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James William Brockett 1879-1942, of Twickenham, Richmond and Sunbury

1st son of David and Selina CLARKE, James ‘Jim’ was born 9 Apr 1879, Twickenham, baptised 27 Jul 1879, Guilden Morden Chapel in his parents’ home parish, and named after both his grandfathers.1 He is to be distinguished from James William Brockett, b 1860, Bedford District, d 1938 Alloa, Scotland, son of John and Elizabeth RUSSELL.

Photos of his siblings and some of his children have been found, but none of himself. This was his signature in 1897, aged 18:2

James William Brockett signature 1897

Contents of this page:

1. Military records
2. Jim’s occupations
3. Jim’s census records
4. Sarah NEAT 1876-1905
5. Annie WHING 1885-1975
6. Elsie TYRRELL 1894-1970
7. James’ residences from the age of 18

1. Jim’s Military records

Military records for James show that he enlisted first in the Middlesex Regiment on 3 Nov 1897 aged 18½, was discharged medically unfit 10 Aug 1899, and secondly served in the Army Service Corps from 11 Nov 1915 aged 35, until 21 Feb 1919. Both were voluntary enlistments, conscription for World War I didn’t come in till 2 Mar 1916 with the Military Service Act.+

James enlisted first for 12 years in the Middlesex Regiment on 3 Nov 1897 at Hounslow, Middlesex, “aged 18½, Labourer, height 5ft 5½in, weight 116 lbs, chest measurement minimum 32½ in, maximum 34½ in, complexion fresh, eyes brown, hair dark brown, Baptist, no distinctive marks”.3 He was enlisted as a Private, appointed as a Lance Corporal 6 months later on 11 May 1998, but “reverted at own request to Private” 6 months after that on 13 Jan 1899, and then was “discharged medically unfit for further service 10 Aug 1899“, having served 1 year and 281 days.4 This was just before the Second Boer War began on 11 Oct 1899 in S Africa, and James’ service was all in Middlesex. His next of kin were given as “Father & Mother David & Selina, 23a Montpelier Road, Twickenham, brother (younger) Frank, 2 sisters May, Grace”. His Medical History recorded that his “Habits were regular, and conduct very good”, but he was “invalided at Woolwich 24 Jul 1899 on account of a Middle [right] ear infection”.5 It recorded that he was first hospitalised on 3 Feb 1898 and had 5 further spells in hospital of increasing length culminating in one of 104 days between 29 Apr to 10 Aug 1899 with “no improvement” in the condition which had become “severe and very chronic”. These were the days well before the effects of penicillin had been properly discovered.
James Brockett 6889 136889. Short service enlistment on 11 Nov 1915 for duration of war. Address: 9 Helvetia St, Perry Hill, Catford. Age: 35 yrs. Motor Driver. Previously served 2 yrs 9 mnths in the 2nd Midx Regt.6 Birthplace Twickenham. Weight 124 lbs. Height 5ft 6in. Girth when fully expanded 36in, range of expansion 4in. Mole right cheek. C of E. Next of kin: Mrs Annie Brockett of 9 Helvetia St, Catford, SE, wife. Married Annie Whing, Spinster, Richmond Surrey Registry Office 1 Aug 08. Children Frank James, b 9 Oct 1910 Richmond, Eileen Nancy, b 10 Jul 1912 Richmond, Nancy Doreen, b 1 Mar 1915 Richmond. Promoted to Corporal 5 Mar 1917 and to Sergeant 25 Sep 1917. 1914/15 Star.7 Served at home till 1 Dec 1915, when he went in the Expeditionary Force to France till 8 Apr 1916. Served again at home till 5 Jun 1916, when he went in the Expeditionary Force to France again till 22 Jan 1919. Then at home again till 20 Feb 1919. Demobilised 21 Feb 1919.8

Taking part in the Expeditionary Forces to France for most of the War, James would have witnessed, or at least known about, some of the horrific events like the battles of the Somme, Ypres, and Paschendale. A descendant said Jim had suffered from a gas attack. Whether this was true or not, these experiences would no doubt have had a big effect on him.

Jim’s occupations

1897: Labourer 9
1897-9: Army—Private, Lance Corporal
1901: Carman 10
1902: Carpenter 11
1903: Electrical Engineer Journeyman 12
1908: Motor Driver 13
1910-1: Chauffeur 14
1912: Chauffeur not domestic 15
1914-5: Motor Driver 16
1915-9: Army—Corporal, Sergeant
1920: Chauffeur at Garage ex-Army 17
1929: Chauffeur not domestic 18
1933: Driver Instructor for Motor Car Company 19
1936: Night Watchman—Road Contractors 20
1939: Motor Mechanic 21
1942: Chauffeur (Garage) 22

Census records

1891: At home with parents at 21 Montpelier Row, Twickenham, James W, aged 11, Scholar.
1901: At home with parents at 23 Montpelier Row, Twickenham, James W, aged 21, Single, Carman.
1911: At 5 Preston Place, Richmond, Surrey, James William, 31, Head, Chaffeur [sic] Motor Trade, b Middlesex; Wife Annie Edith, 25, b Richmond, Surrey; Son Frank James, 6 months, b Richmond, Surrey; Niece Ethel WHING, 12, at school, b Richmond, Surrey. Married 3 years, 1 child born alive, 1 still living. 4 rooms in the dwelling, including the kitchen. Entry signed and written by James:
James William Brockett signature 1911

Sarah NEAT 1876-1905

James married 1st Sarah Jane NEAT on 7 Jun 1902 in the Parish Church, Arborfield, Berkshire, c 4 m W of Wokingham and c 4 m SE of Reading, he aged 23, Bachelor, Carpenter, residing 23 Montpelier Road, Twickenham, son of David Brockett, Carpenter; she aged 26, Spinster, Domestic Servant, residing Arborfield, daughter of Henry Neat, Carpenter, witnesses: H Neat, Grace Brockett [James sister].23 They had a son b 30 Nov 1903 at 23 Montpelier Road, Twickenham, Brentford, James an Electrical Engineer Journeyman.24 The son died that year in Brentford District without being officially named.25 Sarah died about 18 months later in Wokingham District 1905, aged 28,26 presumably at her parents’ home in Finchampstead.

Sarah is found in the censuses:

1881: Sarah Jane Neate, aged 5 [i.e. b c 1876], Scholar, born Eynsham, Oxfordshire. This was in The Lea, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire, the household of her parents Henry Neate, aged 30, Agricultural Labourer, and wife Amelia, aged 29, and 3 siblings—Amelia, 7; William Henry, 4; and Lucy, 1, b Arborfield, Berkshire.
1891: Jane S Neat, aged 15, General Servant, b Oxfordshire. This was in Hillside, Forest Road, Binfield, Easthampstead, Berkshire, in the household of John A Minchin, aged 28, Corn & Coal Merchant, and his wife Priscilla.
1901: Sarah Jane Neate, aged 26, Single, Nurse Domestic, b Oxfordshire. This was in 21 The Barons, Twickenham, in the household of John Joseph Bithell, aged 44, Retired Civil Engineer and his wife, 69 year-old mother-in-law and 3 daughters aged 8, 6 and 4. They also had a Cook and and a Housemaid.

Living in her last residence was probably how she met Jim. 21 The Barons, Twickenham, was less than half a mile from 23 Montpelier Rd, where he was living. She apparently moved in with him once they were married and their son was born there.

Annie WHING 1885-1975

James married 2nd Annie WHING on 1 Aug 1908 in Richmond Register Office, he aged 28, Widower, Motor Driver, of Selina Cottage, Kew Foot Rd, Richmond, she 22, Spinster, of 197 Mortlake Rd, Richmond, daughter of Sylvester WHING, Gentleman’s Servant.27 Annie Edith WHING was born 1885 and died Kingston on Thames 1975, aged 90.28

Annie and her parents are found in the censuses:

1891: Annie E Whing, aged 5, Scholar, b Richmond, Surrey. She was the youngest in the family home at 7 Compton Terr, Lower [Mortlake] Road, Richmond, Surrey, consisting of: her father Sylvester Whing, 52, Head, Coachman Domestic Bambury, b W Roxton, Oxfordshire; Wife Emily, 48, b Plymouth; and 4 Single sons, Joseph aged 25, Richard, 16; William 14; and Herbert 12,; and daughter Mary, 10.29
1901: Annie E Whing, aged 15, Single, Nurse Domestic, b Richmond, Surrey in 26 Pagoda Avenue, Richmond, Surrey . This was the household of Henry Rhodes Lermike, aged 35, Stock Jobber Clerk, and his wife and 1 year-old son. Also living there was a 20 year-old Domestic female Servant.
This was nearby her parents’ home:
Sylvester Whing, 62, Head, Coachman, b Oxfordshire, was recorded at 197 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond, Surrey; with Wife Eliza, 58, b Plymouth; Single son Herbert aged 22 and Single daughter Mary, 20.
1911: Annie Edith Brockett was with James and their 6 month-old first son Frank in 5 Preston Place, Richmond. For Frank’s birth they had been at 14 Brewers’ Lane, Richmond.
Sylvester Whing, 72, Head, Vanman, b Wroxton Oxford was recorded at 197 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond, Surrey; with Wife Eliza Emily Caroline, 68, b Plymouth; and 2 Single sons, Joseph aged 45 and Herbert 31. 5 rooms in the dwelling, including the kitchen.

From the early 1920s Annie and her children and one adopted daughter lived in 197 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond, which she inherited from her father. After Annie’s death in 1975 it passed to her eldest daughter Eileen, and then when she died, to William, the youngest child.

Annie Brockett c 1940

Annie Edith Brockett c 1940

Annie Brockett c 1965 (to the left) with daughters Eileen (in the middle) and Nancy:30

Annie Eileen Nancy Brockett c 1965

Children of James and Annie

  1. Frank James, born 9 Oct 1910 at 14 Brewers’ Lane, Richmond,31 baptised 13 Nov 1910 Richmond, St Mary Magdalene.32 He married 6 Sep 1937 Bridgid [Mary] WALSH, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, the Vineyard, Richmond, he aged 26, Bachelor, Retail Butcher’s Assistant, she 27, Spinster, both of 197 Lower Mortlake Road.33 In 1939 the couple lived in 74 Manor Rd, Richmond: Frank J Brockett, born 9 Oct 1910, Butchers Assistant, Married: Bridgid M Brockett, born 18 May 1909, Unpaid Domestic Duties, Married; Joseph S Wiggins, born 19 Mar 1895, Shopkeeper Grocer, Married. In 1941 they were still living at 74 Manor Rd, Richmond, he a Fireman AFS (Butcher’s Assistant).34 Bridgid died 13 July 1973, Kingston, Surrey, aged 64, ie b c 1909.35 Frank married 2nd 1976 Dorothy M CHAMPION in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey.36 During the war he was in the Fire Service, and thereafter worked on the buses, becoming an Inspector. He died of cancer 21 Aug 1982, residing 11a Staines Rd, W Sunbury on Thames, Middx, Will proved London 6 Dec 1982 not exceeding £25,000.37 Child:

    Anthony Francis, b 5 Mar 1941.38 Died 2002, North Yorkshire.39 Married 1964,40 and adopted a son and a daughter, who may not have taken the surname Brockett. According to his adopted sister Lena, Anthony was blond, and his mother was Irish.

  2. Eileen Nancy, b 10 Jul 1912 at 5 Preston Place, Richmond, mother’s name given as Nancy,41 baptised 18 Dec 1912 Richmond, St Luke, Residence 17 Chilton Rd, mother’s name given as Nancy.42 Called ‘Sis‘. Died unmarried 21 Feb 1981 Kingston, Surrey 69,43 residing 197 Lower Mortlake Rd, Richmond, Surrey, will pr Oxford 16 Apr £45,466.44
  3. Nancy Doreen, b 1 Mar 1915 at 14 Ashlin Rd, Stratford, W Ham.45 Before her first marriage she lived with an Australian called Jo in a house in Manor Road, Richmond. When Jo returned to his wife in Australia, he left Nancy his house in Manor Road and the small shop opposite the family home in Lower Mortlake Road, which Nancy ran for years. When Jo left, Nancy married his friend Will. When Will died, Nancy is said to have married Harry, her next door neighbour about a year later.46 Nancy therefore had two houses and was able to help her mother out in the absence of James William. Married 30 Sep 1950 William Betts PAGE at the Surrey Northern Register Office, she aged 37, Spinster, Manageress—Grocery stores, of 74 Manor Rd, Richmond, he aged 47, Postman GPO, of 25 Seaford Rd, West Ealing, formerly the husband of Doris May PAGE, formerly PAXTON, Spinster, from whom he obtained a divorce, witness brother Frank James.47 Nancy died without issue 1980.
  4. William ‘Bill’ Leslie, born 21 May 1920 at 26 Dancer Rd, North Sheen.48 Bill Joined the Army Tank Corps when he was about 19—which is perhaps why he isn’t found in the 1939 England and Wales Register–and was a prisoner of war in Poland for many years. Bachelor, aged 27, Civil Servant, of 197 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond in 1947.49 Married 27 Dec 1947 Irene Charlotte MORGAN, St Paul’s Church, Hounslow Heath, Middlesex. In 1950 Bill was described as a “Counter Clerk GPO of 197 Lower Mortlake Road”.50 Bill died Oct-Dec 1987, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, aged 67.51 Irene died 6 Mar 2008, Richmond, aged 94 (b 6 Jun 1914),52 Her Will was proved in London.53 1 son.
    Images of Bill Brockett c 1940 during the War and c 1978 aged c 58:
    Bill Brockett c 1940 and 1978

    Irene Brockett c 2004

    Irene Brockett c 2004

  5. Lena, adopted into the family 24 Mar 1933.54 She was born 10 Oct 1927,55 died unmarried 21 May 2009, aged 81.56 Worked as a telephone operator in hotels for most of her life, e.g. Marriott’s for 15 years. Didn’t retire till she was 70. She wasn’t close to the family, except her adopted aunt Bridgid, and she called herself “a black sheep, although with no regrets”.57 In Jul 1957 Lena was “A Travel Agent’s Clerk of 19 Cedar Terrace, Richmond”.58 From 2002-09 Lena lived at Flat 5, Anselm Road, Fulham, London, SW6 1LJ.59 1 daughter.

Elsie TYRRELL 1894-1970

From at least the mid 1920s James also was the long-term partner of Elsie Gladys TYRRELL, nee FLEET, who thereafter was always known as Elsie Brockett—except on James’ death certificate—and with whom he had a second family. James was 15 years older than Elsie, who was born 1894 in Richmond District, Surrey.60 His wife Annie’s family knew “there was another woman” but in 2000 descendants knew very little about James, other than that he had been a Chauffeur. The daughters apparently would not have his name mentioned. According to the 2nd wife of Jim and Elsie’s son Derek in 2005, Jim and Elsie’s family didn’t know of Jim’s first family, and after their parents’ deaths were shocked to discover that Jim and Elsie hadn’t married. She said that one of Jim’s jobs as a Chauffeur had been to transport deceased Scottish soldiers back to Scotland from the Star and Garter Home for disabled soldiers in Richmond, and that he had been gassed in the war [Is this correct?]. She said they lived in Nursery Rd, Sunbury, and that Elsie had previously been married to Gordon TYRRELL, who died in the mid 1920s, and with whom she had had children, including a son called Douglas.

Elsie and her parents and husband are found in the censuses:

1901: Elsie Glady[s] Fleet, aged 6 [i.e. b c 1895], b Richmond, Surrey, was living at 33 Sandycombe Road, North Sheen with her father Walter Frederick Fleet, Head, aged 33, Lamp Lighter (Street), b Bedfordshire; mother Adelaide, 33; and 2 younger siblings Hilda Annie, 3; and Albert Charles, 1.
Gordon Tyrrell, aged 9 [i.e. b c 1892], b Richmond, Surrey, was living with his parents William and Betsey Tyrrell at 2 Preston Place, Richmond.
1911: Elsie Fleet, aged 16 [i.e. b c 1895], Single, General Servant, b Surrey, in 12 Lion Gate Gardens, Richmond, Surrey. This was the household of Herbert Charles Hunt, Single, aged 25, Surveyor H M Office Of Works, and his 2 cousins Lilian Gladys Hunt, 10; and Marjorie Alice Hunt, 8. Also living there was a 30 year-old Single female Housekeeper.
Gordon William Tyrrell, aged 19 [i.e. b c 1892], b Richmond, Surrey, Single, Tailors Assistant, was still living with his parents William and Betsey Tyrrell, this time at 17 Dunstable Villas, Richmond.61

In 1916 Elsie G FLEET married Gordon W Tyrrell in Richmond.62 The births of Douglas G Tyrrell and Alan W Tyrrell, mother’s maiden name Fleet, were registered in Richmond (Surrey) in 1918 and 1919.63 Between June and September 1921 Gordon W Tyrrell died, aged 30, in Richmond.64 Elsie was a Widow with two sons aged 3 and 2. There was no Welfare State in those times.

Children of James and Elsie

  1. Victor James Brockett, b 25 Jun 1922 at 3 Preston Place, Richmond, mother Elsie Gladys TYRRELL, formerly FLEET, no occupation, father’s name not given,65 presumably James. His birth was recorded under the surname TYRRELL, but in later records he used his third forename, Brockett, as a surname. Married Joan Mary BRANT 26 Jan 1944 in the Register Office, Staines, Middlesex, he aged 21, Bachelor, an ACI in the RAF, of 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, she 19, Spinster, of 111 Nursery Rd, Sunbury.66 Leading Aircraftsman 1472973 Royal Air Force (Builder’s Labourer) 1944 of 111 Nursery Rd, Sunbury.67 General Labourer 1946,68 Builder’s Labourer, 127 Nursery Rd, 1951,69 Bricklayer 1972.70 Victor James Brockett died 1984 in Ealing, London, aged 62 [i.e. b c 1922].71 Joan Mary Brockett died 1996 North Surrey, aged 72, b 27 Dec 1924.72 Children:
    1. Colin James, b 19 Aug 1944, 30 Twickenham Rd, Isleworth, Brentford.73 Colin died aged 53 on 1 Jun 1997 of a heart attack.74 Buried in Sunbury Cemetery, his gravestone reads “In loving memory of a beloved husband father & grandad”.75 2 children.
    2. Jennifer Marlene, b 25 Apr 1946, 111 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, Staines, Middlesex.76 Resided the Red Lion Pub in Ruffell, Shepperton. Married Donald W HORNE 1964.77 Jennifer died 2002 from cancer.78
    3. … still living.
  2. Kathleen Gladys, b 17 Oct 1929, 3, Preston Place, Richmond, mother’s address 3, Preston Place, father’s The Queens, Lower Mortlake Rd, Richmond.79 Married 19 Mar 1949 William Thomas KNIGHT, Register Office, Middlesex S, he aged 24, Bachelor, Paper Machinist of 6 Nursery Terrace, Nursery Rd, Sunbury, she 19, Spinster, Thermostatic Instrument Assembler, of 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury.80 Kathleen died 1978.81 1 son.
  3. Derek William, born 4 Aug 1933, 121 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, Staines, Middlesex.82 Married Averina Massy BURGESS 4 Dec 1954 in St Nicholas Church, Shepperton, Middlesex, he aged 21, Bachelor, in the Navy—HMS Pembroke, she 18, Spinster, residing Shepperton, father John Massy Burgess, Civil Servant, who was a witness to the marriage, with E Brockett, probably Derek’s mother Elsie.83 No children from this marriage. Averina died, but no record of her death or remarriage has been found. She may have been recorded in the 1939 Register at 29 Margaret Drive, Sunbury-On-Thames, but the record for the person who may be her is still officially closed.84 In the house were John M Burgess, b 1897, Clerk at the Ministry Of Labour and his wife May L Burgess, b 1905, Unpaid Domestic Duties. Derek was probably the Derek Brockett sailing 16 Jan 1954 on the Samaria from Southampton to New York and on the Queen Mary May-July as a Seaman – Trimmer, 5’6″, 160 lbs, mole on right shoulder; and again on the Queen Elizabeth from Dec 1954 to Jan 1955 as Seaman – Fireman, and Dec 1955 on the Ascania as Seaman – Greaser.85 Derek died 31 Aug 1983 Surrey N, aged 50,86 residing 12 Haslett Rd, Upper Halford, Shepperton, Middx, Administration London 31 Jan 1984, not exceeding £40,000.87 From 2nd marriage: 1 son, 1 daughter.
  4. An unnamed son, b 2 Mar 1936 at 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, Staines, Middlesex,88 and died of bronchitis 16 March 1936, at 109 Nursery Rd.89

James William Brockett died 25 Nov 1942 at 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, Staines District, Middlesex, aged 68, Chauffeur (Garage) of cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis and chronic cystitis and pyelitis, informant E G TYRRELL of the same address90 and was buried in Sunbury Cemetery. Elsie Brockett died Apr 1970, aged 76, in Surrey North Registration District.91

Jim’s residences from the age of 18

1897-9: In the Army 92
1902-3: 23 Montpelier Road, Twickenham 93
1908: Selina Cottage, Kew Foot Rd, Richmond 94
1910: 14 Brewers’ Lane, Richmond 95
1911-2: 5 Preston Place, Richmond 96
1915: 14 Ashlin Rd, Stratford, W Ham 97
1920: 26 Dancer Rd, North Sheen 98
1929: The Queens, Lower Mortlake Rd, Richmond 99 Note: The Queens Head was a pub situated on Mortlake High Street by the river bank (closed in the 1940s).100 Mortlake High Street eventually leads into Lower Mortlake Rd via Lower Richmond Rd, but the Queens, Lower Mortlake Rd, was possibly a spurious or temporary address. In 2020 there was a pub called the Crown at 128 Lower Mortlake Rd, Richmond TW9 2JZ. Perhaps it was once called the Queens?
1933: 121 Nursery Rd, Sunbury, Staines, Middlesex 101
1936-42: 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury 102

Apart from his time in the army, Jim lived nearly all his life in and around Twickenham and neighbouring Richmond and Sunbury. Both his families and most in-laws lived near each other. Nursery Road, for instance, was c 7 m away from 197 Lower Mortlake Road, 17 Dunstable Villas/Road, Richmond was only a couple of minutes away from Preston Place, Richmond (1911), and both of these were only a few minutes away from 197 Lower Mortlake Road. Similarly, 33 Sandycombe Road, where Elsie lived as a child, was only minutes away from 197 Lower Mortlake Road. 12 Lion Gate Gardens, Richmond, where Elsie lived in 1911, aged 16, was just a mile from Preston Place (where James and Annie were) via Lower Mortlake Rd.

When Annie married James in 1908 she gave her address as 197 Lower Mortlake Road (her parents’ home). James gave his address as Selina Cottage, Kew Foot Road Richmond. A 2019 planning application shows this to be 29 Kew Foot Road Richmond TW9 2SS.103 A case regarding the insolvency of a certain John Drew “late of Selina’s Cottages, Twickenham” dated 1 Jun 1833,104 shows the name to have predated the move to Twickenham by James’ parents David and Selina c 1879. 29 Kew Foot Road is about half a mile from 197 Lower Mortlake Road.

In the 12 years after their marriage in 1908 Annie and James lived in at least 4 places, only one more than a mile from 197 Lower Mortlake Road:

  • By 1910—the birth of their son Frank—they were living at 14 Brewers’ Lane, Richmond, Surrey, overlooking Kew Green and about 1 mile from 197 Lower Mortlake Road.
  • In 1911 they were at 5 Preston Place, Richmond, about half a mile from 14 Brewers’ Lane. This was only a few doors down from Gordon Tyrrell’s parents’ home in 1901. Gordon was only 9 then, but he went on to marry Elsie Fleet, who became James’ partner after Gordon died in 1921.
  • By 1915 James and Annie had moved across to NE London and were living at 14 Ashlin Rd, Stratford, for the birth of their daughter Nancy. This was about 18 miles from 197 Lower Mortlake Road.
  • Then by 1920—the birth of their son Bill—James and Annie had moved back to within half a mile of 197 Lower Mortlake Road and were living at 26 Dancer Rd, North Sheen.

The 1921 census is not yet in the public domain, but Annie’s mother Emma E Whing died between Jan and Mar 1921, aged 78.105 Annie probably moved back to 197 Lower Mortlake Road fairly soon after this with her 4 children under 11 or 12, to live with her father. It was probably around this time that Elsie and James’ relationship became serious. Elsie’s husband Gordon had died between June and September 1921. Sylvester Whing died 1927, aged 88.106

James’ mother Selena died in 1930 at 30 Twickenham Rd, Isleworth, Brentford, 7 miles away from 109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury where James was living at the time with his second family (and 3 miles from 197 Lower Mortlake Road). Selena didn’t leave him anything in her Will, as she did with her 2 daughters. But as with her other son who had died, she left his share to his children when they reached 21.

The 1939 England and Wales Register

Since the 1931 census was destroyed during an air raid on London and the 1941 census was never taken, this Register—taken just before the outbreak of the 2nd World War—usefully fills the gap between 1921-51. The Register shows:

197 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond. Annie E Brocket, born 21 Sep 1885, married, occupation: Domestic; with 2 Single females [daughters]: Eileen Brocket, born 10 Jul 1912, occupation: Domestic; and Nancy Brocket, born 1 Mar 1915, occupation: Grocers Asst. The word ‘Separated’ was added in red against Annie’s married status. Nancy’s surname Brocket was crossed out and ‘PAGE’ added in black, and a second initial D added in green plus a surname CLARKE. (See above for sons Frank and Bill.)

109 Nursery Rd, Sunbury. James W Brockett, born 9 Apr 1879, occupation: Motor Mechanic, Married; Elsie G Brockett, born 5 Jun 1894, occupation: Unpaid Domestic Duties, Married; Douglas G Tyrell, born 25 Nov 1917, occupation: Dryer Man – Millboard Manufacturing, Single; Allen W Tyrell, born 14 Mar 1919, occupation: Agricultural Labourer, Single; Victor J Brockett, born 25 Jun 1922, occupation: Shop Assistant (Fishmongers), Single; Kathleen G Brockett, born 17 Oct 1929, At School; Derek W Brockett, born 4 Aug 1933, At School. Kathleen’s surname was crossed out and ‘KNIGHT’ added in black.

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