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Brockets of Scotland 19-20th C: Shotts

Shotts is in Lanarkshire c 9m NW of Carnwath and midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. One Carnwath Brocket family settled in Shotts, but apparently died out in the male line:

Robert Brocket and Margaret WHITE of Shotts, Lanarkshire

Robert, 1st son of James and Jean MANN, was born 15 Jun 1834 in Carnwath, and died 1909 in the E District of the parish of Shotts. He married Margaret WHITE 25 Nov 1864 in Whitburn, W Lothian, according to the United Original Secession Church, he a Mineral Borer, bachelor, aged 30 from Harthill, Shotts, she a spinster, 27 from Shotts, daughter of Archibald WHITE, a farmer. They lost 3 of their 4 children within 9 days in Jan 1872 from scarlatina. His occupation: 1872 and 78 Mineral Borer.1 Unless their son John had sons, this branch died out in the male line. Robert died E Dist Shotts 1909, aged 74. Margaret died Shotts 1919, aged 82.

Census records for Robert and family:    Read more


  1. Jane/t, b c 1865;2 d 4 Jan 1872 Harthill, Shotts, of scarlet fever 2 days, aged 6.3
  2. James, b 25 Dec 1866 Shotts;4 d 8 Jan 1872 Shotts, of scarlet fever 2 days, aged 5,5
  3. Margaret, b 21 Mar 1868, Harthill, Shotts;6 d 1948, E District Shotts, Lanarkshire. Census records for Margaret:    Read more
  4. Archibald, b 11 Apr 1870 Harthill, Shotts;7 d 13 Jan 1872 Harthill, Shotts, of scarlatina 4 days, aged 21 months.8
  5. Robert James Archibald, b 22 Jun 1872, Shotts.9 Occupation 1901, Mineral Borer.10 Still single at 2811 and at death on 1 Oct 1928, Harthill, Lanarkshire12 or Hillhead, Glasgow W.13 It was probably he that was earning 23-4s a week as a Forester in 1896 and was taken in by a London dating scam. Like sister Janet, he was living at Ivy Cottage, Harthill, Lanarks, at his death, estate sealed London 8 Aug 1929, on confirmation of brother John Brocket.14
  6. Marion Jane, b 6 Oct 1874 Shotts.15 Still single at 26.16 ?Died 1929 Dennistown Glasgow W, aged 56 [ie b c 1873].17
  7. John, b 1876, Shotts; d 1956, Whitburn, W Lothian.18 Still single at 24, boarding in Edinburgh at 8 South St David Street.19 Witness to brother Alexander’s marriage; informant of brother Robert’s death. Occupation 1901, Draper’s Assistant;20 1928 Manager.21 Living at “Maviswood, Harthill, Lanarks, at death 11 Feb 1956, estate sealed London 5 May, on confirmation of James and Robert Mickel, law clerks, and [niece] Margaret Brocket or Wilson”.22
  8. Alexander, b 28 Nov 1878, Harthill, E District Shotts;23 d 6 Feb 1944, Govan, Glasgow.24 He married Isabella IRONSIDE 20 Apr 1908 in the Star Hotel in Kingussie, according to the established Church of Scotland,25 he a Joiner, aged 29, bachelor residing 685 St George’s Rd, Glasgow, she a Domestic Servant, 28, from Kingussie, perhaps working in Glasgow. Alexander was with his parents for the 1891 and 1901 censuses.Census records for Alexander and family:    Read more
    Resided 17 Darvel St, Nitshill, Glasgow 1944.26 Child:

    1. Margaret, ?b 1911 Cathcart. Married Robert R WILSON, 1937, Pollock, Glasgow. Resided 1944, Carnwadric Rd, Glasgow;27 1945, 17 Darvel St.28 Confirmed uncle John’s estate 11 Feb 1956.29 She died 1994, Arbroath, Angus, aged 82.30
  9. Janet Stewart, b 1880, E District Shotts, Lanarkshire. At parents’ home aged 21 for the 1901 census. Like brother Robert, living at Ivy Cottage, Harthill, Lanarks, at her death 7 May 1928, estate sealed London 22 Sep 1928, on confirmation of brother John Brocket, Manager.31

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