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What’s new at TBA?

The Broket Archive (TBA) is continually changing. Major changes have occurred each year since the launch in 2004. Examples are the discovery of the Will in England of John Brockett who married Mary Blackwell and the DNA project. These are now part and parcel of this major 2018 revision of the site. We’re a small team working hard in the background doing research, so new developments, major discoveries, and content changes are ongoing and updates are constantly being included. We try to provide the most current and accurate information available.

Going forward, we will only record only substantial changes here. But day-to-day and week-to-week changes are happening all the time too. Some may be especially pertinent to you. You can always see if changes have occurred in the pages you view by checking the page update stamp at the bottom right of each page. Please let us know how this system works for you. Suggestions are appreciated.

Here is a month-by-month list of new or significantly-updated material:

Mar 2020
John Brockett of Wheathampstead Esq d 1649.

Feb 2020
Samuel Brockett of Graveley, Hertfordshire, and London, Grocer, 1609-74.

Jan 2020
Two brothers from Twickenham: James 1879-1942 and Frank 1888-1916.

Oct-Dec 2019
Lots of edits to pages and images added.

Sep 2019
A substantial reworking of the Surrey section, including a possible new candidate for John of New Haven.

Jul 2019
Lady Margery Scrope’s jewels, cloths and vestments.

Jun 2019
The non-existent James ‘Broket’ of Donnyngton Gent 1483.
Elizabeth Brokett of Hitchin d 1568.

May 2019
John Broket, Chaplain, of York 1381 and Northumberland 1386-1415.
A page about Richard Heaton Brockett of North Haven, CT, 1912-2005, and his ancestry.

Apr 2019
Henry and John Broket of Leicestershire, 1393 and 1415.

Mar 2019
A page about William Hume Brockett of Washington, DC, 1914-88, and his ancestry.
A note about Family Bibles.

Feb 2019
A page about Robert and Annabella Brocket of Alexandria, VA, and their descendants.
Ray Madsen’s update on Mary Blackwell—that her husband wasn’t John Brockett of New Haven.

Jan 2019
A page about William Leroy Brockett of New Haven, CT, 1925-2008, and his ancestry.
A page by Don Brockett on US statistics.

15 Dec 2018
Launch of the new version of the Broket Archive (TBA). See the Site Map.

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