aged 76, residing 10 Moselle Ave, Retired Pottery Labourer, informant sister Anna of same address.77
  4. Helena/Eleanor “Nell” Elizabeth, b 1873, Edmonton District.78 Not at parents’ home 1891, aged 18, nor recorded elsewhere apparently.79 Married as Eleanor Elizabeth 1899 Edmonton District Arthur James BULL.80 Issue one dau died aged 4, of meningitis.81 At 43 Selborne Road, Wood Green, Edmonton, Middlesex, in 1901, Elena E, Wife, aged 27, born Wood Green, Middlesex, Arthur a Storekeeper, aged 29, born Palmers Green.82 At 10 Pymmes Road, Palmers Green, Middlesex, in 1911, Elenor Elizabeth, Wife, aged 37, born Wood Green, Middlesex, married 11 years, one child born, none living, Arthur a Storekeeper with the Metropolitan Water Board, aged 39, born Palmers Green.83 Informant of mother’s death 1922.
  5. Mark, b 3 Sep 1875, 4 Sussex Terrace, White Hart Lane, Tottenham, Edmonton;84 died 1879 Edmonton, aged 3.85
  6. Philip James “Jim“, b 1880, Edmonton, London.86 Married Annie Amelia PHIPPS 1903 in Edmonton, London.87 Occupation: Tile Fixer 1901, and 1911.88 This photo from c 1900 shows Philip on the left hand side (enlarged below) and his younger brother Frank third from the left at the back, also in a cap. The piles of objects are probably tiles. In the 1911 census Philip’s occupation was given as ‘Tessalated Tile Fixer’ and Frank’s as ‘Tile Fixer’. Philip’s task may have been to make them all slot together correctly to make the larger design. The team may have been doing up the house behind them and the other men performed various different functions in the process. The one with the bowler hat looks like the gaffer. From their stance and demeanour Philip looks as though he was a more confident character than Frank.
    Philip and Frank 3rd back left c 1900
    Philip c 1900
    Philip was in the Middlesex Regiment throughout the First World War and suffered later from life in the trenches.89 Soon after the end of the War Philip and Annie separated and both their children were put into foster care. Philip supported Jim, at least, till he was 14 (1928).90 Philip lived with another woman at least during the war and until he died.91 This may have been Sarah THOMAS. Philip J died 1959 Camberwell London, aged 78, ie b c 1881.92 On 15 Nov 1929 Annie Amelia Brockett was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment for publishing a defamatory libel concerning Alfred GRAVES.93 The court record states she was aged 49, of no occupation, and was committed from Wood Green Prison on 1 Nov 1929; and that she had had a previous conviction for 6 months, also for publishing libel, at the Central Criminal Court on 8 Apr 1927 and had served time till 23 Nov 1927. Annie Amelia died 27 Nov 1969 Haringey, aged 89, ie b c 1880, at 17 Ranelagh Rd, London N22. Administration (with Will) London 27 Nov 1970 £1,236.94 Census records for Philip and family:

    1911: At 50 Brook Rd, Hornsey N (3 rooms in the dwelling including the kitchen), Philip James Brockett, 30, b Wood Green, Middlesex, Tessalated Tile Fixer; wife Annie Amelia, 31, b Wood Green, Middlesex; married 7 years; 1 child born alive, 1 still living: daughter Annie Eleanor, 3 months, b Hornsey, Middlesex. 6 rooms in the dwelling; entry written and signed by Philip James:

    1911 Census Philip James signature


    1. Annie Eleanor, b 24 Dec 1910, 50 Brook Rd, Hornsey, Edmonton, London.95 As a child, Annie was adopted by Aunt Nell and Arthur BULL who had recently lost their young daughter, and she lived with them until 1931 when she married Charles JONES, a Baker. Charles later left Annie for another woman.96 Annie resided Enfield, Middlesex 1999. No children. In the image below with the small girl Annie has white ribbons in her hair. She said that the little girl’s parents wanted to adopt her (Annie), but her own mother refused, and she was devastated as the other family “were lovely people who lived in a lovely house”. The other image is Annie in the late 1920s.
    2. Philip James “Jim“, b 10 Jul 1914, 52 Brook Rd, Hornsey, London;97 As a young boy, Jim was put into foster care by the Salvation Army with old Grannie Spikesly, and when she died continued to be brought up by her daughter Lil and husband Len Simpson who lived at 82 Sebright Rd, Barnet. Len instilled an interest in cars in Jim, which enabled him later to get various jobs. When Jim was about 9, his father forbade him from seeing his mother again. Then when Jim was 14 and left school and got a job his father said he couldn’t support him any more: “Can you look after yourself, do you think?” And Jim didn’t see him for 5 years. Jim married Winnie Millicent POCOCK in Barnet 2 May 1936, both residing at the Star Tavern, High St, Barnet, where Win’s father Harry was publican.98 Jim joined up with the infantry in the Essex Regiment in 1940 and in the following year joined the Ordnance Corps as a Motor Vehicle Fitter and transferred to the Anti-Tank Regiment. Was sent to Algiers 9 Nov 1942 and 7 months later entered Tunis. After the Sicily campaign he was in N Africa till his return to England in 1944. This photo is from 1942 or 3:
      Jim c 1942 or 3
      Jim’s UK driving licence in 1949 and 50 with his signature:
      Philip James driving licence 1949/50
      The couple emigrated to Australia Sep 1950 with two young sons. He died there 1998, and Win in Apr 2003. Issue.
  1. Anna Catherine, b 1882, Edmonton District.99 In 1911 a Domestic Servant, aged 20 [actually 28], Single, b Wood Green, Middlesex, in the home of David COLYNHAM, aged 35, Commercial Traveller (Tea Trade) and wife and 4 year old daughter, at 46 Palmerston Crescent, Palmers Green.100 Residing 10 Moselle Ave, Wood Green, Edmonton, as informant of deaths of brothers Walter and Henry 1946 and 48. Died unm 1960 Edmonton, aged 77.101
  2. Frank Ernest, b 1885, Edmonton, London.102 At parents’ home 1901, aged 15.103 Followed elder brother Jim into the Middlesex Regiment for the First World War and got badly wounded. Occupation: 1922 Munition Examiner, Woolwich Arsenal,104 1943 Postman GPO.105 On the birth certificate of his son Stan it says mother “Sarah Ann BROCKETT formerly THOMAS”, however there is no record in the GRO of their marriage, nor of Sarah’s death up to 1983; she probably formally didn’t take the surname Brockett. It seems that she lived much of her life with Frank’s elder brother Jim,106 and they had a son Walter in 1917. Jim was not on Walter’s birth certificate, however, just Sarah surnamed THOMAS. Since Walter’s daughter called Stan ‘uncle’, Walter and Stan probably grew up as brothers in the same house, both being called Brockett at school.107 When Walter left school he took on the surname THOMAS, but Stan retained the surname Brockett; this conforms with their birth certificates. Frank died 1962 Hatfield Herts, aged 76.108 Child:
    Ernest Stanley “Stan” Orbell, b 24 Dec 1922, 173 Moselle Ave, Wood Green, Edmonton.109 Married 21 Aug 1943 Elizabeth COTTON Hendon Register Office, Middx, he aged 21, Bachelor, Tool Room Turner, she 24, Spinster, Inspector Bakelite Moulding, both residing 15 Dollis Rd, N3.110 Did Elizabeth die 1975 Dunstable, aged 57, ie b c 1918?111 Ernest married 2nd 1979 … HOLLIS St Albans, Hertfordshire.112 Ernest died 20 Jun 1992, residing 34 Russell Rd, Toddington, Beds, Administration Birmingham 5 Aug not exceeding £125,000.113 No issue.

5. William Brockett 1843-1932 and Emily SYMONDS

1st son of Alfred and Ann CHARTER, William was born 9 Oct 1843 in Steeple Morden,114 bap Steeple Morden. He married Emily SYMONDS 16 Jun 1868 in St Peter, Pimlico, St George Hanover Square.115 Occupation: 1868, 79 Carpenter,116 Carpenter and Joiner 1877, 88, 91,117 Carpenter Journeyman 1886, 88, 90,118 Builder 1907.119 Resided: Sep 1868, 7 Gillingham St, Pimlico;120 1877 Manor Place, Hornsey, Edmonton;121 1881, 7 Enfield Rd, Hornsey;122 and 1891-1901 8 Preston Place, Willesden.123 William and Emily both died 1932 Willesden,124 she on 4 Feb, aged 85 and he on 9 Mar, aged 88.125. Both were of 8 Preston Place, Willesden, but were at Twyford Lodge, Acton Lane at death. She died of senile decay, he of broncho-pneumonia; informant of his death was daughter E MILES, of 66 Hinton Rd, Herne Hill, SE24.

Census records for William and family:    Read more

After marrying in June 1868 they stayed in Pimlico for the birth of William in September, but were back in Cambridgeshire by spring 1879 for the birth of Frederick. They stayed there till 1875 or 76 when they were back in Hornsey in Edmonton for the birth of John. Movement between Cambridgeshire and London happened with other Brockett families in that century, including William’s father Alfred. Some time in the 1880s they moved to Willesden, where they stayed till they died in 1932. Emily bore William 10 known children over 22 years, while aged 22-44. Children:

  1. William James, b 26 Sep 1868, Pimlico; d c 1940, Kilburn? m Florence INNS. 11 children.
  2. Frederick, b 1870, Cambridge District;126 d Willesden? m Edith Maud HAND. 7 children.
  3. Alfred, b 1872, Cambridge.127 Married Jane Elizabeth WESTMORE, 3 Jun 1895, Willesden Parish Church, he aged 23, Bachelor, Carpenter, she, 24, Spinster, both of 4 Meyrick Rd, Willesden, one witness elder brother Frederick.128 There were 2 other marriages of Alfreds in 1895, both relatives: one uncle Alfred in Derbyshire and the other a 2nd cousin in Cambridge. Occupation: 1904 Carpenter Journeyman,129 1911 Carpenter and Joiner.130 Alfred probably died 1941 Hendon Middx, aged 69.131 Jane E may have died 1959 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, aged 90, ie b c 1869.132
    Census records for Alfred and family:    Read more

    1. Daisy, b c 1894,133 but no apparent record of birth in GRO or marriage or death. Not the Daisy who married 26 Nov 1917 and who was probably daughter of George and Margaret LEGG.
    2. Alfred, b 14 Nov 1902, 63 Chaplin Rd, Willesden, Hendon, Middx;134 died 1903 Hendon, aged 1.135
    3. Emily, b 18 Sep 1904, 55 Dudding Hill Lane, Willesden, Hendon.136 Probably married 1929… WINFORD Hendon.137
    4. Jessie Elizabeth, born 9 Sep 1911, 1 Cromer Terrace, Hallowell Rd, Ruislip, Northwood, Uxbridge, Middx;138 m 1940 … JARVIS Warwick.139

    Alfred was also the only known possible father of Harriett Elizabeth, who married Edwin Alfred HODGKINSON 21 Dec 1921 in Greenhill Parish Church, Hendon, she aged 28 [ie b c 1893], Spinster, Lady’s Help, of 188 Station Rd, Greenhill, daughter of Alfred Brockett, Carpenter, he 26, Bachelor, Etcher, of 31 Addison Way, Nottwood, Alfred a witness.140 But there are no suitable births in the GRO for a Harriett or Elizabeth 1874-1907 and she was apparently not recorded in the 1901 census, when she would have been c 8 years old. It is possible that she falsified her father’s name and/or even her own name.

  4. Thomas, b 1874, Cambridge;141 With parents in 1901 aged 26, Fishmonger. Said to have married, been a Horse Dealer in Maida Vale, London, and to have had two or more children, but the GRO has no suitable marriage or birth records.Census records for Thomas:    Read more
    Died 31 Jul 1957 at 2 Preston Place, Belton Rd, Willesden, of rupture of an atheromatous aneurysm of the splenic artery, aged 85, of unknown occupation, the body ordered to be burnt by Kilburn’s Coroner’s Court.142
  5. John, b 20 Dec 1876, Manor Place, Hornsey, Edmonton, London.143 With parents in 1901 aged 24, Groom. Died of phthisis, 18 months, 26 Jul 1910 8 Preston Place, Belton Rd, Willesden, aged 31, Master Greengrocer, informant mother Emily.144
  6. George, b 9 Oct 1879, Hornsey;145 married Annie Martha WHITE 1899 Willesden. Up to 15 children over 25 years.
  7. Arthur, b 29 Jan 1882 at 7 Enfield Rd, Tottenham Lane, Hornsey.146. With parents in 1901 aged 18, Fishmonger. He married Constance ‘Connie’ Amy HOOKHAM 3 May 1908 in Hendon Register Office, he aged 25, Bachelor, Labourer, she 24, Spinster, Servant Domestic, both of 8 Preston Place, Willesden Green, witnesses [brother] George and Martha WHITE [If this was George’s wife, she was still using her maiden name.].147
    Census records for Arthur and family:    Read more

    War record for Arthur:148    Read more

    On 21 Apr 1918 Arthur was killed in a trench one mile down from a brother, who survived and lived in Watford. After 1918 Connie and her 2 children lost contact with the Brocketts. She married … HUNTER 1957 Watford London.150 Children:

    1. Hilda May, b 4 Nov 1908, Hendon;151 died 5 Apr 1998, residing 101 Winton Drive, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, will pr Llandaff [Cardiff] 26 May not exceeding £180,000.152.
    2. Cyril Arthur Frank, b 26 Jun 1916 Watford London.153 ?Married 1939 Watford London Edna ROBINSON.154 He died 24 Mar 1976 St Pancras London, aged 60,155 residing 135 The Queens Drive, Rickmansworth, Herts, Administration London 24 Jun £1,784.156 Edna died 25 Aug 1997 43 Moneyhill Court, Rickmansworth, Hants, Administration Llandaff [Cardiff] 22 Oct not exceeding £180,000.157 1 son.
  8. Elizabeth, b 2 Mar 1886 at 107 Pembroke Rd, Willesden.158 Not at home for 1891 census—aged c 5—nor apparently recorded elsewhere. In 1901 she was recorded as a General Servant Domestic in London Hampstead, aged 16, b London Kilburn.159 Married 10 Jan 1907 Arthur MILES, at the Register Office, Strand, London, she aged 21, Spinster, of 82 Essendin Mansions, Elgin Avenue, he 25, Bachelor, Flower Salesman, of 4 Tavistock St, Covent Garden.160 Daughter E MILES was informant of father William’s death in 1932.
  9. Annie, b 26 Sep 1888 at 8 Preston Pl, Belton Rd, Willesden.161
  10. Herbert, b 31 Dec 1890 at 8 Preston Pl, Belton Rd, Willesden.162 Died 1892 Hendon, aged 1.163

6. Henry Larkins Brockett b 1844 Cardington, Beds, and Mary PERKS

First son of John and Eliza LARKINS, was born 2 Aug 1844 in Cardington, Beds.164 He married Mary PERKS 20 Jun 1865 in St Matthew, Brixton, London.165 7 children 1866-80, no further births recorded in the GRO thereafter. Before leaving the village for London Henry may have had a son Alfred with Sarah KEEP of Cardington, but never married her. The child was born in Bedford Workhouse and according to the minutes of the Workhouse Board an investigation was carried out into his parentage, but Henry appears not to have paid any maintenance.166 Y-DNA evidence could confirm. The child was baptised Alfred KEEP and later changed this to Alfred Keep BOSTON after his mother married. Henry’s younger brother John married a Mary KEEP in Cardington in 1873.

Towards the end of his life he was referred to as Henry James. Mary died 5 Feb 1912 of Acute Bronchitis Exhaustion, at 1 Winscombe St, St Pancras London, aged 75 [probably an overestimate ie b c 1837], wife of informant Henry, General Labourer, of same address.167 He died 1919 Pancras, Middx, aged 75.168 Occupations:

1. Railway Labourer 1866 [called Henry] 169
2. Jobbing Labourer 1868 [called Henry] 170
3. Coal Porter 1878 [called Henry] 171
4. Laborer 1880 [called Henry] 172
5. Stoker 1894 [called Henry] 173
6. Fitter 1897 [called Henry James] 174
7. Horsekeeper 1907 [called Henry James] 175
8. Genaral Labourer 1912 [called Henry].176

Census records for Henry and Mary:    Read more


  1. Henry James, b 1 Jun 1866 at 80 Grey Friar’s Walk, Bedford St Paul.177 On 7 Feb 1897, aged 31, Labourer, he married Emma Louise Deborah BELL in St John, Kennington.178 Occupation Mechanical Engineer’s Labourer 1899,179 Coal Porter 1900180 1966,181 Book Porter 1901,182 General Labourer 1905,183 Engineer’s Labourer 1906,184 Coal Porter 1908.185 He probably died 1909 Islington, London,186 and Emma married Thomas McCarthy in Islington the same year.187 [A descendant had thought she married William Walter WALLER, but the 1911 census shows not].
    Census records for Henry and Emma and family:    Read more

    1. William, b c 1897. No suitable GRO birth record.
    2. Alfred James, b 8 Nov 1897 St Saviour, London.188 Married 1920 Edmonton … CAWDRON.189 6 children in Edmonton. Occupation 1946 Tub… Assistant.190 Married again 9 Jul 1966 Enfield Register Office, London, Ellen Edith NORFOLK, he aged 68, Widower, Pedestrian Crossing Patrol, of 272 Haselbury Rd, Edmonton, N9, she 61, Widow, of 258 Haselbury Rd, Edmonton, N9.191 Alfred James died 8 Nov 1973 Enfield, aged 76.192
    3. Lily Ada, b 25 Mar 1899 64 Swan St, Newington, Southwark.193 ‘Lilian’.194 ?Married … PETTIT 1918 Edmonton London as Lilian A.195
    4. Arthur Robert Victor, b 24 Sep 1900, Kentish Town, Pancras District, London.196 War record for Arthur:197    Read more
      Occupation Bricklayer, 1920 and 45 Builder,198 later School Caretaker. He married Sarah Amelia Louise ELLINGHAM 1920 in Islington, London.199 He died 15 Feb 1966, at 26 Stratton Walk, Harold Hill, Romford, aged 65, of broncho-pneumonia and chronic bronchitis, informant daughter Amy of the same address.200 Children:

      1. Alfred James, b 1920 Islington.201 Married 21 Jul 1945 Elsie Doris HALL, St John’s Church, Hammersmith, he aged 25, Bachelor, Machinist, residing 182 Keir Hardy House, Hornsey Lane, N19, she 25, Spinster, Laundry Hand, of 109 Glenthorne Rd.202 Both Alfred and Elsie were deaf and dumb.
      2. Arthur R V, b 1922 Islington;203 d 1924, Hampstead.204
      3. Amy Maud, b 13 Nov 1925 Islington London.205 Child:
        1. Stephen Victor William, b 4 Jan 1952 Royal Northern Hospital, mother a Power Press Operator of 182 Keir Hardie House, Islington, N19.206 Married in Huntingdon 1972, divorced by 1978. 1 son who took on stepfather’s surname. Stephen died December 24, 2004 at 40 Oaklands House, Elm Close, Huntingdon, Cambs, will pr Ipswich 16 Dec 2005, net not exceeding £14,000.207

        Amy married 1973 James GIBSON Huntingdon.208 She died 1990 Huntingdon.209

      4. others living
      5. William Charles, b 28 May 1931 Islington.210 Married 1954 Islington.211 Died 5 May 1988 Delabole, Cornwall. 3 daus, 1 son.
    5. Rose Eva, b 15 Oct 1905 at 1 Surr St, Islington.212 No GRO marriage record. ?Died 1909 Epsom, aged 3.213
    6. May Elizabeth, b 6 May 1906 at 1 Surr St, Islington.214 Recorded in 1911, aged 7, b Islington, as adopted daughter of George Henry and Amy ALLEN, of 50 Carlton St, Kentish Town NW, St Pancras, London215—her aunt and uncle? ?Married 1926 … CLIFFORD Pancras London.216
    7. George Edward, b 24 Feb 1908 at 42 Blundell St, Islington.217 Died 1908 Islington London, aged 0.218
  2. Thomas Perks, b 12 Mar 1868 St Peter, Bedford;219 d 1918 Pancras, London.220 Married 13 Oct 1907 Edith May BASHFORD in St Anne’s, Highgate Rise, St Pancras, London, he aged 39, Bachelor, Road Sweeper, she 30, Spinster, both of 1 Winscombe St.221 Road Sweeper 1909;222 Builder’s Labourer deceased;223 Municipal Labourer deceased.224 Thomas P died 1918 Pancras London, aged 50.225 Edith May married again 12 Nov 1919 Edward WILLIS at the Register Office, St Pancras, she aged 32, Widow, he 48, Widower, Carman, both of 34 Rochford St, NW.226
    Census records for Thomas and Edith and family:    Read more

    1. Thomas George, b 24 Jun 1909 at 99 Dartmouth Park Hill, North St Pancras.227 Died 1909 Pancras London, aged 0.228
    2. Child b and d before 1911.229 No apparent GRO record.
    3. Sidney, b 1911 Holborn.230 Died in WW2.231 Sydney probably married 23 Jul 1940 Pearl May BAKER at Andover Register Office, Southampton, he aged 24 [ie bc 1916—actually c 4 years older], Bachelor, Guardsman no. 2659645 Electrician, of Pirbright Camp, Brookwood [c 6m NW of Guildford and c 30m E of Andover], she 21, Spinster, Nursemaid, of 11 Elm Bank Cottages, South St, Andover.232 Sydney gave father’s name and occupation as Frederick George BROCKETT, Policeman. However no Frederick or George of such an age or occupation is known in the records, so Sydney was probably this Sidney born 1911, son of Thomas Perks, and who married 2nd 1968. “Sydney Brockett, an Electrician and a Coldstream guard, married Pearl May Brockett of Andover and had a son [who has living descendants] and died in WW2”.233 Sydney and Pearl divorced, as they both remarried in 1968. Pearl M married … WELLS 1968, Southampton, Hants234 and Sydney married 7 Aug 1968 Anne Mary BROCKETT, nee O’CONNOR, at the Havering Register Office, London, he aged 57, divorced, Uniformed Representative Travel Agents, son of Thomas Perks, she 53, Spinster, Presser Clothing Manufacturers, both of 15 Broseley Gardens, Harold Hill, actual signatures of both.235 No issue was recorded in the GRO for either of Sydney’s marriages.Previously in 1949 a Stanley Brockett married and gave his father’s name and occupation also as Frederick BROCKETT, deceased, City Policeman. Since, as said above, no Frederick or George of such an age or occupation is known in the records, this presents too much of a coincidence for Stanley and Sidney not to be related. Another such coincidence is that Stanley’s bride in 1949 was none other than Sydney’s in 1968—Anna, otherwise Anne, O’CONNOR, daughter of Thomas O’CONNOR, deceased, General Labourer. The ages for the three do not tally exactly but are close, and may have deliberately been obfuscated.Given the further fact that no records have been found of Stanley other than this marriage in 1949, the second of the two following explanations is more likely. First, either Stanley was another son of Thomas Perks, and his birth was unrecorded in the GRO, unlike his other siblings, and no trace has been found of him since, or second, Stanley was actually Sidney and he and Anne married first in 1949—under the false name of Stanley because Sydney was still married to Pearl—and then remarried in 1968 under his actual name Sydney, once he and Pearl had actually divorced. That Anne gave her condition as Spinster in both 1949 and 1968 adds to this likelihood.
  3. Rosetta Perks, b 1870 Pancras London,236 ‘Rosseter’.237 At parents’ home 13 Bertram St, St Pancras aged 20, Domestic Servant in 1891.238 Domestic Cook, residing 13 or 18 Bertram St, Holloway in same year.239 Daughter:
    1. Ada Elizabeth Mary, b 15 Jun 1891 Marylebone Workhouse.240 With grandparents aged 9 for the 1901 census, and aged 19 for the 1911 census, ‘daughter’, Single, b Highgate. Married Richard HAYTER 31 Jul 1921 St John’s Church, Upper Holloway, London, she aged 29, Spinster, father given as Henry Brockett, Coal Porter, ie grandfather, he aged 38, Widower, Painter, both residing 13 Brookside Road.241

    Rosetta, Spinster, aged 23, married 28 Jan 1894 Harry Nicholas LEE, aged 22, Engine Fitter, at St Anne, Highgate Rise, Pancras, London, both residing 13 Bertram St, witnesses brother Thomas Perks and sister Ada Lucy.242 At Osmaston Street, Sandiacre Village, Derbyshire in 1901, Rosetta P LEE, aged 30, born London, Wife of Harry N LEE, aged 30, M R Engine Fitter, born Leicester; daughter Clara A, aged 7 [ie b c 1894], born Leicester.243 At 39 Osmaston St Sandiacre Village, Derbyshire in 1911, Rosette LEE, aged 39, Cook, born Leicester [sic], Wife of Harry Nicholas LEE, aged 38, Midland Railway Engine Fitter, born Kentish Town [sic]; with 2 Single male Boarders, Railway workers; Married 18 years; 2 children born alive, two still living; 2 rooms in the dwelling.244 Daughter Clara, aged 16, was a visitor at grandparents Henery and Mary Brockett at 1 Winscombe St, Highgate, London N.245

  4. Ada Lucy A, b 1872 Pancras.246 At parents’ home 13 Bertram St, St Pancras aged 18 in 1891, Florist.247 Married 1895 … … Pancras.248 Not the Ada Lucy Ann STOKES at 171 Cornwall Road, Kensington, London in 1901, aged 30, born Kensington, Wife of Robert Edward STOKES, aged 31, Ironmongers Assistant, born Paddington, Middlesex.249 The GRO recorded the marriage of Robert Edward STOKES in Paddington 1894.250
  5. Amy Elizabeth, b 1875 Pancras.251 Married 1897… … Pancras.252 Did she marry George Henry ALLEN and adopt May Elizabeth, b 1906, daughter of brother Henry and Emma?253
  6. William Ernest, b 22 Dec 1878, 18 Preston St, Kentish Town, Pancras.254 Died 1896 Pancras, aged 17.255
  7. George Albert, b 28 Sep 1880 at 60 Carlton St, Kentish Town, Pancras, Middx;256 died 1884 Pancras, aged 3.257

7. Alfred Brockett 1847-87, married Mary ROBINSON

1st son of Samuel and Mary Ann GAYLOR, Alfred was born 14 Dec 1847 in Therfield,258 and died 1887 in W Ham.259 Tailor 1878, 79, 81, 85.260 He appears to have married first between 1871-8 to Mary ROBINSON, mother of son Alfred George, residing 15 Station St, Stratford in 1878261—but there is no GRO record of the marriage or her death, and he was a ‘Bachelor’ for his marriage on 27 Jul 1879 to Elizabeth WESTON in Emmanuel Church, Forest Gate, W Ham, Essex, aged 30, Tailor, she a Spinster, 24, both residing 5 Globe Crescent.262 Alfred died of phthisis 7 Jan 1887 at 18 Downsell Rd, Wanstead, Leyton, W Ham, Essex, aged 38, Occupation Tailor, informant E Brockett, widow, of same address.263 Elizabeth remarried 9 Oct 1890 John LOCKE, at the Trinity Presbyterian Church, Maryland Point, Stratford, W Ham, she aged 35, Widow, residing 96 Crownfield Rd, Leytonstone, he aged 44, Widower, Milkman, residing 118 Romford Rd, Stratford.264

Census records for Alfred and family:    Read more

The line will die out in the male line. Children:

  1. Sarah Elizabeth, b c 1875, Stratford.265 No suitable GRO birth or apparent further GRO record under Sarah or Elizabeth. Was she called Lily, who married 7 June 1897 John Thomas ROPER at W Ham Register Office, Essex, she aged 21, Spinster, of 96 Crownfield Rd, Stratford, daughter of Alfred Brockett, deceased, Tailor, he 22, Bachelor, Drayman, of 6 Argyle Rd, Leytonstone?266 No apparent 1891 census record under Sarah, Elizabeth or Lily aged c 16.
  2. Alfred George, b 1 Jan 1878, at 15 Station St, Stratford, West Ham, Essex, mother Mary, formerly ROBINSON.267 Some records give his name as George, others as George Alfred, others as Alfred George. Married 27 Aug 1913—as George Alfred BROCKETT—Elizabeth Florence RANDELL, nee HALL, at West Ham Register Office, he aged 36, Bachelor, Caretaker of Offices, she 41, Widow, both residing 46 Arragon Rd, East Ham, one witness W ROBINSON.268 (She had separated from her previous marriage and her two children, Frank and Eva, had been taken by Barnado’s to USA.) His occupation: Housekeeper—not domestic—1904,269 Office Caretaker 1906,270 Caretaker of Offices 1908,271 Porter 1934,272 Warehouseman 1938,273 Shipping Warehouseman 1938.274
    Census records for Alfred and family:    Read more

    1. Norman Walter Alfred, b 10 Jan 1903 to Elizabeth from her first marriage, so not born as a Brockett and a stepson—and only son—of Alfred George. Married 10 Feb 1934—as Norman Walter Alfred BROCKETT—Mary Ada KIPLING at East Ham, he aged 31, Bachelor, Electrical Engineer, residing 87 Arragon Rd, East Ham, father Alfred George BROCKETT, Porter, she 30, Spinster, residing 89 Arragon Rd, East Ham, father deceased.276 Norman Alfred Brockett died 20 Nov 1976, of 80 Sandy Hill Rd, Shirley, Solihull, W Midlands, Administration Llandaff [Cardiff] 21 Mar 1977, estate valued at £10,780.277 Children:
      1. Roger, b and d 1944 Solihull, Warwickshire.278
      2. Son and daughter living.
    2. Winifred Mary Robinson, b 12 Aug 1904 145 Ponsonby Buildings, Christchurch, Southwark, London, father Alfred George BROCKETT, mother Elizabeth Florence, fomerly HALL.279 Married 1932 W Ham London … BLOMFIELD.280
    3. Olive Elizabeth Robinson, b 5 Jun 1906 178 Munton Rd, New Kent Rd, Newington North, Southwark, London, father George Alfred Robinson BROCKETT, mother Elizabeth, fomerly HALL.281 Married 1931 W Ham London … SHIPLEY.282
    4. Hilda Lucy, b 27 Jan 1908 21 Boleyon Rd, South East Ham, West Ham, Essex, father G A BROCKETT, mother Elizabeth Florence, formerly HALL.283 Married Francis E? ROWE 30 Jul 1938 E Ham London, she aged 30, Spinster, father Alfred George BROCKETT, Warehouseman, he 40, Bachelor, residing 89 Arragon Rd, East Ham, both residing 87 Arragon Rd.284

    George wrote letters of application for a Disablement Award,285 the source of the following information:

    • Enlisted in the Army 10 Jan 1897 as George ROBINSON [aged just 19]
    • Served as a Private in Malta from 25 Sep 1897 to 30 Sep 1899
    • Served in S Africa from 30 Sep 1899 to 15 Jul 1900 and was deafened by the big guns at Ladysmith [a battle on 29 Oct 1899 in Northern Natal, South Africa during the Boer War]
    • Discharged from the Army 12 Jun 1901
    • In 1919 was an invalid living in Barking Rd, London E6
    • In Feb 1921 was married with 2 dependent children
    • Died c 1925.

    The c 1925 death is strange, as he wasn’t given as deceased on stepson Norman’s MC in 1934 and he actually died 21 Dec 1960—as Alfred George BROCKETT—at the Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford London, retired Labourer, of 106 Wilmot Rd, Dartford, aged 82 [ie b c 1878] of bronchopneumonia, chronic bronchitis and senility, informant H L ROWE, daughter, of 106 Wilmot Rd, Dartford.286 Elizabeth Florence had died 17 Dec 1938, at 87 Arragon Rd, East Ham, aged 68 [ie b c 1870], of heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, and chronic nephritis, Wife of Alfred George Brockett, informant, of same address, present at death, Shipping Warehouseman.287

  3. Mabel Elizabeth, b 11 Dec 1879 20 Water Lane, Stratford;288 d 1888, W Ham, aged 8.289
  4. Annie Elizabeth, b 13 Jan 1885 18 Dounsell Rd, Wanstead, Leyton, West Ham, Essex, mother Elizabeth, fomerly WESTON.290 She was living with uncle Samuel and Harriet in Islington for the 1891 census, aged 6, b Essex Stratford, and for the 1901 census, aged 16, b Leytonstone, Essex, working in the Fancy Leather Trade, and for the 1911 census at 65 Hemingford Rd, Islington, aged 26, b Leytonstone, Essex, Warehouse Assistant, Fancy Leather Trade. Married 15 Jan 1916 Harry BRAZELL at the United Methodist Church, Charlotte St, Caledonian Rd, Islington, she aged 31, Spinster, residing 65 Hemingford Rd, Barnsbury, he 32, Bachelor, Commercial Clerk, residing 21 Albion Grove, Barnsbury.291 The MC gave her father’s name as Samuel Henry, Railway Inspector, but it was corrected 11 days later to read Alfred, Tailor, ie Samuel Henry’s older brother. Witnesses to the marriage were Samuel Henry and H[arriet].
  5. Ethel Maud, b 8 Aug 1887 at 5 Burges Rd, Wanstead, Leyton, W Ham, Essex, father deceased.292 In 1911 at 10 The Cottage, Capel Rd, Forest Gate, Essex, home of mother and stepfather and their two children, aged 23, Single, Domestic Servant, b Leytonestone, Essex.293 Married 1914 … ASHWELL W Ham.294

8. Charles Brockett 1849-93, married Emily O’DANIELS

2nd son of Alfred and Ann CHARTER, Charles was born 19 Nov 1849 in Guilden Morden295 or Chesterton;296 bap 26 May 1850, Guilden Morden Chapel. He enlisted in the Grenadier Guards in Cambridge 4 Jul 1860 for 12 years, aged 19 years 2 months, Carpenter by trade, born in the Parish of Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, for a bounty of one pound and a free kit, his signature on the paper; re-engaged 25 Nov 1880.297 He married Emily O’DANIELS 11 Feb 1879 in St Barnabas, Pimlico, he aged 29, Bachelor, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, living at Chelsea Barracks, son of Alfred Brockett, Carpenter, she, 20, Spinster, living at 1a Church St (Pimlico?) daughter of John O’Daniel, Enameller.298 Charles died of general paralysis, influenza with pneumonia, 18 Apr 1893 County Lunatic Asylum, Fulbourn, Chesterton, Cambridge, aged 42,299 Soldier 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, informant Widow of 13 Westmorland Place, Pimlico.300 Some time before his death, he must have stopped providing for the family because the 1891 census shows them split up across the country, and Charles himself was not recorded. Was he in a hospital already? By 1901, however, Emily had been reunited with her—by then—teenage children. Emily died 1930 Lambeth, London, aged 71, ie b c 1859.301

Census records for Charles and family:    Read more

The records of his age point to a birth date of 1849/50. The GRO shows only one birth of a Charles recorded between 1844 Q2 and 1853 Q3, in Royston district 1849 Q4, which must be this Charles. His self-attested link to Chesterton for his birth302 is unexplained. Was it a Barracks? Children:303

  1. Charles, b 1880, London Vauxhall.304 “Charles Brockett, service #3838, Musician, attested 8 Dec 1894 aged 15 for 12 years in the Dragoons of the Line, resided in father’s house for the last 3 years, signature”.305 He was recorded in the South African War (aka Anglo-Boer War) of 1899-1902 as “C Brockett, Private, #3838, 1st (Royal) Dragoons”, see the separate page.” Thus he was not found in the 1901 census. Died 1903 Lambeth London, aged 23.306
  2. Alfred John, b 1881 Chelsea.307 He married Harriett HOLMAN 1906 in Lambeth308 and resided Kennington. Died 1954. 3 sons.
  3. Reginald, b Aug 1883 Chelsea.309 He married Florence Annie Ada SILLITOE 1919 Brixton and resided Stockwell. Died Aug 1950. 1 son.
  4. Sarah Elizabeth, b 1886 Wandsworth London.310 Married Leonard Murray DYER 1904 Wandsworth.311 At 43 Bavent Road Camberwell in 1911, aged 25, born Bucks Windsor, he a Commercial Traveller (Tobacconist), aged 29, born Stoke Newington London, married 6 years, 3 children born, 2 living: Irene Evelyn, aged 4 and Lulu Constance aged 5 weeks, 4rooms in the house.312 She was ‘put away’ in Horton Hospital, near Epsom, Surrey, a mental institution where she died 1946. This was because she allegedly tried to suffocate one of her daughters.

9. Singletons

Individual London Brokets from the 1st half of the 19th C:

1810: Edward Compositor Edward was recorded as a witness in a case at the Old Bailey in 1810—when he was working as a Compositor in London, perhaps for the Times. He would have been born by 1788, probably well before.

1810: (24 Apr) Henry BROCKETT married Jane JACKSON in St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey

1810: (14 Feb) William BROCKETT married Frances WHITE in St John Zachary With St Anne And St Agnes, London

1811: (19 Apr) Maria BROCKET, spinster, married Charles DIBBLIN, bachelor, in Aldgate St James Dukes Place, London.313

1814: (18 Dec) Ann daughter of Edward and Ann BROCKETTS was baptised in Christ Church, Southwark

1821: (1 Oct) Ann BROCKETT married George WRIGHT in St Botolph Bishopsgate, London

1821: (14 Oct) Richard BROCKETT married Ann RIVETT in Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney [?d 1854314]

1823: (22 Aug) Edward born, bap 1 Sep St Leonard’s Shoreditch, son of Edward and Ann; died 11 Sep 1823.315

1828: (28 Jun) Ann BROCKETT married William RATFORD in Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney [from Houghton Conquest].

1838: (27 May) Richard born Upnor, Findsbury, Strood, Kent, son of Benjamin, Labourer—signed with an X—and Martha HOGG.316 No IGI record for Benjamin, b by 1818. No apparent further record of Richard in the GRO.

1840: (3 Mar) Edward died at Marlborough Poor House, Peckham, Camberwell, Surrey, aged 15 [ie b c 1825], of diseased lungs.317.

1846: (22 Mar) Elizabeth married George Robert WEBB Erith, Kent, c 3 m N of Bexley.318 Spelt Elizebeth Brokett in the entry in the Parish Register of St John the Baptist, Erith.319

1847: (21 Oct) William Brocket Brocket, Bachelor, married Mary DAWBINEY, Spinster, of Stepney, d/o William, Master Mariner, in Stepney Parish Church, both of full age, he a Gentleman from Rye, Sussex, s/o Stanes Brocket Brocket, Gent, see the separate page.320

1841 Census singletons

Ann Brocket aged 70, ie b c 1770, in the Workhouse, Edmonton, not from the county. Died 1 Sep 1850 of old age, Widow, occupation unknown, aged 80, at the Union Workhouse, Edmonton, Middx, informant Susan HALL.321

Elizabeth Brockett aged 65, ie b c 1776, Nurse in the Workhouse, St Giles and St George, Bloomsbury, London. Died 29 Feb 1848 of old age and senility, aged 70, at the Union Workhouse, Vinegar Yard, St Giles and St George, Bloomsbury, London.322

George Brockett aged 1, in the house of Ann BROOKS, 36, Independent, and her 3 chidren in Lucretia St, Lambeth St Mary, London. Born in the county, but there is no record of his birth in the GRO.

John Brockett aged 20, ie b c 1820, Male Servant in Lowndes Mews, St George’s Hanover Sq. It is not clear who he was.

John BURKITT Sawyer, b c 1786, and family in Manchester Place, Bethnal Green, Middlesex—all said to have been born in the county: John, aged 55; Ann, 38; Mary, 15; Edward, 13; William, 10; Thomas, 8; Alfred, 1. At first sight the surname looks like Brockett, and indexed it as such, as did QMB, who also thought his profession was Lawyer., however, correctly indexed it under BURKITT, see CRADDOCK 2 lines up. It was a coincidence that they lived not far from Derbyshire St, where Daniel Brockett, aged 40, Warehouseman, and wife Rachael, 50, were living. John’s baptism isn’t recorded for Bedfordshire. None of his large family appears as Brocketts in either the IGI or civil registration records after 1837.

Mr and Mrs Brocket in a hotel on Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London St George: he aged 30, ie b c 1811, of independent means, she 25, ie b c 1816. It is not clear who they were, not apparently connected with the Willingale clan, the only Broket gentry at the time.

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[192] GRO qtr 3.

[193] Birth certificate.

[194] 1901 census.

[195] GRO qtr 3.

[196] Birth certificate.

[197] TNA WO 363/B1717 and 1718.

[198] Marriage certificate of son and daughter.

[199] GRO qtr 1.

[200] Death certificate.

[201] GRO qtr 1.

[202] Marriage certificate.

[203] GRO qtr 3.

[204] GRO qtr 2.

[205] GRO qtr 4.

[206] Birth certificate.

[207] LPR.

[208] GRO qtr 1.

[209] LPR.

[210] GRO qtr 3.

[211] GRO qtr 3.

[212] Birth certificate.

[213] GRO qtr 2.

[214] Birth certificate.

[215] Census.

[216] GRO qtr 4.

[217] Birth certificate.

[218] GRO qtr 3.

[219] Birth certificate.

[220] GRO qtr 4.

[221] Marriage certificate.

[222] Birth certificate of son.

[223] Marriage certificate of son 1968.

[224] Marriage certificate of son 1971.

[225] GRO qtr 4.

[226] Marriage certificate.

[227] Birth certificate.

[228] GRO qtr 3.

[229] Census.

[230] GRO qtr 3.

[231] But no GRO record has been found.

[232] Marriage certificate.

[233] Communication from Lisa Brockett, Australia Apr 2008.

[234] GRO qtr 2.

[235] Marriage certificate.

[236] GRO qtr 4.

[237] 1871 census.

[238] Census.

[239] Birth certificate of daughter.

[240] Birth certificate.

[241] Marriage certificate.

[242] Marriage certificate.

[243] Census.

[244] Census.

[245] Census.

[246] GRO qtr 4.

[247] Census.

[248] GRO qtr 1.

[249] Census.

[250] GRO qtr 1; vol 1a p 87.

[251] GRO qtr 1.

[252] GRO qtr 2.

[253] 1911 census.

[254] Birth certificate.

[255] GRO qtr 3.

[256] Birth certificate.

[257] GRO qtr 1.

[258] Birth certificate.

[259] GRO qtr 1, aged 38.

[260] Birth certificate of son and daughter; birth certificate of daughter; Census; birth certificate of daughter.

[261] Birth certificate of son.

[262] Marriage certificate.

[263] Death certificate.

[264] Marriage certificate.

[265] 1881 census.

[266] Marriage certificate.

[267] Birth certificate.

[268] Marriage certificate.

[269] Birth certificate of daughter.

[270] Birth certificate of daughter.

[271] Birth certificate of daughter.

[272] Marriage certificate of son.

[273] Marriage certificate of daughter.

[274] Death certificate of wife.

[275] Some of the information on this family was kindly supplied by Norman's daughter-in-law, 1998.

[276] Marriage certificate.

[277] LPR; GRO qtr 4 aged 73.

[278] GRO qtr 2.

[279] Birth certificate.

[280] GRO qtr 2.

[281] Birth certificate.

[282] GRO qtr 3.

[283] Birth certificate.

[284] Marriage certificate.

[285] TNA PIN 71/1596.

[286] Death certificate.

[287] Death certificate.

[288] Birth certificate.

[289] GRO qtr 4.

[290] Birth certificate.

[291] Marriage certificate.

[292] Birth certificate.

[293] Census.

[294] GRO qtr 2.

[295] 1851 census.

[296] 1881 census.

[297] Attestation Paper image.

[298] Marriage certificate.

[299] GRO qtr 2, actually 43.

[300] Death certificate.

[301] GRO qtr 4.

[302] Enlistment record; 1881 census.

[303] Information on this branch kindly supplied by Reginald son of Reginald, including his 'Recollections'.

[304] GRO qtr 1, St George's Hanover Sq.

[305] Image downloaded from FMP 22 JUn 2022, citing TNA WO 97 box 4419 record 6.

[306] GRO qtr 1.

[307] GRO qtr 4.

[308] GRO qtr 1.

[309] GRO qtr 4.

[310] GRO qtr 1.

[311] GRO qtr 4.

[312] Census.

[313] Phillimore Marriage Registers, 1531-1913, Vol 4 p 263.

[314] Death certificate.

[315] IGI.

[316] Birth certificate.

[317] Death certificate.

[318] GRO qtr 1, vol 5 p 121.

[319] Downloaded 29 Mar 2018 from FMP's collection: Bexley, Kent, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1935.

[320] Marriage Certificate. Image of the original on shows the couple's signatures, accessed 21 Nov 2020.

[321] Death certificate.

[322] Death certificate.

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