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Testament of John Brokett of Apylton Husbandman 1472

Following is a testament rather than a Will, in that it deals with John‘s personal estate: ensuring that his soul is free of any obligations or debts. As such it mentions bequests to churches and the nunnery and leaves the disposition of any real estate to his executors:1

In the name of God Amen the ninth day of the month of April the year of the Lord one thousand 400 seventy
the second I John Brokett husbandman of Appleton in the parish of Bolton Percy my mind being sound
and my memory healthy construct ordain and make my testament in this wise Firstly I bequeath
and commend my soul to God Almighty to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to all the saints of the heavenly Court
and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the aforesaid Church Item I bequeath my best beast as
my mortuary Item to the Cathedral Church of York 12d Item to my parish church 5s Item I bequeath to the high altar
of the said Church for tithes forgotten 12d Item I bequeath similarly to the high altar of Ledkirke Item to the high
altar of Tadcaster Church 12d Item I bequeath to the prioress and convent of Nun Appleton 12d The rest
however of all my goods concerning my portion my debts first being paid in full and
my funeral expenses fulfilled I give and bequeath to my executors written below to dispose
thereafter for the salvation of my soul and to be divided between Alice my wife and my sons and daughters
as it shall seem best to them moreover I ordain and appoint as executors of this testament the aforesaid
Alice my wife and my son Edward and Thomas Watarhall as supervisor
By the witnesses Thomas Doghtby Thomas Bew William Gyles and others dated the day and year of the Lord
mentioned above Probate of the present testament was made on the 20th. day of the month of April the year of the Lord stated above
And the administration was committed to the executors named in the said testament sworn in the form of an oath.

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For the similar Testament of John Brockett of Swaffham Bulbeck, written 16 Feb 1524, see the separate page. And for the Brokets’ relationship with Nun Appleton, see this separate page.

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[1] Written 9 Apr 1472 proved 20 Apr 1472, BI Probate Register vol 4 f 76r.

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