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The Brockats of Scotland 19-20th C: Carstairs

One family lived in Carstairs—that of William and Christian GELLIE—most of whom moved to Glasgow, where the clan continued only for a generation. The line was doubtless part of the Carnwath clan, and has died out in the male line. They usually spelt their name Brockat.

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  1. William c 1752-1824 and Christian GELLIE
  2. Andrew 1791-1855, son of William and Christian, and Elizabeth THOMSON
  3. Wills

1. William c 1752-1824 and Christian GELLIE

William at the head of the clan was born c 1752 and died of cancer 4 Dec 1824 in Carstairs.1 He and Christian GELLIE married first in her parish—Mid Calder—29 Oct 1785, and the next day in his—Carstairs, c 20 miles south. William was a Smith and Farmer,2 Master Blacksmith.3 Christian d 1801 aged 39, ie b c 1762. Children:

  1. Margaret, chr 16 Jul 1787; d 25 Mar 1825.4
  2. Janet, chr 26 Apr 1789; d 12 Aug 1876, Carstairs, aged 87, informant sister Helen. She and husband William RUSSEL, Shepherd, were recorded in Carstairs for the 1841, 51, 61 and 71 censuses. The 1841 census also recorded their daughter Christina, aged 30, who by the 1861 census was the Widow of James JACK, Mason, and lived at Bonhill, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, with 4 children aged 18-9 and aunt Helen.
  3. Andrew, b 1791; d 1855.
  4. William, chr 16 Jun 1793. The 1841 census recorded him as Farmer in Carstairs—age rounded down to 45—with sister Helen, aged 40. He died unm from bronchitis 18 Dec 1849, Carstairs.5 His Will was proved 5 months later at Glasgow Sheriff Court.
  5. Hugh, b c 1795; bur Carstairs 13 Jul 1802, aged 7.
  6. Hellen, b c 1797. In 1841 she was with brother William on his farm in Carstairs.6 Following his death in 1849 she was with brother Andrew in Glasgow in 1851.7 In 1861 she was in Bonhill, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, aged 63, unm, Fund Holder, surname spelt Brockett, as the aunt of Christina JACK, daughter of Janet.8 Informant of sister Janet’s death in 1876, making her mark. In 1871 she was on her own in North Side, Carstairs, aged 73, born Carstairs, unmarried, Annuitant, surname mistranscribed Brackat for Brockat.9 She died unm 16 Jan 1879 of debility, aged 82, at 47 St Vincent Crescent, Anderston, Glasgow,10 buried Carstairs.

The 1861 census also recorded a Hellen in Carstairs Village, aged 64—b c 1797—unm, Head, Agricultural Labourer, b Carstairs. She must have been related, but how isn’t known. Maybe it was her, and the the aunt of Christina JACK in Bonhill was another Hellen.

2. Andrew 1791-1855

Eldest son of William and Christian GELLIE was chr 7 Jul 1791 Carstairs. A Ship’s Joiner, he married Elizabeth THOMSON 23 Aug 1824 in Glasgow, 14 years his younger, daughter of Alexander THOMSON, Victualler, and Isabella STRACHAN. Elizabeth died of injury 4 days 24 Oct 1871 at 45 York St Glasgow, surname Brockat, aged 68, ie bc 1803.11.

Census records for Andrew and Elizabeth’s family:    Read more

Andrew’s Will was proved 1855, Elizabeth’s 1873. Children:

  1. William, b 10 Aug 1825, Glasgow. Died before 1833 when brother William was born.
  2. Andrew, b 28 Aug 1829, Glasgow.
  3. Alexander, b 1 Sep 1831, Glasgow. Engineer 1851 and 67. 12 Married Flora DEWAR, b c 1844. Alexander died by 1871.+Census records:    Read more

    1. Flora D, b c 1863 Bombay, India.13 No apparent marriage or 1901 or 1911 census record. Flora D Brockett died 1914 Brentford London, aged 51.14
    2. Andrew Alexander Dewar, b 1864 Southampton, Hampshire.15.+Census records for Andrew Alexander:    Read more
      In 1913/4 he travelled, and probably emigrated, to the USA. But he returned, as Andrew A Brockatt died 1921 St George’s H Sq, London, aged 57 [ie b c 1864].16
    3. John Dewar Brockat, b 28 Mar 1867, Woolston St Mary Extra, Southampton.17 No apparent marriage or 1901 census record. Died 1955, Surrey NW.18
  4. William, b 19 Dec 1833, Glasgow. William was the informant on the death certificate of his mother in 1871 and his aunt Helen in 1879 at 47 St Vincent Crescent, Anderston, Gourock, Renfrewshire.+Census records for William:    Read more
    Occupation Joiner and Carpenter.19 He died unm 25 Nov 1894 at Dunclutha.20 The Glasgow Herald intimation of 28 Nov 1894 called him the ‘last surviving son of Andrew Brockat‘. His Will with codicils was recorded in the Court Books of the Commissariot of Renfrew 8 Jan 1895, estate valued at £3566 2s 6d.21
  5. John, b 17 Oct 1835, chr 17 Nov 1835, Glasgow. Married Elizabeth Roy Durrie, who d 6 Oct 1868 of typhoid, aged 26, ‘wife of John Brockat Engineer’ at 26 Berry St, Bootle, Liverpool.22 John died Newcastle 1887.23 Will pr 8 Apr 1887.
  6. Elizabeth, b 17 Nov 1837, Glasgow. In the 1881 census for Gourock Elizabeth was living in 47 St Vincent Crescent, Anderston, aged 44 with brother William and sister Christina, all unmarried. The following year she died there 7 Feb.24
  7. Christina/Christian, b 22 Jan 1840, Glasgow.+Census records for Christina:    Read more
    She died 1 Dec 1902;25 bur Cathcart Cemetery. The informant of her death was her live-in maid.26
  8. Helen, b 27 Jul 1842, chr 27 Aug 1842, Glasgow.27

3. Carstairs Brockat Wills

The Carstairs Brockats were relatively wealthy farming folk, providing all 7 of the 19th C Scottish Broket Wills apart from the 1st in 1833:28

1. Andrew Brocket, Mason and Builder, residing in Glasgow—20 Sep 1833.
2. William Brockat, Farmer at Carstairs, brother to Hellen Brockat and Andrew Brockat—1 May 1850.
3. Andrew Brocket, Wright and Builder in Glasgow—3 May 1855.
4. Mrs Elizabeth Brockat, Alias Thomson, Widow of Andrew Brockat, residing in Glasgow—18 Mar 1873.
5. Elizabeth Brockat, St Vincent Crescent, Glasgow—27 Apr 1882.
6. John Brockat, 47 St Vincent Crescent, Glasgow, sometime of Newcastle and North Shields, Engineer’s Surveyor—8 Apr 1887.
7. William Brockat, Sometime Wright, York Street, Glasgow, afterwards residing in Gourock—8 Jan 1895.

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