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The Brokets of Australia and New Zealand

The first Broket in Australasia was probably William Edward Brockett of Whickham, Gateshead, in the 1830s. Two brothers from Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland were said to have been in Australia by 1860, and the 1870s saw 2 brothers in New Zealand from Gateshead and 3 separate families from the Bedfordshire Grouping settle in Tasmania and New Zealand. Others followed, such that members of most 19th C Broket Groupings and clans emigrated.1

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Emigration to Australia and New Zealand from Britain before the 1850s was predominantly of landowners and convicts. The discovery of gold in the early 1850s changed this dramatically and up to two per cent of Britain’s population is said to have emigrated to New South Wales and Victoria during the 1850s. Thereafter people from all walks of life were attracted by the opportunities of making a new life.

19th C Brocket/t emigrants to Australasia

  1. By 1836? William Edward of Whickham, Gateshead
  2. By 1860 William and John of Lesmahagow
  3. 1871-81 William and Charlotte CHAPPELL of Bedfordshire and family
  4. 1871? Henry of Gateshead
  5. 1873? Francis of Gateshead
  6. 1874 Daniel and Jane WOODWARD of Bromham and family
  7. c 1876 Joseph and Emma COTTERILL of Northampton and family
  8. after 1881 Alfred of Battersea
  9. 1883 Isaac of Bromham
  10. 1883 Henry and Mary PRUTTON of London and family
  11. 1885 Charles Frederick and Maria LEVITT of Stotfold, Bedfordshire

1. William Edward Brockett of Whickham, Gateshead ?by 1836

It’s possible that shortly before 1836 William Edward of Whickham sailed to Sydney and then on to the Torres Straits between Cape York Peninsula and Papua New Guinea. He was the author of a 54 page book Narrative of a voyage from Sydney to Torres’ Straits, in search of the survivors of the Charles Eaton: In His Majesty’s colonial schooner Isabella, C.N. Lewis, Commander.2 His father John Trotter Brockett was a writer, and William Edward updated his Glossary of North Country Words as well as writing a short memoir of him after 1842, so it’s possible that William Edward didn’t actually sail to Sydney himself, but only wrote the account. His clan, however, was enterprising and two uncles had sailed to the West Indies.

The Castaways of the Charles Eaton by Gary Crew,3 is a new story about the wreck of the British vessel on the Great Barrier Reef in August 1834 and attempts to rescue the castaways from head-hunting natives, no doubt based upon William Edward’s Narrative.

2. William and John Brocket of Lesmahagow by 1860

Beyond the fact that these 2 had emigrated to Australia by 1860—recorded in FB, an unpublished family history—no more is currently known of where they went or if they had families. William was the eldest son in the large family of William and Barbara BROWN, farmers in Bellieshole, Lesmahagow, but from a different mother: Jean GIBSON. William had emigrated to Canada in 1831 with his aunt and uncle but returned home by 1841. There were then 7 younger siblings in the household, and by 1851 he had left again. Younger brother John was still in Bellieshole in 1851, aged 18, but by 1861 had left, perhaps to join William in Australia.

3. William Brockett and Charlotte CHAPPELL 1871-81

It’s assumed from records in Tasmania of 2 Bedfordshire brothers—Albert Lovell and Theed William—and from the lack of records of their parents and siblings in England after 1881 that this entire family emigrated. The parents were William and Charlotte CHAPPELL. William’s parents were Joseph and Sarah CORRALL and was born 22 Oct 1837. He gave his birthplace as Kempston in 1861, 71 and 81, but an IGI patron gave it as Bromham. His birth isn’t registered in the GRO—why, when his ?twin brother’s was, isn’t known.

He married Charlotte CHAPPELL 11 Oct 1859 Kempston, Bedfordshire, he a Shoemaker aged 21 and she a Dressmaker aged 20.4 William’s occupation in 1860 was Master Shoemaker5 and Shoemaker in 18616 but by 1865 he had become a School Master.7 The family moved to Tempsford, Bedfordshire, between 1862-5—perhaps when he became School Master. In 1870 William was probably a witness to sister Jane‘s marriage to Reuben. By 1881 the family, apart from eldest son Albert, were in Kent. After 1881 there are no apparent records in the GRO or IGI of any of the family apart from Albert Lovell’s marriage in 1885. Did they all emigrate to Tasmania soon after 1885?

Census records for William and Charlotte:+Read more


  1. Albert Lovell, b 23 Jun 1860 Kempston,9 bap 16 Sep 1860 Bromham.10 In the 1861 census his name was mistakenly recorded as Alfred, aged 7 months, born Kempston. He married Nina Alice Whittington CADLE 22 Aug 1885 in Edmonton, London.11 He emigrated on the SS Cuzco to Australia Oct 1885, wife Nina arriving 12 Dec 1885 on the ‘Elderslie’ in Perth with her mother and sisters. On 28 Dec 1885 they arrived in Tasmania and the Tasmania Directory recorded them in Launceston in 1903 and 1904. She was born 1862 Gloucestershire, was a nurse in the Homoeopathic Hospital 52 Gt Ormond St in 188112 and d 21 Aug 1911 Launceston, Tasmania, bur Carr Villa Cemetery. The Cyclopedia of Tasmania 1900 gives details of his career, including that he “was trained at the Cheltenham Training College … matriculated at the London University in 1883 in the first division but after two years further study at the Birkbeck Institute a breakdown in health compelled him to give up his purpose of completing his degree. On arriving in Tasmania he was apppointed assistant master at Christ College, Hobart … Early in 1900 he was apppointed inspector of schools for the northern portion of Tasmania…” Children:
    1. Frank Whittington, b 19 Jan 1887 Hobart Tasmania. He lived in Tasmania, occupation Dentist, and died 14 Feb 1961 in Park [Melbourne Australia].13 He married Launceston Tasmania Mabel Lorenina or Lorrenia JARMAN Aug 1906.14
    2. Stella Clare, b 7 Dec 1888 Ulverstone Tasmania; d 11 Oct 1961 Launceston Tasmania. Worked in the Launceston Public Hospital.15
    3. Phyllis Mary, b 30 Mar 1891 Tasmania; m John Russell HOGARTH 1914 Victoria, Australia. She died 1 Jun 1953 Launceston Tasmania.
    4. Kenneth Lovell, b 13 Jan 1896 Port Frederick Tasmania; m Hope Ray WHITAKER. He died 1956 Adelaide.
    5. Marjorie Nina, b 19 May 1897 Port Frederick Tasmania; d 9 Apr 1959 Launceston Tasmania.

    Albert Lovell married again 29 Mar 1913 Isabel Mary DUNCANSON / INGLEDEW in Tasmania. The Tasmania Directory recorded him in Launceston in 1914, 1917 and 1922 – as Inspector of Schools – and 1928 in Newtown. He died 11 Oct 1931 at his home ‘Te Anau’ Tower Rd, Newton and was buried in the Cornellian Bay Cemetery Hobart Tasmania. The Hobart Mercury 23 Jan 1932 recorded the value of his estate left to his family at £2,344.

  2. Frances Sabilla, b 1862 Bedford District,16 bap 2 Feb 1862, Bromham.17
  3. Theed William, b 13 Oct 1865 Tempsford,18 bap 25 Dec 1865 Tempsford.19 His birth was registered 16 Oct 1865 unnamed. Living c 1914-20, presumably in Tasmania.20 Married … …. Child:

    Errol William, b Avoca, Tasmania; enlisted at Pontville c 1914-20, Tasmania, next of kin father Theed William Brockett.21
  4. Selina Maria, b 1869 Biggleswade District,22 bap 17 Apr 1870, Tempsford.23

4. Henry Brockett of Gateshead, c 1871

Fifth son of William Henry and Margaret WILSON of Gateshead, born 1854, 5 Catherine Terrace, Gateshead,24 bap 16 Aug 1854 Gateshead.25 Henry probably arrived in New Zealand 1871. Joined the Fellmongering and Woolscouring business of John Matheson & Co at Woodlands in Southland in 1888. Married John’s younger sister Mary Ellen MATHESON 1892 Ngapara. In the early 1890s Henry went to work at the Ocean Beach Freezing Company near Bluff. Committed and admitted to Mataura mental hospital 2 and 3 Sep 1908 and died there 14 Jan 1909 aged 54 of apoplexy, occupation Woolclasser,26 buried in the Mataura cemetery, NZ. Mary was born 1869 and died 1956. Descendants living in NZChildren:

  1. a son died in infancy, possibly stillborn.
  2. Harry Aynsley Brockett, b 1896, d 1961. Ship’s Captain with the Union Steamship Co (based in Auckland) and on the San Francisco run for most of the 1920s, for instance for the MV Hauraki’s trip, arriving there 16 Oct 1929 from Wellington.27 During the war he captained a hospital ship and after the war was appointed Harbourmaster in Suva, Fiji. Had sandy-coloured hair. Married Minnie SHERBORNE from Gore, b 1895, d 1982. Children:
    1. William “Bill” Henry Brockett, b 1922, d 20..; Medical Doctor. Married Mary Ellen KILROY, resided Christchurch, NZ. Issue: 3 sons, 1 dau.
    2. Graeme Sherborne Brockett, b 1929, d 1988; Lawyer with his own firm in Christchurch, NZ. Married Avril Edith Derry BREDIN. Graeme was a Judge Advocate for the NZ Army in Singapore in the late 1970s and 80s. Avril died 15 Jun 2011, buried in Avonhead Cemetery. Issue: 3 daus, 2 sons.

5. Francis Brockett of Gateshead, 1873?

Fourth son of William Henry and Margaret WILSON of Gateshead, born 1852 Gateshead,28 bap 2 Aug 1852 Gateshead.29 Francis probably arrived in New Zealand 1873. He died unmarried 7 Dec 1913 Cecil Peak, near Queenstown, NZ30 of heart failure, and chronic alcoholism,31 buried in the Mataura cemetry, NZ.

6. Daniel Brockett and Jane WOODWARD of Bromham, 1874

Third surviving son of John and Ann JAMES of Bromham, Daniel was born 27 Apr 1842 in Bromham and died 9 May 1919 in Allanton, New Zealand of cardiac disease.32 He married Jane WOODWARD 30 May 1864 in Sandy Parish Church, he a Labourer of full age (22 on death certificate), she a Spinster under age.33 Daniel’s occupation 1872 Farm Labourer34 1919.35 On 16 Nov 1874 Daniel and Jane and 5 children sailed from Plymouth on the SS Rakaia and arrived in Canterbury, New Zealand 7 Feb 1875. Daniel contined working as a farm labourer in Allanton, Taieri, New Zealand until his death. Jane died 21 Jan 1929 in Oamaru, NZ.36

Census records for Daniel and Jane:+Read more


  1. Frederick, b 30 May 1865, Bedford District,38 bap Bromham 25 Jun;39 died 15 Aug 1945 in Puketi Greenfield, bur Dunedin, NZ. He married 1st Ellen Jane LYNDSAY 11 Apr 1902, bur Waitahuna. Children:
    1. Helen Jane, b 1903, Green Island; married Charles Herbert HYSLOP, issue 5 children; d 1986, bur Waitahuna.
    2. Daniel, b 1904, Lawrence; d 1986, bur Oamaru.
    3. John ‘Jack’ Lyndsay, b 1908; d unm 1929, bur Waitahuna.
  2. Frederick married 2nd in Oamaru, Otago, NZ, 3 Jan 1912 Agnes Mary GENGE (died 27 Nov 1967).
  3. Emily, b 1867, Bedford District,40 bap Bromham 14 Jul;41 married 19 Oct 1892 in Allanton, NZ, Joseph Benjamin SNELL, issue 4 children. She died 28 Jul 1954 in Invercargill, NZ.
  4. Frank, b 11 Aug 1868, Bedford District,42 bap Bromham 6 Sep;43 died 24 Jun 1943 in Otaki.44 He married 17 Apr 1900 in Kurow, Otago, NZ Agnes Amelia MILMINE. 1911 residence: Kurow; his occupation: Labourer. 1928 and 38 residence: Duntroon; his occupation: Government Rabbiter. Agnes died 18 Sep 1957. Children:
    1. James Frederick, b 9 Jun 1901 Dunedin;45 married 1924 in NZ Myra HAUGH. Oamaru Electoral Roll 1935: 396 South Rd, SWI, railway employee with Myra.46 He died 1980 in Oamaru. 6 daughters.
    2. Frank. Married Florence Catherine FYFE. The couple resided 1 Wakefield Avenue, Sumner in 1938, he a Grocer.47
    3. Arthur Allan, b 1905 Otiake,48 d 6 Jun 1953 in Waikouiti,49 bur there 9 Jun. He married Elizabeth “Bessie” Agnes ROBERTSON, bur 25 May 1945, Waikouiti. The couple resided Merton in 1938, he a Surfaceman.50 4 sons, I dau.
    4. Violet Milmine, b 12 Oct 1906 Dunedin;51 married 1924 in NZ Eric Keith HAUGH. She died 1993 in NZ. 5 children.
    5. Charles, b 28 Oct 1908 Dunedin;52 married Zena Annie McQUADE. The couple resided Merton in 1938, he a Labourer.53 He died Mar 1982 at 16 Baker St, Timaru, NZ. 5 children.
    6. Herbert John, b 1910 Dunedin;54 married Nonie Marion CONROY. He died 16 May 1969 Dunedin. 5 children.
    7. Caroline. Married Horace DEAVOLL.
    8. Ethel. Married Ronald ELDER. 3 children.
  5. Alfred, b 1870, Bedford District55 bap 2 Oct 1870 Bromham;56 d Bromham 25 Nov 1870,57 aged 1 month.
  6. George, b 16 Dec 1872 Bromham,58 and died 20 Mar 1913 in Dunedin, bur Allanton. Wallace Electoral Roll 1896: Avondale, Shepherd. He married 1901 in NZ Jessie Isabella JOHNSTON. Children:
    1. Jane ‘Tot’, b 27 Mar 1902, Otautau;59 married 1926 Dunedin Jack LANE. She died 13 Aug 1967, Dunedin. 3 children.
    2. Daniel, b 1903 Dunedin; died Allanton, Dunedin 1 Jun 1919.
    3. George, b 18 Jun 1903 Otautau;60 m 1927 Ann Dorothea NEILSON. He was in the NZ infantry and died 24 Sep 1933. She died 52 years later on 24 Sep 1985 at 147 Dalrymple St, Invercargill, NZ. 1 dau, I son.
    4. Jessie Crawford, b 28 Dec 1909 Dunedin; m Lew TELFER.
  7. Arthur, b 1874, Bedford District,61 bap Bromham 8 Mar;62 d 5 Jan 1875 on the sea voyage to New Zealand, aged 8 months,63 or 12 months and of measles and bronchitis,64 listed as Arthur Brackett.
  8. Arthur, b 12 Feb 1876, Taieri;65 d 1961,66 Ngaruawahia, Waikoto, NZ. Farm Manager at Glen Massey.67 He married 1910 Ethel Daw DAY.
    Arthur and Albert Brocket's Wedding 1910 NZ

    1. Ethel Miriam, b 14 Jul 1911, Hamilton; d 16 Aug 1992, Hamilton. Married William FRIZZEL
    2. Arthur John (Jack), b 11 July 1912 Ngaruawahia; m Mary Shaw Carrick LEES. Farm Worker at Te Akatea.68 He died 2005 in Raglan, Waikoto. Children:
      1. Arthur Robert John, b 11 May 1943 Ngaruawahia; m ; d 31 October 1997 Hamilton. 2 children.
  9. Celina “Leana”, b 1878, Taieri;69 married 5 May 1904 in East Taieri, Dunedin, Henry Fowler CHRISTIE, issue 9 children. She d 9 Jul 1966, Pleasant Point.70
  10. John ‘Jack’ William, b 20 Jan 1880 Outram, Dunedin;71 d 31 Jul 1948 in Paeroa, Hauraki Plains. Serviceman in World War 1. Then a Storekeeper/Grocer in Karangahaki with brother-in-law Hugh SHAND. He married Christina Crawford GIBB 25 Dec 1920 in Hikutaia. In the early 1920s they built at 16 Hill St, Paeroa, where they remained. They were both victims of polio in 1950 and were in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. She died 2 May 1964 in Paeroa, Hauraki Plains. Children:
    1. John ‘Jock’ Crawford, b 5 Jul 1921, Karangahake;72 d 15 Oct 1942, Amersfoort, Holland. The War Graves Commission has this information:    Read more
    2. Josephine Woodward, b 2 Mar 1923.
    3. Arthur Hugh, b 16 Mar 1924, NZ; m Jane Ruth MANN. He died 13 Oct 2010 in Whangarei, NZ. 4 children.
    4. Trevor Gibb, b 30 Apr 1925, Paeroa, Hauraki Plains; m 28 Jun 1952 Avery Dawn WHITE. The couple both contracted polio in 1954 but ran a business—Matangi Motors—from their wheelchairs. He died 7 May 2001 at 534 Matangi Rd, Hamilton, NZ. 3 children. One of Trevor’s descendants participated in the Broket DNA project. His results and those of 3 other participants revealed that although they came from 4 different Broket clans, they actually belonged to a single Genetic Group—called no.2. This had been suspected but no documentary evidence had been—nor probably will be—found to prove it. But now as a result of this DNA evidence we know for certain that they all descend from a common late 16th C ancestor, and no further evidence is needed.
  11. Alice Jane, b 26 Dec 1882, W Taieri;73 married 24 Nov 1904 Hugh McCaw SHAND in Allanton,74 issue 3 children. She d 20 Mar 1974, Gisborne.75
  12. Albert, b 4 Apr 1884, Allanton, W Taieri; d 1973 Oamaru. He married 7 Sep 1910 in S Taieri, Oamaru Jane ‘Ginny’ MORRISON (d 1981). Residing 11 Rutherford St, SWI, Labourer, with wife Jane and spinster Alice Jane.76 One child:
    Alice Jane, b 7 Nov 1911 Oamaru; d Auckland 8 Mar 1992; married 1937 Oamaru Harold Joseph STRACHAN. He died 1996. 1 son.
  13. Charles Edmund, b 22 Oct 1885, Taieri;77 d Apr 1923, Westport, South Island, NZ. Serviceman in World War 1. Occupation: Customs Examining Officer. He married 1913 in NZ Frances Lillian SIBBALD. She died in Christchurch 1963. Children:
    1. Elmar Noel, married Ray BOYLE, d 1991. No children.
    2. others still living.
    3. Edmund Arthur, b 25 Jul 1920, Christchurch; d 5 Jul 1996, Christchurch.

7. Joseph Brockett and Emma COTTERILL, c 1876

Another early emigrant family was the shoe-making family of Joseph and Emma from Northampton, England. They emigrated to Australia and on to New Zealand.78
5th son of John and Maria DARLING of Northampton, Joseph was baptised 3 May 1833, St Cuthbert, Bedford; d New Zealand 1881. He married Emma COTTERILL 28 Oct 1856 in the Independent Chapel, Berkhamsted,79 both residing Berkhamsted, Joseph of full age, Emma a minor. Berkhamstead is c 25 m S of Bedford and 32 m SSE of Northampton. Emma’s father John ran a brass and iron foundry. Emma may have borne Joseph 12 sons and 1 daughters, all but the last one or two in Northampton.

Joseph was witness to his elder brother John’s marriage in Northampton in 1853. Joseph and Emma were living in Russell St, Northampton when their 1st son Walter was born in Jan 1858. When Alfred was born in Oct 1859 they were living in Arthur St, Kingsthorpe, about a mile north of Northampton. Abraham of Bromham and family moved to Northampton by 1873 also.

Like his 2 brothers, Joseph was a Shoemaker—1856,80 1858,81 1859 Shoemaker Journeyman,82 and by the 1871 census he had become Foreman in a Shoe Factory. He was manager of Messrs Henry Hardy and Co, boot manufacturers in 1874 when son Walter emigrated to New Zealand.83

Eldest son Walter was the first to emigrate, aged 16 and for £1—arriving New Zealand 11 March 1874 on the barque Dilharee.84 He said his parents “were opposed to him going out to a country which they thought was peopled by savages”. Three or four years later Walter “took a trip back to England, and so impressed his parents with the possibilities of the new land that they returned to New Zealand with him.” This would have been a few years later as the Passenger Lists show that the family emigrated to Australia soon after twins Arthur Caleb and Emma Florence were born in 1876—son George was born in Sydney 1877. They moved on to New Zealand by 1881, where Joseph died 14 Jun ”’that year? ‘at his residence, London St, Bingsland, aged 49’, buried 16 Jun Avonside Cemetery.85 Bingsland was in Christchurch, now called Richmond. Emma died in 1887.86

Census records for Joseph and Emma:+Read more


  1. Walter Andrew b 12 Jan 1858, St Giles, Northampton.88 Wise’s Directory 1887-8 Christchurch, NZ, listed him as a Bootmaker in London St, Richmond. The 1893 Christchurch Electoral Roll listed him as a Bootmaker in Richmond. Worked first for Bootmakers Messrs Lightband Allan & Co, Christchurch, retiring for health reasons and then working as custodian of Arthur E G Rhodes’ buildings at the corner of Manchester and Hereford streets.89 In 1898 he filed for divorce in Christchurch High Court against Eliza Brocket and Joseph Garland.90 Residing 23 Gordon Ave, St Albans.91 Probate Christchurch High Court 1947.
  2. Alfred John b 25 Oct 1859, Kingsthorpe, Northampton.92 Occupation 1887, Bootmaker.93 He married Janet Lapsley MCJARROW 26 December 1887 in Christchurch, NZ. They died at Devonport, probate Auckland High Court, his in 1927, hers in 1932.94 Children:
    1. Frederick Selby b 16 Oct 1893, Christchurch, NZ. In the NZ Defence Force 1914-8.95 Brockett descendants now live in New Zealand.
    2. Robert
    3. Roy b 1905. Probate Auckland High Court 1986.96 Married 20 Jan 1940 Doris Eva BIGELOW. She died 1985.
    4. Ella.
  3. Lemuel b 1862, Bedford District;97 d 15 Jun 1938, Beechworth, Victoria.98 He married Mary LOVE 30 March 1901 in Melbourne. Children:
    1. Herbert Roy b 24 Jun 1903, Carlton.99
    2. Herbert Lemuel b c 1904, Carlton, Victoria; d 10 Dec 1962, Geelong.
    3. others after 1905.
  4. ?Arthur Francis b 1864100 and d 1865 Northampton District.101
  5. Joseph Henry b 1866, Northampton District;102 m Mary Elizabeth … Wise’s Directory 1887-8 Christchurch, NZ, listed him as a Music Teacher at 60 Durham St. Organiser of Brockett’s String Band.103 The 1893 Christchurch Electoral Roll listed him as a Bootmaker in Sydnam. He died 1907, listed as a Bootmaker.104
  6. Arthur Frederick b 1868, Northampton District.105 Lived in New Zealand. Probate Christchurch High Court 1918.106
  7. ?Harry Septimus b 1870,107 d 1870 Northampton District108—the 7th son?
  8. ?Frank b 1872,109 d 1873 Northampton District.110
  9. Ernest Charles b 1874, Northampton District;111 d 1962, Fran.112 He married Margaret Catherine WILLIS 1909.113 Children.
  10. Arthur Caleb b 1876, Northampton District;114 married 1895, Northampton District.115 Twin of Emma Florence. Arthur Caleb was Joseph and Emma’s only surviving child recorded in the GRO as marrying or dying in England. He must have returned from Australasia by 1891, when he was recorded in the census in Northampton. Witness to 1st cousin Annie Maria’s marriage in Northampton 1901.
    Census records for Arthur and Beatrice:+Read more
    The GRO recorded a Beatrice dying in Taunton, Somerset 1949 aged 73116 and an Arthur C dying there 1946 aged 69.117
  11. Emma Florence b 1876, Northampton District.118 Twin of Arthur Caleb. Lived in Sydney.
  12. George b 1877, Sydney, Australia;119 d 7 Aug 1911, Auckland, NZ.120 He married Alice Ethel BEECHEY 1 Jan 1906 in Hawera, NZ,121 when his occupation was Furniture Maker and residence Christchurch, NZ. His DC said he lived in New Zealand for 30 years, so he must have been taken there aged 4. His father died that year and his mother died when he was 10. Brockett descendants now live in New Zealand. Children:
    1. Leslie George Patrick b Oct 8 1906 Christchurch.122 His father died when he was 4. Emigrated to Canada 1930, but returned. Married Gertrude Mary KANE Dec 27 1947 RC Church, Hastings, NZ, he a Cabinet Maker, she a Nurse.123 He died 23 Jan 1984 Hastings, residence: 816 Ngaio St.124 She died Aug 23 1984 Hastings. One of Leslie’s descendants participated in the Broket DNA project. His results and those of 3 other participants revealed that although they came from 4 different Broket clans, they actually belonged to a single Genetic Group—called no.2. This had been suspected but no documentary evidence had been—nor probably will be—found to prove it. But now as a result of this DNA evidence we know for certain that they all descend from a common late 16th C ancestor, and no further evidence is needed.
    2. Nola Leonie b May 30 1908 Christchurch; m Arthur SQUIBBS. She died Dec 20 1997.
  13. ?Harold. It is not certain if there was a son Harold. If there was, he was probably born in Australia after George; there is no GRO record.

8. Alfred Brockett of Battersea, after 1881

Alfred, b 1858, 2nd son of Solomon and Jane MAY of the Morden clan. He is said to have emigrated to Canada or Australia as a young man and has never been heard of since. Brother of Charles Frederick and Solly.

9. Isaac Brockett and Clara MAYES of Bromham, 1883

Isaac, b 1856,125 bap 1 Feb 1857, Bromham.126 Oldest surviving child of Thomas and Mary TEBBUTT of Bromham. Some of the following information is from a 1988 letter from a descendant in Queensland, Australia. Isaac married Clara MAYES of Stagsden in S Kensington, London—where his sister Elizabeth KING lived—27 Aug 1883.127 Clara was b 1861. Isaac and Clara emigrated to Australia 1883. Isaac’s occupation: Bullock Teamster, carting wool from the Outback to coastal ports, later an Opal Miner. A daughter was stillborn in 1885 and a son in 1889, Clara dying in childbirth with the son. Surviving child: Jessie Mary, b 1886 Australia. Aged 16 found work in Rockhampton, Queensland, as Companion/Help to an elderly woman. Married at St Mark’s Church, Rockhampton, 6 Sep 1911 George William WORTHINGTON, issue 2 daughters, 4 sons. She died 1963. “She was very religious (Anglican) and didn’t have a sense of humour. She had a hard life looking after her husband, father, two brothers-in-law and other men who worked at the sawmill they ran in the Boyne Valley (West of Gladstone) – as well as five children”.128

Isaac died of heart failure and oedema of the lungs in Rockhampton, Queensland, 22 Feb 1936, buried North Rockhampton Cemetery.129

10. Henry George Brockett and Mary PRUTTON, c 1883

5th son of William and Fanny BONNETT of the Mordens Clan, Henry George was born 1853 in Battersea, Surrey,130 and died 1929 in Northcote, Victoria, Australia. He married Mary PRUTTON 1875 in Arlesey, Bedfordshire.131

Census records for Henry and Mary:+Read more

Occupation 1882 Carpenter.132 46 years before his death he emigrated to Tasmania—for 1 year—and then to Australia. He therefore emigrated c 1883. He died in Northcote, Victoria, in 1929 from heart failure, aged 76, residing 271 Mansfield St, occupation Carpenter.133 Children:134

  1. Mark, b 1876, Wandsworth District;135 d 1954, Melbourne.136 Aged 52 in 1929.137 Next of kin mother given as Mary in ?enlistment record c 1914-20.138 Resided 1929, 271 Mansfield St, Northcote.139 One surviving son.
  2. Nancy, b 1878, Biggleswade District.140 Aged 50 in 1929141 and 61 in 1940.142
  3. Rowley, b 1880, Biggleswade District;143 d 1880, Biggleswade District,144 Mother’s mother’s maiden name was ROWLEY.145
  4. Mary Ann, b 21 Mar 1882 at 3 Leopold St, Vauxhall, Lambeth, Surrey.146 Aged 47 in 1929147 and 58 in 1940.148 Married … FRASER in Australia 1910?
  5. Alice, b c 1882 in Tasmania or Australia.149 Died 1892, W Richmond.150
  6. Fanny, b 1884. Born in Tasmania or Australia.151 Died before 1929.152
  7. Lizzie, b 1886, Melbourne.153 Aged 43 in 1929154 and 53 in 1940.155
  8. Alice, b 1892, Richmond.156. Died before 1929.157
  9. Bertha, b 1895, Fairfield.158 Aged 45 in 1940.159

11. Charles Frederick Brockett and Maria LEVITT, 1885

Eldest son of Solomon and Jane MAY of the Morden clan, Charles Frederick was born 5 Feb 1857 in Wandsworth, Surrey,160 bap 12 Apr St Mary Battersea.161 Brother of Alfred and Edward Solly.162 Charles was still living with his parents in Stotfold at the 1881 census, Carpenter’s son, unm aged 24.

He married Maria LEVITT 27 Oct 1881 in Arlesey, Bedford.163 They migrated to New Zealand in Mar 1885. At that time he was described as a Builder. In 1886, 87, 91 and 92 he was described as a Carpenter.164 Here is the family c 1902:
Charles F Brockett and Maria LEVITT and family NZ c 1902
Charles became Inspector in the Public Works Dept in New Zealand165 and Clerk of Works.166 He oversaw the building of the New Zealand Government House in Wellington 1910.167 He died overseeing the building of a tourist hotel in the Mt Cook region, aged 55 on 16 Dec 1913 of Renal calculus and abscess 3 years and cardiac failure, at the Raw… Private Hospital, Gloucester Street, Christchurch, from Mt Cook, New Zealand, buried at Karori cemetery by an Anglican minister.168 He had 4 sons living aged 30, 26, 23 and 21 and one daughter aged 28.169 There is a picture of Dorothy in 1945, so daughter Bertha must have died before 1913. In 1916 Maria resided 26 Hawkestone St, Wellington.170 Children:

  1. Frederick Charles, born 27 Oct 1882 in Stotfold, Beds,171 and died 30 Mar 1956. He married Margaret Elizabeth COULTER 1 Jan 1908. Frederick was a Schoolteacher specialising in Agriculture and he was a keen Tramper, Botanist and Photographer. Mt Brockett, a peak in the Tarurua Ranges north of Wellington is named after him.172 There is a fairly large collection of Fred’s photographs in the NZ National Archives. Of particular note are his photos of the aftermath of the Napier earthquake in 1931.173 He had a near-namesake distant cousin, Charles Frederick Brockett, b 1895, who married Grace CLOW. Children:
    1. Freda Margaret, b 1909. Married Roy SANDERS, Orchardist. 3 sons, 4 daus.
    2. Edna Dorothy, b 1911. Karitane Nurse. Married c 1942 Selwyn David THOMPSON, Farmer. 3 sons, 1 dau.
    3. Esme Enid, b 1913. Married 1937 Gordon Stuart HARRIS, Botanist. 1 son, 1 dau.
  2. Dorothy Mary, b 15 Jan 1884, Stotfold, Beds; m John SULLIVAN, Accountant. 1 dau.
  3. Arthur Ernest, born 23 Mar 1886 Tory Place, Wellington, NZ.174 He married Sylvia Margaret FELL, daughter of Chas Yates FELL, Barrister, 20 Dec 1916 in the Private Chapel, Bishopdale, Nelson (just across the water from Wellington), he aged 30, Bachelor, Teacher, she aged 28, Spinster, witness Percy Cecil Brockett.175 He and Sylvia, who was an accomplished water=colourist, spent much of their life near the mountains of the upper South Island. Children:
    1. Charles Stephen, or Steve, b 3 Aug 1918; d Dec 1978. Stephen was a talented climber who climbed a few times with Edmund (later Sir Edmund) Hillary of Mt Everest fame. He trained and worked as a Schoolteacher until WWII. In Dec 1940 he joined the Fleet Air Arm and trained at Gosport in the UK Feb-Jun 1941.176 This picture was taken when he got his wings that year:177

      After the war he obtained a BA from Canterbury University College, followed by an MA. He became a Training College Lecturer and Dean of the Secondary Teacher Training College, Auckland. He was also, at one stage, Principal of the Nasinu Training College, Fiji. At the age of 60, just as he had reached his retirement he died suddenly in his sleep from an aneurism. Married 1949, 1 son, 1 daughter.
    2. Celia Dorothy Edith Brockett, b 1920. Died 9 Aug 1946—according to the Coroner from ‘Acute oedema of the brain, consequent on an acute toxic myocarditis due to a most acute and extremely toxic bronchopneumonia’—at the Mental Hospital, Porirua, from Martin St, Upper Hutt, Wellington, aged 24, Spinster, buried at Karori cemetery by an Anglican minister.178
  4. Bertha Alice, born 22 Dec 1887 in Drummond St, Wellington, NZ.179 She died aged 5 months.
  5. Percy Cecil, born 16 Jun 1890 in Carrington St, Wellington, NZ;180 died 14 Dec 1962. He married Margaret Elizabeth FRASER 29 Dec 1920 in St Stephen’s Church, Auckland. He played the violin in an amateur orchestra in Wellington before WWI. He was rejected for the army but after his younger brother was killed he tried again and was accepted. He was sent overseas and while in London he met Margaret Fraser, a Scotswoman who was working in London in a charitable crèche. She followed him to New Zealand and they were married. They lived in Mt Albert, Auckland. After the war he completed his accountancy and specialised in accounting for legal practices, working for law firms in Auckland for many years. At one stage he wrote and had published short stories. He kept his interest in music, although as a listener rather than performer, was a wide-ranging reader with an eclectic library, had an intensive knowledge of the native flora, and enjoyed walking and tramping until his death from cancer. Margaret was very active in local affairs taking a special interest in causes which benefited children. Children:
    1. Elizabeth “Betty” Mary, b 4 Aug 1922; d 10 Feb 1978.
    2. Patricia Anne, b 17 Mar 1933. Kindergarten Teacher. Died 2003.
  6. Archibald “Archie” Geoffrey, b 7 Jan 1892, Carrington St, Wellington, NZ;181 killed 15 Jul 1916, Armentieres, France.182 A law student at Victoria University College in Wellington when World War I broke out. He seems to have enlisted immediately and was a member of the force which occupied German Samoa. He caught pneumonia there and was invalided out of the army. He re-enlisted, became a Lieutenant, was sent overseas and was killed on the Somme trying to bring back wounded men from a sortie which had taken place the previous night.
    Second Lieutenant, IO/3151, 1st Bn, Otago Regiment, NZEF died on Saturday, 15 Jul 1916. Son of Mrs M Brockett, of 26, Hawkestone St, Wellington, New Zealand.183

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