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Brocketts of Scotland 19-20th C: Glasgow

As well as a couple of links to Glaswegian Brocketts from other clans this page includes the 8 sons of John Wilson Brockett 1837-1911 and Christina YOUNG of Penicuik. 6 of the 8 had upwards of 24 sons between them, most of whom had families of their own, which is the main reason Glasgow has the largest number of Brocketts in Britain today.1

The sons of John Wilson and Christina YOUNG:

  1. William Glendinning Brockett, 1856-1945 and Ann/ie KELLY and Jemima WILSON
  2. John Young Brockett, b and d 1857 Penicuik
  3. William Henderson Brockett, 1860-1931 and Catherine ROXBURGH and Jane STEVENSON
  4. Thomas Young Brockett, 1862-1912 and Janet HAMILTON
  5. David McFarlane Brockett, 1864-1925 and Jessie ROBERTSON
  6. John Brockett, 1870-1930 and Jeannie WILCOX
  7. James McFarlane Brockett, 1872-1913 and Margaret CRAWFORD
  8. Andrew Brockett, 1875-1963 and Annie DUNBAR

Other Glaswegian Brockett families:

  1. Alexander 1878-1944 and Isabella IRONSIDE from Shotts (see separate page.)
  2. Andrew 1791-1855 and Elizabeth THOMSON from Carstairs (see separate page.)
  3. Andrew 1840-1901 and Janet BOWES from Lesmahagow (see separate page.)
  4. David 1835-1913 and Ann TELFER from Lesmahagow (see separate page.)

1. William Glendinning Brockett 1856-1945

1st son of John Wilson and Christina, William was born 20 Mar 1856 in Penicuik, and died 1945, aged 89 [ie b c 1856] in Townhead, Glasgow.2 He was 4 years older than the next surviving son in the family, also called William. This William, born 1856, married Ann/ie KELLY, Cotton Yarn Winder, 31 Dec 1878 in Rutherglen.3 She was born c 1860, daughter of Francis KELLY, Ironplater and Ann FAIRLIE,4 and died 7 Aug 1897 Bridgeton of cardiac disease 9 months, pneumonia 3 days,5 aged 37 [ie b c 1860].6

William’s signature on 12 Aug, 1918, as informant of his mother’s death (William residing 10 John St, Bridgeton—which shows it wasn’t the signature of his brother William 1860-1931.):7

William Brockett signature 1918 Glasgow

In 1897 William was a Widower with 8 children between the ages of 16 and a few days. About 2½ years later—16 Mar 1900—he married 2nd Jemima WILSON, Spinster aged 44, in Bridgeton, Glasgow, from 13 Bernard St.8 In 1901 they were living at 64 Ruby St. Jemima died 1932 in Bridgeton, aged 76 [ie b c 1856].9 No issue recorded.

William was a Bandmaster in the Salvation Army. From the tone of a letter he wrote in 1917/8 he appears to have been a strong paterfamilias. His occupations varied:

1. Gold Beater Apprentice 1871 10
2. Gold Beater Journeyman 1878 11
3. Bricklayer’s Labourer 1881 12
4. Iron Forge Labourer 1888 13
5. Sewing Machine Mechanic 1892 14
6. Iron Planing Machine Worker 1900 15
7. Gold Beater 1901 16
8. Engine Fitter 1904 17 and 1916 18
9. Machineman Sewing Machine Factory 1911 and 18.19

Census records for William and family:    Read more


  1. An unnamed child who died young.20
  2. John Wilson Brockett, b 1881, Bridgeton.21 Married 1905 Old Kilpatrick Nora Florence BANKS, both of Radnor Park, Clydebank, he a Shuttlemaker [at Singers?], she a Waitress.22 He died 1934 Hillhead, aged 53, spouse’s name Florence. Some World War I papers provide information about John:23
    Enlisted aged 33 years 1 month on 4 Jan 1915.
    Married Florence BANKS spinster 21 Oct 1905 Clydebank.
    Adopted daughter Florence 1910.
    Height 5ft 7¼in. Weight 12 stone.
    Discharged 22 Mar 1917 to 44 2nd Ave, Clydebank, where wife Florence was living.
    ‘A fair driver of two horses’.

    In 1918 a John Wilson was living at 44 Second Avenue, Clydebank.24 Also there was Florence, ‘illegitimate daughter of Christina Young Brockett’, presumably John’s sister.

  3. William Glendinning Brockett, b 1884 Bridgeton;25 d 1965 Cadder East, Lanark. At the 1901 census he was a patient in the Belvidere Hospital, Glasgow, 17, single, Sewing Machine Maker, birthplace Glasgow. Occupation 1906/9 Metal Polisher;26 1912 School Board Officer;27 1950 Civil Servant Education retired.28 Apparently in the Infantry in the war: promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on 4 Jul 1936.29 Married 22 Jun 1906 Jessie ARMOUR, from 12 Landress St. Children:
    1. William Glendinning Brockett, b 29 Nov 1909 Harvie St, Bridgeton. Married 1936 Elizabeth CRITCHLEY St Helen’s, Liverpool (Q4). 1 son. They divorced. Elizabeth married again 23 Dec 1947 William Patrick HETHERINGTON at the Register Office, Wallasey, Cheshire, she aged 34, divorced, he 33, Bachelor, Accountant, both of 9 Heathbank Avenue, Wallasey30 William married again 6 May 1950 Mollie Hamilton PETERS-SMITH, formerly PEACH, at the Bristol Register Office, he aged 40, divorced, Manager Lace Factory, of the Oaklands Hotel, Chard, Somerset, she 32, Widow, of 5 Hanbury Rd, Clifton.31 1 son. William died 24 May 1981 at Braeside, New Rd, Ilminster, Somerset, aged 72, will pr Bristol 16 Jul, estate valued at £37,106.32
    2. Edward Armour Brockett, b 1912 Calton; m 1940 Jessie Wilson HAMILTON in Provan, his occupation Insurance Clerk. He died 1989 Glasgow.

    William married again 1955—as William Glendinning—aged 68 (actually 70 or 71), to Janet Annie Edith BERSTON, Nursing Sister, aged 56, in Pollock, Glasgow W, from 37 Watson Ave, Rutherglen.

  4. Andrew Brockett, b 1886, Bridgeton;33 d 1942, Shettleston. Married 1stly Jane FINLAY 9 Nov 1904 in Bridgeton, 109 Broad St,34 Occupation 1904/5/8 Iron Driller;35 1913, 35 Law Clerk;36 1915 Law Clerk and Lance Corporal 7th Blythswood Battalion.37 Residing 29 Rumford St, Blythswood, Glasgow in 1908.38 Jane died 1912, aged 26 (b c 1886) Reid St, Bridgeton, Glasgow W. Children:
    1. George Finlay Brockett, b 5 Sep 1905 Bridgeton; m 1928 Dennistown Glasgow W
      d 1973 Glasgow.
    2. Jemima Wilson, b 1907 Camlachie; d 1908 Bridgeton.
    3. William Glendinning Brockett, b 5 Dec 1908. Occupation Journalist; married 1939 Jean CAMERON, 51 Abbotsford Place. Died 1939 of TB, aged 30, Gorbals Glasgow W.
    4. Mary McInnes Brockett, b 1910 Bridgeton, d there 1911.

    Some World War I papers including letters provide information about Andrew:39+Read more

    Andrew married 2ndly Caroline Florence DOUGLAS, Rutherglen 1913, he a Law Clerk and Widower, aged 26, she a Domestic Servant, aged 18. Residing 100 Bernard St, Blythswood, Glasgow in 1915.40 They would have divorced, as in 1924 she married John LOVE. She died 1966. In 1939 Andrew was ‘Salvation Army’.41 Children:

    1. Fraser Douglas Brockett, b 1913 St Rollox Glasgow W; died of TB 24 Aug 1935 Robroyston Hospital, usual residence 12 Pine St, Provan Glasgow W, aged 21, single.42
    2. Annie Catherine Wood Brockett, b 23 Feb 1915 Bridgeton; m 1922 Hutchestown Glasgow W… RAE; d 1985 East Kilbride, aged 69.

    Andrew, Mercantile Clerk, and Margaret McCORQUODALE, Ragstore Worker, residing 193 London Rd, were probably the parents of:

    1. Mary Keatings Brockett, b 1924 St Rollox; d 1996 Glasgow, aged 73.
    2. David Blair Brockett, b 1925 Camlachie; d 1926 Springburn.
  5. Maria Brockett, b 30 Jun 1888, Bridgeton.43 At her birth her name was registered as Christina, but they must have changed it to Maria before the birth of her sister 2 years later. The 1901 census recorded them both at home, Maria aged 12, Christina 11.
  6. Christina Young Brockett, b 1890, East Kilpatrick, Dumbarton.44 The 1901 census recorded the birthplace for all William and Anne’s children as Lanarkshire, ie Glasgow, except Christina’s—Dunbarton, Garscadden. Garscadden was where uncle and aunt David and Jessie lived in the 1890s and 1900s, and had a daughter Christina of their own, born 1888. Child:
    1. Florence Brockett, b 1911 Blythswood; ?m 1935; d 1945 Hamilton. Adopted at birth by brother John and perhaps named for his wife Florence—they had no children of their own.

    Christina married 1917 Calton Roderick DINGWALL, Railway Clerk, bachelor, of 77 North Park St, she a Tailor Machinist of 10 John St,45 1918.46

  7. David Brockett, b 9 Dec 1892, 20 Fulden St, Camlachie;47 d 1972, Motherwell and Wishaw. Married 1916 Annie MITCHELL. His occupation 1919 Iron Grinder, 1925 Toolgrinder of 15 Green St, 1956 Foundry Worker.48 Divorced. Children:
    1. Elizabeth Dunn Brockett, b Calton 1917; d there 1918.
    2. William Glendinning Brockett, b Calton 1925; d Bridgeton 1926.
    3. James Mitchell Brockett, b Bellshill Lanark 1928; d ?unm Peterhead 1980.
    4. others still living

    David m 2ndly 1956 Milton Glasgow W, Bridget FEGAN, Spinster aged 37, Confectionery Worker, he aged 63, Toolgrinder.

  8. Annie Brockett, b 1895, Camlachie; m 1916 Bridgeton Registry Office, William GIBSON, Craneman, aged 21, she a Clothing Machinist, both residing 10 John St, Bridgeton, witnesses Roderick DINGWALL and sister Christina. Died ?1971 Bellshill Lanark.
  9. Thomas Young Brockett, b 1897, Bridgeton; m 1915 Margaret B McLEOD, aged 17, Calton, from 40 Muslin St, Bridgeton. Private in the 10th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Killed 9 Apr 1917 WW1, aged 19.49

2. John Young Brockett

2nd son of John Wilson and Christina, John was born 12 Oct 1857 in Penicuik;50 but died 20 Nov 1857, Kirkhill, Penicuik, aged 5 weeks, of marasmus from birth; buried in Penicuik Burial Ground.51

3. William Henderson Brockett 1860-1931

3rd—and 2nd surviving—son of John Wilson and Christina, and the 2nd William in the family. Both Williams had large Glaswegian families:

William 1856-1945
William 1860-1931
married 1st 1878
married 1st 1881
Widower 1897-1900, 1932-45
Widower 1889-1894
married 2nd 1900
married 2nd 1894
5 sons, 3 daus 1881-97
6 sons, I dau 1882-1907
Salvation Army
Baptist /Primitive Methodist
of Bridgeton
of Camlachie/Shettleston

This second William was first recorded as a Boarder in John and Christina’s household in the 1861 census for Kirkhill, Penicuik, aged 5 months, parish of birth not known. The census was taken on the night of 6 June, so he would have been born late 1860 or early 1861. But his birth wasn’t recorded in the BMDS as a Broket, nor has a relevant William BORTHWICK birth been found. Why he was adopted by John and Christina isn’t known. The census recorded no Borthwick family in the Penicuik area in 1861.

The next 4 censuses recorded him as William BROCKET/T:    Read more

From at least the 1890s he called himself William Henderson Brockett and lived near Ingle St, Glasgow. Most of his children also had the second name Henderson. His death was recorded in the BMDS as William Henderson Brockett in 1931 Camlachie Glasgow, aged 68. The BMDS shows that a large proportion of the Brocketts of Glasgow descend from William.


1. Printfield Worker 52
2. Steam Crane Driver 53
3. Iron Worker 54
4. Cranesman 55
5. Steam Craneman.56

Willam’s 1st wedding was according to the forms of the Baptist Church, his 2nd of the Primitive Methodists. He underestimated his age: 19 for the 1st marriage—actually 21—and 30 for the 2nd—actually c 34. Being adopted may account for him giving fictional parents for the 2nd marriage registration; John and Christina were still alive.

  • Marriage 1. Father: John Wilson Brockett, Engine Keeper in an Iron Forge. Mother: Christina Young.
  • Marriage 2. Father: James Henderson Brockett, Grocer (deceased). Mother: Catherine Cowan, previously Brockett, nee Wilkie. The same details were on his death certificate in 1931. Comment: There is no record of a James Henderson Brockett in the BMDS, and all the James Brocketts recorded marrying before 1864 had named spouses, none of which were Cowan/Wilkie. William’s children from his 1st marriage all had the second name Henderson and for his 2nd marriage he gave his own name as William Henderson Brockett. Is it relevant that Henderson was Christina YOUNG’s mother’s maiden name?

William married first Catherine ROXBURGH 9 May 1881 in Camlachie.57 She was born c 1863 daughter of William ROXBURGH, Carter, and Margaret STEADMAN, and died 1 May 1889 of phthisis pulmonalis one year, aged 26, at 17 Nisbet St, Westmuir, Camlachie.58 Children:

  1. John Henderson Brockett, b 1882, Camlachie;59 d 1955, Shettleston. In the 1901 census John was recorded as aged 19, boarding at 22 E Wellington St, occupation Steelworker,60 1903 Steelwork Labourer,61 1905 Labourer,62 1926 Cranedriver.63 He married Jean/ie WATSON, Power Loom Weaver, 2 Oct 1903 Primitive Methodist Church, Dennistoun, Glasgow.64 Resided 1905: 20 Delburn St, Glasgow.65 Did they go to the USA in 1911 without their sons? Children:
    1. William Henderson Brockett, b 1904, Camlachie; d 1974, Glasgow. Married Elizabeth McDowall McNAMEE, 6 Apr 1926, in a Primitive Methodist Church, Bourne Lea, Glasgow. She died Glasgow 1995, aged 90.66 Descendants living in Glasgow. Children:
      1. Hugh McNamee Brockett, b 1929 Shettleston; m …; died at the Southern General Hospital 19 Dec 2008.67 1 dau, 2 sons.
    2. David Brockett, b 8 Nov 1905, Camlachie;68 d 1974, East Kilbride. Witness to brother’s marriage. Resided 1926, 57 Dechmont St, Parkhead, Glasgow.69
    3. John Henderson Brockett, b 1907, Camlachie; d 6 Aug 1976, Glasgow. Descendants living in Glasgow.
    4. Robert Henderson Brockett, b 1918. War records (TNA WOB 1717/18, T/9848411): Son of John H and Jean, of Carntyne, Glasgow. Driver, Field Ambulance, Royal Army Service Corps. Died 15 May 1941 at the Royal Victoria and West Hants Hospital, Boscombe, Bournemouth, aged 22, of 280 Ruckazie Rd, Carntyne, Glasgow, Driver in Royal Army Service Corps, in civil life a Butcher, fractured skull due to collision between deceased on his army motor cycle and a private car on the highway at Bournemouth on 4 May 1941, deceased being on military duty at the time, accidental, inquest held 16 May 1941.70 Buried Glasgow Sandymount Cemetery. unmarried.
  2. Margaret Henderson Brockett, b 1883, m Glasgow 29 Oct 1903, aged 19, John Ferguson McGHIE.71 Died 1943.
  3. William Henderson Brockett, b 1885, Shettleston. Lived as a boy in 50 Blue Vale St, off Duke St, Glasgow. Living with parents at 17 Nisbet St, Camlachie in 1901. Occupations: 1901 Message Boy,72 later Carter. He married 1906 Camlachie Margaret WALLACE. Children:
    1. William Henderson Brockett, b 1908, Camlachie; d 1972, Glasgow. Married 1935 Grace MOFFAT Camlachie. She d 1996 Glasgow, aged 89. Descendants living in Glasgow and USA.
    2. Margaret ‘Peggy‘ Brockett. Probably the Margaret G Henderson Brockett b 1910 Camlachie, married in Old Monkland W as Margaret Grieg in 1930 to … QUINN and d 1932 aged 21.73
    3. Esther Henderson Brockett, b 1913 Camlachie d 1915 Camlachie.
    4. Catherine Henderson Brockett, b 1915, Camlachie; d 1989, Glasgow.
    5. Samuel Wallace Brockett, b 23 Jun 1919 Camlachie;74 m 1939 Provan;75 d May 1998 Glasgow.76 1975, 78 Bricklayer.77 Descendants living in Glasgow.Children:
      1. Samuel Wallace Brockett, b 1939 Springburn;78 d 1966 Glasgow.79 2 sons.
      2. William Brockett, b 2 Jul 1950 Camlachie;80 d 28 Oct 1998 W Yorkshire.81 1975 Plater-Welder.82 1 son.
  4. David Henderson Brockett, b 1887 Shettleston. Living with parents at 17 Nisbet St, Camlachie in 1901. Occupation: 1901 Calico Printer’s Assistant,83 1922 Bricklayer’s Labourer.84 From 17 Nisbet St married 1913 Marion HARROW in Camlachie. Residing 1922: 48 Ravel Row.85 He died 1955 Shettleston. Children:
    1. Helen Harrow Brockett, b 1920 Camlachie; m 1941 W MacFARLANE in Blythswood Glasgow.
    2. David Brockett, b 1921 Camlachie; d 2 Mar 1922 of emphysema aged 10 months at the Children’s Hospital, Anderston Glasgow W, informant father.
    3. John Harrow Brockett, b 1924 Camlachie; m 1945 … COWAN Shettleston Glasgow W; d 1996 Baillieston Glasgow, aged 7. Descendants living in Glasgow.

From 1889 to early 1894 William was a Widower with children John, aged 7-12, Margaret 6-11, William 4-9, David 2-7.

He married second Jane/Jeanie STEVENSON 22 Feb 1894 in Camlachie86 She was born c 1865.87 Occupation: 1892, Paper Mill Worker.88 Her death is probably recorded in BMDS as Jeanie Brockett in 1946 Cambuslang aged 73, ie b c 1873. Children:

  1. Thomas Stevenson Brockett, b 9 Feb 1892, Causewayside, Tollcross, Old Monkland, registered as illegitimate,89 legitimised as son of William in 1923. Living with William and Jane at 17 Nisbet St, Camlachie in 1901, Scholar, birthplace given as Parkhead. Emigrated to Australia after fighting in World War I and married Thelma Mary BROWN, b 10 Nov 1905 Mathina, Tasmania. 2 sons. Descendants living in Australia. After his emigration Thomas worked many jobs; he worked on the first steel mill in Port Kembla, NSW, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is a picture on display in the Bridge Museum of him riveting during its construction. In about 1935 he leased a small farm near Dora Creek, Lake Macquarie, NSW. This was to be a poultry farm. He invested most of his money in the farm and had bought a large batch of chicks to make a start. A fire broke out in chicken shed and he tried to save as many of the chicks as possible suffering smoke inhalation in the process. Apparently during his time in WW1 he had been gassed which had damaged his lungs, the smoke inhalation turned to pneumonia and he died 1938, leaving his wife and sons with a leased farm and 20 pounds to their name. Thelma moved the family to Lithgow, NSW, where she was taken in by her brother Les. She met Jim Clutterbuck, her second husband, in Lithgow, where he was building Lithgow Hospital, and they later moved to Cowra, NSW when he was building Cowra Hospital and they stayed there. Children:
    1. William Stevenson Brockett, b 24 Oct 1930 Australia. Bill was originally a Bricklayer apprenticing with his stepfather Jim Clutterbuck in Cowra NSW. After marrying in 1937 they lived and worked in Papua New Guinea for a number of years before returning to Australia to live in Brisbane where Bill worked as a Stores Inspector with the Dept of Aviation. On retirement they moved to a small rural plot in Innisfail, near Cairns in Far North Qld, where Bill became known as the Chilli Man after starting to produce chilli sauce, chilli wine and just about anything he could think of to make out of chilli. Bill died in 2011 in Innesfail Qld. No issue.
  2. Jeanie Henderson Brockett, b 1901 Camlachie; d 1908 Bridgeton.90
  3. James Henderson Brockett, b 1902 Camlachie.91 Aged 10 in the 1911 census. No more known.
  4. George Henderson Brockett, b 1907 Camlachie; d 1908 Camlachie.92

4. Thomas Young Brockett 1862-1912

4th son of John Wilson and Christina, Thomas was born 18 Mar 1862 in Kirkhill, Penicuik.93 He married Janet HAMILTON 31 Dec 1884 in 221 Bernard St, Bridgeton, Glasgow—he resided 702 Springfield Rd, Glasgow.94 She was born c 1863.95 His occupation 1889 Papermill Worker.96 He was disabled by paralysis97 but his occupation in 1908 and 1913 was given as Paper Maker at Stewarts and Lloyds.98 On 23 Mar 1909 he was the subject of a Poor Relief Application,99 which provided most of the information about the family. He was certified insane 6 May 1910 and 29 Jul 1911; died 14 Sep 1912 in Woodilee, organic brain disease.100

Census records for Thomas and family:    Read more


  1. Mary Boyd Brockett, b 15 Mar 1885, 221 Bernard St, Glasgow. Married 3 Apr 1908, James McNICOL.101 Occupation 1908, Hardware Merchant’s Assistant.102 Resided 1909, 21 Mordaunt St. Mary died 15 Jan 1935, 21 Arrol Place, Glasgow, chronic progressive degeneration of brain.103 Boyd was her maternal grandmother’s maiden name.
  2. Christina Young Brockett, b 20 Jul 1887, 227 Bernard St, Glasgow. Witness to sister Mary’s wedding 1908. Unmarried in 1911. Occupation 1911, Clerkess in Flour Mill. Married 6 Jun 1913 John BROWN, Cabinet Maker of 34 Wardrop St, in Dalmarnock Parish Church Hall, Bridgeton, she a Sewing Factory Clerk, residing 683 or 7 Dalmarnock Rd, witness sister Agnes. She died 1973. To be distinguished from her namesake b 1888.
  3. Agnes Hamilton Brockett, b 31 Jul 1889, 97 or 99 Springfield Rd, Glasgow. Occupation 1911, Weaver in Brown’s Mill. Unmarried in 1913 (witness to Christina’s marriage). Married Bridgeton 1915. ?Died Lanark 1961.
  4. John Brockett. b 30 Jul 1891, 76 Springfield Rd, Glasgow. Did he go to the USA in 1909? Unmarried in 1911, occupation Warehousman. Married 1914 Agnes McCorquadale HUTCHISON, from 683 Dalmarnock Rd. ?Went to war (WOB 1717). Did he die West Shotts District 1958, aged 66? Child:
    1. Thomas Brockett, b Bridgeton 1922; m 1946 Gertrude Marshall DICKSON, he a Shipping Clerk, aged 24, she a Clerkess, aged 23; he died Glasgow 1980, aged 57. They would have divorced, as Gertrude M married 1969 … McCULLOCH in Glasgow, and died there 1998, aged 74, ie b c 1924.
  5. Thomas Brockett, b 8 Aug 1894, 76 Springfield Rd, Glasgow. Unmarried in 1911, Occupation Apprentice Mechanic. Married 1915 Annie REID, from 690 Dalmarnock Rd. Died 1940, Springburn, aged 45, Engine Fitter. Child:
    1. Robert Hutton Brockett, b 1921 Bridgeton; m 1948 Bridgeton … BLACKWOOD; d 1962, Electric Welder, aged 41, probably coal-gas poisoning.

5. David McFarlane Brockett 1864-1925

5th son of John Wilson and Christina, David was born 14 May 1864 in Glencorse, Midlothian and died 13 May 1925 in Clydebank.104 He married Jessie McCreadie ROBERTSON 31 Dec 1883 in Camlachie, Glasgow.105 She was born c 1864 in Glasgow,106 and died 1943 in North Bute, buried at Port Bannatyne.107 A photo of David and Jessie in the early years of their marriage:108

David McFarlane and Jessie Robertson Brockett

The 1871 census for Parkhill Farm Rutherglen showed David’s birthplace as Auchindenny, about a mile north of Penicuik. His marriage certificate 1883 showed him living at 702 Springfield Rd, Glasgow, occupation Iron Forge Hammerman, with Jessie, a Grocer’s Saleswoman. The 1901 census gave his occupation as Iron Driller, Sewing Machine Factory, residing Drummond’s Land, Faifley. In 1925 he was a Sewing Machine Inspector.109 He was a prominent member of the church and Superintendant of the Sunday School, so when he died there was a large funeral in Clydebank and over his grave in the Clydebank cemetery stands a large gravestone. Their house from 1918 in 17 Clarence St, Kilbowie, Clydebank was named Auchendenny after his birthplace.110 The couple are buried in Kilbowie Cemetery.

This branch of the clan became relatively well-off. David’s parents had moved from Penicuik to Bridgeton, where there was a lot of work in the mills and foundries, but which was a very poor area. They were hardworking, teetotallers—Rechabites and Masons and the women Eastern Star members. This is David in his Freemason regalia:111

David McFarlane Brockett mason

In the 1890s and 1900s David and Jessie lived in Garscadden Rows, New Kilpatrick, and later moved out to Clydebank—first to Bannerman St, opposite John Brown’s shipyards, where some of their sons worked, and later to Clarence St, Kilbowie. Jessie ran a successful small shop. 4 of David and Jessie’s children emigrated to Australia. David and Jessie’s family c 1916:

David McFarlane and Jessie’s family c 1916

L to R, standing: John, Christina, Hugh, Polly, David, Nellie
sitting: David snr, Jessie, Peter, Margaret, Jessie snr.

Census records for David and family:+Read more

This was David’s Obituary in the Glasgow newspaper The Press:112


A well-known and highly esteemed member of the community was removed by death on Wednesday of last week, in the person of Mr David Brockett, “Auchendinny,” Clarence Street, Kilbowie.

Mr Brockett, who had attained sixty years of age, had been in his wonted good health at the beginning of the month, but contracted pneumonia and died in little over a week after being laid aside.


A native of Glasgow Mr Brockett took up residence in the Hardgate district almost forty years ago and became prominently associated with Hardgate U.F. Church, being ordained an elder and continuing in that office for 38 years. He also evinced a keen interest in Sabbath School work, and when he retired from the superintendentship of Hargate U.F. Sabbath School last year, had 36 years’ service in that branch of work to his credit. His interest in Temperance work was shown by an active membership of the district Rechabite organisation.

Since coming to reside in the Clydebank district a little over twenty years ago, Mr Brockett became very well known in Freemasonry circles. His name stands first on the roll of Lodge Barns of Clyde, No. 1018, and his official positions in the lodge included a term as R.W.M. It was fitting, therefore, that practically his last public appearance should have been on the platform of the new Masonic Temple on the occasion of the formal opening ceremony in connection with the bazaar on 2nd inst.

It is also worthy of note that Mr Brockett had completed forty years’ service with the Singer Company, and was at his work in No.7 Department until within a fortnight of his demise.


The funeral to Kilbowie Cemetery on Saturday afternoon last was one of the largest ever witnessed in the district. There was a large attendance from all the Masonic Lodges in the district, and, headed by the Salvation Army Band, the lengthy cortege provided a worthy tribute to the high regard in which Mr Brockett was held. The graveside rites were conducted by Bro. Wm. Stevenson, R.W.M., Lodge Barns o’ Clyde, and the Rev. W.S.Brownlie. The floral tributes from friends in Masonic and church circles were many and beautiful.

The keenest sympathy has been everywhere expressed towards the widow and family of nine left to mourn Mr Brockett’s passing.

The funeral arrangements were tactfully carried out by Messrs John M’Laverty and Sons, Ltd.


  1. Ellen ‘Nellie’ Leslie Brockett, b 28 Nov 1884, Camlachie,113 named after her maternal grandmother.114 Had red hair. Occupation 1901, Sewing machine plating room worker, called Hellen.115 Married 1904, Alexander RAMSAY (as Helen). She died 1969, Isle of Bute, aged 84. At least a daughter and a son.
  2. John Wilson Brockett, b 1886 East Kilpatrick, Dumbarton; d 11 Jan 1962, Clydebank.116 In 1901 he was Ship Carpenter’s Apprentice,117 1911 a Shipwright118 and worked in the Clydebank shipyards all his life, including being a Foreman Shipwright in John Brown’s119 and working on the Queen Mary. He married Martha CLARK 10 Jun 1908 Blythswood—by sheriff’s warrant. Martha was born c 1887, and died 1969 in Old Kilpatrick. Did he go to the USA in 1909? He didn’t sympathise with the Salvation Army and lost contact with his siblings. In 1918 a John Wilson was living at 44 Second Avenue, Clydebank, but it may have been this John’s namesake cousin. In 1962 he lived at 427 Kilbowie Rd, Clydebank.120 Census records for John and Martha and family:   Read more

    Martha and family in 1964 or 65:

    Martha and family 1964 or 65

    L to R, standing: David, Ina, Hunter
    sitting: May, Martha (nee CLARK), Jim, Jessie.


    1. Mary ‘May’ Walker McLachlan Brockett, b 27 May 1908 Old Kilpatrick; married 1938 … CAMPBELL Old Kilpatrick; d 1989 Old Kilpatrick.
    2. Jessie ?Robertson Brockett, b 1910 Old Kilpatrick; d unm.
    3. David MacFarlane Brockett, b 12 Dec 1911 at 32 Livingstone St, Clydebank, Old Kilpatrick.122 Occupation: British Petroleum in Iran, New Guinea, Bahrain and finally Libya. He married Mary CLEARE 1944 in Blythswood. He died 1977 Glasgow.
    4. Johnina ‘Ina’ Clark Brockett, b 1916 Old Kilpatrick; married 1941 William ‘Bill’ JONES, Skelmorlie Ayr. Resided Arran and d 1995 Bute.
    5. James ‘Jim’ Clark Brockett, b 1919 Old Kilpatrick; d 1988 Bishopbriggs; m 1943 … STEWART, Springburn.
    6. Ian Hunter Brockett, b 1924 Old Kilpatrick; d Oct 1998 East Kilbride. He married 1953 Mary Wylie SMITH in Old Kilpatrick. Mary d 1992 Greenock.
  1. Christina ‘Teanie’ Young Brockett, b 1888, ?East Kilpatrick; d 1948, Rothesay. The 1901 census gave her birthplace as New Kilpatrick. There were 2 Christina Young Brocketts born at that time, one in Bridgeton in 1887 and one in E Kilpatrick in 1888. Since some of her brothers and sisters were born in E Kilpatrick, it has been assumed that this Christina was too. She never married and lived in the small family house at 43 Castle St in Port Bannatyne Bute, and was buried there.
  2. Jessie Robertson Brockett, b 1890, East Kilpatrick, Dumbarton; d 1952, Hillhead, Glasgow W. The 1901 census gave her birthplace as New Kilpatrick. Married twice, first ?1915 Old Kilpatrick to Thomas WATSON, who d 1923, 1 son, then to ?John BISHOP, 1 daughter. Jessie d 1952 Hillhead, Glasgow.
  3. Hugh McLuskie Brockett, b 1892, East Kilpatrick, Dumbarton. Witness on his father’s death certificate 1925. No BMDS records other than his birth. Recorded entering the USA in 1920. Engineer in Govan docks during WW2. A Sailor, he never married and emigrated to Brisbane Australia in 1950; died there c 1981. This was Hugh with his mother Jessie in the 1930s:123
    Hugh McLuskie Brockett and mother Jessie 1926
  4. Mary ‘Polly’ Brockett, b 1895, East Kilpatrick, Dumbarton. The 1901 census gave her birthplace as New Kilpatrick. Married John HOOD and had a daughter and son. Emigrated to Australia to be near her daughter.
  5. David Brockett, b 1899 Old Kilpatrick; d 1960, Perth. Married 1922 Annie Sinclair McLELLAN in Old Kilpatrick, he a Shipwright Journeyman, she a Domestic Servant, witness sister Margaret. Went to the Gold Coast, W Africa as a Joiner/Missionary. His death certificate says he was single, Houseman, Rannoch School—perhaps he divorced. Children:
    1. David Brockett, b 1925 Old Kilpatrick; d 1941 aged 17—suicide, buried Port Bannatyne. According to a Bute local historian, he committed suicide because his parents prevented him going out with his girlfriend.
  6. Margaret Brockett, b 29 Oct 1900, Faifley, Old Kilpatrick. Attended Clydebank High School. Worked first in the factory of Singer Sewing Machines and later in the office. Married 20 Apr 1928 John Andrew SCOTT. John died Feb 1945 from pleurisy and in 1951, with the encouragement of brother Peter, Margaret emigrated with her son and daughter to Brisbane, Australia. Died 16 Aug 1991.
  7. Peter McCreadie Robertson Brockett, b 30 Dec 1903, Old Kilpatrick.124 He emigrated to Australia aged 21 and married 25 July 1936 Margaret ‘Peggy’ Derby ROBERTSON at Wesley Church, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, both residing 10 Macaulay St, Coorparoo, Brisbane, he a Bachelor and Mechanical Engineer, she a Spinster and Clerk, b 1911.125One daughter. Peter died 1990.

6. John Brockett 1870-1930

6th son of John Wilson and Christina, John was born 31 Jan 1870, Rutherglen;126 and died 1930, Hillhead, Glasgow W. At parents’ home for the 1891 census, unmarried, aged 26 (actually 21), Wire Weaver. As Commercial Traveller residing 702 Springfield Rd married 1897 Jeannie WILCOX Camlachie. For the 1901 census, John and Jeannie Brockett were at 270 Gt Eastern Rd, Calton (with several other families in the house), he aged 35?, a Professional Vocalist, born Rutherglen; she, 28, born Glasgow. With them was John Hamilton, nephew, aged 18, unmarried, Grocer’s Assistant, born Shettlestone. Did the couple go to the USA in 1911?

7. James McFarlane Brockett 1872-1913

7th son of John Wilson and Christina, James was born 19 Oct 1872, Dalmarnock Rd, Bridgeton, Glasgow. At parents’ home for the 1891 census, unmarried, aged 18, Crane Driver.127 Steam Craneman 1896, 1899, 1907.128 Tall and fair-haired. Methodist. He married Margaret “Maggie” CRAWFORD 29 Dec 1893 in Camlachie.129

Census records for James and family:    Read more

Like his elder brother Thomas, James was the subject of a Poor Relief Application—disabled in 1912 with liver disease—which gave the following information:

James earned 34s a week as a Craneman, and received 5s a week from the Shepherd’s Society. Their house [in Camlachie] had 3 rooms, well-furnished and clean. James died 24 Jan 1913 and Margaret received £10 from the Shepherd’s Society, £10 from Scottish Legal Insurance, and 10s interim award. She gave up her ticket March 1915 on her marriage [in Blythswood Glasgow W] to Isaac BANKS, Widower, Fireman.

James died at 181, Westmuir Street, Parkhead, Glasgow, which was where Margaret received news of son James’ death 5 years later.130 His death certificate says died 24 Jan 1913 at 181 Westmuir Street, aged 40, son of John Wilson Brockett, Clerk, deceased and Christina Brockett, maiden surname YOUNG, informant J W Brockett, son. The certificate gave his occupation as Steam Crane Driver, and cause of death Malignant Tumour (melanotic) secondary growths in Liver and Skin. On 27 Mar 1915 Margaret married Isaac Hewitt BANKS, born in Ireland. Isaac died 10 Jun 1923 in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and on 18 Jul 1930 Margaret married 3rd John Bishop MITCHELL. John Mitchell died 15 Jan 1938 at 181, Westmuir Street, Parkhead. Margaret, Widow, aged 67, of 181, Westmuir Street, married for the 4th time on 3 Jan 1941 in Blythswood, Glasgow, to Gustav Wilhelm LUNDIN, Widower, Donkey Engineman, along with daughter Annie.131 Both grooms appear to have been away engaged in War Service. Margaret died 9 Apr 1948, Gallowgate, Camlachie, Glasgow, aged 75.

Maggie with her hand on son James’ grave, killed 1918

Maggie with her hand on son James’ grave, killed 1918

James and Margaret’s Children:

  1. John Wilson Brockett, b 1894 Dechmont St, Camlachie. Died 24 Feb 1963, aged 68, at 7 Gran St, Clydebank, occupation Hammerman.132 War papers show that he worked for Sir William Arrol and Co Bridgebuilders as a Steel and Iron Erector, height 5ft 8in with a tattoo on left and right forearms; enlisted Glasgow as a Sapper for 6 years 4 Aug 1914;133 married Agnes Paul MALCOLM 27 Mar 1914 Bridgeton, residing 7 George Street Glasgow.134 This was John’s signature in 1913 and 1914:135
    John Wilson Brockett signature 1913John Wilson Brockett signature 1914
    John was discharged from the Army 5 Sep 1919 with heart disease. His occupation 1954 Shipyard Labourer.136 Agnes d 1991 Old Kilpatrick, aged 96, John’s occupation Pile Driver. Here are John and Agnes in the 1950s:137
    John Wilson Brockett and Agnes MALCOLM

    1. James McFarlane Brockett, born Blythswood & Camlachie, Glasgow W, 1914;138 died “8 Apr 1927 at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow (usual residence 121 Glasgow Rd, Clydebank), aged 12, of Lobar Pneumonia (1 day), Father John Wilson Brockett, Steeplejack, mother Agnes Paul Brockett, maiden surname Malcolm”.139
    2. John Wilson Brockett, born 1916 Camlachie, Glasgow.140 Died at Dunkirk 1940.141
    3. Annie Malcolm Brockett, born 6 Sep 1918 Camlachie, Glasgow.142 Married in Blythswood 3 Jan 1941 Sigvard … EILERTSON, aged 19, Bachelor, Ship’s Cook, now engaged in War Service, she aged 21, Asbestos Factory Machinist, Spinster, of 711 John Knox St, Clydebank.143 They moved to Norway, his homeland. 1 daughter. The 3 Jan 1941 marriage was a double—with Annie’s mother, Margaret Crawford or Brockett or Mitchell, marrying Gustav Wilhelm LUNDIN on the same occasion, with daughter a witness for her mother and mother for her daughter.144 It was “After Licence. In the office of the Registrar for the District of Blythswood, Glasgow, and in the presence of the said Registrar in accordance with the Marriage (Scotland) Act, 1939”, and it seems that neither groom was present. The residence of both was given as “Now engaged in War Service” and the same was written after their names as a “Signed” witness.
    4. Alexander Gow Kippen Brockett, born 17 Apr 1931 Old Kilpatrick. The twins c 1951:
      Thomas Y and Alex G K Brockett
      Alex married Letitia CUDDIHY 31 Mar 1954, Pollock, Glasgow W.145 Steel Erector of 75 John Knox Rd, Clydebank, 1954.146 Rubber Worker of 133 Balornock Rd, 1955.147 He died 1984 Old Kilpatrick.148 2 sons and 3 daughters.
    5. Thomas Young Brockett, born 17 Apr 1931 Old Kilpatrick.149 Married Avril Fullerton SMITH, 2 Jul 1955 in Old Kilpatrick:150
      Thomas Y Brockett and Avril wedding 1955
      Housepainter 1976.151 Resided Kirkwood Ave, Linvale, Clydebank 1998. Avril died 27 Nov 1991, Thomas 25 Oct 2003. 5 daughters, 4 sons.
    6. David Crawford Brockett, born 1932 Old Kilpatrick.152 Davie spent most of his working life with the engineering firm John Brockhouse but also did a spell with John Brown Engineering and Barr & Stroud. Davie was an amateur boxer with Clydebank Corinthians Boxing Club in his youth.153
      Davey Brockett aged 80 2013
      Resided 509 Glasgow Rd, Clydebank 1963, when he was witness to his father’s death certificate. Davie died 10 Dec 2015. 1 son, 1 daughter.
    7. Another living.
  2. David Crawford Brockett, b 30 Aug 1896, 18 Dechmont St, Camlachie (Tollcross). Married Lilias TENNANT 1917 Shettleston. He worked as a Gateman at Bairdmoores Steel Works, and then as a Salesman in the fish trade.154 Died 1962 E Kilpatrick. She died 1965 aged 69, ie b c 1896. Children:
    1. James McFarlane Brockett, b 1919, Old Monkland West; d unm 1992.
    2. Robert Tennant Brockett, b 1921, Old Monkland West. Married in the Parish Church, Garleston with Southtown, Gt Yarmouth, 7 Mar 1946, he aged 25, Bachelor, RAF, residing 239 Craig Park Drive, Glasgow155 He died 1996, Baillieston Glasgow, aged 75.156 3 sons, 1 dau.
    3. MacLaughlin ‘Mack’ Tennant Brockett, b 1924, Old Monkland West; d 1993. Named after a maternal uncle, he married Helen MITCHELL 1945 Shettleston Glasgow W . She died 12 Sep 2005, cremated Daldowie, Broomhouse.
    4. Others living.
  3. James McFarlane Brockett, b 31 May 1899, 18 Dechmont St, Camlachie. m … … Employed with Messrs Beardmore, Parkhead, before enlisting; Private in Machine Gun Corps, died from wounds 28 Sep 1918,157 buried in Sunken Road Cemetery, Boisleux-Saint-Marc, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.158
  4. Janet ‘Nettie’ Dalgleish Brockett, b 1901 Camlachie. Married Christie PATERSON 1923 Auchterderran Fife. Died 1985 Glasgow.
  5. Robert Crawford Brockett, b 1903 Camlachie. Entered USA 1923 via Ellis Island, but returned to Scotland. Married Janet SCOTT 1930 Camlachie. Died 1957 Bridgeton Glasgow W.
  6. William Glendinning Brockett, b 9 Feb 1907 at 10 Southbank St, Camlachie. Died Glasgow 1976, aged 69, yet was said to have had Parkinson’s disease from a young age.
  7. Thomas Young Brockett, b 1909 Camlachie; m Hilda CONNOR 30 Sep 1939 St James, Higher Broughton, Salford, he aged 29, Bachelor, Foreman Baker, she 22, Spinster, Machinist, both residing 16 Beaumont St.159

    Thomas and Hilda Brockett c 1962

    Thomas and Hilda Brockett c 1962

    Thomas Young Brockett died of a heart attack 1965 Warrington, Lancashire, aged 56, estate to Hilda Brockett, Widow.160 Hilda aso died of a heart attack on 10 September 2013. Both their ashes are buried in the churchyard of St Gabriel’s Church on Bishop Road in Prestwich. Children:

    1. Thomas Young Brockett, b 18 May 1941 Manchester;161 died 19 Jan 2019 after suffering from Parkinsons. Married 7 Jun 1969 and had a son and daughter. He worked for the ICI for over 30 years, initially in the labs but later in the offices. He left in 1990/91 and did contract work abroad as a systems annalist for a number of years. When he gave that up he did some driving work transporting pilots and air hostesses around the country to keep busy.162
    2. David James Brockett, b 1944 Manchester.163

      David James Brockett c 1962

      Dave joined the Army Juniors aged about 16 and remained in the Army for around 18 years. He was stationed in Germany for a while and spent time in Northern Ireland during the troubles. On leaving the Army he joined the Police and remained in the service until the standard retirement age. He then did agency work as a HGV driver to keep himself busy. Died of pancreatic cancer on 23 July 2013. Married 1963 and had 2 daughters.

  8. Christina Young Brockett, b 1911 Camlachie. Married Alec HUNT 1931 Calton Glasgow W.

8. Andrew Brockett 1875-1963

8th and youngest son of John Wilson and Christina, Andrew was born 11 Apr 1875 in Bridgeton, Glasgow,164 and died 1963 in Bridgeton, Glasgow. He was at his parents’ home for the 1891 census, aged 16, Message Boy in Cotton Mill, and again in 1901 with parents, aged 24 (actually 25/6), Winding Master in Mill.165 On 15 Jul 1904 he was described as Weaving Factory Warehouseman, residing 38 Steven Parade, when he married Annie Winning DUNBAR in Camlachie, according to the forms of the Primitive Methodists;166 Annie was described as Power Loom Weaver. Annie died 21 Aug 1949, St Quivox Rd, Monkton and Prestwick, Ayrshire; Andrew was then an Insurance Manager,167. Her death certificate was signed by William Brockett, son, of Allen Rd, Wednesbury—a few miles NW of Birmingham.

Census records for Andrew and family:    Read more


  1. Isobel Winning Brockett, b 1909, Bridgeton, Glasgow; d 1978, Aberdeen. Married 1938 m … MACPHIE in Monkton and Prestwick
  2. Christina Young Brockett, b 1910 Steven Parade, Bridgeton. Married Robert BROWNLEE. 1 son. She died at Canderavon Care Home, Stonehouse, on 29 Sep 2010, aged 100.168
  3. William Dunbar Brockett, b 1914, Bridgeton, Glasgow; Police Constable; m 1941 Paisley Isabella Porter SMITH; d 27 Aug 1944, aged 30, Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, buried Surrey.169

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