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Cliff McCarthy, USA, 17 Dec 2018: “Your page about the Hector dissects in detail the mythology around the ship Hector. It should give pause to any genealogist or historian claiming descent from a passenger on the Hector (unless your ancestor was Davenport or Eaton). Great work and thanks”. From the comments at the bottom of Cliff’s page.1 Our response: “As you suggest, I’m hoping that my investigation might free up research into some of the other immigrants who have been tied to the 26 Jun 1637 arrival.”

Jessica Nisbett, New Zealand, 21 Dec 2018: “Absolutely wonderful research! So incredibly valuable. Thank you so much for your work. You enlightened us on our family history and answered questions that we had been unable to answer for generations. Its a fantastic feeling to know where we come from. Thank you.”

Thomas Brockett, Glasgow, UK, 6 Jan 2019: “Great to have you back. I have learnt a lot about my ‘clan’ from your site.”

Sandra Laurin, Arizona, USA, 14 Feb 2019: “I am a descendant of Hiram Brockett 1799 and have several pictures of this family from the 1800s. This Hiram was my great-great-great grandfather. His son, Griffith John C McRee Brockett was my great-great grandfather. They were from NC in the Jones Cty & Goldsboro, NC area.”

James Lively, USA, 27 Mar 2019: “Thank you for sharing your research. At present, I am researching Alice Broket. I must say it is a pleasure to find someone who pursues genealogy in a scholarly fashion. Thorough doesn’t began to describe the research published on your site. Here’s a case in point. Browsing through Bernau’s Index today, I found a chancery lawsuit involving a Spurling and a Brockett. It would seem you’ve already discovered this suit.”

Colin Davison, Bedford, UK, 29 Mar 2019, Bedfordshire genealogist, member of AGRA (Association of Genealogists & Researchers in Archives). Summary of a report on the pages BROTHWOOD of Henlow and 18 C Bedfordshire Brokets: “I think you are to be congratulated on the level of detail included in each of the Bedfordshire sections which is the result of much research over time. The basic building blocks are all there and they are perfectly sound.” See and

Michael Wood, USA, 6 Apr 2019, contributor to American Ancestors Magazine (New England Historic Genealogical Society), e.g. Vol 19, No 2, Summer 2018: “Hello, and thank you for your exceptional analysis of the ‘passenger list’ of the Hector.”

Jennifer Brockett, Natal, South Africa, 6 Apr 2019: “Hi, my father-in-law was Alfred Stanley Brockett from Ladysmith. Would like all the info I can get on the Brockett family.”

Leslie Riggins, USA, 11 Jun 2019: “Well, whoever you are, you have my deep gratitude. This body of work is a treasure! Please keep me on a list of those who want to be able to access this beautifully constructed archive of yours. Have you put this in print, I am wondering? Yikes — it’s all too good to ever lose. Thank you for all the painstaking accuracy, attention to detail, and devotion to truth. “Fact vs. factoid” is most appreciated!”

Dr Penelope Christensen, BC, Canada, 9 Aug 2019, Genealogy and Family History Consultant and Teacher (, author of 35 books on genealogy: “I took a good tour through your fantastic website and was most impressed with the work you have achieved. I found the humour exhibited delightful; it lightened the text making it more appealing to a general reader. As a genealogy teacher through the University of Toronto I was particularly impressed with your statement on proof.”

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[1] Accessed 9 Jul 2019.