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Children of John Brockett of New Haven (d 1690)

Are you a descendant of John Brockett of New Haven who died 1690? The Brockett Y-DNA Project suggests that his male-line descendants—people today with the surname Brockett or Brackett—descend from two of his sons: John and Samuel. But more participants are needed. If you’d like to participate to prove your descent, please email us at broket @ one-name . org (spaces inserted to reduce spam).

The purpose of this page is to point to documentary and other evidence regarding John’s descendants who were direct ancestors of participants in the Y-DNA Project. In order to do so, the general context of the sons of the first and second generation is useful, but no attempt is made to scrutinise the evidence for all John’s children or grandchildren. For them the reliability of Jacobus is taken for granted, see Sources.
Descendants of John Brockett of New Haven (d 1690) Y-DNA

Contents of this page:

1. Sources
2. John’s wife and sons
+++2.1. John 1642-1720 m Elizabeth DOOLITTLE
++++++2.1.1. Moses 1680-1764 m Lydia HUMISTON
++++++2.1.2. Samuel 1691-1775 m Mehitabel HILL
+++2.2. Benjamin 1645-79 m Elizabeth BARNES
+++2.3. Samuel 1652-1742 m Sarah BRADLEY
++++++2.3.1. John 1685-1753 m Huldah EARL
+++++++++ Elisha 1726-1805 m Huldah —
+++++++++ John b 1728 m Jemima TUTTLE
++++++2.3.2. Benjamin d 1758
+++2.4. Jabez b 1654 m Dorithy LIMON

1. Sources

The first port of call for the families presented here is the superb 1923-4 work by Jacobus: Families of Ancient New Haven. To verify and illustrate his accuracy, his two main sources in this context are selectively followed up and referred to as he did:1

NHV: New Haven Vital Statistics, Adams, Barbour et al 1917. For a discussion of this source, see the separate page.
WV: Wallingford Vital Statistics, checked here from Coralynn Brown’s internet copy of the 1924 Typescript of the Wallingford records 1670-1850 referred to here as ‘WV online’. For a discussion of this source, see the separate page.
+++Online access to primary or secondary versions of the other source Jacobus cited less frequently in this context: NHC1—First Congregational Society, New Haven—is currently unavailable.

Various other primary sources are also evidenced here, like censuses, Wills and images of graves.

The first—and sometimes only—source of information used by many descendants of John Brockett of New Haven (d 1690) is EJ Brockett’s 1905 book: The Descendants of John Brockett: One of the Original Founders of the New Haven Colony, mostly referred to here as ‘EJB’. This book definitely has its uses, but its principal drawback is its lack of source references. By contrast, Jacobus cited his sources, and they can usually be verified. A comparison between the information provided here from Jacobus and EJB’s information quickly shows a number of differences, some small but others significant. But since EJB’s information can’t be verified, Jacobus is followed here. For a discussion of EJB as a source, see the separate page.

2. John’s wife and children

The name of the wife of John Brockett of New Haven (d 1690) isn’t known, as discussed elsewhere, but here is the full list of their children according to Jacobus:2

1. John, bap 31 Dec 1642, married Elizabeth DOOLITTLE.
2. Be Fruitful, bap 23 Feb 1644. Jacobus pointed out the irony that she died in infancy.3
3. Benjamin, bap 23 Feb 1644, married Elizabeth BARNES.
4. Mary, bap 28 Sep 1646, married Ephraim PENNINGTON. Mentioned in her father’s Will.
5. Silence, bap 3 Jun 1648, married Joseph BRADLEY. Mentioned in her father’s Will.
6. Abigail, born 10 Mar 1650, married John PAYNE.
7. Samuel, born 14 Jan 1652, married Sarah BRADLEY.
8. Jabez, born 24 Oct 1654, married Dorothy LYMAN.

Comment: For the baptisms of the first 5 children—up to daughter Silence—Jacobus’ source was the ‘First Congregational Society, New Haven’ (NHC1) and for the remaining 3 he recorded their births from the source ‘Vital Statistics, New Haven’ (NHV). EJB—as usual without sources—thought that John (d 1690) had 2 sons called Benjamin: the first born as a twin with Be Fruitful on 23 Feb 1645, both dying 1645, and the second the Benjamin who married Elizabeth Barnes, who he said was born Dec 1648.4 Jacobus recorded daughter Be Fruitful before Benjamin, baptised on the same day 23 Feb 1644 [i.e. 1645], but dying young. That they were twins he didn’t say. The NHC1 source might confirm. If there had been two Benjamins, the first dying young like Be Fruitful, then the second escaped record, whether birth or baptism. For our purposes, it’s sufficient to record just one son of John (d 1690), called Benjamin, and defer to the more reliable Jacobus.

2.1. John 1642-1720 m Elizabeth DOOLITTLE

As seen above, John was the eldest son of John (d 1690). Jacobus’ full entry for John, his wife Elizabeth and their 8 children was as follows:5

+++John, bap 31 Dec 1642, NHC1, d Oct 1720 ae. 78 NoHT2; Dr.; m Elizabeth da. Abraham & Joan (Ailing) Doolittle, b 12 Apr 1652 NHV, d Mar 1731 ae. 78 NoHT2.

i Mary, b 18 Feb 1674 NHV; m Lawrence Clinton.
ii John, b 23 Oct 1676 NHV, d 29 Nov 1676 NHV.
iii Elizabeth, b 26 Nov 1677 NHV, d 30 Nov 1711 NHV; m 12 Oct 1704 (at W) NHV—John Grannis.
iv Moses, b 23 Apr 1680 NHV, d 5 Nov 1764 ae. 85 NoHT2, ae. 84-8 NoHC; m (1) 8 Jan 1706 NHV—Ann da. Edward & Hannah (Wakefield) Grannis; m (2) c. 1712 Lydia da. John & Sarah (Tuttle) Humiston, b 1 Apr 1689 NHV, d 6 Apr 1742 ae. 53 NoHT2. FAM. 2.
v Abigail, b 31 Mar 1683 NHV, d 2 Aug 1752 ae. 71 NoHT2; m 9 July 1712 NHV—John Pardee.
vi John, b 13 Sep 1686 NHV, bp 9 Jan 1686/7 NHC1, d 17 Nov 1709 NHV.
vii Samuel, b 8 Nov 1691 NHV, bp 13 Mar 1691/2 NHC1, d 3 Mar 1775 ae. 84 NoHC; m 5 Aug 1712 NHV—Mehitabel da. John & Hannah (Grannis) Hill, b Aug 1690 NHV. FAM. 3.
viii Benjamin, b 28 May 1697 NHV, bp 1697 NHC1, d 28 June 1700 NHV.

The NHV source for the births of all their children shows that John and Elizabeth lived in New Haven till at least 1700—the death of their youngest son Benjamin aged 3. At some point after that they moved to North Haven, where they were buried in the Old graveyard, Montowese, North Haven—NoHT2, John Brockett in 1720 and Elizabeth Brocket in 1731:6

+++Grave of John Brockett d 1720+++Grave of Elizabeth Brockett d 1731

More on John to follow…

Details of two of John and Elizabeth’s sons—Moses and Samuel—follow:

2.1.1. Moses 1680-1764 m Lydia HUMISTON

Jacobus’ sketch for Moses as the 4th child of John and Elizabeth DOOLITTLE—see above—and for his 2 wives Ann GRANNIS and Lydia HUMISTON reads as follows:7

Moses, b 23 Apr 1680 NHV, d 5 Nov 1764 ae. 85 NoHT2, ae. 84-5 NoHC; m (1) 8 Jan 1706 NHV—Ann da. Edward & Hannah (Wakefield) Grannis; m (2) c. 1712 Lydia da. John & Sarah (Tuttle) Humiston, b 1 Apr 1689 NHV, d 6 Apr 1742 ae. 53 NoHT2.

Jacobus cited both NHV records correctly:8

Moses Brockett b 1680 NHV p 50
Moses Bracket m 1706 NHV p 106

Note Moses’ surname Bracket for his marriage.

Jacobus’ NHV source for Moses’ birth, his first marriage at least, and the births of all his 14 children—to follow below—shows that like his parents John and Elizabeth before him, Moses, lived most of his life in New Haven, in Moses’ case till at least 1735—the birth of his youngest daughter. Then at some point after that he moved to North Haven, where eventually he and his 2nd wife Lydia were buried in the Old graveyard, Montowese—Jacobus’ NoHT2: Mr Moses Brockett on 5 Nov 1764, aged 85, and Lydia Brockitt on 6 Apr 1742, aged 53, their headstones apparently back-to-back:9

+++Grave of Lydia Brockett d 1742+++Grave of Moses Brockett d 1764
Jacobus gave no source for Moses’ second marriage to Lydia HUMISTON, but his precision is seen in his citation of North Haven Congregational Society records (NOHC) for a slight variation in Moses’ age at death—84-5 rather than 85 on the gravestone.

Note: By contrast, EJ Brockett didn’t mention Moses’ 2nd marriage, conflating the two wives into one: Lydia Ann Grannis.10 He also said Moses was born in Wallingford and after his marriage in 1706 “was among the earliest settlers at Muddy River.” But a Wallingford birth isn’t recorded in WV online, and as noted above, Jacobus recorded his birth in New Haven and his probable residence there till at least 1735. EJB’s list of his children also varies considerably from Jacobus’, e.g. in naming 4 more, but as usual he cited no evidence, so we defer to the more reliable Jacobus.

Children: Jacobus recorded 14 children for Moses—2 daughters with his 1st wife Ann GRANNIS, and 6 daughters and 6 sons with his 2nd wife Lydia HUMISTON, as follows:11

+++Moses & Ann (Grannis) Brockett
1 ANN, b 27 Sep 1707 NHV; m Daniel Barnes.
2 SILENCE, b 3 Nov 1709 NHV: m Ebenezer Frisbie.
+++Moses & Lydia (Humiston) Brockett:
3 LYDIA, b 28 Aug 1713 NHV; m Henry Barnes.
4 MOSES, b 17 Jan 1714/5 NHV, d Oct 1758 NoHT2; m Priscilla Grannis.
5 ELIZABETH, b 9 Aug 1718 NHV; m Jacob Robinson.
6 MARY, b 26 Jan 1719/20 NHV; m John Jacobs.
7 ABIGAIL, b 19 May 1721 NHV; m Thomas Barnes.
8 ABRAHAM, b 21 May 1721 NHV, d young.
9 JOHN, b 31 Dec 1722 NHV, d 23 Aug 1812 NoHT2;12 m (1) Thankful Frost, (2) Mehitabel Brockett. Ancestor of Richard Heaton Brockett 1912-2005.
10 ABEL, b 11 Aug 1725 NHV, d 4 Aug 1815 NoHT2; m Hannah Pierpont. Ancestor of Cornelius Orville Brockett 1895-1956.
11 RICHARD, b 11 Sep 1727 NHV, d 22 Feb 1813 NoHT2; m Mary Pierpont.
12 STEPHEN, b 20 Mar 1728/9 NHV; m (1) Sybil Barnes, (2) Hannah Thompson. Ancestor of William Leroy Brockett 1925-2008.
13 SARAH, b 29 May 1731 NHV; m Ebenezer Brockett.
14 KEZIA, b 13 June 1735 NHV; m Thomas Sanford.

EJB also recorded 4 other sons for Moses,13 but without a source and not recorded later by Jacobus from NHV: Samuel, b Mar 1715; Benjamin, born Dec 1716; Ebenezer, b Jul 1724; and Ichabod, b Nov 1733. We have deferred above to the more reliable, evidence-based Jacobus.

2.1.2. Samuel 1691-1775 m Mehitabel HILL

Jacobus’ sketch for Samuel as the 7th child of John and Elizabeth DOOLITTLE—see above—reads as follows:14

b 8 Nov 1691 NHV, bp 13 Mar 1691/2 NHC1, d 3 Mar 1775 ae. 84 NoHC; m 5 Aug 1712 NHV—Mehitabel da. John & Hannah (Grannis) Hill, b Aug 1690 NHV.

Jacobus cited Samuel’s NHV birth record correctly (note his surname Bracket):15

Samuel Bracket b 1691 NHV p 70

Children: Jacobus recorded 10 children for Samuel and wife Mehitabel HILL—8 sons and 2 daughters, as follows:16

1 JOHN, b 29 May 1714 NHV, d after 1792; m Abigail —
2. SAMUEL, b 23 Nov 1716 NHV, d 20 Mar 1792 NoHT1;17; Census (NoH) 1-0-1; m 27 Mar 1745 Eunice Todd.
3. ENOS, b 28 Dec 1718 NHV, d 15 Jan 1807 NoHT1; Census (NoH) 1-0-4. m 15 May 1745 NHV—Miriam da. James & Sarah (Humiston) Bradley.
4. MEHITABEL, b 12 Mar 1722/3 NHV, d 13 Oct 1806; m (1) 1 May 1740 Jude Cooper; m (2) 7 Feb 1787 NoHC—John Brockett.
5. ISAAC, b 14 Mar 1724/5 NHV, d 8 Apr 1734 NHV.
6. JACOB, b 12 Apr 1727 NHV; Capt.; Census (W. Springfield, Mass.) 1-1-5; m (1) 17 Jan 1755 NHV—Mary da. Aaron & Mary (Munson) Tuttle; m (2) 13 Nov 1760 NHV—Sarah da. Thomas & Sarah (Blakeslee) Munson. See separate page.
7. EBENEZER, b 15 July 1729 NHV, d 19 Feb 1812 NoHT2; Census (NoH) 3-0-3; m 8 May 1756 em>NHV—Sarah da. Moses & Lydia (Humiston) Brockett.
8. BENJAMIN, b 3 Nov 1731 NHV, d 30 Jun 1804 N0HT2; m 3 Jan 1770 NoHC Alethea RAY. See separate page.
9. THANKFUL, b 16 Feb 1733/4 NHV, d 27 Apr 1825; m Enos Grannis.
10. ISAAC, b 30 Dec 1736 NHV, d 28 June 1790 NoHC; m Eunice Scott.

It’s clear that Samuel and Mehitabel’s was a New Haven family: they married there and all the births of their children were recorded there (NHV). By the time of his death, however, he was in North Haven.

2.2. Benjamin 1645-79 m Elizabeth BARNES

2nd son and 3rd child of John d 1690, Benjamin predeceased his father and his son had no children. Jacobus’ sketch:18

bp 23 Feb 1644 NHC1, d 22 May 1679 NHV; m 24 Mar 1668/9 NHV—Elizabeth da. Thomas & Mary Barnes, b 28 May 1650 NHV; she m (2) 21 Jan 1684 NHV—John Austin.

Comment: Benjamin’s 23 Feb 1644 baptism hasn’t yet been verified from NHC1—the First Congregational Society, New Haven—but the date was probably old style, meaning 23 Feb 1645, as with his marriage date. The sketch shows that Benjamin lived in New Haven all his life—his baptism, marriage and death records were all New Haven town records—NHV—e.g. his death:19

Benjamin Brockett d 1679 NHV p 48

Jacobus recorded this Benjamin (d 1679) and his wife Elizabeth BARNES having 3 daughters and a son John, who died without issue—d.s.p. In his Will, probated 23 Nov 1691, his father John mentioned bequests to daughters Silence and Mary, and to sons John, Samuel and Jabez, and grandson John Brockett. The grandson John may have been the son of either Benjamin or his eldest brother John, but in either case, Jacobus recorded him dying young or without issue.

During the first 100 years of New Haven settlement 5 Benjamin Brocketts are known to have been born there, and it isn’t surprising if you get confused which of the 5 Benjamins was which—some historians and genealogists have done so themselves. Davis, the historian of early Wallingford, for instance, made the error of confusing this Benjamin, 2nd son of John d 1690, with Benjamin, 6th son of Samuel (1652-1742) and husband of Lydia Elcock.20 Having recorded on the previous page that that Benjamin had been born 1648, married Lydia Elcock, and died 22 May 1679, on the next page Davis stated that he married Lydia Elcock 16 Dec 1720! To disentangle the confusion over the 5 Benjamins see the separate page about Benjamin d 1758.

2.3. Samuel 1652-1742 m Sarah BRADLEY

Jacobus recorded Samuel as the 3rd son and 7th child of John (d 1690). His full sketch of Samuel and his wife Sarah (Bradley) and their 8 children reads:21

Jacobus p 324 Samuel b 1652 s o John
For Samuel it reads:

SAMUEL, b 14 Jan 1651 NHV [1651/2]. bp 16 Jan 1651 NHC1 [1651/2], d 26 Oct 1742 ae. 93 WV; m 21 May 1682 WV, 23 May NHV—Sarah da. Willam & Alice (Prichard) Bradley, b 21 June 1665 NHV.

Comments: The dual date 1651/2 is ‘old style’ dating, and in these two cases signified 1652. So Jacobus’ sketch means that Samuel’s birth was recorded on 14 Jan 1652 in the New Haven Vital Statistics, and that his baptism was recorded two days later by the First Congregational Society, New Haven. His death at the age of—ae. short for Latin ‘aetatis’—93 was recorded in the Wallingford Vital Statistics. That Jacobus’ recorded the 2 day interval between Samuel’s marriage to Sarah BRADLEY in Wallingford and in New Haven and in their respective sources illustrates his attention to detail. The couple both came from New Haven, but around the time of their marriage they became a Wallingford family. Jacobus found a record of the births of their first 6 children in WV, and since Samuel died there, he reasonably presumed their last two children—Benjamin and Josiah—were also born in Wallingford, despite not finding a record in WV of their births—indicated by the question mark and square brackets. However, his concern for accuracy led him to append a correction to these two entries later, see the separate page.

This is the NHV record of his birth in 1651/2:22

Samuel Brockit b 1651 NHV p 7

This is the NHV record of his marriage in 1682:23

Samuel Brockett m 1682 NHV p 55

WV online didn’t record their marriage under BROCKETT but under BRADLEY: “Sarah, of New Haven, m. [_____] BROCKIT, of Wallingford, May 21, 1682”, Samuel’s’ name was probably either indistinct or absent, but it did record the 1st son son under BROCKETT: “Sammuell, son Sammuell & Sarah, b. Feb. 15, 1682”. At first sight this looks as though he was born 3 months before their marriage, however the old style of dating was still in force and dates between 1 January and 25 March belonged in the pre-1752 method of dating to the following year. so in this case 15 Feb 1683.

Two of Samuel and Sarah’s sons, whose descendants participated in the Y-DNA Project were John and Benjamin, as follows.

2.3.1. John 1685-1753 m Huldah EARL

Samuel and Sarah BRADLEY’s 3rd son and child was John, b 1685, who married Huldah EARL, see Jacobus’ sketch above, transcribed here:

John, b 8 Nov 1685 WV, d 12 Jan 1753 WV; m 1 Mar 1711 WV Huldah Earl, who d 29 Mar 1757 WV.

The sketch shows that all John and Huldah’s vital events were in Wallingford—WV; indeed, Jacobus recorded the births of all John and Huldah’s 6 sons and 3 daughters in Wallingford.24 The last 2 were Elisha and John, who are of interest regarding present-day participants in the Brockett Y-DNA Project. For a discussion of WV online regarding John and Huldah’s family see the separate page. Elisha 1726-1805 m Huldah —

Elisha was John and Huldah EARL’s 5th son and 8th child. The 1790 census recorded 7 members in Elisha Bracket’s household in Wallingford: 1 male aged 16 years or over [himself], 2 males under 16 years, and 4 females,25 and the 1800 census recorded 6 members in Elisha Brockett’s household in Wallingford: 1 male aged 45 years or over [himself, actually aged 74], with 1 male 26 through 44, and one 10 through 15; and 3 females: two aged 45 years or over, and one 26 through 44.26 The 1800 household, at least, was clearly not a simple husband + wife + children nuclear family, so it’s possible that relatives were living in. If his wife was still living, one of the females aged—like Elisha—45 years or over would presumably have been her. The male and female aged 26 through 44 [i.e. b between 1756-74] could have been a younger married couple and the male aged 10 through 15 their son. As for the other female over 45 [i.e. b by 1755] she could have been a sister or sister-in-law—perhaps Elisha’s sister Lois and her family, since was divorced in 1785,27, see below. What seems clear from other records, like his Will of only 5 years later, is that Elisha had no surviving wife or issue of his own. Jacobus’ sketch was brief:28

Jacobus' sketch of Elisha b 1726

d s.p.’ stands for the Latin ‘demisit sine prole‘, i.e. died without issue. Precise information with the date 1805 like this would likely have been obtained by Jacobus from Elisha’s Will. Jacobus stated that he searched the probate, land and court records for the region prior to 1750,29 but may well have gone further. As he did for Elisha’s birth, Jacobus would surely have cited WV had he found Elisha’s death there, and indeed it isn’t in WV online. It is Elisha’s Will, probated 1805, that makes it all but certain that he had died by then and left no wife or surviving issue—he left no bequests to any:30

“In the Name of God Amen I Elisha Brockett of Wallingford in the County of New Haven and State of Connecticut … Do make and ordain this to be my last will and Testament as follows viz: … And as touching such worldly estate as I possess I give & dispose of the same as follows: First that all my Just Debts be paid and what is left to be equally divided between my Niece Molly Todd & the Children of Jedediah Dudley Deceas’d to be equally divided betwixt them and I do also constitute and ordain John Earl Dudley Executor of this my last Will and Testament … in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 11th Day of June AD one thousand eight hundred & five

Elisha Brockett signature 1805

On 30 Aug 1805 the probate court declared the estate of Elisha Bracket deceased insolvent, and on 30 Jun 1806 the executor was ordered to sell all the estate at a public auction to settle the claims of the creditors.

Elisha’s sister Lois had married John DUDLEY 1 Jun 1757 but he divorced her in 1785.31 Jedediah, son of John and Lois DUDLEY, was born 1 Jan 1757/8, and married 8 Mar 1779/80 and had children; Molly is a pet name for Mary, and Mary daughter of John and Lois DUDLEY, was born 27 Mar 1761, and married Samuel TODD 17 Jan 1781.32

Elisha and Huldah were recorded by EJ Brockett in 1905 as the parents of Capt William, Brockett b 1748,33 but a 1773-4 deed, discovered in 1995 by Richard Nash, shows this to be incorrect. One could speculate why EJB assigned William to Elisha, his informant for the family may well have been a descendant of Elisha’s sister Anna Hotchkiss, whose family EJB recorded in some detail,34 in contrast to the sparse information he recorded for Elisha’s other siblings, but as seen above, other records further cast doubt on its reliability. John b 1728 m Jemima TUTTLE

John and Huldah EARL’s 9th child was John b 1728, who married Jemima TUTTLE, who were the parents of Christopher, Brackett b 1749,35 and ancestors of Harold Earl Brackett 1916-81.

2.3.2. Benjamin d 1758 m 1 Lydia ELCOCK; 2 Sarah ?STEVENS

Samuel and Sarah BRADLEY’s 6th son and 7th child was Benjamin, who married Lydia ELCOCK, see Jacobus’ sketch above, transcribed here:

Benjamin, b 28 May 1697 [?WV]; m 15 Dec 1720 NHV, WV—Lydia da. Thomas & Martha (Munson) Elcock, b 17 Dec 1700 NHV; probably div.; she m (2) (under her maiden name) 27 Sep 1738 WV—Samuel Lathrop.

They had a family of 5 daughters and 2 sons in Wallingford, and in May 2020 it was discovered that Benjamin then removed to North Carolina and through another son William was the ancestor of 4 participants in the Y-DNA Project, and of many more descendants besides, see the separate page.

2.4. Jabez b 1654 m Dorithy LIMON

Jabez Brocket was born in New Haven 24 Oct 1654,36 4th son and last child of John d 1690. As Jabez Bracket he was recorded marrying Dorithy LIMON 20 Nov 1691 in Northampton, Massachusetts:37

Jabez Bracket m 1691

and also in Wallingford: “Jabez, m. Dorathy LYMON, Nov. 20, 1691, by Mr. Hawly”.38 They had a large family in Wallingford of 4 daughters and 6 sons, as recorded by Jacobus:39

Jabez Jacobus pp 324-5

Jacobus clearly recorded that none of Jabez’s 5 sons who reached adulthood had children of their own (d.s.p). He cited WV as his source for the deaths of all but 2 of these: Andrew and Nathan, for whom he gave no source. Neither Jacobus nor WV online recorded Jabez’s death. The Administration of his Will survives,40 but provides little information relevant for our purposes. It wasn’t probated until July 1769, many years after his death. EJB’s statement that he died 6 Nov 1769 can’t be correct.41 Elihu Hall was the Administrator signing the bond 29 Jul 1769 to make the inventory which lists a number of properties in and around Wallingford. No sons or daughters were mentioned.

The Will of Andrew Brockett of Wallingford also survives, curiously in two different court copies, both implying that he had no surviving issue of his own, and otherwise providing little information relevant for our purposes.+Read more

Whatever the reasons might be behind the puzzles arising from these probate documents of Jabez and Andrew, it’s clear from them and from Jacobus that no male line from Jabez—or his brother Benjamin—continued, and that therefore the only lines with surname Brockett continuing from John (d 1690) were from his sons John and Samuel. What follows provides documentary and other evidence regarding only those two and their sons, descendants of whom have participated in the Y-DNA Project.

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For full bibliographical details please see the sections Publications or Glossary.


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