Headlam Hall Brocketts - The Broket Archive

The Brocketts of Headlam Hall
in the Tees valley 1736-1845

Headlam Hall stands in undulating lowland just over a mile north of Gainford village in the arable, sandstone, middle stretches of the Tees Valley.1 It is now a luxurious country hotel2 with a golf course and spa. Three framed indentures hang on the walls there today, signed and sealed respectively by Laurence Brockett senior in 1740, William Brockett in 1762, and the third by William Neville Brockett and his wife Jane in 1828.

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[1] Conservation Area Appraisal, Gainford, Durham County Council 2013, at goo.gl/qSCiN4 (accessed 19 Apr 2014)

[2] www.headlamhall.co.uk (accessed 23 May 2018)

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