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20th Century London Brocketts

1. Frederick and Edith HAND of Willesden 1870-?1949
2. James William and Annie WHING of Richmond 1879-1942
3. George and Annie Martha WHITE of Willesden 1879-
4. Alfred John and Harriett HOLMAN of Kennington 1881-1954
5. Reginald and Florence SILLITOE of Stockwell 1883-1950
6. Frank and Ellen SMITH of Muswell Hill and Portsmouth 1888-1916
7. Singletons

1. Frederick Brockett 1870-?1949 and Edith HAND

2nd son of William and Emily SYMONDS of Willesden, born 1870 in Cambridge District.1 Frederick was convicted of rape at the Old Bailey in 1890 and sentenced to 7 year’s penal servitude. He married Edith Maud HAND 23 Jul 1899 in Willesden Parish Church.2 Frederick probably died 1949 St Marylebone, London, aged 78.3 Edith M probably died 1957 Middlesex S, aged 77, ie b c 1880.4

Census records for Frederick and Edith:+Read more

Frederick’s occupation: 1901, 04, 07, 20 and 41, Carpenter (Journeyman),5 1922, 24 Carpenter.6
Resided: 1899, 7, Edith Terrace, Willesden;7 1901, 427 High Rd, Willesden,8 1904, 439 High Rd, Willesden,9 1905, 6 Preston Place, Belton Rd, Willesden;10 1907, 278 Chapter Rd, Willesden.11
Called James Frederick 1941.12 Children:

  1. Elise Symons, b 1900, Marylebone.13 Second name Symons was probably after grandmother Emily SYMONDS. Elsie Symons married 7 Oct 1920 Herbert Arthur Harold SKEELS at the Register Office, Edmonton, she aged 21, Spinster, Motor Car Accessories Inspector, of 129 Boundary Rd, Tottenham, he 23 , Bachelor, Draper’s Assistant, of 1 Albany Rd, Tottenham, her mother a witness.14 If Skeels’ first name was Sydney, then Elsie could be a transcript error. Elise and husband Sydney are said to have worked as Working Men’s Club Stewards in Tottenham. . They had issue.
  2. Florence Edith, b 19 Nov 1901, 427 High Rd, Willesden.15 Married 6 Aug 1922 Thomas Edward SCUDDER Parish Church of St Andrew, Willesden, Middx, she aged 20, Spinster, of 302 Chapter Rd, he 21, Bachelor, Grocer, of 76 Chaplin Rd, her father a witness.16
  3. John ‘Jack‘ Edwin, b 17 Feb 1904, 439 High Rd, Willesden.17 Second name given as Edward in his MC and son Douglas’ BC and MC. He married 7 Sep 1924 Emily Alice BAILES Willesden, he aged 20, Bachelor, Metal Polisher, of 8 Northcote Rd, she 19, Spinster, of 13 Leopold Rd, E Brockett a witness, probably his mother.18 Children:
    1. Ronald F, b 1926 Marylebone;19 d 1927 Willesden20
    2. Charles R F, b 1929 Willesden;21 d 1930 Willesden22

    Jack then lived with Lydia Edith SKINNER from 1933. He moved from Wood Green, London, to Luton probably by 1936, certainly by 1944. He and Lydia never married, although she was known by the surname. In the 1960s Jack contracted multiple sclerosis and Lydia left to live with another man. Children of Jack and Lydia:

    1. Douglas John, b 31 Mar 1934, Ealing, sub-district Chiswick, London; Worked in repairs in Vauxhall Motors and latterly became a Lorry Driver. Married 1955 Luton.23 Died 5 Sep 1999. 2 daughters, 3 sons.
    2. Peter James, b 29 Jul 1936 Luton,24 m 1954 Luton,25 resided Luton and died there 27 May 1978 aged 4226 at 94 Wigmore Lane, Luton, Administration Oxford 11 Oct £4,082.27 1 son, 3 daughters.

    Jack died of multiple sclerosis 1974 Luton Beds, aged 70.28 Lydia E M Brockett married 1971 Isle of Wight Hants29 and Lydia Edna May Brockett died 15 Feb 2000 at 1 Macnamara Cottages, Market Hill, Cowes, IOW, will pr Oxford 16 Jun, net not exceeding £200,000.30 There are no records of a relevant GRO records of an Emily or Alice dying, so Jack’s wife may not have died at that time. Perhaps around the time their 4th child was born they split up and Jack joined Lydia and Douglas was born soon after.

  4. Albert James, b 24 Apr 1905, 6 Preston Place, Belton Rd, Willesden.31 Married 1 Jun 1941 Violet Winifred SKERRATT at St John the Baptist Parish Church, Tottenham, Edmonton, he aged 35, Bachelor, Welder, she 21, Spinster, both residing 258 White Hart Lane, N17, witness T E SCADDER [sic? sister Florence or her husband?].32 Resided Muswell Hill. He died 1972 Islington London, aged 67.33 No issue. Violet probably married again 1978 Eastbourne Sussex … BOLGER .34
  5. Ronald, b 8 Oct 1907, 278 Chapter Rd, Willesden;35 died 1909 Willesden, aged 2.36
  6. Cissie. There are no records of a Cissie in GRO. It was probably a nickname, and she may have been one of the other daughters of Frederick and Edith. Like sister Elise, she and husband ?Sydney are said to have worked as Working Men’s Club Stewards. They had issue.
  7. Doris Mary, b Willesden 1916, mother HEAD [in error for HAND].37 Married 22 May 1938 Robert ‘Bob’ Albert GARRATT at St Joseph’s RC Church, Harrow Weald, Hendon, she aged 22, Spinster, Baker’s Shop Assistant, of 7 Warwick Parade, Belmont, he 26, Bachelor, Book Seller’s Assistant, of 61 Victoria Gardens, Wembley.38 They had issue.

2. James William 1879-1942, of Twickenham, Richmond and Staines

1st son of David and Selina CLARKE, James ‘Jim’ was born 9 Apr 1879, Twickenham, baptised 27 Jul 1879, Guilden Morden Chapel, named after both his grandfathers.39 To be distinguished from James William, b 1860, Bedford District, son of John and Elizabeth RUSSELL.

Surviving war records for James:40+Read more

Jim’s occupations:
1. Carpenter 1902 41
2. Electrical Engineer Journeyman 1903 42
3. Motor Driver 1908, 1915 43
4. Chauffeur 1910 44 1911 45
5. Chauffeur not domestic 1912, 1929 46
6. Chauffeur at Garage ex-Army 1920 47
7. Driver Instructor for Motor Car Company 1933 48
8. Night Watchman—Road Contractors 1936.49

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James married 1st on 7 Jun 1902 in the Parish Church, Arborfield, Berkshire, c 4 m W of Wokingham and c 4 m SE of Reading to Sarah Jane NEAT, he aged 23, Bachelor, Carpenter, residing 23 Montpelier Road, Twickenham, she aged 26, Spinster, Domestic Servant, residing Arborfield, witness: his sister Grace.50 Sarah d Wokingham District 1905, aged 28.51 They had an unnamed son b 30 Nov 1903 at 23 Montpelier Road, Twickenham, Brentford, James an Electrical Engineer Journeyman.52. The son died Brentford 1903.53

James married 2nd on 1 Aug 1908 Richmond Register Office Annie WHING, he aged 28, Widower, Motor Driver, of Selina Cottage, Kew Foot Rd, Richmond, she 22, Spinster, of 197 Mortlake Rd, Richmond, daughter of Sylvester WHING, Gentleman’s Servant.54 Annie Edith WHING was born 1885 and died Kingston on Thames 1975, aged 90.55

James also was the long-term partner of Elsie Gladys TYRRELL, nee FLEET and always known as Elsie Brockett. He actually had two families, each knowing nothing of the other, or next to nothing. Annie’s family knew ‘there was another woman’ but descendants know very little about James, other than that he was a chauffeur. The daughters apparently would not have his name mentioned. The children grew up in 197 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond, which passed to Eileen, and then when she died, to William. Elsie’s family lived in Nursery Rd, Sunbury, and did not apparently know of Jim’s other family, although after their parents’ deaths they became aware that they hadn’t married. They said that one of Jim’s jobs as a chauffeur was transporting deceased Scottish soldiers back to Scotland from the Star and Garter Home for disabled soldiers in Richmond, and that he had been gassed in the war. No photos of Jim have survived. Elsie had previously been married to Gordon TYRRELL, who died in the mid 1920s, and with whom she had had children, including Douglas. Elsie died Surrey N Apr 1970, aged 76.56.

Children of James and Anne:

  1. Frank James, born 9 Oct 1910 at 14 Brewers’ Lane, Richmond.57 He married 6 Sep 1937 Bridgid [Mary] WALSH, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, the Vineyard, Richmond, he aged 26, Bachelor, Retail Butcher’s Assistant, she 27, Spinster, both of 197 Lower Mortlake Road.58 In 1941 they were living at 74 Manor Rd, Richmond, he a Fireman AFS (Butcher’s Assistant).59 Bridgid died 13 July 1973, Kingston, Surrey, aged 64, ie b c 1909.60 He married 2nd … …. During the war he was in the Fire Service, and thereafter worked on the buses, becoming an Inspector. He died of cancer 21 Aug 1982. 1 son.
  2. Eileen Nancy, b 10 Jul 1912 at 5 Preston Place, Richmond, mother’s name given as Nancy.61 Called ‘Sis‘. Died unm 21 Feb 1981 Kingston, Surrey 69,62 residing 197 Lower Mortlake Rd, Richmond, Surrey, will pr Oxford 16 Apr £45,466.63
  3. Nancy Doreen, b 1 Mar 1915 at 14 Ashlin Rd, Stratford, W Ham.64 Before her first marriage she lived with an Australian called Jo in a house in Manor Road, Richmond. When Jo returned to his wife in Australia, he left Nancy his house in Manor Road and the small shop opposite the family home in Lower Mortlake Road, which Nancy ran for years. When Jo left, Nancy married his friend Will. When Will died, Nancy is said to have married Harry, her next door neighbour about a year later.65 Nancy therefore had two houses and was able to help her mother out in the absence of James William. Married 30 Sep 1950 William Betts PAGE at the Surrey Northern Register Office, she aged 37, Spinster, Manageress—Grocery stores, of 74 Manor Rd, Richmond, he aged 47, Postman GPO, of 25 Seaford Rd, West Ealing, formerly the husband of Doris May PAGE, formerly PAXTON, Spinster, from whom he obtained a divorce, witness brother Frank James.66 She married 2nd Harry … She died without issue 1980.
  4. William Leslie, born 21 May 1920 at 26 Dancer Rd, North Sheen.67 Bill Joined the Army Tank Corps when he was about 19, and was a prisoner of war in Poland for many years. Bachelor, aged 27, Civil Servant, of 197 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond in 1947.68 Counter Clerk GPO of of 197 Lower Mortlake Road 1950.69 Died 1987. 1 son.

Children of James and Elsie:

  1. Victor James Brockett, b 25 Jun 1922 at 3 Preston Place, Richmond, mother Elsie Gladys TYRRELL, formerly FLEET, of no occupation, father’s name not given,70 presumably James. His birth was recorded under the surname TYRRELL, but in later records he used his third forename, Brockett, as a surname. Married Joan Mary BRANT 26 Jan 1944 in the Register Office, Staines, Middlesex, he aged 21, Bachelor, an ACI in the RAF, of 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, she 19, Spinster, of 111 Nursery Rd, Sunbury.71 Leading Aircraftsman 1472973 Royal Air Force (Builder’s Labourer) 1944 of 111 Nursery Rd, Sunbury.72 General Labourer 1946,73 Builder’s Labourer, 127 Nursery Rd, 1951,74 Bricklayer 1972.75 Children:
    1. Colin James, b 19 Aug 1944, 30 Twickenham Rd, Isleworth, Brentford.76 Died of a heart attack. Married with two sons.
    2. Jennifer Marlene, b 25 Apr 1946, 111 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, Staines, Middlesex.77 Resided the Red Lion Pub in Ruffell, Shepperton. Died 2002 from cancer. Married.
    3. … still living.
  2. Kathleen Gladys, b 17 Oct 1929, 3, Preston Place, Richmond, mother’s address 3, Preston Place, father’s The Queens, Lower Mortlake Rd, Richmond.78 Married 19 Mar 1949 William Thomas KNIGHT, Register Office, Middlesex S, he aged 24, Bachelor, Paper Machinist of 6 Nursery Terrace, Nursery Rd, Sunbury, she 19, Spinster, Thermostatic Instrument Assembler, of 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury.79 Kathleen died.
  3. Derek William, born 4 Aug 1933, 121 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, Staines, Middlesex.80 In the Navy—HMS Pembroke—1954.81 Died 31 Aug 1983 Surrey N, aged 50,82 residing 12 Haslett Rd, Upper Halford, Shepperton, Middx, Administration London 31 Jan 1984, not exceeding £40,000.83 Married twice. 1 son, 1 daughter.
  4. An unnamed son, b 2 Mar 1936 at 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, Staines, Middlesex,84 and died of bronchitis 16 March 1936, at 109 Nursery Rd.85

James died 25 Nov 1942 at 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, Staines District, Middlesex, aged 68, Chauffeur (Garage) of cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis and chronic cystitis and pyelitis, informant E G TYRRELL of the same address86 and was buried in Sunbury Cemetery.

3. George b 1879 and Annie Martha WHITE

6th son of William and Emily SYMONDS of Willesden, George was born 9 Oct 1879 at Enfield Rd, Hornsey.87 Mistakenly recorded as aged 13 in the 1881 census transcript—probably a mistranscription or corruption of 18 months, which would heve been his age on 3rd/4th April when it was taken. He married Annie Martha WHITE 21 May 1899 Willesden Parish Church, aged 19, Bachelor, she aged 17, Spinster, both residing 6 Holly Lane, Willesden.88 George’s family lived next door to George and Margaret WHITE and family in 1891.89 Annie Martha was sometimes recorded as Martha Annie.90 No apparent death of either in GRO before 1955.

Census records for George and family:+Read more

War record for George:91+Read more

George’s occupation: 1899, 1934 Labourer,92 Plasterer’s Labourer;93 1902, 06, 09, 24 Builder’s Labourer;94 1927 Bricklayer.95 1915 Private 9th Battalion Middlesex Regiment (General Labourer).96

His name was given as William George on the birth certificate of son William George in 1899, perhaps by dittography; but just George in all other records. Annie bore George up to 15 children over 25 years, while she was 17-42, of whom ?6 died young, and only 3 may have living Brockett descendants. Children :

  1. William George, b 26 Jul 1899 6 Holly Lane, Church Rd, Willesden.97 Not in the list of children in father’s war papers 1919. Married 20 Aug 1921 Beatrice May BISHOP at Willesden Register Office, he aged 22, Bachelor, Labourer, residing 60 Roundwood Rd, she 21, Spinster, residing 23 Berry St.98 6 daus, 1 son 1924-43. Not known if daughters are still living, but the only son Raymond J, was born and died Willesden 1943.99 William’s occupation 1949 Master Builder and Decorator, presumably still living then.100 Beatrice May probably died 5 Jul 1982 Luton Beds, aged 80.101 No apparent death record in GRO for William or George.
  2. Annie May, b 6 Aug 1901 423 High Rd, Willesden.102 Married 29 Dec 1923 Albert Ernest FULLER at the Parish Church, Willesden, she aged 22, Spinster, he 25, Bachelor, Gunner RN, both residing 10 Roundwood Rd.103
  3. Edward George, b 9 Aug 1902 423 High Rd, Willesden, Hendon,104 d 1902 Hendon, aged 0.105
  4. Elizabeth, b 13 Apr 1904, 423 High Rd, Willesden.106 Married 16 Jul 1927 Alec Frank SWALES at St Saviour’s Church, Paddington, London, she aged 23, Spinster, Laundress, residing 25 Bristol Mews, he 23, Bachelor, Pastry Cook, residing 17 Bristol Mews, 2 of the witnesses Elizabeth’s mother Annie Martha and eldest brother William George.107
  5. George, b 15 Sep 1906 at 1 Drayton Terrace, Holly Lane, Willesden,108 d 1907 Hendon, aged 0.109
  6. Winnie Doris, b 12 Nov 1907 Willesden,110 1908 Hendon.111 Married 28 Aug 1932 Frederick George BARBER in St Andrew’s Pariush Church, Willesden, as Doris Winifred, aged 24, Spinster, of 86A Deacon Rd, he 22, Bachelor, Hairdresser, of 55 Town Rd, Edmonton, [sister] K Brockett a witness.112
  7. Albert, b 3 Mar 1909 433 High Rd, Willesden, Hendon;113 died 1910 Willesden aged 1.114
  8. Edith V, b and d 1912 Willesden115
  9. Alfred John, b 28 May 1915 at 60 Roundwood Rd, Harlesden, Willesden.116 No marriage recorded before 1955. ?Witness to younger brother Albert’s marriage 1948. Died 1983 Hendon, aged 68.117
  10. Ernest, b 1917 Willesden,118 d 1919 Willesden aged 1.119
  11. Hilda Gwendoline, b 1918 Willesden;120 d 1919 Willesden aged 0.121
  12. Beatrice J, b 1922 Willesden;122 d 1923 Willesden aged 0.123

4. Alfred John b 1881 and Harriett HOLMAN

Alfred John 2nd son of Charles and Emily O’DANIELS, born 1881.124 He married Harriett HOLMAN 1906 in Lambeth.125 Resided 1941 and 1954, Kennington. Occupation 1947 Messenger Office of Works,126 1958 Porter Ministry of Works, deceased,127 1972 Security Officer, deceased.128 Alfred died 23 Nov 1954 Lambeth London, aged 73129 estate £701 11s 8d.130 Harriett died 1971 Lambeth London, aged 90, ie b c 1881.131

War record for Alfred:132+Read more

Census records for Alfred and family:+Read more


  1. Alfred Charles, b 2 Oct 1906, Kennington.133 Married … HARRIS 1933 Southwark London.134 1 dau.
  2. Stanley William, b 4 Oct 1912, Kennington.135 Lost an eye at the age of 6 or 7. Drummer. Resided Clapham. Married 9 Jan 1947 Kathleen COLLINS at the Marylebone Register Office, he aged 34, Bachelor, Musician (Drums), of 30 Methley St, SE11, she 23 [ie b c 1924], Widow, of 60 Abbey Rd, NW8, formerly STOREY.136 1 son. The family was residing 1948 at 30 Methley St, Kennington, SE11, his occupation Musician.137 They divorced 7 Nov 1957, but married each other again 4 Oct 1958 at the Battersea Register Office, he aged 46, Braille Printer, she Typist Cosmetics Manufacturers, both of 15 Manchuria Rd, Battersea, SW11.138 They must have divorced a second time because Stanley William married again 31 Aug 1972 and Kathleen had had a son by another man in May 1965, registered 24 Sep 1965 and again 31 Aug 1966 under the surname Brockett, but who took on the surname of his father, she at the time was residing 16 High St, Wimbledon, SW19.139 Kathleen died 27 Jun 1980, surname Brockett, residing 88 Russell Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19, will pr Brighton 18 May 1981, estate valued at £28,129.140 Stanley William married 31 Aug 1972 Gwendolen POLLARD at Saltash Register Office, St Germans, Cornwall, he aged 59, previous marriage dissolved, Proof Putter (Publications) (Blind Institute), of 15 Manchuria Rd, Battersea, London SW11, she 58, Widow, formerly WATERHOUSE, Dining Room Supervisor (Holiday Camp), of “Treweeke”, Seaton Park, Downderry.141 Gwendoline died 31 Aug 1981 of cardiac arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and ischaemic heart disease at the West Cornwall Hospital, Penzance, b 7 Jan 1914, w/o of Stanley William, Professional Drummer (retired) of 5 Tencreek Ave, Penzance, informant daughter [by her previous marriage].142 Stanley William of 5 Tencreek Ave, Penzance, died 3 Jul 1984, will pr Bristol 6 Aug, estate valued at £50,389.143
  3. Leonard Reginald, b 20 Nov 1914, Lambeth.144 Killed in action 27 Dec 1941. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website records him as Sergeant, 50 Sqdn, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, aged 27.

5. Reginald 1883-1950 and Florence Annie Ada SILLITOE

Reginald ‘Ridge’ 3rd son of Charles and Emily O’DANIELS, born Aug 1883,145 and died Aug 1950.146 He married Florence Annie Ada SILLITOE 8 Jun 1919 in Christ Church, Brixton.147 Brought up by his mother’s brother and his wife.148 His father died when he was 10. Florence Annie died 1974 Camberwell London, aged 87.149

Census records for Reginald:+Read more

Served in the army in WW1, and was in Salonika, Greece. Was wounded in the arm and returned to the UK. The Depression of the 1930s was a tough time. The family lived in Stockwell until 1936, when they moved to Herne Hill, London SE24. Occupation: Many things, including Brewer’s Assistant, Hay Warehouseman. Van Driver, Milkman. 1 son.

War record for Reginald:150+Read more

Reginald and Florence had a single child: Reginald Arthur Walter, b 5 Jun 1921 Stockwell, Lambeth, London.151 He was an early participant in the Y-DNA project. Died 22 Nov 2016, Southed-on-Sea, Essex.152 Further details to follow.

6. Frank Brockett 1888-1916 and Ellen SMITH

2nd son of David and Selina CLARKE, Frank was born 30 Jul 1888, Twickenham and married Ellen SMITH 21 Jan 1914 in Elm Grove Baptist Chapel, Southsea. They had one son Frank Neil Brockett. Further details to follow.

7. Singletons

1911: Nellie BROCKETT. Aged 16, Single, b London, Bermondsey, working as a Refectory Domestic in a Catholic Skin Disease Hospital. No birth of a Nellie, or name that could be changed to Nellie, in GRO 1878-1882. Possibly a descendant of Thomas of Lambeth.

1909:16 Oct. Emily Florence BROCKETT. Married aged 40, Spinster, daughter of John, Builder, at St Pauls Parish Church, Wimbledon Park, to William Michael COFFEY, 71, Widower, Engineer, both residing 19 Burr Rd, Southfields.153 Of the 5 Emily births recorded in the GRO 1838-76, two are possible (2 and 4 below):
1. 1847 qtr 1 Gateshead. Married 1867 John POTTS.
2. 1863 qtr 2 Wandsworth. In 1909 aged c 46. No apparent record after 1863 in the GRO, nor in the 1871 census
3. 1867 qtr 3 Bedford District. To New Zealand 1875.
4. 1874 qtr 1 Wandsworth. In 1909 aged c 35.
5. 1876 qtr 1 Royston District Herts. In 1909 aged c 33. Died unmarried 1926 Guilden Morden.

1913: 10 Sep. Catharine BROCKETT. Married aged 20, Spinster, residing 108 Fonthill Rd, daughter of Thomas, Coal Porter, deceased, at the Register Office, Islington, to Peter William Isaac LUTMAN, 22, Bachelor, Laundry Carman, residing 31 Campbell Rd154.

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