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The ancestry of Marlin Lee Brockette 1913-2000

In the wider Broket DNA project Marlin is in Genetic Group 3.1

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+++1. Evidence of Marlin’s ancestry
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++++++2nd generation
+++2. Some analysis of Marlin’s Y-DNA results

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1. Evidence for each generation

1st generation: Marlin Lee BROCKETTE 1913-2000

Marlin Lee BROCKETTE, b 8 March 1913, Delia, Limestone, Texas; married Mary Winette FINDLEY, 12 March 1943.2 Marlin Lee died 4 May 2000. Why the Brockette spelling was adopted by some in this family isn’t known. There were said to be 250 Brockettes in the USA in 2018.3 Marlin was the son of:

2nd generation: Claude Tuttle BROCKETTE 1876-1956

Claude Tuttle BROCKETTE, b 18 Jan 1876, Smith County, Tennessee; d 24 Oct 1956; married Stella COWLEY 29 Dec 1910, Covington, Hill, Texas. Other children of Claude Tuttle and Stella: Franette BROCKETTE, Margo BROCKETTE, Mary Ruth BROCKETTE, and Claude Tuttle BROCKETTE, Jr.4

Claude Tuttle was the son of Marlin Luther and Tabitha BROCKETT. Marlin Luther and Tabitha had many other children. This is them c 1902 with their last three surviving children Maggie, Claude and Alma:5

Marlin and Tabitha with Maggie, Claude and Alma

Here is Claude later in life:6

Claude Tuttle Brockette

A descendant of Claude’s older brother Harvey Henderson also participated in the DNA project, and details of their parents Marlin Luther and Tabitha, and Marlin’s ancestry is presented on the separate page.

Many of these Brocketts had large families. Marlin and Tabitha had 14 children,7 and a cousin of theirs Cyrus (1849-1925) of Denton, Texas (2nd son of Berlin Bonaparte Brockett, son of Elisha) and his wife Margaret had 10, many of whom are in this image taken in 1914, some with spouses and children of their own:8

Cyrus and Margaret Brockett and family Texas 1914

2. Some analysis of Marlin’s Y-DNA results

Haplogroup: Q-M242
For the term ‘Genetic Distance’ see here.


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