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What’s new at TBA?

The Broket Archive (TBA) is continually evolving. Major changes have occurred each year since its launch in 2004. Examples are the discovery of the Will in England of John Brockett who married Mary Blackwell and the Brockett Y-DNA project. These are now part and parcel of the major 2018 revision of the site. We only record substantial new developments and discoveries here. But we are working hard in the background and smaller updates are continually being added. Some may be especially pertinent to you. You can always see if changes have occurred in the pages you view by checking the page update stamp at the bottom right of each page. Do contact and ask. Suggestions are much appreciated too. Email us at broket @ one-name . org (spaces inserted to reduce spam).

New or significantly-updated work:

May 2023
The 1588 burial record of Dame Margaret Brocket widow of Sir John I.

More on Lucy Brokett (d 1 May 1524) and the estimated dates of birth of her children, especially Elizabeth, a separate page on whom is underway. Our findings about her copied verbatim to WikiTree.

Oct 2022 – Apr 2023
More Briket Common Pleas cases, the British History Online records and correcting Richard to Robert and Grace Brickett of Barley, Hertfordshire.

Studies of emigration in the second half of the 19th C from Cambridgeshire villages.

Plus a lot of work behind the scenes not yet completed on:

  1. Transcriptions of 16th C TNA documents, like C24 depositions by William Brockett of Essendon b c 1531
  2. Brokets of southeast N America 17-19th C, including African American clans
  3. Images of signatures, like those of Edward Brokett of Letchworth Esq, b by 1490
  4. Preparations for TBA3—a new incarnation of, and longer-lasting platform for, The Broket Archive—estimated to take several more years’ work.

Sep 2022
An unexpected discovery in a FamilySearch database led to a total rewrite of the page on William and Mary Brockett of Norfolk Co Virginia 1703, with minor knock-on corrections to a number of other pages.

Jan-Jun 2022
The page on the Brokets of South Africa was greatly expanded with the help of family members and FamilySearch’s recent publication of images from South African archives.

Apr 2022
Subsequent to the discovery that Benjamin Brockett, died Craven Co NC 1758, was from the New Haven clan, research has revived on the other Brokets of 18-20th C southeast US. If you have an interest in this topic please get in contact.

Jun-Dec 2021
Much behind-the-scenes research on 17th-19th C English Brokets, including on London with the help of Ancestry.com’s publication of images from the London Metropolitan Archives. Some of this has been posted to various pages of TBA, but most has yet to be written up. Some examples that have been posted:

William Brockett of St Mary in Alderman Bury, London, b c 1568
The family of John Brockett Gent of Willingale 1649-1704
Descendants of Joseph and Emma of Australia (with thanks to Barbara Webster)
Ireland: major additions
Alice Brokette of Hertfordshire 1544

May 2021
Thomas Brockett Coachman 1845-1930 – new page

Feb 2021
Henry and Ann Brockett of Lanchester and Durham St Oswald—a total rewrite with much new original data.

Jan 2021
Frank Neil Brockett of Portsmouth Hampshire 1916-75 (and Dunkirk 1940).
The last 6 months of comments received.

Aug 2020
Benjamin Brockett of North Carolina d 1758.
The children of John Brockett of New Haven (d 1690).

Jul 2020
Sections on Brakets of SW North Carolina and Georgia.

May 2020
Richard and Nicholas Brokett of Ippolitts Hertfordshire 1598-1645.

Apr 2020
The Papworths of Hitchin Hertfordshire to 1660.

Mar 2020
Complete rewrite of John Brockett of Wheathampstead Esq d 1649, plus new sections on his sons Thomas 1628-1671 and William 1631-75.
The American Civil War: Afro-American Brokets.

Feb 2020
Samuel Brockett of Graveley, Hertfordshire, and London, Grocer, 1609-74.

Jan 2020
Two brothers from Twickenham: James 1879-1942 and Frank 1888-1916.

Oct-Dec 2019
Lots of pages edited and images added.

Sep 2019
A substantial reworking of the Surrey England section, including a possible new candidate for John of New Haven CT.

Jul 2019
Lady Margery Scrope’s jewels, cloths and vestments.

Jun 2019
The non-existent James ‘Broket’ of Donnyngton Gent 1483.
Elizabeth Brokett of Hitchin d 1568.

May 2019
John Broket, Chaplain, of York 1381 and Northumberland 1386-1415.
A page about Richard Heaton Brockett of North Haven, CT, 1912-2005, and his ancestry.

Apr 2019
Henry and John Broket of Leicestershire, 1393 and 1415.

Mar 2019
A page about William Hume Brockett of Washington, DC, 1914-88, and his ancestry.
A note about Family Bibles.

Feb 2019
A page about Robert and Annabella Brocket of Alexandria, VA, and their descendants.
Ray Madsen’s update on Mary Blackwell—that her husband wasn’t John Brockett of New Haven.

Jan 2019
A page about William Leroy Brockett of New Haven, CT, 1925-2008, and his ancestry.
A page by Don Brockett on US statistics.

15 Dec 2018
Launch of the new version of the Broket Archive (TBA), first placed on line in 2004. See the Welcome page.

Page Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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