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Brokets of Scotland 18th C

The 4 Scottish Broket clans of the 18th C were all from rural Lanarkshire. Individuals moved up to Edinburgh and Glasgow:
1. Lesmahagow
2. Carnwath
3. Crawfordjohn, Crawford, Wiston and Wandell
4. Carstairs
5. Edinburgh and Glasgow

1. Lesmahagow 18th C

The OPR recorded 2 families at the beginning of the century; the fathers probably brothers:1

Descendants are known from William christened 1714, and possibly one of the 2 Johns, christened 1706 and 1709.William who married Marion MILLER would have been born in the 1670s or early 80s; perhaps a grandson of John, Robert or Thomas who left Wills in the 1680s.

The Lesmahagow OPR recorded no Brokets from 1722 until 1743 (Grissell’s marriage). In 1783 Grisal Broket was living in Darnfillan and her brother William, his wife Margaret WIGHT and children Elisabeth, Andrew, Margaret and James in Netherfoldhous.2 Any other Brokets, whether siblings or 1st cousins of Grisal and William, had either died or moved on. The John who married Janet SMYTH in Crawfordjohn 1730 may well have been born 1706 or 1709 in Lesmahagow.
Some events went unrecorded of course, like the christening of a William who married Shusan HAMILTON in 1802, and the christening of James, the head of the 2nd of the 2 families living in Lesmahagow over the rest of the 18th C:

1st family: William and Margaret WIGHT of Netherfauld House: 6 recorded christenings 1748-70
2nd family: James (5th son of of the 1st family) and Jean WILSON: 7 recorded christenings 1787-99, seebelow.

William of the 1st family would have been a son of William and Marion MILLER, christened 1714. The men often married in their late 20s and William became a father aged 34. William and Margaret farmed at Netherfauldhouse and had 8 children, 6 recorded christened in Lesmahagow:3

  1. William christened 5 May 1748. The OPR entry is unnamed. Buried unm Lesmahagow 1776, aged 28.
  2. Elizabeth christened 15 May 1750. Died before 1759.
  3. Robert christened 8 Apr 1752. Emigrated to Alexandria, Virginia 1784 or 85.4
  4. Andrew christened 23 Apr 1756. Married Janet BROWN in Lesmahagow 12 Mar 1783. Resided Stewarton 1785-92 and then Glasgow—at 61 Buchanan St in 1803—where he worked as a contractor on public building projects like the Crinan Canal.5 “In autumn 1803 Andrew entered a regiment attached to a volunteer force raised to repel Napoleon’s threatened invasion of Ireland, as lieutenant and after 6 months was promoted to captain, in which capacity he continued for more than two years.”6 He was responsible for building the Nelson Monument, an obelisk 44 m tall, in Glasgow Green in 1806, and was probably involved in its repair after it was shattered by lightning in 1810. He kept up a correspondence with his brother Robert from the time of his emigration to America until his death in 1829.7 In March 1832 Andrew set up a trust in the presence of an advocate sheriff, which mentioned bequests to various brothers and sisters and their heirs, including one to his brother Robert “of Alexandria North America and his heirs”.8 His Will was proved Glasgow 1833. Children:
    1. John christened 1785, d unm 20 Dec 1818.9
    2. Margaret christened 1787; married Reverend John RITCHIE 12 Mar 12 1814; 5 daughters, 3 sons. John died in Edinburgh 1861. Margaret was still living 1871.10
  5. Elizabeth christened 1 Jul 1759. Married James MINTO 1792. Buried Lesmahagow 1811. 3 sons, 1 daughter Margaret, who married William TUDHOP c 1830 and emigrated to Canada with cousins Christian and James.
  6. James b 12 Aug 1762.11
  7. John. No apparent record of his christening in any of the Scottish OPRs. Sailed for North America 1785. Died unmarried West Indies 1796.
  8. Margaret christened 13 May 1770. Married John DIXON 1792. Buried Lesmahagow 1817.

The inscription on the family gravestone in Lesmahagow churchyard begins:

To the memory of
WILLIAM BROCKET Netherfauldhouse
who died August 1790
and MARGARET WIGHT his spouse
who died October 1792

William Brocket of Netherfauld buried 1790
Netherfauldhouse. It isn’t known when the Brockets first came to this farm, situated about 3 m SE of Lesmahagow.12 Not specified on Forrest’s 1816 map, it is probably one of the group of 4 black spots just east of Fauldhouse alias Birkhill. FB said it was purchased from the Earl of Douglas. It was assessed at £20 c 1771. 66 other landowners were listed then for Lesmahagow, 12 assessed at less than £20.13 See these images taken 2004.

A century later in 1871 Netherfauld House Farm comprised c 53 acres of good crop-yielding land, 4 m S of Lesmahagow, divided into 5 enclosures by stone walls. The house had 6 rooms and a kitchen, with a four-stalled stable, coach house and byre for 6 cows. On 12 Mar 1788 William settled it equally on sons Andrew and James. On Andrew’s death 1832 James and son William stayed on, paying Andrew’s trustees £80 p a. It remained in the family till it was sold at a Public Auction in Glasgow 1871 for £1700.14 The valuation of farm stock in 1832 reads:15  Read more

2. James of the 2nd family, b 12 Aug 1762, youngest son of William and Margaret WIGHT, married Jean WILSON 1785 in Edinburgh, or Douglas Bridge.22 His christening is not in any OPR. James and Jean occupied Netherfauld House Farm from 1790—probably—till 1806, when they moved to Jarviswood, a farm of 3-400 acres near Lanark, in addition to managing a farm of 500 acres in Carmichael.

“James was born August 12, 1762. Married Jane Wilson at Douglas Bridge in 1786 – “which greatly displeased his father.” Occupied the Nethersfauld [sic] House Farm until 1806, when he removed to Jarviswood, a farm of 300 or 400 acres near Lanark. At this time he also conducted a farm of 500 acres in Carmichael. He was a good farmer and made money. In 1822 James released the Jarviswood farm 19 years, at the rate of £175 per annum. He formerly paid an annual rental of £135. Had eight children viz: Margaret, Jane, Elizabeth, Christina, John, William, Janet, and another daughter, name not known, who died in 1788. James’ fourth daughter married at the early age of 15 “much against his inclination” and he seemed “little gratified at the marriage of his third daughter” although he would not set his face against it”. In 1828 James had 28 grandchildren, the children of 5 daughters and one son. James was living in 1832.”23

The burial of Jean, aged 60—ie b c 1757—in Lesmahagow 26 Dec 181724 was probably her. In son William’s Death Certificate of 1874 she was called Jane. He was buried Lesmahagow 1840 aged 78. They had 8 children, 6 christened in Lesmahagow:

  1. Margaret christened 1785 Douglas. Married James PATERSON 1808 Lanark. Through their daughter Jane/Jeanie a line of Broket Watsons lived in Paisley, London and Australia.
  2. Jean christened 1787. Married Nathaniel McGHIE? 1811 Lanark.
  3. Elisabeth christened 1789. Married John AITKEN 1813 Lanark. Recorded in the 1841 census under the name Brocket, aged 45, with husband, Farmer, 55, and 3 daus and 2 sons in Collielaw, Cleghorn, Lanark. Recorded in the 1851 census under the name AITKEN, Widow, Head, aged 60, Farmer of 140 acres in Collielaw employing 4 labourers, and with 1 son and 1 dau. She died at Collielaw 17 Sep 1857, aged 66, of diseased liver 18 months, and was buried in Lanark Churchyard.25
  4. William christened 1791. Married Barbara BROWN 1821 Lanark.
  5. Christian christened 1795. Married James TUTTOP (Tudhope) 1811 Lanark. Emigrated to Canada 1831 with cousins Margaret and William. To be distinguished from Christian b c 1798 Carnwath.
  6. Janet christened 1797. Married William JACK 1818 Lanark.
  7. John christened 1799. Died unm 12 Jun 1820.26 Buried 15 Jun Lesmahagow, aged 20.27
  8. Margaret b c 1805, no christening in any OPR. Buried Lesmahagow 1836 aged 31

2. Carnwath 18th C

Most 18th C adult male Carnwath Brokets were Blacksmiths. James, buried 1699, was, and both his son Hugh and grandson James were recorded as ‘Smith in Auchengray’.28 Then James’ son William moved c 4 m W to be Master Blacksmith at Carstairs and son Robert took over the Smithy in Carnwath.

Blacksmiths worked with the black metals—iron and steel. They used leather bellows to feed oxygen into the fire to soften the metal for hammering on an anvil into different shapes like hinges, household goods, farm implements, tools, locks, and tyres for wheels.

The 1757 Sasine spelt the surname mainly as Brockate, but also as Broakate and Brokate. Hugh’s daughter Jean Brockett and husband James LIN were also the subject of the 1733 Sasine.29

The Carnwath OPRs are incomplete. Christenings didn’t start being recorded till 1710 and marriage records only survive 1705-35, resuming 1826.

  • Although they were not recorded in the Carnwath Parish christenings—nor any other OPR—it is safe to assume that William and Robert were sons of James.
  • Hugh and Margaret WALLACE’s daughter Margaret was christened in 1710—the year that christenings were first recorded in Carnwath. Even though they were still having children 20 years later, Margaret may not have been their first child. All Carnwath Brockets born 1761-1939 descend from Robert and Janet nevertheless.
  • Robert and Janet probably married shortly before their first child was christened 1799, but the Carnwath PR of marriages 1736-1825 is lost.
  • The christening of their 2nd son Thomas is not recorded.
  • Helen and William, children of Hugh Brockit and Margrat Walace, were not twins. Helen was christened Mar 27 1715 in Carnwath. William was born Aug 5 1715 in Carnwath and then christened in W Calder on Aug 19 1716.

3. Crawfordjohn, Crawford, Wiston and Wandell 18th C

In the 65 years between 1730-95 Crawfordjohn, Crawford, Wiston and Wandell OPRs recorded 3 Brocket marriages and 15 births/christenings, probably from one clan. These 4 neighbouring parishes lie only 10-15 m S and SE of Lesmahagow. The River Clyde, formed by burns running from the hills in the parishes of Crawfordjohn and Crawford, separates Wiston from Wandell as it flows NE towards Biggar.

1730 23 May: John married Janet SMITH in Crawfordjohn.
1731 29 Aug: Helen daughter of John and Janet SMITH was christened in Crawfordjohn.
1733 24 Jun: Margaret daughter of John and Janet SMITH was christened in Crawfordjohn.
1736 11 Jan: Marion daughter of John and Janet SMITH was christened in Crawfordjohn.
1738 18 Feb: Thomas son of John and Mary CRUMBIE (also of Alloa) was christened in Crawfordjohn.
1741 4 Jan: Janet daughter of John and Janet SMITH was christened in Crawfordjohn.
1745 28 Apr: Jean daughter of John and Janet SMITH was christened in Crawford.
1747 25 Jul: William son of John and Janet SMITH was born in Crawford.
1753 30 Jan: Elizabeth daughter of John was born in Crawford.
1755 10 Aug: Isabell daughter of John and Janet MENZIES was christened in Crawfordjohn.
1758 19 Dec: Elisabeth daughter of John and Janet MENZIES was christened in Crawford.
1761 22 Dec: Thomas married Margaret SHANKLEY in Wiston after Banns.
1762 7 Mar: Helen daughter of John and Janet MENZIES was christened in Crawfordjohn.
1762 14 Nov: John son of Thomas and Margaret SHANKLAY was christened in Wiston.
1764 11 Nov: James son of Thomas and Margaret SHANKLEY was christened in Wiston.
1792 14 Dec: John married Margaret MURDOCH in Wandell.
1793 17 Nov: Thomas son of John, Weaver, was christened in Wandell.
1795 26 Apr: Janet daughter of John and Margaret MURDOCH was christened in Wandell.

The OPRs for these parishes exist as follows:30














1656-1708, 1715-1854

1645-1709, 1716-96, 1822-54

1702-9, 1715-99, 1832-54





If pre-1741 Crawford baptisms were recorded in Crawfordjohn, as suggested by John and Janet’s family, then Brokets probably first came to these parishes with John in the 1730s. Hence the following chart:


  • Was the John who married Janet MENZIES in the early 1750s previously married to Janet SMITH?
  • What happened to all the daughters?
  • Glasgow City OPR31 has: Janet daughter of Thomas Brocket, Wright, and Margaret SINCLAIR was born 23 Oct 1766, witnesses John SOMERVILE and John BROCKETT. Were Janet’s parents the Thomas and Margaret SHANKLAY of Wiston, moved up to Glasgow, and was witness John SOMERVILE Janet’s grandfather?

4. Carstairs 18th C

Carstairs lies c 4 m W of Carnwath and was a place Brokets moved to rather than originated from. The first Carstairs Parish record of Brokets was a banns-proclamation fee of 5s received 7 Apr 1758 for William Brockat and Agnuss TENANT, both of Carnwath—where banns had also been proclaimed. They married 9 Apr 1758 in Carstairs but are not recorded again. William was most likely son of Hugh christened 1715. The next 3 Carstairs records were marriages from the next generation, probably of siblings, at least of cousins:

  1. Janet to John BLACK 15 Mar 1778 irregular marriage
  2. Margaret of the parish of Carnwath to Adam PRENTICE 17 Jan 1779
  3. William to Christian GELLIE 30 Oct 1785

All subsequent Carstairs Broket records concern the children of the last couple William and Christian GELLIE, born at the end of the 18th C and belonging more to the 19th.

5. Edinburgh and Glasgow 18th C

A number of Brokets lived in Edinburgh and Glasgow at the end of the 17th and through the 18th C. These can be linked together and with the 19-20th C Scottish Broket clans:

5.1. Edinburgh






25 Mar


daughter of John Broket married in Leith South


25 Oct


son of John Broket married Margaret EUING in Leith South (also 19 Jan)


29 May


daughter of John Brocket and Alison PORTES was christened in Leith South


29 Dec


son of John Brockett and Alisone PORTEOUS was christened in Leith South


1 May


daughter of Henry (?Hendrie b 1692) Brokat was born in Leith South


1 May


son of Henry (?Hendrie b 1692) Brokat was born in Leith South


8 Mar


(?Hendrie b 1692) Brocket married Janet HUDE in Leith South


13 Jan


son of Henry Brocket and Janet HUDE was christened in Leith South


30 Aug


son of Henry Brocket and Janet HUDE was christened in Leith South


4 Sep


daughter of Henry Brocket and Janet HUDE was christened in Leith South


23 Mar


daughter of Henry Brocket and Janet HUDE was christened in Leith South


18 Oct


daughter of Henry Brocket and Janet HUDE was christened in Leith South


17 Jun


daughter of Henry Brocket and Janet HOOD was christened in Leith South


14 Oct


son of John Brocket (b 1715?) and Margaret JACK was christened in Edinburgh


2 May


daughter of John Brokat (b 1715?) and Mary CROMBIE was christened in St Cuthberts Edinburgh


13 Oct


(christened 1726?) Brocket married John HOLT in Leith South


1 Dec


(christened 1726?) Brocket married James BEGG in Leith South


31 Aug


(christened 1733?) Brocket married John CLARK(E) in Leith South


22 Jan


Brocket married Jean WILSON in Edinburgh (IGI has 1788)

5.2. Glasgow






14 Oct


daughter of John Brockett was christened in W Calton


4 Feb


Brocket married John INGLIS in W Calton


30 Jan


Brocket married Thomas ROB in W Calton

In the last quarter of the century William and Margaret AULD of the Gorbals, Glasgow West, recorded 8 children 1774-91, but no descendants are known:

  1. John, christened 3 Apr 1774. No further record.
  2. Janet, christened 28 Jun 1778. Recorded aged 60, in Portugal St, Gorbals in 1841, Servant, b in the county, with [brother] William.32
  3. William, christened 10 Apr 1781; d bef 1784.
  4. William, b 22 Jun 1784. Recorded aged 55, in Portugal St, Gorbals in 1841, Tailor Journeyman, b in the county, with [sister] Janet,33 but no spouse or children. Recorded aged 67, unm, Taylor, Lodger in the house of Catherine AULD, 51, Widow, ?Moncrieff St, Gorbals, b Gorbals.34
  5. Margaret, christened 28 Apr 1786. ?Married 19 Apr John RITCHIE Glasgow.
  6. Thomas, b 4 Nov 1786. No further record.
  7. Jane, b 2 Oct 1788. No apparent further record.
  8. Andrew, b 26 Mar 1791. No further record. To be distinguished from Andrew, christened Carstairs 17 Jul 1791, son of William and Christian GELLIE.

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