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Brockets of Scotland 19-20th C: Penicuik

  1. Penicuik c 1797-1862
  2. Thomas 1793- and Hellen PRINGLE
  3. William 1803-1855 and Marion McFARLINE
  4. John Wilson 1837-1911 and Christina YOUNG

1. Penicuik c 1797-1862

Weddings of lowland Scottish working folk in earlier times usually took place in the bride’s parish—sometimes at the home, or in a nearby larger house or inn. The groom would be from the same or a nearby parish. Thus Margaret MURDOCH probably came from Wandell and Lamington; John too, or from nearby. Her surname was also spelt MURDISON once and MUNDEL once—the latter presumably a dittography from Wandell. He was probably the John christened Wiston 1762.

John and Margaret stayed in Wandell and Lamington for 4 years after their marriage and then moved 21-24 miles up the Edinburgh road to Penicuik. John found work there as a Labourer and later as a Silk Weaver. John and Margaret’s elder son Thomas worked there as an Agricultural Labourer, but his line either died out or moved away. Their younger son William worked in the Penicuik Paper Mill, as did his son John Wilson after him and his wife before they moved to Glasgow in the 1860s. The Penicuik period had lasted c 65 years.

Most contemporary Glaswegian Brocketts descend from John Wilson and Christina. Following Scottish tradition children were often named for a grandparent or other ancestor, like Thomas Young and David McFarlane, and in the next generation John Wilson, Christina Young, William Glendinning.

2. Thomas Brocket 1793-

Son of John and Margaret MURDOCH or MURDISON. Apart from Thomas’ christening only a few records have been found for this family.

Census records for Thomas and Hellen:    Read more

None of this family was recorded in the OPR except:

  1. Thomas, Agricultural Labourer, died 29 Dec 1855 Kirkhill, Penicuik, aged 31, ie b c 1824, born Duddingston, Edinburgh, son of Thomas, Agricultural Labourer, and Hellen PRINGLE, both deceased, husband of Margaret MITCHELL.1 No children were listed in the OPR. Thomas and Margaret weren’t apparently recorded in the 1851 census, but Margaret was in 1861:    Read more
    It seems that after Thomas died, she had a family with Robert BAXTER.
  2. Helen Pringle BROCKET b 28 Jul 1856 daughter of Andrew and Mary DODS.2 The family were not apparently recorded in the 1861 census. No other record yet found of Helen.

3. William Brocket 1803-1855

2nd surviving son of John and Margaret MURDOCH or MURDISON. William and Marion McFARLINE married in Penicuik 29 May 1835.

Census records for William and Marion:    Read more

John Wilson was their only child. William died 9 Jan 1855 in Penicuik, aged 52, of fever, buried in Penicuik Burial Ground, parents John, Labourer, Margaret MURDISON, both deceased.3 His wife was deceased and his son John Wilson was 18. In the column ‘Where born and how long in this District’ the certificate had ‘Penicuik, 21 years in Penicuik’ suggesting he went elsewhere before 1834.

4. John Wilson Brocket/t, 1836-1911

Christened 1 Jan 1837 Penicuik, only child of William and Marion McFARLINE Brocket. John married Christina YOUNG there in the Church of Scotland after Banns 4 Apr 1856, both signing the certificate.4 The marriage certificate says he was aged 20, Mill Worker, Bachelor, son of William Brocket, Mill Worker (Deceased) and Margaret McFarlane; she aged 19, Mill Worker, Spinster, daughter of John YOUNG, Tailor (Deceased) and Mary HENDERSON.

John’s occupation: 1856, 57, 60 Paper Factory Labourer/ Worker,5 1862 Paper Maker.6 In the mid 1860s they moved west to the Glasgow area—the heart of industrial Scotland—and later John’s occupations were given as:

1. Iron Forge Engine Keeper 1883/4 7
2. Stationary Engine Tender 1891 8
3. Gatekeeper 1901 9
4. Timekeeper 1904 10
5. Engineer’s Time Keeper 1912.11
6. Clerk (deceased) 1913.12

John Willson’s signature on his father’s death certificate 1855:
JohnWillsonsignature1855John Wilson died 1911 in Bridgeton, Glasgow. Christina was recorded as a Pensioner at 38 Steven Parade in 1912.13 Christina Brockett, Widow of John Wilson Brockett, Engine Keeper, died 12 Aug, 1918, aged 81, at 38 Steven Parade, Bridgeton, Glasgow, of a Cerebral Haemorrhage Syncope, informant William Brockett, Son, of 10 John St, Bridgeton (present), Christina’s parents: John YOUNG, Tailor (Deceased) and Mary HENDERSON (deceased).14

John and Christina are recorded in a photograph c 1907 at the christening of a great grandchild:

ohn and Christina and family c 1907

L to R, standing: David, Nellie, her husband Alex RAMSAY;
sitting: Jessie (David’s wife), Robert RAMSAY, John Wilson, Jessie RAMSAY, Christina.

Census records for John Wilson and Christina and family:    Read more


  1. William Glendinning Brockett, 1856-1945. Married Ann KELLY.
  2. John Young Brockett, b 12 Oct 1857 Penicuik;15 d 20 Nov 1857, Kirkhill, Penicuik, aged 5 weeks, of marasmus from birth, buried in Penicuik Burial Ground.16
  3. Marion McFarlane Brockett, b 28 Jan 1860, Kirkhill, Penicuik;17 d 1933, Shettleston. m ?1881 Shettleston James HAMILTON (or Charles?). 11 children. This is a photo of Marion (on the right of the picture) standing behind her mother Christina in old age, probably with Marion’s daughter on the left of the picture:
    Christina in old age with Marion
  4. William Henderson Brockett,1860-1931. Married 1st 1881 Catherine ROXBURGH, 2nd 1894 Jeanie STEVENSON.
  5. Thomas Young Brockett, 1862-1912. Married Janet HAMILTON.
  6. David McFarlane Brockett, 1864-1925. Married Jessie ROBERTSON.
  7. Christina Brockett, b 22 Jun 1867, Rutherglen.18 Married 1886 James MILLIGAN, Iron Grinder, Camlachie.
  8. John Brockett, 1870-1930. Married Jeannie WILCOX.
  9. James McFarlane Brockett, 1872-1913. Married Margaret CRAWFORD.
  10. Andrew Brockett, 1875-1963. Married Annie DUNBAR.
  11. Mary Brockett, b c 1878; ?m Bridgeton 1908.
  12. Margaret McFarlane Brockett, b and d 1883, Bridgeton.

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