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Brokets of northeast N America 17-18th C

Currently we know of only two immigrants to northeast N America during this period: John of New Haven and Thomas of Salem. All the other known 17-18th C Broket immigrants were to the southeast.1

Records of 17-18th C Brokets in the northeast US were generally better kept than those in the southeast, and some secondary sources like Jacobus are reliable syntheses. But some should be treated with extra caution, like the 1905 book by EJ Brockett.

There is also the particular challenge presented by the New England records of the not-infrequent interchangeabilty of the spelling Broket and Braket with the surname.

If you can help with the research in any way, do make contact. Y-DNA evidence in particular can help solve some mysteries.

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[1] The spelling 'Broket' is used in this website as a kind of lowest common denominator when no specific variant is being referred to, like Brocket, Brockett, Brockette.