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Lincolnshire Brokets

The very first record of Brokets anywhere comes from 1207 Lincolnshire—from Stixwould, c 5 m from Horncastle. Two further records are found from Stickney, some 10 m SE, during the next 190 years—1277 and 1396—of men who could well have been descendants, either direct or collateral. Then in 1430 another probable relative was recorded followed by an unrelated Yorkshireman in 1432. During the 16th C two or more relatives of a clan from Northumberland are recorded. They were possibly descendants of the 13th and 14th C Lincolnshire Brokets, who therefore may have been in service to the Percys. The mid-to-late 16th C scatter of families in half a dozen nearby parishes within a day’s journey of each other in the Horncastle area probably descended from them. Some 17th and/ or 18th C Brokets may have been immigrants to Lincolnshire, moving into the fenlands or ports for work. All records from the 17th C are of families or individuals rather than continuing lines, and between 1807-77 there was only one record in the whole large county. Then in the late 19th C two brothers with Befordshire origins came in for work and their descendants developed into a clan that has stayed through till today.

Contents of this page:

  1. 13th Century
  2. 14th Century
  3. 15th Century
  4. 16th C
  5. Parish Registers
  6. 19-20th Centuries
  7. Map of Lincolnshire

1. 13th Century

Crespin and Osbert Brochet were pledges in court in Stixwould 1207. Although it is likely, they did not necessarily reside there, nor even in Lincolnshire. Another pledge was ‘of Hardwic’, 6 miles W of Lincoln. The subsidy returns for Stixwold 1200-1400 in the TNA record no Brokets.1

Then James Broket was recorded holding land in Stickney in 1277. His rent was paid to the Cistercian Abbey of Revesby. The John Broket, recorded in Stickney 120 years later in a dispute with the Abbot of Revesby was most probably related.

2. 14th Century

John Broket was recorded in Stickney in 1396 in a dispute with the Abbot of Revesby. He was most probably related to James who had been recorded holding land in Stickney in 1277.

3. 15th Century

3.1. Isabella Broket 1415

In Trinity 1415 Isabella, wife of John Broket of Stiknay, with Johanna their daughter attempted to bring to court a group of people who had allegedly threatened their tenants, caused them to flee, and so deprived Isabella and Johanna of the rent and services from the property:2+Read more

3.2. Johanna Broket 1430

Johanna Broket made two pleas in 1430 against individuals from Tattershall and Stickney in Lincolnshire to the court of Common Pleas at Westminster for Easter term in the 8th year of the reign of Henry VI. It was the fourth time Johanna had brought both pleas and the court ordered the sheriffs at Bristol to take the defendants and bring them to court on 18 Jun 1430. That the pleas relate to people from Tattershall and Stickney—small villages only 8 miles apart—suggest that Johanna was related to the earlier Brokets of Stickney, James 1277 and John 1396, and the later William of Tattershall, who died 1566. According to Johanna:

1. Katherine Leverik, late of Tatershall, Widow, owed her 66s 8d.
2. William Totell, Clerk, and Richard Walles, Husbandman, both of Stickney, had forcibly taken away a box of documents that belonged to her:3+Read more

The theft of her deed box clearly happened in Bristol, but why it and/or she was there is not known. The fact that the plea regarding Katherine Leverik was also directed to the sheriffs of Bristol suggest that Johanna was living there by 1430. The efforts of the Bristol sheriffs to find and take the Lincolnshire defendants were clearly going to be fruitless, so perhaps Johanna deliberately wanted to make it difficult for the defendants to defend themselves and let the case run through to an outlawry.4

3.3. Robert Broket 1431-41

1431: 4 Jul Westminster. Robert Brokette of Legh by Gaynesburgh, co. Lincoln, ‘chapman,’ for not appearing before the same [the justices of the Bench] to answer John Topclyf touching a plea of account. York.5

Robert Broket collected taxes on cloth and fees for its inspection in the Lyndesey area in the 1430s and 40s, delivering them twice a year to the Exchequer in Westminster:+Read more

In all likelihood Robert was a member of the Yorkshire Broket Grouping:

  • The textile trade was at the centre of England’s economy in the late medieval age and York was a centre for manufacture. Raw wool was also exported and woven up into cloth in Flanders, some of it being reimported back to England.8
  • Mainpernors stood surety and were legally responsible for the fulfilment of the contract by the principal, so they knew each other well. Robert’s mainpernors were both from Yorkshire, while his successor’s were from London.9 Moreover, one of them—John Cerf—was both a mainpernor of Thomas Broket, Remembrancer in Westminster and his successor as Remembrancer from 1435-44,10 and the other—John Holme—was a mainpernor of William Broket of York.   Read more
  • Robert’s two grants were issued from the Exchequer: the first during Thomas’ time as Remembrancer, the second during John Cerf’s.
  • Lindsey was a Percy tenancy in chief.11 Nonetheless, Robert did not necessarily reside there.

In light of all this, Robert was very likely Robert Broket junior, Draper, son of Robert, the Draper of York City, who died 1429, and a cousin of Thomas, Remembrancer. He didn’t necessarily live in Lincolnshire—records of sons of a merchant would be expected, but no Brokets are recorded in the county again till the Northumberland clan a century later. It was probably this Robert Broket—rather than his probable father—who was recorded “of Whetlay Nottinghamshire Draper” in 1420, see the separate page.

1432: In the Easter term Robert Broket of Gaynesburgh made a plea at the court of Common Pleas at Westminster by his attorney for a fourth day to recover an alleged debt of 40s each from Thomas Boton of Gaynesburgh baxter, William Kirkeby of Gaynesburgh wever, John Morton of Kexby husbondman, John Skynner of Gaynesburgh, Henry Bocher of Gaynesburgh bocher and John Ulyer of Morton yoman, all in the county of Lincolnshire. The sheriff ordered the defendants to appear in court 29 June 1432.12

Comment: The Court of Common Pleas, rather than local courts, dealt with debts of over 40s. Gainsborough is a market town in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire c 5 miles NE of Wheatley and c 10 miles NE of Retford, where Robert Broket of of Whetlay and William of Retford were recorded in 1420 and 1416 respectively, as mentioned above.

4. 16th Century

Bequests from 2 well-to-do London brothers in the 1530s show several Brokets living in Lincolnshire. The London brothers were from Northumberland, but these bequests and the earlier Linconshire records suggest that they—or more likely their father—came from Lincolnshire. The Northumberland outpost was probably a Percy one and the Percys held minor manors in Lincolnshire within a morning’s walk of Bolingbroke and Toynton—Slothby, Claxby, Burwell and Calceby.13

Some other Brokets were recorded later on in the century but are not found in Parish Registers:

  1. Thomas of High Toynton
  2. John of Bolingbroke
  3. William of Tattershall
  4. Johnne of Woodenderby
  5. Patience and sisters of Fiskerton

4.1. Thomas in High Toynton near Horncastle

William Broket, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, left Thomas £10 in his Will, proved 1536:

“Also I geve and bequethe vnto Thomas Brokett dwelling in Over Taynton in Lincolneshire besides Horne Castell x li”14

Thomas was of the same generation as William Broket Citizen and Goldsmith of London, and may have died before Parish Registers began. But some of the Brokets recorded later in parishes nearby may have been his descendants. The Toyntons are small villages c 2 m E of Horncastle. The spelling ‘Taynton’ will have been a London court copyist’s mistranscription. High Toynton registers don’t survive before 1715 but BTs do from 1561. Low Toynton’s registers survive from 1557 (bur), 1585 (bap, mar) and BTs from 1561.

4.2. John living near Bolingbroke

Robert Brockett, Citizen and Baker of London, left John £5 in his Will, proved 1531:

“Item I giue & bequeth to my cousene John Brocket my brothers sone dwelling beside bullingbroke in lyncolneshire in money v li”

John may well have been buried in Moorby in 1581. Moorby is only a couple of miles from Bolingbroke.

4.3. William d 1566

William of Tattershall (c 9 m SW of Bolingbroke and Toynton) would in all likelihood have been a relative of the prededing Thomas and John, perhaps a son of Thomas. Letters of Administration were granted to his widow Margaret Brockett (and John Bones of the same place and (Alexander) Sheryf of Bail of Lincoln) on 24 Jun 156715 and an inventory survives from 15 Jan 1566 totalling £9 16d:+Read more

Tattershall Registers survive only from 2 years after William’s death—1568 (bap, mar, bur)—but the BTs from 1561.

4.4. Johnne d 1590

In his Will, written 28 Feb 1590, proved Lincoln 14 May 159116 “Johnne Brocket of Woodenderby in the Countie of Lincolnshire laborer” bequeathed his body to be buried in Woodenderby churchyard and his estate to his wife Alice, sole executrix. Wood Enderby is c 5 m W of Bolingbroke, S of Toynton and NE of Tattershall. Its Registers survive from 1561 (bap, bur), 1563 (mar) and BTs from 1561. Was Johnne a son of Thomas?

4.5. Patience d 1593

Patience Brocket of Fiskerton (15 or 16 m W of Bolingbroke and Toynton and NW of Tattershall) died in 1593 when administration of her goods was given to her sisters Elizabeth Eayton and Ellen Wood (both alias Brocket).17 Unrecorded in Parish Registers, they were probably daughters of Thomas, John, William or Johnne, perhaps grandaughters. Fiskerton registers survive from 1539 (bap, mar, bur) and BTs from 1599, but the IGI does not record any of the 3 sisters.

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5. Parish Registers

More records of Lincolnshire Brokets emerge with the start of Lincolnshire Parish Registers. Current indications are of a single Broket clan. It is probable that most—if not all—of these families descended from the early 16th Bolingbroke or Toynton Brokets. Records in parishes where the IGI recorded Brokets before 1700 date no later than the 1560s—whether registers or BTs—yet only Moorby recorded Brokets before 1590.

Over the next 170 years there were only about a dozen one-generation families recorded in as many parishes, all within c 34 miles of each other. In the majority of parishes no marriages were recorded, suggesting migration for work. Conditions in the fenlands were poor and the few children surviving to adulthood probably mostly left. Only in Mareham Le Fen was there definitely a line of more than 2 generations in this period, headed by a married couple of local gentry status.

5.1. Moorby (1st Broket record: 1563. Date registers survive from: 1561 (bap, mar, bur); BTs 1562)

The earliest parish records of Lincolnshire Brokets come from Moorby in the 1560s. Moorby is only a couple of miles from Bolingbroke, and the John Brocket “dwelling beside bullingbroke” in 1531 may well have been the John buried here in Moorby in 1581. Bolingbroke registers survive from 1538 (bur), 1559 (mar) and 1561 (bap), but the IGI records no Brokets there before 1670.

“1605 Ric’d Brockett maried Clare bellabye the xvijth of Aprill … Mathew the sonne of Ric’d Brockett baptis xxvth of May”.18
1607: “Clare wife to Ric’d brockett buried 25 of August”.19
Mathew was probably the Mathew buried a couple of miles further south in Mareham Le Fen in 1678, see below.

5.2. Boston (1st Broket record: 1590. Date registers survive from: 1564 (bap, mar), 1559 (bur); BTs 1561)

1. 1560s-1630s

The origin of the head of this family can only be guessed at. The Parish Register recorded the baptisms of 5 of John’s children—simply as son or daughter of John. ‘Nicholas son of John’ was added in the margin by another hand beside the 1593 baptism of John. Ellinore’s name, John’s occupation and death in 1630, and Nicholas’ alias and occupation all come from a suit dated 164820 in which Nicholas aka John Brockett of Shadwell and Stepney Heath, Middlesex, Ropemaker, eldest son of John of Boston, Brewer, d 1630 and Ellinore brought a claim re property in White Horse Lane, Boston against John Dawson of Boston, Tanner, formerly of Ratcliff. Nicholas had been away in Bermoudas. In the 1630s Nicholas had an interest in a ship which transported cargo to Virginia. For some reason by 1648 he was also using the name John.

2. 1690s-?1807

This second Boston family did not descend from the first. William was a son of John and Isabell WRIGHT of Mareham Le Fen, as shown by his Will in which he mentioned his brother Richard ‘of Mareham Le Fen’ and children.21 He left his estate to his wife Penellipp, sole executrix, and £100 each to minor children William and Penellipp, who were therefore alive—and presumably in Boston—in 1735. Son William was probably the Boston Merchant who died 1807 without issue, and was three times Mayor of Boston during George III’s reign: in 1782 and twice in 1797.22 Children Richard and Mary, not mentioned in the Will, presumably died young.

5.3. Cowbit (1st Broket record: 1593. Date registers survive from: 1595 (bap, mar, bur); BTs 1561)

Although nothing further is known of the earlier Cowbit Brokets baptised 1593-1616,23 they would have been unconnected with the Bartholomew son of Bartholomew and Katherine ‘Brockit’—probably Brockey—bap 1679. Five Brockey wills survive from Cowbit 1674-1705, the last that of Bartholomew Brockey Husbandman.24 In it he mentioned wife Catherine and children Bartholomew, Thomas and Catherine. There is no doubt from the will that he and his family were Brockeys and therefore that the Bartholomew ‘Brockit’ bap 1679 son of [the same] Bartholomew and Katherine was actually also a Brockey. This single entry was perhaps a slip of the curate’s pen.

5.4. Claypole (1st Broket record: 1593. Date registers survive from: 1538 (bap, mar), 1593 (bur); BTs 1562)

Claypole and Bassingham are c 7 m apart from each other. The IGI recorded an isolated Broket baptism in each of these 2 parishes. It’s probable that the father Edward Broket was the same in both:

    b 1593

5.5. Bassingham (1st Broket record: 1604. Date registers survive from: 1572 (bap, bur), 1573 (mar); BTs 1562)

Bassingham and Claypole are c 7 m apart from each other. The IGI recorded an isolated Broket baptism in each of these 2 parishes. It’s probable that the father Edward Broket was the same in both:

        b 1604

5.6. Quadring (1st Broket record: 1608. Date registers survive from: 1583 (bap, mar, bur); BTs 1565)

Two erroneous baptisms were recorded in Quadring in 1608 and 1614. They were the only Broket entries in the entire Registers and BTs, and both were in all likelihood Brokups. Two miles away in Donnington-in-Holland a clan of that name was recorded regularly 1575-1629—variously spelt Brakoup, Brocuppe, Brockap, Brockeup, Brockop, Brockup, Brockupe and Brokup. A William was baptised there 1575 but not recorded again. He appears to have moved to Quadring, where between 1609-16 William Brocup or Brockup had 5 children baptised—the only Brokups recorded in Quadring. He probably also had a son John baptised there in 1608, but the surname was written wrongly in the Register—and later reproduced in the BT. Instead of Brokup, the entry for Nov 29 reads ‘John sonne of William Broket‘.

A second error in the Register—perhaps the curate was not always careful—occurred with the baptism on 13 Mar 1613/4 of Thomas son of ‘Thomas’ Brocup. Here the first name of the father—which should have been William—appears to have been a dittography either of the son or of the previous entry, where the father was a Thomas. To compound the errors, the surname when copied to the BT was transcribed ‘Brocket’. The IGI here reproduced the BT and therefore recorded the baptism as of Thomas son of Thomas Brocket.

5.7. Kirkby On Bain (1st Broket record: 1634. Date registers survive from: 1562 (bap, mar, bur); BTs 1561)

The IGI recorded the baptism here of Mary daughter of Francis and Chatherin Brockit 17 Dec 1634. It is c 3 m W of Mareham Le Fen, where Francis and Katherine had married 13 days beforehand. Mary may have emigrated to Virginia in 1652, see the separate page.

5.8. Old Bolingbroke (1st Broket record: 1670. Date registers survive from: 1561 (bap), 1559 (mar), 1538 (bur); BTs 1562)

Richard was probably son of Francis and Katherine of Mareham Le Fen. James may have been convicted of fraud in 1699.

5.9. Mareham Le Fen (1st Broket record: 1672. Date registers survive from: 1558 (bap, mar), 1561 (bur); BTs to 1812 lost)

No records of a generation beyond that of Joseph b 1719 suggest that the clan died out in the male line in Mareham with him.

The clan was headed by Francis, who in the 1650s lived in a house called Mareham Moor and styled himself ‘Gent’.25 There is no need to look for his ancestry among the landed Hertfordshire Brokets—there are no land records independently verifying his status and ‘Gent’ here probably meant a retired yeoman living off leases of his land. Mareham Le Fen was within a few miles of the villages where Brokets were in the previous century and Francis probably descended from them. He mentioned his wife and 5 children and appointed as overseers “my loving cosen Mr Lawrence Boston of Tointon and my kinde Brother in law Mr William Tingrome of Spilsby”, each to receive 12d for their pains to buy them gloves. No probate details survive, but an inventory was made 2 Aug 1658, in which his purse and apparell were valued at £1 10s with goods in the hall, parlour, chamber, little house and outdoors in the yard, sum total £22 10s 4d. Compare the inventory of gentleman John of Grimston—c 50 m away—d 1663 valued at £683 17s.

The next head was Francis’ son John, a mercer and churchwarden 1693-4. The Parish Register records his contribution to various good causes, such as 6d in 1681 “towards relief of persecuted Protestants in France”, and 4d in 1683 “towards the fire in London Whitechapel that destroyed about 1500 houses and contents”.

John was also a witness to the Will of ‘Batcheller’ Matthew, perhaps his uncle. Written 12 Nov 1694, proved Lincoln 21 Nov,26 the will mentioned Matthew’s kinswoman Mary SELBY, daughter of George SELBY, and his executors were his brother in law Roger CAMELL and his daughter Ann. A Mary Brocket had married George SELBY 4 Sep 1683. It is not clear if she was daughter of Francis.

Was Joane, daughter of Mathewe and Alice the Jane who was transported to Virginia in 1655?

Three Mareham Le Fen Register entries are not on the chart above:

“Mathew Brocket was buried Nou. 28” [1678].27
“Eliz: Brocket buried July 15” [1691] and “Isabel Brocket buried Sept 11” [1692].28
Isabel bur 1691.

The Mathew buried in 1678 was probably the Mathew baptised a couple of miles further north in Moorby in 1605, see above.

After Joseph son of John and Isabell d 1721, Martha married Christopher SMITH 2 May 1724 and had issue. Christopher was buried 24 Aug 1737 and she married thirdly Richard KEAL 28 Nov 1738, all at Mareham Le Fen.

5.10. Martin (Lindsey) (1st Broket record: 1699. Date registers survive from: 1561 (bap, mar, bur); BTs 1561)

Martin is in Lindsey, c 2 m S of Horncastle. The IGI recorded the marriage of John to Susannah FISH here in 1699, and the baptism of a Susana FISH 6 Mar 1669 in Wilksby, c 3 m SE of Martin. Was John son of Richard, bap Bolingbroke 1682?

5.11. Long Sutton (1st Broket record: 1729. Date registers survive from: 1669 (bap, bur), 1670 (mar); BTs 1561)

The IGI recorded the marriage of William BROCKET and Elizabeth MARITT here 30 Nov 1729, and then the baptism of John son of William and Elizabeth BROCKITT 2 Dec 1730.

No records of Brokets in Lincolnshire have been found 1738-1807.

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6. 19-20th Centuries

21 Feb 1807 William Brockett of Boston, Merchant signed his Will.29 He apparently had no wife nor issue. He was probably son of the 2nd Boston family and three times Mayor of Boston.

There was an isolated marriage on 15 May 1828 between Edward Brockitt and Eleanor FARMER in Hougham, c 16 m S of Lincoln and 16 m E of Nottingham.30 This was Eleanor’s parish—she was baptised there 18 Jan 180531—but they weren’t recorded there again.

The 1841 census recorded the family of Agricultural Labourer George Brockit [possibly Brockil] in Sotby, a village c 7 m NW of Horncastle and c 15 m E of Lincoln; all born in the County—none of the family apparently appearing in the GRO from 1837 or other censuses:

        George  m Elizabeth ...
       b c 1811 | b c 1816
     |          |          |
     |          |          |
   Mary       John     Charlotte
 b c 1836   b c 1837   b c 1839

The 1861 and 71 censuses recorded no Brokets in Lincolnshire.

There is no record in the GRO of the IGI patron-submitted marriage between Anne and John William SQUIRES 15 Jan 1871 Osbournby, c 4 m S of Sleaford. Was Anne a relative of brothers Samuel and William?

Otherwise from 1837 there was not a single Broket birth, marriage or death recorded in Lincolnshire until 1877, once brothers Samuel and William from Huntingdonshire—descendants from the Bedfordshire Grouping—had set up a brick and tile making business in Scredington, c 4 m SE of Sleaford. The 1881 census shows only their two Brockett families in Lincolnshire. The children began to marry there c 20 years later.

Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lincolnshire 1837-1954:32    Read more

The 1901 census recorded 6 of Samuel’s family and 2 of William’s working at the Brick and Tile Works. After about 50 years in business at Station Brickyard, Scredington, when 2 of Samuel’s sons—Francis Samuel and Walter—were joint owners, the Works were declared bankrupt.33 There are differing accounts of why it ended, but it was probably a casualty of the economic climate in which Britain was still recovering from the effects of the First World War in the lead up to the Great Depression of 1929-33. Some say the business ended because of a rift in the family with one branch changing the spelling of their name to two tts, but during the 19th and 20th C the t or tt spellings had been interchangeable. For instance, William was Brockett in his birth certificate 1845 and the 1881 census, and Brocket in his marriage certificate 1866, and Albert Edwin’s birth was registered as Brockett 1882, but his marriage in 1911 and death in 1940 were as Brocket.

A Memorandum of Association of 28 Sep 1926 with no Brocketts as Directors shows that the business became a Limited Company ‘Brockett Brick and Tile Co. Ltd.’, but it too was declared bankrupt 19 Jan 1934.34

6.1. Samuel 1844-1906 and Frances Elizabeth RAWLINGS35

Born 21 Jan 1844 in Stoneley, a hamlet of Kimbolton in Huntingdonshire,36 2nd son of John and Eliza INCH. He married Frances Elizabeth RAWLINGS 15 Oct 1866 in Covington, Hunts,37 where she had been baptised c 1845. Sometimes her name was spelt Francis, as in her death record: 1917 Sleaford aged 71.38

Samuel and brother William married on the same day, each in the parish of their brides—Samuel in Covington about 4 miles NW of Kimbolton, William in Hail Weston about 6 miles SE of Kimbolton. Was one wedding in the morning and the other in the afternoon?

Samuel’s occupations:

  1. 1866 Labourer, residing Kimbolton
  2. 1867 Farm Laborer, residing Kimbolton39
  3. 1871 Agricultural Labourer, residing Stonely Rd, Kimbolton; Frances Lace Maker
  4. 1881 Brick and Tile Maker, residing Burton Pedwardine
  5. 1901 Farmer Brick Maker, residing Scredington, Lincs Kesteven.

Census records track the family over the decades:+Read more

Samuel died 1906 in Sleaford District, Lincs.41 Frances died 1917 Sleaford aged 71.42

The 1911 census records the following details:+Read more


  1. Jane b 8 Sep 1867, Stonely, Kimbolton, Hunts.43 By 1881, aged 13, she was working as a General Domestic Servant for Mary OUZMAN, Widow and retired Farmer’s Wife, at the Carpenter’s Shop in Helpringham, Lincoln. No apparent further record in GRO, nor in the 1891 census.
  2. John, b 1869, St Neots District, Cambs;44 m Ann Sarah COOMBES 4 Oct 1899 in Cobham, Surrey.45 Occupations: 1899 Policeman in Pinchbeck,46 1901 Brick-maker47 The 1901 census recorded the family at Scredington, Lincs Kesteven: John aged 32; Ann aged 27 ie b c 1874 Cobham, Surrey; John aged 7 months, b Holbeach, Lincs Kesteven. Census records for John and Ann:+Read more
    John d 1929, Spilsby District,48 buried Winthorpe, Skegness. Did Ann marry again 1939 Hackney, London to … WALFORD?49 Children:

    1. John ‘Jack‘, b 1900, Holbeach District;50 m 1925 Jemima ‘Mame’ B WALFORD Braintree, Essex.51 Occupations: Coldstream Guard, Policeman, Garage and Taxi business owner, Garage Motor Mechanic.52 6ft in height. Resided between Dalston and Stamford Hill, London. Died 5 Nov 1950 of carcinoma of right lung, at St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney SW, London, aged 50 [ie b c 1900], informant J B Brockett, Widow of deceased, of 4 Windus Rd, N 16.53 Child:
      1. Rose A, b 1926 Spilsby District,54 married 1947 Hackney London,55 died c 1947 of peritonitis.

      Mamie married again 6 Jun 1959 Joseph GLOVER, in Dalston, London, she aged 55, Widow, Domestic Worker, daughter of the late Tomas WALFORD, Maltster, residing 33 Cecilia Rd, London E8, surname with two ‘t’s, he 59, Widower, Builder, of same address.56

    2. Constance Jean, b 1902, Sleaford District;57 m 1925 Charles HOULDEN;58 resided Bicker.
    3. Samuel Herbert, b 1904, Sleaford District;59 m Elsie May WHITE 1926 in Edmonton, London.60 Samuel left home aged about 14, pretending to be 16 to get a job as a Knocker-upper Boy, then was a Cleaner on the railways in Hornsea before becoming an Engine Driver on the Kings Cross-Grimsby line. He was politically active, and was a Labour Councillor. Died 13 Oct 1962 at Royal Northern Hospital, Islington, London, of 79 Ingram Rd, Boston, Lincs, Administration Lincoln 14 Dec to Elsie May Brockett, Widow, Effects £774 8s.61 Elsie May died 14 Feb 1993 at 101 Ward Crescent, Fishtoft, Boston, Lincs, Administration Leeds 10 Sep 1998, estate not exceeding £125,000.62 2 daus, 2 sons. Children:
      1. Colin John, b 1931 Edmonton District, London;63 m 1955;64 m 1965 Jennifer Elizabeth BROWN, Sleaford.65 Roy, residing 55 Tawney St, Boston, died 8 Jul 2000, Boston, Will proved Leeds 7 Sep, estate not exceeding £40,000, to Jennifer Elizabeth Brockett.66 Jennifer, residing 55 Tawney St, Boston, died 6 Apr 2003, Boston, Lincs, to sons.67 Will proved Leeds 28 May, estate not exceeding £175,000, to sons.68 3 sons.
    4. Francis Wilfred ‘Wilf’, b 1905, Sleaford District;69 m Constance Priscilla BLADES 1928 in Spilsby.70 Occupation: Butcher in Newark. Died 7 Oct 1950, Skegness, estate valued at £200 0s 7d, to Widow.71 Constance Priscilla died 1972 Boston Lincs, aged 71, ie b c 1901.72 1 son.
    5. Roland ‘Ray’ Cecil, b 1908 Sleaford District Lincs.73 Married 1934 Spilsby Lincs Gladys PIPER .74 He died 1965 Boston Lincs aged 57.75 1 dau, 2 sons. Children:
      1. Jean Mary, b 18 Jul 1934 Spilsby.76 Married John Arthur HOWES (1935-2005), Ilkeston, Derbyshire, 1955.77 Jean died c 1991 W Durham. 3 children.
      2. John, b 1939 Peterborough.78 Died 15 Aug 2008 Lincoln. 3 daus, 1 son.
    6. Maurice Andrew, b 27 Nov 1909 Sleaford District Lincs.79 Married 1935.80 Died c. 1997. 1 dau.
  3. Emma Annie, b 1872, St Neots District, Cambs,81 Kimbolton, Hunts.82 She was at home for all the censuses till she married 1912 Walter H WICKS in Sleaford District.83 He was a Station Master and they lived at East Barkwith. Annie and her mother used to make the clothes for the men to work in.
  4. Herbert William, b 1873, St Neots District, Cambs.84 In 1891 he was a Farm Servant in Pointon, c 7m N of Bourne, aged 17, b Stonely, Boarder in the house of Edwin BLACKBOURNE, 31, Farm Servant.85 The 1901 census for Scotland86 listed a Herbert W Brocket, aged 26, b in England, as a Sick Nurse at Barnhill Poorhouse, Denistoun, Glasgow. Another Herbert William, son of Solomon from the unrelated Mordens clan, was born 3 years earlier in 1870 and died 1934 Walthamstow. This Herbertson of Samuelmarried 6 Apr 1904 Annie Burns WHITE in the United Free Church, Stonehouse, Lanarkshire,87 he a Bachelor, aged 30, occupation Tile Manufacturer, residing Symington, she a Spinster aged 30 from Larkhall. In 1901 she had also been in Denistoun, Glasgow, working as an Assistant in a Dispensary.88 No further record of them has been found in Scotland. +Census records for Herbert and Annie Burns:+Read more
    He died 28 Jun 1919, Central Military Hospital, Eastbourne, Sussex, aged 45, Occupation 58662 Corporal Royal Army Medical Corps, Farmer and Brickmaker, of chronic parenchymatous nephritis, bronchitis and cardiac failure.89 Commemorated on 1st World War memorials in the Parish Churches of both Osbournby—as H Brockett—and Scredington—as Herbert W Brocket—also registered on the CWGC website.
  5. Charles, b 1875, St Neots District, Cambs.90 In 1891 he was a Farm Servant in Helpringham, 3m E of Scredington, aged 15, b Stonely, Servant in the house of Emma GARTON, 68, Widow, Farmer.91 Manager Brickyard,92 Brickmaker Foreman 1904.93 Married 1903 Sleaford District94 Gertrude DOBBS. +Census records for Charles and Gertrude:+Read more
    Gertrude d 1943 Brixworth Northants.95 Charles Brocket, died 30 Jan 1953 of anaemia, arterio-sclerosis and myocardial degeneration, Retired Gardener (Domestic), residing Lower Green, Walgrave, Brixworth, Northants, aged 77 [ie b c 1876], informant dau Margaret V GRUNDON.96 Children:

    1. Sarah Elizabeth, b 6 Jun 1904 Scredington.97 ?Probably married as Elizabeth S 1925 Sleaford District to … CHAMBERLAIN.98
    2. Frances May, b 1907 Sleaford District.99 Married 1931 Sleaford District … BARKER.100 Died in childbirth.101
    3. Margaret Victoria, b 1910 Sleaford District.102 Married 1938 Brixworth, Northants … GRUNDON.103
    4. Charles Cecil, born 18 May, bap 18 Jun 1911, Scredington;104 died 1987 aged 76, Northampton.105 Married 1936 Brixworth Northants, Rhoda Elizabeth HORN.106 Rhoda died 24 Jul 1992, last residence The Cottage, Gold St, Walgrave, Northants, Will proved Oxford 14 Apr 1993, estate not exceeding £125,000.107 3 sons.
  6. Harry, b 1877, Sleaford District.108 Married 1905 Sleaford District Annie Louise NEEDHAM.109.+Census records for Harry and Annie:+Read more

    1. Ira Sydney, b 29 Oct 1907 Sleaford District.110 Married 1932 Bourne, Lincs, Beatrice Alice SPENCER.111 She died 1 Nov 1974, aged 66112 of Charnwood, Boston Rd, Holbeach, Spalding, Lincs, Will proved Nottingham 30 Dec, estate valued at £8,033.113 He died 17 Feb 1979, aged 72,114 of Charnwood, Boston Rd, Holbeach, Spalding, Lincs, Will proved Nottingham 10 Apr, estate valued at £25,304.115 1 son, 1 dau.
    2. Francis Alfred, b 1913 Sleaford District.116 Married 1939 Bourne, Lincs, … WITHERINGTON.117 2 daus.

    Annie L died 1922 Bourne, Lincs, aged 42, ie b c 1880.118 Harry died 14 Feb 1952, at Vine St, Billingborough, near Sleaford, Bourne and S Kesteven, Lincs, aged 74, retired Farmer, of cardiac failure and senility, estate valued at £880 0s 8d, to to Ira Sidney Brockett and Francis Alfred Brockett, farmers.119

  7. Francis Samuel, b 1880, Sleaford District;120 Occupation: 1901 Brickmaker;121 at the parental home for the 1911 census, Single, Drain Pipe Manufacturer; 1915 Farmer/Brickmaker, height 5ft 6¾in;122 m Soulcoates, Hull area, 1919 May SUMMERS.123 Francis was joint owner with brother Walter of the Brick and Tile Manufacturing business when it ended in 1926.
  8. Albert Edwin ‘Wyn‘, b 1882 Sleaford District,124 Burton Pedwardine, Lincs.125 Brickmaker,126 Brickmaker Master 1915.127 Married 1911 Sleaford Rose PRIESTLEY.128 Owned the Post Office in Scredington. Died Scredington 4 Jul 1940,129 estate valued at £1193-15-2, executors Rose Brocket widow and Harry Brocket Farmer. Rose d 6 Feb 1948.130+Census records for Albert and Rose:+Read more

    1. Frances Hannah, b 3 Jan 1915 Scredington.131 Died unm 22 Nov 1981 at Alstone, 15 Cliff Ave, Nettleham, Lincoln, Will proved Leeds 5 Mar 1982, £43,361.132
    2. ...
  9. Andrew, b 1884, Sleaford District.133 For the 1901 census he was living alone in Dewsbury, Yorkshire aged 17, Railway Telegraph Man. At the parental home for the 1911 census, Single, Railway Telegraph Clerk. Married 1921 Sleaford District Ellen HAYES.134 “Andrew Brocket, of 68 London Rd, Sleaford, died 3 Jan 1956, probate 16 Feb to Christian Sentance, wife of Geoffrey Sentance, estate valued at £2593 9s 1d”,135 aged 71.136 Ellen Brocket died 1978 Spalding,137 and was born 20 Jun 1896; not recorded in the LPR. Children:
    1. Christian, born 25 Feb 1923.138 Married Geoffrey R P SENTANCE 1947 Grantham District, Lincs.139 Geoffrey R P Sentance was born 1921 Sleaford District, Lincs.140 Christian died 20 Sep 1987, buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Great Ponton, Lincolnshire.141
    2. Ivan, b 19 Feb 1927 Sleaford District.142 Died Lincoln 1986.143 Worked in Bahrain for Caltex the oil company. One of Ivan’s descendants participated in the Broket DNA project. His results and those of 3 other participants revealed that although they came from 4 different Broket clans, they actually belonged to a single Genetic Group—called no.2. This had been suspected but no documentary evidence had been—nor probably will be—found to prove it. But now as a result of this DNA evidence we know for certain that they all descend from a common late 16th C ancestor, and no further evidence is needed.
  10. Walter, b 1886, Sleaford District;144 Brickmaker.145 At the parental home for the 1911 census, Single, Drain Pipe Manufacturer. Marred … PELL 1921 in Sleaford District.146 Walter was organist at the parish Church in Winthorpe, Skegness. He died 1958 Spilsby Lincs aged 73.147 Children:
    1. Walter Kenneth, b 1924 Sleaford District.148 Died Spilsby 22 Dec 1963 aged 39.149 Of 208 Roman Bank, Skegness, Lincs, aka Kenneth Walter, Administration Lincoln 5 Feb 1965 to Beatrice Brocket, Widow, £2,157.150. Beatrice Brockett of 208 Roman Bank, Skegness, d 11 May 1974, Will proved Nottingham 14 Aug £6,189.151
    2. Others living.
  11. Cecil, b 1888, Sleaford District.152 At the parental home for the 1911 census, Single, Drain Pipe Manufacturer. Married Frances Mary GILL 1914 in Sleaford District.153 He had a Post Office in Silk Willougby and died there 3 Jul 1949.154 Children:
    1. Gladys S Ella, born 1915 Sleaford District.155 Died unm 11 Nov 1975, residing The Post Office, Silk Willoughby, ?Administration Nottingham 10 Mar 1976 £8,761.156
    2. Kathleen Mary, born 1918 Sleaford District.157 Married … … Residing 1946 at 64 Elmar Road, South Tottenham, London N15, of no occupation, surname Brocket. Died c 2000. 1 son.

6.2 William 1845-1904 and Jane SALLOWAY

Born 11 Aug 1845 in Stoneley, Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire,158 3rd son of John and Eliza INCH. Married Jane SALLOWAY 15 Oct 1866 in Hale Weston, Hunts,159 where she had been baptised c 1846. She died 1924 in Sleaford District.160 William died 1904 in Sleaford District.161 He may have had a connection with Aswarby Hall’s brickworks. His occupations:

  1. 1866 Labourer, residing Hale Weston
  2. 1871 Brickmaker, residing Stonley, Kimbolton
  3. 1881 Brick Works Labourer, residing Silk Willoughby
  4. 1891 Brickmakers Arms, Mareham Lane, Scredington
  5. 1901 Brickmaker, residing Brickyard Cottages, Scredington.

Census records track the family over the decades:+Read more

The 1911 census records the following details:+Read more


  1. Eliza, b 1867, St Neots District, Cambs.162 Child:
    1. Jane, b 1888, Sleaford District,163 died 30 Mar 1888 Scredington aged 14 days from 26 convulsions, mother Eliza present, Domestic Servant, residing Scredington.164

    In 1891 Eliza, aged 24, was a General Domestic Servant in the household of Samuel Barton, United Methodist Free Church Minister, aged 70, and wife Mary, 62, at 23 Queens Hill Terrace, Newport, Monmouthshire.165. Married 1895 Sleaford JAMES LUNN.166. 1 dau, 2 sons.

  2. Mary Jane, b 1869, St Neots District, Cambs.167 Child:
    1. Annie, b 29 Mar 1889 King’s Head Inn, Quarrington, Sleaford District, no father’s name, Mary Jane residing 6 Hill’s Court, Old Sleaford, occupation Domestic.168 Annie died 31 Mar 1889 at 6 Hill’s Court, Old Sleaford, aged 2 days, of ‘Debility from Premature Birth’, informant Jane, Grandmother, Scredington.169 Buried 2 Apr aged 2 days, Parish: St Botolph, Quarrington (NBR).

    In 1891 Mary, aged 21, was a Domestic Servant in the household of William P Harvey, Hosier, aged 78, and his 2 single sons aged 46 and 40 and 2 single daus aged 43 and 35 at 107 Crawford St, Marylebone, London.170 Married 1895 Sleaford William Henry SMITH.171 1 dau.

  3. Annie, b 1871, St Neots District, Cambs.172 Child:
    1. Berty, b 1889 Sleaford District, no father’s name;173 d aged 4 months.174

    In 1891 Annie was working as a Domestic Servant, unm, up in Preston, Lancashire, at the Waggon and Horses.175 No record found in the 1901 census.

  4. William, b 1873, St Neots District, Cambs.176 Married 24 Dec 1902 Susannah FREESTON/E in Spanby, Sleaford District.177 Brickmaker,178 Brickmaker Journeyman 1903, 05,179 Brickmaker Master 1909.180+Census records for William and Susannah:+Read more
    William died 1944 Sleaford District, aged 71.181 He was probably the Sergeant W Brockel [sic] of 2/1st Lincs Regiment on active service from the village of Osbournby, near Sleaford.182 Susannah died 1945 Lincoln, aged 72 [ie b c 1873].183 +Children:

    1. Gladys May, b 6 Oct 1903 Scredington. Recorded 31 July 1915 as a pupil at the Weslyan Sunday School, Osbournby.184 Married 1927 Sleaford District Lincs … ABBOTT.185.
    2. Joseph William, b 15 Feb 1905 Scredington.186 Recorded 25 Dec 1915 at a school concert in Osbournby.187 Married 1st 1942 Bourne Lincs Ellen Louisa MARSHALL.188 She died 21 Dec 1943 in Radcliffe Infirmary, aged 26, of Spanby, near Sleaford, Lincs, wife of Joseph William Brockett, Agricultural Threshing Engine Driver,189 and was buried in the Churchyard at St Andrew’s Billingborough, Lincs. Joseph married 2nd 1944 Boston … BAXTER.190 Joe Brockett lived at Spanby and worked for a local farmer. He died there 1965 aged 60191 and was one of the last to be buried in the village before the Church closed. There is no grave for him but he is believed to be buried close by the Church wall.
    3. Dora Annie, b 30 Mar 1909 Scredington.192. Married 1930 Sleaford District … TATAM.193
  5. Alice, b 1876, St Neots District, Cambs.194 In 1891 General Servant Domestic in the household of John RYLATT, Gardener Labourer and Shopkeeper, on London Rd, Osbournby.195 Recorded in the 1901 census living on her own as a Domestic Servant in New Sleaford, Lincs Kesteven, aged 25. Married 1902 Sleaford Richard BUTLER.196 1 dau, 1 son
  6. Frederick, b 1878, Sleaford District.197 Gardener.198 At mother’s home for the 1911 census, Single, Brick Tile Maker, employed. Married Spanby, Lincs, 8 Apr 1912 Charlotte STEVENSON, he a Bachelor, aged 33, occupation Labourer, residing Scredington, she a Spinster aged 29, residing Spanby.199 He died 22 Jan 1919 in the Infirmary, Stamford, Lincs, aged 40, occupation Brickyard Labourer, residing Osbournby, Sleaford of Gastric Ulcer and Haemorrhage, informant brother Russell of Scredington.200 No issue. Charlotte married again 12 Oct 1921 in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Osbournby, George TAVENER, Widower, Steam Tractor Driver, both aged 39 of Osbournby.201
  7. Beatrice, b 1879, Sleaford District;202 m 1904 Sleaford William GRATRIX.203 1 dau.
  8. Joseph Russell b and d 1882, Sleaford District.204
  9. Russel/l b 1885, Sleaford District.205 Blacksmith.206 Married 1909 Spalding Fanny MANN207+Census records for Russell and Fanny:+Read more
    Russell became a Grocer in Deeping St James. Informant of brother Frederick’s death 1919. He died 13 Jul 1939 Bourne Lincs aged 54208 at Deeping St James, Lincs, Will proved Lincoln 31 Oct, effects valued at £406 8s 6d.209 Fanny died 1955 Grantham, Lincs, aged 72, ie b c 1883210 Child

    1. Frederick Russell b 29 July 1912 Wainfleet All Saints211 m 1939 Peterborough Gladys CULPIN.212 2 daus. Gladys Brocket, residing 130 Dogsthorpe Rd, Peterborough, died 1 Jun 1966, aged 51? [ie b c 1915], Will proved Peterborough 8 Jul, estate valued at £1,704 to Frederick Russell Brocket, Grocer.213 Frederick married again 1968 Peterborough Barbara HILLS.214 He died 23 Mar 1991, residing 11 Andrew Close, Ailsworth, Peterborough, Will proved Ipswich 24 Jun, estate not exceeding £115,000.215. Barbara died 3 Aug 2009, aged 83, funeral service at St Kyneburgha Church, Castor.216

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