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Brokets of North East England 1750-1949

North East records of Brokets from mid 18th to 19th C aren’t many, and mainly concern six families. All six have now either died out in the male line, or will do, except for the Gateshead one that has descendants worldwide. They lived in:

  1. Headlam Hall in the rural Tees valley 1736-1845.
  2. Newcastle and Gateshead on either side of the Tyne from the 1810s to 1921.
  3. the seafaring centre of Whitby from the 1790-1820s. This Whitby family grew into a clan that flourished further up the coast in Hartlepool with births registered there 1860-1931 and marriages 1861-1932.
  4. Earsdon, c 7 m north of Newcastle, 1622-1826.
  5. the industrial centres of Sheffield, Stockton on Tees, Middlesbrough and—coincidentally, as they were not obviously related to the Whitby clan—in W Hartlepool. These were the families in the 1870s and 90s of two returning sons of an emigrant to Wales from the Aycliffe clan.
  6. the countryside west of Newcastle, where two gardening brothers-in-law from Bedfordshire raised families in the 1870s, Samuel and Reuben.

Selected individuals:

  1. Frederick of Haltwhistle b 1842
  2. Henry Yeoman of Lanchester and Croxdale 1721-94
  3. Henry of Newcastle d 1774
  4. John Gent of Gateshead 1764-1827
  5. John of Newcastle d 1843
  6. Joseph of Midlestone d 1778
  7. Rev Prof Laurence of Headlam and Cambridge 1724-68
  8. Mary Widow of Newcastle d 1832
  9. Ralph of Durham City, bap 1777
  10. Reuben of Ovington 1849-1934
  11. Robert of Newcastle d 1818
  12. Robert of W Rainton and Leamside c 1814- 1869
  13. Samuel of Wylam 1844-1915
  14. William Esq of Headlam and London 1719-66
  15. William Henry of Gateshead 1804-67
  16. Singletons

Frederick Brockett of Haltwhistle, b 1842

Third son of Joseph and Sarah CORRALL, b 4 Aug 1842, Kempston.1 Married Margery ARMSTRONG, Spinster, aged 20, from Haltwhistle, in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland 23 Aug 1868—he was residing Barclay St there as a Gardener—and worked subsequently as a Gardener/Domestic Servant at Blenkinsopp Hall, Haltwhistle.2

Census records for Frederick and Margery:    Read more

No record of either of the couple in the 1881 census, nor apparently again in GRO. Did they emigrate? Was their son the Earnest in the 1881 Canadian census? Child:

  1. Frederick Ernest, b 13 May 1870 at Blenkinsopp Hall, Haltwhistle.3 No further records in GRO.

Henry Brock / Brocket, Yeoman of Lanchester and Croxdale 1721-94

Father of John Gent of Gateshead 1764-1827. Further details here.

Henry Brockett of Newcastle d 1774

Will of Henry Brockett of Newcastle, Merchant, written 28 September 1772, pr 1774.4 All effects real and personal to wife Dorothy, sole executrix, except legacies of £4 each to daughters Mary Smith and Margaret Campbell.

John Brockett Gent of Gateshead 1764-1827

John was the youngest son of Henry and Ann of Lanchester, bap there 26 Nov 1764. He moved to Witton Gilbert, a small village c 4 m NW of Durham City. He married Frances Sophia TROTTER, daughter of George TROTTER of Middridge in 1787 St Nicholas Durham City. They lived in Gateshead and the most famous of their 6 children were John Trotter Brockett, 1788-1842, Newcastle Lawyer, Antiquary, Numismatist and Author and William Henry Brockett, 1804-67, Newspaper owner, Genealogist and one time Mayor of Gateshead. Further details here.

John Brockett, Cork cutter of Newcastle, d 1843

Will of John Brockett of Newcastle, Cork cutter, d 30 Mar 1843, written 19 Apr 1838, codicil 7 Jul 1840, proved 22 Apr 1843.5 Estate valued at £600. Everything to wife Sarah for term of life, except his half of 2 properties in Aldgate London. Thereafter to daughter Hannah Harrison and heirs of late daughter Mary Davison. John’s signature. Sarah died 1844 Newcastle.6

Joseph Brockett, Yeoman of Midlestone, d 1788

Will of Joseph Brockett, Yeoman of Midlestone (Merrington) Durham, written 3 Apr 1786, proved 25 Apr 1788.7 Sole executrix great niece Jane Birdwhistle, formerly Bolam.

Rev Prof Laurence Brockett of Headlam and Cambridge 1724-1768

Youngest son of Laurence Brockett 1699-1750 of Durham and Headlam Hall. Professor of Modern History at Cambridge. He had only owned Headlam Hall for two years when he died from a fall from his horse. Laurence was unmarried, but his son from Susannah NEVILLE inherited the Headlam estate. His Will contained provision for his favourite dog Brisk. His only son William Neville Brockett inherited the Headlam estate in 1768 as a boy of about 8 years old and was the owner for over 70 years. Further details here.

Mary Brockett of Newcastle, Widow, d 1832

Will of Mary Brockett of Newcastle, Widow of Robert (d 1818), written 31 Jul 1830, proved 27 Apr 1832.8 Everything to Ralph and Sarah Hopper, sole executrix. Mary’s signature.

Ralph Brockett bap 1777 Durham

Son of Ralph and Margaret of Durham City. Presumed to have been the Bookseller/Printer, who married Ann … and lived for a period in the mining area of Houghton-le-Spring and Hetton-le-Hole and nearby villages of West and East Rainton, 4-6 m NE of Durham City. There is a slight possibility of confusion with the Ralph, b 1797 in Earsdon, a mining area c 20 m to the N, over the Tyne. No more is known of that Ralph, his marriage or death aren’t in the GRO. Four records of presumed children, born 1817-24.

Reuben Brockett of Ovington 1849-1934

Son of Samuel and Mary Anne LOVEDAY was born 9 Feb 1849 in Bedford District,9 bap Bromham 25 Mar.10 He married his 1st cousin Jane Brockett 24 Dec 1870 in Holy Trinity, Bedford, he aged 21, occupation Carter, residing Bunyan St, she 24, residing Alexandra Villa,11 witnesses: his mother and Jane’s eldest brother William. The couple both died in Hexham: she in 1924 Q4, aged 78, and he in 1934.12 By 1872 he had joined his cousins and brothers-in-law Frederick and Samuel to work as a Gardener in Northumberland.

Census records for Reuben and Jane:    Read more


  1. Reuben Corrall, b 1872 S Shields.13 Occupation Licensed Victualler,14 Hotelier in Corbridge. He married Ann CODDLING 1899 in Castle Ward, Northumberland.15 He died 1940 Newcastle.16 She died Newcastle 1941 Q2, aged 64, ie b c 1877. +Census records for Reuben Corrall and Ann:    Read more

    1. Frederick Herbert, b 20 Nov 1903 Morpeth;17 married 1st Elizabeth HOPPER 1927 in Hexham.18 She died during World War II, while Fred was in the Fire Service, but no record in the GRO. He married 2nd Phyllis Dorothy BAILEY or JOHNSON 1950 in Newcastle.19 He died on holiday 31 Aug 1977 at Strathlachlan Caravan Park, Strachur, Loch Fyne, W Scotland, occupation Police Constable, usual residence Hynde House, Craythorn, Yarm, Cleveland.20 Phyllis died 1989. Adopted descendants living.
  2. Evelyna Jane, b 1878 Hexham.21 Name also spelt Evalina. Married 1898 George EARSDON, Castle Ward, Northumberland.22 At the Keepers Lodge, Kirkley, Castle Ward in 1901, Evelyna J, aged 23, born Ovingham, Northumberland, Wife; George aged 32, Gamekeeper, born Felton, Northumberland; son Frederick P, aged 5 months, born Ponteland, Northumberland.23 At Eland Hall Ponteland, Castle Ward in 1911, Evelyna Jane, aged 33, born Ovingham, Wife; George aged 42, Market Gardener, born Felton; son Frederick Percival Earsdon, aged 10, born Ponteland; married 12 years, one child born, 3 rooms in the house.24

Robert Brockett of Newcastle, Cooper, d 1818

Will of Robert Brockett of Newcastle, Cooper, written 26 Jan, proved 21 May 1818.25 All personal effects to wife Mary (d 1832), Sole executor Ralph Hopper, Cooper of Newcastle. Robert’s signature.

Robert Brockett of W Rainton and Leamside, d 1869

Boiler Smith/Foreman Blacksmith. In West Rainton in 1841 on his own, aged 20, Blacksmith26. Committed suicide 12 Jul 1869 Leamside. Possibly father of John, Coal Miner, who married Mary ATKINSON by 1871 and resided Downs Lane, Hetton-le-Hole 1871. Robert might have been an earlier son of Ralph and Ann. But Robert wasn’t otherwise a Durham City Broket name, so he may have come from further north, like Earsdon where a Robert was bap 1808, son of John. Further details here.

Samuel Brockett of Wylam 1844-1915

Fourth son of Joseph and Sarah CORRALL was born 1844 in Bedford District,27 bap 21 Sep 1845, 28 and died 1915 in Haltwhistle, Northumberland.29 He married Elizabeth … 1870 in Northallerton.30 Like his cousin and brother-in-law Reuben he moved north to Northumberland, marrying a Yorkshire woman in Northallerton. She died 193931 Northumberland W, aged 89, ie b c 1850.

Census records for Samuel and Elizabeth:    Read more

Children (the male line apparently died out):

  1. Mary Elizabeth, b 1870 Northallerton, surname Brockitt32 or Osmotherly.33 Osmotherly is about 6 m E of Northallerton. In 1901 in Berwick upon Tweed, Tweedmouth.34 She married 1902 in Haltwhistle.35 Possibly at 6 Howard Terrace, Haltwhistle in 1911, aged 42, Widow, surname PATTINSON, born Haltwhistle, married 13 years (actually 11), 3 children born and living with her: John William, aged 22, Single, born Kirkby Stephen; Joseph Thomas, aged 7, born Newcastle on Tyne; Florence Muriels, aged 6, born Newcastle on Tyne.36
  2. Sarah Correll, b 1873, Haltwhistle.37 In 1891 Sarah, aged 19, b Northumberland Haltwhistle was a Scullery Maid with many other servants in Nunwich Hall, Simonburn, Hexham, Northumberland, home of Rev James ALLGOOD, 64, Widower.38 She married 1896 Nicholas Isaac WHITE, Stone Mason, in Haltwhistle.39
  3. Rose Sealey, b 1876, Hexham.40 Her second initial was transcribed as L in the 1881 census, aged 4, birthplace Wylam. She married 1898 Q3 at Haltwhistle, where her second name may have been spelt Sisely.
  4. Violet Isabel, b 1881, Hexham.41 She married 1902 at Haltwhistle.42
  5. Lily Best, b 1884, Hexham.43 Spelt Lilly in the 1891 census. She married 1921 at Haltwhistle to … MOON.44
  6. Frederick Ernest, b 1887, Haltwhistle.45 He married Ellen Elizabeth CHAPMAN 1913 in Petworth, Sussex.46 He died 8 Mar 1959 at 42 The Crescent, Bricket Wood, St Albans, Herts, aged 72, estate £302 4s 8d to Ellen Elizabeth.47 Ellen Elizabeth died 8 Nov 1964 at 42 The Crescent, Bricket Wood, St Albans, estate £221.48 +Census records for Frederick and Ellen:    Read more

    1. Raymond Lindsay, b 1923 Watford London.49 Married 1951 Edith Marie WESTMORLAND St Albans, Herts.50 No issue recorded in GRO. He died 31 Jul 1992 at 51 Stanley Ave, Chiswell Green, St Albans, Administration Ipswich 8 Sep, estate not exceeding £125,000. She died 21 Nov 1992 at 51 Stanley Ave, Chiswell Green, St Albans, Will proved London 25 Feb 1993, estate not exceeding £125,000.

William Brockett Esq of Headlam and London 1719-66

Second son of Laurence Brockett 1699-1750 of Durham and Headlam Hall. William worked in the Six Clerks’ Office in Westminster. He owned Headlam Hall for fourteen years. His Will was proved, like his younger brother Laurence‘s, by the oath of Susannah Neville Spinster, sole executrix. Further details here.

William Henry Brockett of Gateshead 1804-67

William Henry was a Newspaper owner, Genealogist and one time Mayor of Gateshead. A son of John Gent of Gateshead 1764-1827. Further details here.


  1. Robert son of Robert Hannah BROCKET bap 7 Aug 1768 Auckland St Andrew
  2. Edwin Brockett, born 1830 Durham, son of Robert Brockett, emigrated to Hensonville, USA in 1855, as recorded in the History of Greene County.51 Rather than Durham City, “born in Durham” may have meant County Durham, but no record of an Edwin b c 1830 from either has been found. County Durham then stretched up to Gateshead, including Sunderland. A Robert c 1814-1869 was recorded in Houghton Durham, and a little further SE in North Yorkshire there was a known contemporary Robert—and later a Robert Edwin b 1871.
  3. William Brockett died in Bishop Auckland’s Union Workhouse 9 Dec 1879, aged 60, (ie b c 1819) Ironworker, of chronic bronchitis.52 He was probably the Millfurnaceman, who may have been a son of Thomas and Cicillia WATKINS, and who married Eliza RICHARDS in Middlesbrough in 1847.

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