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The Broket Y-DNA Project — North American participants

Written records will never make connections between some Broket Groupings and Clans, but Y-chromosome analysis can. For your convenience, the North American participants are listed here separately. For the overarching Broket Y-DNA project see this separate page, and for the Table of Results see this separate FTDNA page.

The project currently has 12 participants from North America and results from 2 others. They fall into 4 unrelated Genetic Groups, 3 of which claim descent from John Brockett who died in New Haven in 1690. That raises questions! We need more evidence, more participants. Do make contact if you want to take part.

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This page provides links to individual pages for each North American participant. As far as possible, documentary evidence is supplied for each generation stepping back, starting with the latest deceased carrier of the Y-DNA. We are working to complete the pages. If you’re interested in one that isn’t yet published, please make sure to check back in a while or else send a message and we’ll let you know when it is.
Genetic Group 3:
+Elmer E BROCKETT 1913-88
+Harold E BRACKETT 1916-81
+Harold H BROCKETT 1921-2001
+Harry D BROCKETT 1928-2005
+Marlin L BROCKETTE 1913-2000
+Richard Heaton BROCKETT 1912-2005
+Ronald J BRACKETT 1927-2013
+Wendell R BROCKETT 1910-83
+William H BROCKETT 1914-88
+William Leroy BROCKETT 1925-2008
Genetic Group 5:
+Edward C BROCKETT 1898-1980
+Frank B BROCKETT 1914-95
Ungrouped participants (Group 99):
+Clyde N W BROCKETT 1935-2015

Genetic Group 3 contains participants who trace their descent from the 17th C immigrant John Brockett of New Haven. Results from descendants of two or more of his sons match at genetic distances of 0-3, thus validating their lines from him.

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