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The 19th C West London Broket clan

This clan flourished mid 19th to mid 20th C, firstly mainly in Richmond, then in Kingston on Thames, Wimbledon, Croydon and elsewhere in Surrey. Its ancestor was William Brocket of Richmond, Cordwainer, b c 1802 d 1870. Not many living Broket members are known, however. There could be some in Canada as a result of the ‘home children’ policy in the first decade of the 20th C, although they may have lost their Broket surname. William’s third son was gifted musically, as were many of his descendants.

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Contents of this page:

  1. Introduction
  2. William and Jane’s children
  3. William 1824- and Mary Ann LOCKETT
  4. Edward, b c 1827 and Margaret Jane Josephine NOTARI
  5. Francis Henry 1839-1914 and Agnes Georgiana ROWSON
  6. Charles b c 1858 and Mary Ann HAMILTON
  7. Rosa Julia, c 1860
  8. Francis Henry 1860-1952 and Sarah BEECH
  9. William Francis, b c 1862 and Annie Elizabeth NAYLOR SHELTON
  10. George 1863-1908 and Caroline Hilda HART
  11. George Henry, 1869-1936 and Ada Rosina TERRY

1. Introduction

The first known record of William Brocket is his marriage to Jane BENGE 27 Jan 1822 in Chertsey, Surrey, occupation Cordwainer.1 Jane was a Nurse.2 The 1851 census shows the family at Paved Court, Richmond. The previous year—on 18 Sep 1850—Ann, wife of William Brockett, Laborer, had died of typhus at Ham Rd, Kingston, Surrey, aged 71, informant William Brockett of Pave Court, Richmond.3 The Pave Court residence shows that the couple was related to William the Cordwainer, in all probability his parents.

William Brocket junior’s recorded occupations: News Vender residing Church St, Twickenham;4 Shoemaker residing Church St, Twickenham;5 Master Shoemaker;6 Shoemaker.7 In 1830 William was a witness in the Old Bailey trial of 19 year-old Henry BROWN for pocketpicking. William said, “I am a shoemaker, and live at No. 22, Granby-place. I know the prisoner—I nailed a pair of shoes, and tipped them for him… I have known him nine years.”

But who were William Brockett senior and Ann? If she was 71 in 1850, she would have been b c 1779. Assuming her husband was a year or two older, he would have been b c 1777-8. But the IGI recorded no relevant marriage or baptism of such a William, and no earlier or later definite records of Ann or William have so far been found. On 4 Dec 1853 an otherwise unidentified William Brocket died at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea London aged 82, ie b c 1771, but it is unlikely that he was this Willam senior as his occupation was Soldier8 and he had been described as such also in the 1851 census for London, which recorded him as an old private soldier at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, Middlesex, Widower, b c 1771, Freton, Essex. The 1851 and 61 censuses record that William Brocket the Cordwainer was born in Northampton c 1802. The 1841 census—which approximated ages—recorded his as 35, ie b c 1806. William senior and Ann, therefore, would have been in Northampton in the first decade of the 19 C. Ann, at least, was in Surrey by the end of her life. That a labouring couple in those times would leave London for Northampton was much more unlikely than the opposite, so in all probablility William senior and Ann were a Northampton couple, at least from their early married days.

However, Northampton is not recorded as a Broket town before William’s birth c 1802. It was, however, the nearest large town to the Broket centres near Bedford, lying only about 18 m to the west, so it is quite likely that the forebears of William Brocket the Cordwainer were from the Bedford area. A Bedford Broket man would have moved to Northampton to work in the shoe trade and women perhaps to marry, as happened two or three generations after William:

  1. William, m 1870 Northampton St Giles9 ?son of John and Sarah BIRD of Souldrop
  2. Jane, m 1877 Kingsthorpe10 ?daughter of John and Sarah BIRD of Souldrop
  3. Sarah Ann, m 1881 ?daughter of Thomas and Mary TEBBUTT of Bromham.

Kingsthorpe, about a mile north of Northampton, was also where Joseph and Emma lived in 1859. All of these were Bedfordshire Brokets. DNA tests of live descendants would prove or disprove whether William was too. Bedfordshire parish registers don’t suggest a suitable William, however. But perhaps the family were nonconformist? The IGI recorded no Broket marriages or baptisms for Northamptonshire, except a baptism of Eliza, daughter of Thomas and Hannah in Higham Ferrers Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 26 Apr 1835.

William the Cordwainer died 16 Mar 1870 in the Union Workhouse, Richmond Surrey, aged 70, of natural decay, informant Joseph POCOCK, present at the death.11 Jane died 1874 Richmond, aged 73,12 ie b c 1801.

2. William and Jane’s children

Thirty years is a long childbearing period. The first two predated official registration. Did Jane have others in the 10 year gap between Edward and Eliza? Children:

  1. William, b 6 Aug 1823.13 Married Mary Ann LOCKETT. Died 30 May 1866, Croydon. 1 dau, 3 sons.
  2. Edward, b c 1826, bap 4 Feb 1827 St Mathew, Brixton, London.14 Married 1852 Margaret Jane Josephine NOTARI. Edward’s occupation: Bricklayer 1853.15 Their marriage is not in the GRO, which has only one Edward marriage 1852-70: in 1861, son of James Printer. 10 children.
  3. Rosaline Brenchley, bap 4 Aug 1833 St Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey.16
  4. Eliza, b c 1838 Twickenham, Middlesex.17 Married in Battersea Parish Church, Wandsworth, 20 Jan 1856 Frederick GODFREY, she a Spinster, he a Bachelor, Lighterman, both of full age residing Battersea.18 Witness to brother Edward’s marriage in 1852? But only aged about 14.
  5. Francis Henry b 1839 Brentford District; d 1914, Kingston District. Musician—flautist, d 1914 Kingston District, married Agnes Georgiana ROWSON 22 Feb 1860 in Norbiton, Surrey.19 The family lived at Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction. There were said to have been 17 children, some either still born or miscarried. In the LDS transcription of the 1881 census he is mistakenly called Morris H Brockett. 12 known children.
  6. Augustus, b 18 Oct 1841, Church St, Twickenham.20 George Augustus died 14 Sep 1842 aged 11 months at Paved Court, King St, Richmond, of water on the brain, father present.21
  7. Rose/Rosa Julia, b 1843, Richmond,22 bap 15 Aug 1856 St Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey with sister Emma Sophia.23 Married William PEARCE 13 Aug 1865 St John, Penge, Surrey.24
  8. Emma Sophia, b 17 Mar 1845, Richmond,25 bap 15 Aug 1856 St Mary Magdalen Richmond with sister Rosa Julia.26 Married 1865 Q2 Richmond.
  9. John Gemmell, bap 15 May 1853 St John the Evangelist, Notting Hill, London, parents William and Jane BROOKET.27 Did he die young? He wasn’t recorded in the 1861 census.

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3. William 1824-66 and Mary Ann LOCKETT

1st son of William and Jane BANGE, William was b 6 Aug 1823.28 Unmarried and at parents’ home for the 1861 census, Coach Maker. On 12 Aug 1861 William Joseph married Mary Ann LOCKETT in Norbiton District Church, Surrey, he aged 38, Bachelor, Coach Maker, she 32, a Widow, nee ROBINSON, both of Mill Place, George ROWSON a witness.29 Occupation 1862 Domestic Servant.30 Resided 1862 at 2 Stafford Mews, Richmond S.31 William died of phthisis 30 May 1866, Devonshire Rd, Croydon, Surrey, aged 41, ie b c 1825, Carpenter’s Labourer, informant Mary Ann.32 Daughter Emma’s MC in 1881 gave him as William deceased, Wheelwright, and son William’s in 1908 as as William Joseph deceased, Wheelwright. Mary Ann remarried 1867 Croydon to Benjamin Joseph BRIGDEN.33

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  1. Emma, b c 1857. Witness to brother Charles’ marriage 1880. Married 13 Feb 1881 Croydon Matthias COUTTS, Painter, both residing Whitehorse Rd, Croydon, witnesses Alfred LOCKETT and Fanny LAWRENCE.34.
  2. Charles, b c 1858 Richmond.
  3. William Francis, b 1862 Richmond.35

4. Edward, b c 1826 and Margaret Jane Josephine NOTARI

2nd son of William and Jane BANGE, Edward was b c 1826,36 bap 4 Feb 1827 St Mathew, Brixton, London.37 Married 11 Oct 1852 in Ham Parish Church, Surrey, Margaret Jane Josephine NOTARI, he a Laborer, Bachelor, aged 26, son of William Brockett Shoemaker, she aged 22, ie b c 1830, Spinster, daughter of Joseph NOTARI, Servant, one of the witnesses was Eliza Brockett, probably Edward’s sister although she may only have been about 14.38 Their marriage is not in the GRO. She was mainly called Jane.39 Resided Paved Court, Richmond 1853,40 Ham St, Kingston on Thames 1866.41 Edward’s occupation: Laborer;42 Bricklayer 185343 1866;44 1856 and 69 Bricklayer’s Labourer;45 Plasterer 1896;46 Mechanic deceased 1915.47 Eliza was a witness to his marriage. Was she his sister? She was only aged about 13.

Family lore has it that there was a stonemason named Brocket who was working in Paris. He met and fell in love with a woman surnamed NOTRE. She was supposed to be well off and some say she was related to the gardener at the palace of Versailles, Andre Le Notre. Her family was unhappy with the relationship, and threw her out. She left with Brocket to live in England.48

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  1. Eliza Mary Jane, b 27 Jul 1853, Paved Court Richmond, Surrey.49 No obvious further GRO record. Called Jane 186150 and Eliza in 1871.51 Alive 1889.52 She emigrated to the United states in 1873 and married Canadian John HAMPTON in Chicago IL, where they ran a farm where the current Art Institute stands. John was was killed in a trolley car accident 1910 and left Eliza with only a widow’s pension from the Civil War. She had 8 children, but only 4 survived. She died in Chicago in 1918 of the Spanish Flu. Many of her children had French first names: Maurice, Josephine, Marie Notre, Ferdinand.53 She was undoubtedly the Eliza Brockett, aged 19, Milliner, passenger on the Calabria,54 sailing from Liverpool, arriving New York 31 Aug 1872. She was in the Steerage with 3 other young Milliners: Sophia Wickelow aged 25, Caroline Crowhurst 25 and Nelly Quinlam 18.55
  2. Frank William, b 1855 Richmond, Surrey;56 found dead in bed of natural dentition 24 Jul 1856, Paved Court, Richmond, aged 1 year 3 months.57
  3. William Joseph, b 1857 Richmond London.58 Baptised Joseph William 4 Sep 1857 St Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey, mother Margaret Jane Josephine.59 Just William in the 1861 census, aged 3, b Richmond, and in brother George’s war papers of 1889. Builder’s Labourer 1881,60 Labourer 1882,61 Bricklayer dec’d 1920.62 Married 10 Apr 1882 Emily RENDELL in Barnes Parish Church, Surrey, he aged 24, Bachelor, Labourer, she 22, Spinster, both of High St, Barnes, [sister] Rosey a witness.63+Census records for William Joseph and Emily and family:    Read more

    1. Emily Eliza, b 8 May 1881 Ham St, Ham, Kingston.64 Emily Marion died 1885 Kingston aged 3.65
    2. Eva, b c 1894.66 No apparent record in 1911 census. Eva Louise married 26 Jun 1920 Charles SMITH Willesden Parish Church, she aged 26, Spinster, residing 6 Chapmans Park, he aged 27, Bachelor, Carman, residing 58 Denbigh Rd.67

    Wiliam Joseph died of bronchitis and lobar pneumonia syncope 10 Mar 1913 in the Workhouse Infirmary, Barnet, aged 59, ie b c 1854, residing 4 Grove Terrace, Finchley, a Bricklayer.68 He is the most likely of the 4 possible Williams born between 1850-60 and whose death dates are not known: the other three being the sons of:
    Thomas and Sarah JAMES of Wales, b 1852 qtr 1,
    Thomas and Mary BUCKLE of Blunham, b 1852 qtr 3,
    George and Ann BETTLES of Bedford, b 1855.
    No apparent GRO record of Emily’s death.

  4. Rosa Julia, b c 1860.
  5. Emma, b 1862, Richmond.69 Bap 5 Mar 1862 St Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey,70 mother Jane. Alive 1889.71 Married 10 Apr 1882 Thomas Edward DAY, Richmond72
  6. Betsey, b 1864, Kingston.73 Called Elizabeth 1889.74 Elizabeth married 15 Mar 1891 Walter John TAYLOR in St … Parish Church, next Rochester, Kent, she aged 26, Spinster, of Ham M…, Richmond, Surrey, he 28, Bachelor, Mariner, of 15 Bramble Terrace, Bonstal.75
  7. Edward Francis, b 12 Nov 1866, Kingston on Thames.76 He was not recorded at home for the 1881 census. Probably died 19 Apr 1877 at the Metropolitan Infirmary, Margate, Thanet, Kent, aged 9, Edward, a Patient from the Kingston Union, of tuberculosis meningitis, lumbar abscess.77 No relevant death recorded in the GRO under first name Francis.
  8. George Henry, b 9 May 1869, The Bench, Ham St, Ham, Kingston.78 Apparently married twice, Ada Rosina TERRY 6 Sep 1896, and Lilian COURT 12 Oct 1929.
  9. Jessie, b 1871, Kingston.79 Alive 1889.80 Unmarried aged 20 with parents 1891.81 Married 5 Jun 1892 James EAGLE in Richmond Parish Church, she aged 19 [actually nearly 21], Spinster, of Red Lion St, Richmond, he 22, Bachelor, Coal Porter, of Albert Rd, Richmond.82 In 1911 she and James were living at 11 Gravel Rd, Twickenham, he aged 43, General Laborer, she 38, b Ham, Surrey. They had been married 19 years and had had 4 children, 2 of whom had died. With them in the 3 roomed house were their two surviving children, Daisy, aged 18, a general servant, Alfred, aged 10, at school, a niece aged 20, Daisy TAYLOR, Laundry Hand (presumably daughter of sister Betsey), and Jessie’s 80 year-old, blind mother Jane.83
  10. Alfred Edward, b 1874, Kingston, London.84 With parents 1891.85 Not apparently in the 1911 census, unless a Lodger—among many—at 128 Walworth Rd, Southwark, aged 29 (ie b c 1882), Single, Labourer at the Waterside, b Kent, Aylesford; otherwise no GRO record for that Alfred. Married Amy Elizabeth BABBINGTON 31 Jul 1915 in Eastleigh Parish Church, Hampshire, he aged 31, Bachelor, Labourer, residing 90 Cranbury Rd, she aged 29, Spinster, residing 176 Desborough Rd.86 Alfred died 10 Dec 1943, residing 1 Burns Rd, Eastleigh, Winchester, Hants, aged 69, general Labourer, of a Coma and Cerebral Thrombosis following Influenza, informant A E Brockett Widow of Deceased.87 Amy Elizabeth Brockett died 7 Aug 1971 in Eastleigh, Southampton, Hants, aged 85 (ie b c 1886).88 She was born 1 Jan 1886 in Kennington, Lambeth.89 4 daughters: Children:
    1. ,
    2. ,
    3. Amy Ellen, b 1921 S Stoneham, Hampshire.90. Married 1941 Leslie SMITH, Winchester.91 2 children.
    4. Emily May, b 1926 S Stoneham, Hampshire.92 Married 1977 Cyril PEARCE, Southampton.93 She died 2004. No children.

Edward probably died 1897 Kingston, aged 70, ie b c 1827.94 His male line appears to have died out. Margaret Jane Josephine died 6 Mar 1912 of senile decay at 7 Gravel Rd, Twickenham, aged 81, informant daughter Jessie EAGLE.95

5. Francis Henry 1839-1914 and Agnes Georgiana ROWSON

3rd son of William and Jane BANGE, Francis Henry, b 1839 in Brentford District.96 He was a flautist. Married22 Feb 1860 Agnes Georgiana ROWSON at the District Church, Norbiton, Surrey, he aged 20, Bachelor, Musician, she 18, Spinster, both of Mill Place.97 She was b c 1842.98 She was called Agnes for the baptism of their 1st child in 1860, Georgiana Agnes for their 2nd in 1868, and Agnes Georgiana for their 3rd in 1871. The family lived at Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction. The myth that they had 17 children, some either still born or miscarried, is not borne out by Francis’ own record of 11 children in the 1911 census, nor by the records of names found. Although of course Agnes could have had miscarriages that Francis discounted. By 1864 he was Staff Serjeant 3rd Royal Surrey Militia;99 1866 Musician in 3rd Surrey Militia Band;100 Caretaker in 1899.101 Francis H died 1914 in Kingston District, aged 75102 Agnes G died 1917 Hackney London, aged 75, ie b c 1842.103

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  1. Francis Henry ‘Frank’,104 b c 1860. Married Sarah BEECH 25 Dec 1883 in St Peter’s, Pimilico. Musician. 2 sons, 1 dau. Descendants living today. Died 19 Apr 1952, Alton, Hampshire.
  2. Rosa Jane, b 1862, Kingston.105 Witness to brother Francis Henry’s marriage in 1883. Married Kingston 1890 Q2.
  3. George, b 20 Dec 1863, Kingston. b c 1862, married Caroline Hilda HART 18 Aug 1883 Register Office, St George’s Hanover Sq. Flautist. Resided 1883 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Westminster.
  4. Harry, b 18 Jan 1866 at Mill St, Kingston;106 died 1868 Kingston, aged 2.107
  5. Agnes, b 1868, Kingston.108 Bap 4 Oct 1868 Kingston upon Thames.109 Probably married Kingston 1888 Q4. Issue: Frank, Vera, Ivy and another daughter. married … …. 1 son, 3 daus
  6. Sophia Catherine, b 1871, Kingston.110 Baptised Kingston 19 Nov 1871, the same day as brother George.111 There is a double IGI baptism entry under Catharine too. In 1891 Sophia Brockett, aged 19, Single, born Kingston, Surrey, was a Barmaid in Whitfield Street, St Pancras, in the house of Max MYERS, aged 34, born in Prussia, Licensed Victualler.112 Did she marry as Sophie Brockett in 1891 Mile End, London?113 Not found in 1901 census.
  7. Charles, b 1873, Kingston.114 Married Clara Alice BARNET/T 22 Jan 1899 in Pancras, London.115 Musician Scots Guards, residing Tower of London in 1899 aged 25, wife 28.116 Drummer 1st Battalion Scots Guards 1903, 04.117 Postman 1906, 09,118 1933 deceased.119 ?died 1921 W Ham aged 48.120 Clara died 1946 Essex SW.121+Census records for Charles and Clara and family:    Read more

    1. Francis James Charles, b 15 May 1899, Chelsea Barracks, St George’s Hanover Sq;122 d. 1900, St George’s Hanover Sq.123
    2. Agnes Clara Annie, b 3 Aug 1903, Victoria Barracks, New Windsor.124 Died 1907 W Ham, aged 4.125
    3. Charles Augustine, b 12 Oct 1904 North Camp, Farnborough, Hampshire;126 died 1907 W Ham London, aged 3.127
    4. Lilian Daisy, b 25 Oct 1906 at Leucla? Rd, Walthamstow, W Ham, Essex.128 Probably married … ROSE 1931 W Ham.129
    5. Ernest Arthur Eugene, b 30 Dec 1908 at 21 Hawarden Rd, Walthamstow, W Ham, Essex.130 Married 1st Dorothy Constance HARRISON 1932 W Ham131 She died 14 Nov 1940 at 63 Milton Rd, Walthamstow, Essex, aged 39, of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, wife of informant Arthur Eugene Brockett of same address, Gunner Royal Artillery (Post Office Sorter).132 Child:
      1. Malcolm Ernest, b 29 Jun 1933, West Ham.133 Staff Sergeant Royal Army Ordnance Corps.134 1982-3 Company Secretary,135 when he was probably residing 28 Packenham Rd, Basingstoke, Hants. Died 18 Aug 1999, residing 83 Brockwood Close, New Duston, Northampton, will pr 4 Oct Newcastle on Tyne, estate not exceeding £200,000.136 2 sons.

      Ernest married 2nd Violet GIBBS 1942 Essex SW.137 1 son, 1 dau. He died 10 Dec 1969 Waltham Forest, aged 61,138, residing 57 Poppleton Rd, Leytonestone, Essex, Administration London 22 Apr, estate valued at £588.139. Violet died 2003 aged 95 Rochdale, lancashire.140

    6. Dorothy Ivy, b 1912 W Ham, London.141 Married 26 Aug 1933 Sidney Walter JONES at St Barnabas’ Parish Church, Walthamstow, Essex, she aged 21, Spinster, of 121 Chemsford Rd, he 22, Bachelor, Shop Assistant, of 182 Belgrave Rd.142
  8. Grace, b 1875, Kingston.143 Married John Arthur TUCKER Brentford 1899.144 I son, 3 daus. She died Guildford 1906,145 Buried 30 Aug 1906 at St Peter, Woking.146
  9. Mary, b 1877, Kingston.147 Son William Petter VIGOR b 1898.148 ?Married Brentford 1901 Q1.
  10. Daisy, b 1880, Kingston.149 Married Arthur BARNET150 – Kingston 1899 Q1? Issue: 1 dau, 1 son. Nonnie, Arthur..
  11. Lily “Lil” Merina, b 1882, Kingston.151 Married Lad HARRIS Guildford 1900152 and had one daughter Babs who married … GREENER.153

6. Charles b c 1858 and Mary Ann HAMILTON

1st son of William and Mary Ann LOCKETT, Charles, b c 1858 in Richmond.154 Married Mary Ann HAMILTON 17 Jul 1880 in Croydon.

Birth not recorded in the GRO. His age was given at marriage in 1880 as 23, ie, b c 1857, and as 23 for the 1881 census, ie, b c 1858, and as 43 for the 1901 census, ie, b c 1858. So he was born 2-3 years before his parents married. His father died when he was only about 8. Occupation Picture Gilder,155 Picture Frame Maker.156

Census records for Charles and Mary Ann and family:    Read more

Living at 5 Devonshire Rd for birth of son Henry Charles 1883. Living at 2 Jeanette Cottages, Whitehorse Rd (where sister Emma resided 1881) for birth of daughter Florence 1885. Children:

  1. Fanny Marie, b 1881, Croydon.157 Not apparently in the 1891 census. Married 1906 Q4 Croydon as Fanny Maria.
  2. Henry Charles, b 12 Jun 1883, Croydon.158 Married 10 Jul 1909 Annie Silena PHILPOTT, he aged 26, Bachelor, Occupation Paper Hanger, residing 134 Windmill Rd, Croydon, she 28, Spinster, residing 237 London Rd, Croydon.159 A S Brockett a witness to daughter’s marriage 1946. No Henry or Charles in 1901 census, when he would have been c 18. Only brothers Frederick and Herbert at home. MC of daughter 1946 says Henry Charles, Builder and Decorator, was deceased. No GRO record of his death under Henry or Charles or Harry. Annie a witness to daughter’s marriage 1946. Annie S died 1956 Battersea London, aged 75.160+Census records for Henry Charles and Annie:    Read more

    1. Irene Florence, b 8 Jul 1910 30 Brightwell Crescent, Tooting, Streatham, Wandsworth.161 Married 20 Apr 1946 Frank Malcolm TURNER at the Register Office, Wandsworth, London, aged 35, Spinster, Domestic Servant, residing 30 Brightwell Crescent, Tooting, he 52, Widower, Contractor Motor Lorry Driver, residing 16 Brightwell Crescent, Tooting.162
    2. Leslie B, b 1914 Wandsworth.163 Married 1941 Ruby Queenie Eileen OTTON Surrey Mid E.164 He was a witness to sister’s marriage 1946. He died 1948 Cambridge, aged 34.165 No children recorded in the GRO. Ruby married again 21 Feb 1953 Thomas McIntosh INNES, at the Surrey NE Register Office, she aged 32, Widow, Cashier/Book keeper, residing 29 Russell Rd, Mitcham, he aged 38, Bachelor, General Labourer of 7 Russell Rd, Mitcham.166
  3. Florence Mary, b 28 Sep 1885, Croydon.167 Living on her own as a Domestic Nurse in Croydon for the 1901 census, aged 15. Married 1908 Croydon.168 For the 1911 census for Croydon she may have been one of three: 1. Florence Mary BAILEY, b Wimbledon, aged 25, married to George Henry BAILEY, with one son Alan George BAILEY, aged 1½. 2. Florence Mary BEAN, b Sutton, aged 27, married to Frederick Charles BEAN, with one son Charles Ernest Franson BEAN, aged 1. Or 3. Florence May (not Mary) STRINGER, b Balham, aged 26, married to Harold Percy STRINGER, with one daughter Gwendoline May STRINGER, aged 3. Sutton is nearest to Croydon.
  4. Frederick William, b 1888, Croydon.169 Living with his parents 1911.170 Married Louisa BAPTISTE, 2 Apr 1916, Christchurch Mitcham.171+ War record:172    Read more

    No children have been found recorded in the GRO. Louisa died 15 Sep 1928 in Croydon, aged 41, ie b c 1887173 at 29 Robinson Rd, Tooting, Surrey, wife of Frederick William Brockett, Will pr London 13 Nov, effects valued at £2270 1s 1d, to Matilda BAPTISTE, Widow.174 Frederick William married 2nd 20 Dec 1937 Mabel Alice DEAKINS at the Register Office, Croydon, he aged 50, Widower, Storekeeper Hotel, she 53, Widow, both of 69 Bensham Manor Rd, Thornton Heath.175 Mabel was recorded there again in 1954. No children recorded in the GRO. Mabel A died 1962 Croydon London, aged 78, ie b c 1884.176 Frederick W died 1967 Croydon, aged 79.177

  5. Herbert James, b 1890, Croydon;178 d 1916. Not apparently in the 1891 census. Living with his parents 1901179 A Gunner in Z Battery, Royal Horse Artillery, Potchefstroom, Transvaal, S Africa for the 1911 census, aged 20, Single. “Herbert James Acting Bombardier, 53518, “B” Bty., Royal Horse Artillery, died on Saturday, 1st Jul 1916. Age 26. Son of Charles and Mary . Cemetery: HAWTHORN RIDGE CEMETERY No.1, AUCHONVILLERS, Somme, France Grave Reference/Panel Number: B. 34.”.180

7. Rosa Julia c 1860

1st daughter of Edward and Margaret Jane Josephine NOTARI, Rosa Julia, b c 1860. Baptised Rose Julia 10 Feb 1860 St Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey,181 mother Margaret. Just Rosa, aged 0 in the 1861 census, b Richmond. Rosa J in the 1881 census for Middlesex, aged 19, b Islington, Barmaid at the Queen’s Arms Public House, 19 Caledonian Rd, Islington. Working as a Laundress, 3 Clarence Villas, Richmond at birth of son, called Rose Julia. ‘Rosey’ in 1882 as witness to brother William Joseph’s marriage. Alive 1889182 called Rose. Probably married 1886 Kingston,183 as she was not under Brockett in the 1891 census. Otherwise no other marriage or death in the GRO. Her marriage may have been associated with the birth of her son:

William Henry, b 19 Feb 1886 at 9 Toms Row, Ham, Kingston.184 He probably took on the surname of Rose’s husband, as there is no further suitable record of him in the GRO or censuses.

8. Francis Henry 1860-1952 and Sarah BEECH

1st son of Francis Henry and Agnes Georgiana ROWSON, Francis Henry “Frank”, 1860 in Kingston,185 and died 19 Apr 1952 in Alton, Hampshire.186 Occupation: Musician. Married Sarah BEECH 25 Dec 1883 in St. Peter’s, Pimilico.187 She, b c 1866 in Cambridge, and died 4 Jan 1931 in Battersea. Bap 8 Jul 1860 Kingston upon Thames.188 One of London’s leading Flautists. Resided 91 Altenburg Gardens, Lavender Hill, SW11.

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Played piccolo solos at Crystal Palace from the age of 6. Retired to Overbury Farm, near Alton c 1936. Buried at Alton Cemetery, Hampshire, aged 91.189 Sarah died of a stroke and was buried at Morden Cemetary, London, Grave no 3245.190 Children:

  1. Francis ‘Frank’ John, b 1886, St George’s Hanover Sq, London,191 and died 27 Jan 1968. Married 1st Marie Louise HODGKINSON 1908 in Fulham, London.192 Maisie Smith thought he was a Lieutenant in the Navy in WW1 (Ms Valhalla TBD). Motor Engineer in son’s BC of 1911, residing 23 Ranelagh Gardens, Chiswick. Marie Louise died 10 Feb 1969, at Garden Cottage, Eastbridge House, Bridge near Canterbury, Will proved Lewes 1 Apr, estate valued at £3,338.193 Death recorded in GRO as Marie Lavinia died 1969 Bridge, Kent, aged 83 (ie b c 1886).194 +Census records for Francis John and family:    Read more

    1. Donald Francis, b 17 May 1911, Brentford District, London;195 married 1930 … CARVILL in Elham, Kent SE.196 Occupation Woodman.197 He died 1945 Folkestone Kent, aged 34 (ie b c 1911).198 1 son.
    2. Ernest, b 1916 Richmond;199 d 1920 Richmond.200

    Frank married 2nd Edith Lyall TURNER 23 Jun 1920 in Wandsworth Register Office, he Musician (Violin), residing 91 Altenburg Gardens, Battersea, ‘the divorced husband of Marie Louise, formerly Hodgkinson, spinster’.201 He was residing London 19 Apr 1952202 and was buried at South London Crematorium, aged 81.203 Maisie Smith said his second wife was Italian called Lall; they had no children. No remarriage or death record found for Marie Louise. Edith Lyall’s father was a Master Mariner, not apparently Italian. She died 1982 in Leeds, Yorkshire, aged 90 (ie b c 1892).204

  2. May, b 1890, St George’s Hanover Sq, London.205 Married 1st John PRICE. Married 2nd Richard FITZGERALD 1912 in New Zealand. Occupation: Singer. Mother of Maisie Smith.
  3. Ernest, b 27 May 1895, Wandsworth District206 and died 1969 Alton Hants, aged 74.207. Married Eileen LAMBERT 1936 in Surrey NE.208 Occupation: Flautist. Residing Darien, New Odiham Rd, Alton 19 Apr 1952.209 Children:
    1. Sarah Ann, b 1939, Fulham, London.210 Called ‘Angie’ because of her copper-coloured hair. Married, issue: 1 son, 1 dau. Ann died of cancer c 2003.
  4. 2 other children reportedly born and died before the 1911 census. Perhaps one was Frank, who was born and died 1884 St George’s Hanover Sq, London.211 No other suitable births in the GRO between 1883 and 1911 were found in St George’s Hanover Sq.

9. William Francis b c 1862 and Annie Elizabeth Naylor SHELTON

2nd son of William and Mary Ann LOCKETT, William Francis, b 29 Feb 1862 at 2 Stafford Mews, Richmond S.212 Married 8 Feb 1908 Annie Elizabeth Naylor SHELTON in St Martin’s Kensal Rise, Willesden, he aged 46, Bachelor, House Decorator, she 36, Spinster, both of 91 Burrows Rd, John Charles LAWRENCE—compare sister Emma’s witness—a witness.213 They married late, she was 36, ie, b c 1872. His occupation 1908 House Decorator,214 1910 House Painter.215 He died 1920 Croydon, aged 58.216 No obvious death of Annie, apart from the Annie who died 1937 Shardlow, Derbys (near Basford), aged 63, ie, b c 1874, but she may have been sister of Caroline.217

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  1. Mabel Gertrude, b 25 Apr 1908 at Clapham Maternity, 41 Jefferys Rd, Stockwell, mother residing 50 Brough Hill, Croydon.218 Married 1934 Croydon … CROUCHMAN.219
  2. Doris May, b 24 Jun 1910 at Clapham Maternity, 41 Jefferys Rd, Stockwell, mother residing 41 Warrington Rd, Croydon.220 Married 20 Apr 1935 Maurice Sheppard FULFORD in the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Croydon, she aged 24, Spinster, residing 122 Church Rd, he 26, Bachelor, Printer, residing 30 Vicarage Rd.221
  3. Gladys S, b 1913, Croydon.222 Married 1938 Croydon … YOUNG.223

10. George Brockett 1863-?1908 and Caroline Hilda HART

2nd son of Francis Henry Brockett and Agnes Georgiana ROWSON, George, b 20 Dec 1863 in Kingston.224 Baptised Kingston on Thames 19 Nov 1871, the same day as sister Sophia Catherine.225 Married Caroline Hilda HART 18 Aug 1883 in Register Office, St George’s Hanover Sq.226 Caroline’s second name given as Emma in 1884,227 only name as Hilda in 1887 and 94.228 George’s occupation: 1883, 84, 85, 87, 88 Musician;229 1894 Drummer West Kent.230 In 1883 they resided Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Westminster.231 Caroline H died Wandsworth 1905 Q3 aged 39 (ie, b c 1866). George probably died 1908, Wandsworth, London, aged 41, ie, b c 1867.232 Soon after, 3 of his youngest children were sent to Canada as ‘home children’, followed within 5 years by the two remaining.

Census records for George and Caroline and family:    Read more


    1. Francis Henry George Brockett, b 29 May 1884 at 155 Vauxhill Bridge Rd, Westminster, London.233 Not apparently at home for the 1901 census. Married Ethel Kathleen TRITTON 25 Dec 1909 in Folkestone, Kent.234 Drummer Royal West Kent Regiment 1909.235 Still with the West Kent Regiment in 1911,236 like his younger brother. Francis died 11 Mar 1959 Folkestone Kent, aged 74237 estate to Ethel Kathleen Brockett widow £679 19s 4d.238 Ethel Kathleen of 130 Dover Rd, Folkestone d 7 Mar 1975, aged 88, ie b c 1887, will pr Brighton 2 May £7,018.239 1 dau. + Census records for Francis Henry and Ethel:    Read more
    2. Charles William Brockett, b 18 Nov 1885 at 17 Lillington St, Westminster;240 died 1887 St George’s Hanover Square, London, aged 1.241
    3. Joseph Brockett, b 24 Apr 1887 at 17 Lillington St, Westminster;242 died 1887 St George’s Hanover Square, London.243
    4. Hilda Agnes Brockett, b 7 Oct 1888 at 5b Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Westminster.244 Probably mistakenly recorded in 1901 as Caroline H S, aged 12, b Westminster,245 for whom there was no GRO birth record. Married 10 Mar 1907 Joseph BALDOCK, St Mary’s Church, Summerstown, Wandsworth, London, she aged 22 [actually 18 and 5 months], Spinster, he 22, Bachelor, Painter, both of 48 Maskell Rd.246
    5. Daisy Brockett, b 1890, Wandsworth District.247 Probably died Wandsworth 1903 aged 12.
    6. George Brockett, b 9 Jan 1892, Maidstone.248 A soldier in the West Kent Regiment like his older brother in 1911.249 Married 5 Dec 1914 Edith Ellen CHITTENDEN in St Michael’s Parish Church, Maidstone, Kent, he aged 22, Bachelor, Regular Soldier, of Fort Darland, Chatham, she 23, Spinster, Dress Maker, of 11 Warwick Place, Maidstone, [brother] F H G Brockett a witness.250 1 son, 1 dau. Edith Helen died 20 Feb 1947, at 35 Lindsey Rd, Dagenham, estate valued at £478 5s 9d to George Brockett, Park Keeper.251 George married again 6 Mar 1948 Kathleen McCARTHY at St Thomas Parish Church, Becontree, Essex, he aged 55, Widower, Park Keeper, of 35 Lindsey Rd, she 35 (ie b c 1913), Spinster, Canteen Assistant, of 59 Ilfracombe Gardens, Romford.252 No issue. George probably died 1975 Havering London, aged 83.253 Kathleen probably died 23 Aug 1981 Redbridge [near Becontree] aged 69 (ie b c 1912), at 5 Chadwell Heath Lane, Chadwell Heath, Essex, will pr London 23 Oct, estate not exceeding £25,000.254 1 son, 1 dau.+Census records for George and family:    Read more

      1. Ronald George Brockett, b 23 Sep 1915 Medway, Kent;255 married 1939 Monica Florence COCKRAM Dartford London.256 He died 16 Dec 1989 Peterborough Northamptonshire, aged 74 1915.257 Monica died 25 Nov 1990 Fenland Cambridgeshire, aged 72 [b 28 Dec 1918] residing 3 Cherryholt Ave, March, Cambs, estate not exceeding £125,000.258 No issue recorded in the GRO.
      2. Eileen J Brockett, born 1918 Manchester.259 Married 1939 … FRIZILLE Aldershot.260
    7. William Brockett, b 1 June 1894, at 3 Warwick Row, Boxley Rd, Maidstone.261 Sent to Canada 1908 aged 14 as a ‘home child’.
    8. Bertie Brockett, b 1897, Maidstone.262 Sent to Canada 1908 aged 11 as a ‘home child’.
    9. Frederick Brockett, b 1899, Wandsworth District.263 Sent to Canada 1908 aged 9 as a ‘home child’.
    10. May Elizabeth Brockett, b 23 May 1901, Wandsworth District.264 Recorded as Mary Elizabeth in the GRO. Sent to Canada 1910 aged 8 as a ‘home child’.
    11. Albert Edward Brockitt, b 9 May 1903, Wandsworth District.265 Not apparently in the 1911 census. Sent to Canada 1913 aged 9 as a ‘home child’.


11. George Henry 1869-1936 and Ada Rosina TERRY

3rd son of Edward and Margaret Jane Josephine NOTARI, b 9 May 1869, The Bench, Ham St, Ham, Kingston.266

War record:267    Read more

Married Ada Rosina TERRY 6 Sep 1896 in West Ham, he aged 24 [actually 27].268 George Henry’s Occupation: Porter 1896; Laborer at Rubber Works in 1897,269 residing 451 North Woolwich Rd, Silvertown, West Ham; General Labourer 1901, 02, 36,270 Builder [deceased].271 After the birth of Cyril Arthur in 1899, Ada at least was in Hendon Union Workhouse.272 She was late of 5 Barry Rd, Stonebridge Park, Willesden. Did he serve in the Boer War (1899-)? One of his daughters was named Annie Pretoria in 1902.

George may have been the Bricklayers Labourer, aged 43, married, b London Lambeth, in St Olave’s Union Workhouse, Ladywell Rd, Lewisham—Ada had been in the Hendon Workhouse a dozen years before. However Hendon and Twickenham and other places George and Ada’s family were recorded are NW of London, whereas Lewisham is SE, so this 1911 George was more likely the husband of Susan Millicent HARMER and son of Thomas and Louisa MILLS.

George and Ada had separated by 2 April 1911, since by then at least Ada was living with George WALLIS273 and probably had done for some years before. The 8 years recorded by George WALLIS on the census return is possible, as the last record known of George and Ada together was the registration of the birth of their last child Annie Pretoria on 19 Sep 1902. But that they had been married is incorrect—Ada didn’t marry him till 1937 Q3 in Wandsworth, i.e. a year after George Henry had died.

On 12 Oct 1929 George Henry married Lilian COURT at the Kensington Register Office, he aged 60, Widower [sic], General Labourer, she 50, Widow, Office Cleaner, nee GARDNER, both residing 83 Princes Road W11.274 He died 18 Jun 1936 at 104 Princes Rd, Kensington North, aged 67, ie b c 1869, of Cardiac Failure and Degeneration of Myocardium, informant L. Brockett, widow of same adddress.275 Lilian married again 30 Jul 1949 James WADEY at St Bartholomew’s Church, Brighton, Sussex, she aged 67, Widow, nee GARDNER, he 59, Widower, Corporation Employee, making his mark, both of 27 Frances St.276

There is a curious record of a marriage of a Peggy Mildred Hayhurst BROCKETT on 27 Mar 1948 at the Register Office in Brighton, to Zygmunt WISNIEWSKI, aged 40, Widower, Private 30070840 in the Polish Resettlement Corps (Hairdresser), residing at the Polish General Hospital no.6, Diddington. She gave her details as aged 24, Spinster, Book-sellers Saleswoman, residing 21a Marine Square, Brighton, daughter of George Henry (deceased), General Laborer.277 There is no record of her birth in the GRO or BMDS under any of the 3 forenames, and the only suitable George Henry is this one, b 1869. If her age was 24 in 1948 she would have been b c 1924, when George Henry was about 54.

Census records for George Henry and Ada and family:    Read more


      1. Philip George, b 18 Jul 1897, Canning Town, West Ham.278 1901 census says born in Silverston, Devon.+ War record:279    Read more
        Married Dorothy Emily May LAGDEN 1920 in Kingston.280 His occupation and residence 1921: Police Constable (ex Army) 25 Prospect Rd, Long Ditton.281 Occupation Police Constable 1955.282 Phillip G died 1958 Smethwick, Birmingham, aged 59.283 May was b 17 Apr 1901 in Long Ditton, Surrey.284 May died 8 May 1984. 2 sons:
      2. … Emigrated to New Zealand. Descendants living in Australia.
      3. Kenneth C, born 12 Apr 1934 Bromley Kent;285 married 1955 in Chatham, Kent, he aged 21, Bachelor, Cellarman Brewer;286 died 1977 Portsmouth Hants, aged 43.287 2 sons.
      4. Philip married again twice in the 1940s. 1stly to Peggy Kathleen SMITH 1 Feb 1940 Register Office, Brentford, Middx, he aged 34 [actually 43], Bachelor [sic], Occupation Sergeant RASC (Heavy Lorry Driver), she 21, Spinster, both residing 9 Denmark Rd, Twickenham.288 1 son b 7 Mar 1944, adopted out, Philip George’s occupation Sergeant no. B/111368 RASC (Heavy Lorry Driver), both residing 28 Gloucester Rd, Kew.289 No apparent further GRO record of Peggy Kathleen. 2ndly to Phyllis Grace KNIGHTS 25 May 1942 Parish Church of St John, Ealing, Middx, he aged 46, Bachelor [sic], Occupation Sergeant RASC, she 35, Spinster, both residing 4 Churchfield Rd, W13.290 No apparent further GRO record of Phyllis.
      5. Cyril Arthur, b 6 Feb 1899, Hendon.291 Married … COX, 1919, Portsmouth.292 No children recorded in the GRO. Cyril Arthur d 19 Aug 1954, Middlesex S,293 of 7 Gravel Rd, Twickenham, estate £32 14s 6d to Elsie Annie WARREN.294
      6. Violet May, b 16 Apr 1901 at 27 Colne Rd, Twickenham.295 Probably m … JONES 1920 Staines, London.296
      7. Annie Pretoria, b 6 Aug 1902 at 96 Gould Rd, Twickenham, Brentford.297 Died 1907 Staines, aged 4.298

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