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Broket pedigrees and family histories

  1. Published
  2. Unpublished

1. Published

Berry W M (n d) Pedigrees of Hertfordshire Families, printed by lithography by F Alvey, published by J R Smith, Soho, London, pp 132-4.

Brockett E J (1905) The Descendants of John Brockett: One of the Original Founders of the New Haven Colony, East Orange, NJ. Available on line: accessed 24 Oct 2017.

Brockett W H (1860) Pedigree of BROCKETT of Steton and Brockett Hall, co. York; of Brockett Hall, Herts; and of Spain’s Hall, co. Essex, Gateshead. In Gateshead Tracts, vol 1, Gateshead, n d. Printed privately without commentary and only published after William Henry’s death in the few Gateshead Tracts copies, the 1860 Gateshead Pedigree in its original form is only available in certain libraries. It was published more widely in the United States in 1905 at the back of Edward Judson Brockett’s book, see above. This form differed from the original 1860 Pedigree only in a couple of post 1852 details about the Spains Hall clan. For further details, see here.

Clutterbuck R (1815-27) History and Antiquities of the County of Hertford, 3 vols, all published London—vol 2 pp 360-1.

Foljambe C G S & Reade C (1908) The House of Cornewall, Hereford, p 228 [erroneous].

Fry K C (2001) Brockett family history: featuring the William E. Brockett line. Privately published in USA, but digitised at (accessed 18 Mar 2018).

Munby L (ed) (1974) Wheathampstead and Harpenden, 2: New Men and a New Society: the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, Workers’ Educational Association, Harpenden and St Albans, pp 61 (with a few errors).

Nash R W (2000) Nash, Pence, Brockett, Beardsley and other ancestors, private publication, USA.

Poland V E H (1996) The descendants of William E. Brockett Sr. 1748-1821, Alphagraphics, Glendale, Arizona. 2 vols.

Surtees R (1840) History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham, vol 4 p 31.

Visitations of Essex (Metcalfe 1878) London (Howard and Chester 1880), Hertfordshire (Metcalfe 1886), Harleian Society, London.

Walbran J R (1846) The Antiquities of Gainford in the county of Durham, comprising the baronial and ecclesiastical history of that place and of Barnardcastle.., Ripon: W Harrison, p 106.

2. Unpublished

British Library ms 29438 (from 1580-3) p …

Brockett Adrian (2001-4) BROCKETT of Yorkshire and Hertfordshire from first records to the end of the 18th century, privately published. One copy taken by the College of Arms, London, 2004. Errors:

1. Wrongly assumed son for William Brockett, b aft 1556 Bramfield, Suffolk, see the separate page.

Brocket D (n d) Our history: the Brockett-Duncan line. Information on the 19th C Carnwath clan, especially on the life of Thomas (1882-1958) who emigrated to New Zealand.

Brockett G W (2 Apr 1998) Chart of Brocketts in South Africa (Revision 5). Information from this chart reproduced here is referenced as GWB.

Brockett P J (1990) Memoir (entitled Jim Brockett: 1914 to now) of Philip James Brockett of London and Australia.

Brockett Q M (n d) Descendants of Daniel and Mary Brockett of Houghton Conquest. See QMB.

Brockett R (2001) Descendants of Thomas Brockett of Foo Chow, China.

College of Arms ms 13D.14, pp 99, 100.

FB: A 21-page typed copy of an account of the descendants of William Brocket of Netherfauld House, written by a descendant, Franklin L Brockett of Alexandria, Virginia, who lived 1822-91. It was kindly sent to the Broket Archive in 1999 by Esther Galbraith of Glasgow. It provided no sources for its information, so should not be taken as evidence without other verification. A website called the Brockett Family Heritage site online at from about 2004 to 2007 reproduced the main elements of FB up to p 11, plus additional details and sources. In 2004 it was reproduced on, but in 2007 this site was no more, so relevant parts have been reproduced in this Archive on the page for Robert Brocket of Alexandria VA d 1829. Some times it has been accessible from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine at (accessed 27 May 2017).

Fogle, O B (n d) A brief genealogy of the Brockett family (The branch that lived in Southern Illinois). A 15-page typewritten booklet given to the Archive by Barton Lewis in April 2018. It is undated but written when Olive was aged 67. She was born 1883, so this booklet was written 1950.

Glover R: BL ms Harley 807, c 1570-77.

Gray H W (1998a) BROCKETT of Dunton, Co. Bedford, Hatfield, handwritten (1 page). Henry Gray was lifetime Parish Clerk of St Etheldreda’s Church, Hatfield, and part-time employee of the College of Heralds in London. To see this pedigree+Read more

Gray H W (1998b) BROCKETT of Hitchin, Co. Hertford, Hatfield, handwritten (1 page). View here.

Gray H W (1998c) BROCKETT of Southwark, Hatfield, handwritten (1 page).

Pye A J (c 1993) BROCKETT of Dunton, Steeple Morden, handwritten (2 pages, pp 1-2). Andrew Pye, was the Publican of The Fox in Steeple Morden 1975-90, and a local businessman; he intensively researched the local history, especially of Steeple Morden. To see this pedigree+Read more

Pye A J (c 1993) BROCKETT of Guilden Morden, Steeple Morden, handwritten (7 pages, pp 3-9). To see this pedigree+Read more

Wood‘s pedigree of Brockett, held in Newcastle upon Tyne Central Library.

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